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After a long romantic dinner we return to our room. I love having dinner with you because you and I always find something to discuss and we enjoy making fun of each other. This evening was no exception. Political and Religious banter were profuse. You even took the time to tell me, in detail, how unhealthy my meal was. I would have said this evening was just another wonderful evening with you but something was different. I noted your eye contact was intense this evening. You looked at me differently this evening and made comments complimenting the banalities of my character that I do not note. You seemed to look deeper into my eyes than you usually do and although you did not smile more than usual there

was a sparkle in your eye and something special in the way you looked at me.

We come to the elevator at out hotel and as we wait you lean against me placing your hands on my chest and you kiss me. My right hand reaches down to lift the short cocktail dress and slide my hand upward to feel your panty but, to my surprise, you are not wearing a panty. Somehow I have overlooked this fact. Had I known…

The elevator doors close and we are alone for the next 20 floors. I reach for you and pull you to me. I reach up your skirt and feel you up thoroughly. You look into my eyes as my finger finds a wet spot and you say to me, “Will you make love to me tonight, Tim.” I answer, “Yes, my Lover… In any fashion you desire.”

We enter our room and we both undress and prepare for bed. I play soothing music and light one candle sensing our love making tonight will not be wild passions but romantic and calm. I ask you if you would wear your black open toe heels while I make love to you but you decline. I am somewhat surprised as it is unusual for you to refuse me. I am not sure what to make of it at this moment. I come to you on the bed and stand before you. You are laying on the pendik escort bed with the pillows propped up so that you are almost half sitting up. You are naked before me and you instinctively spread your legs for me. I am instantly erect.

You then take your right hand and put your middle finger into your mouth and moisten it. Your hand then follows the contour of your body as it passes down your neck , between your breasts, over your stomach, and to your pussy. You push your finger just between your outer labia separating them and you arch your back just a bit and lean back looking at me. You tease your clit for me. I could pounce on top of you right now but you tell me to wait. So, I just watch as you tease yourself and then begin to push a bit deeper into the folds of your vagina. I can see that you are very wet. Your finger is covered so you enter another. You press deep as you hold your left breast with your other hand. You finally motion for me. You need not ask twice.

I am instantly on top of you and between your legs. We kiss gently and deeply as I position my body to enter you. It is then that you tell me that you refused my request because you wanted nothing unnatural while we make love tonight. You

then lift your legs bent at the knee so your toes point at the ceiling and I slowly enter your body. I just push the tip inside you and then pull out. Then I push in again allowing deeper penetration. I do this slowly and repeatedly so that my entire volume is engulfed by your warm wet vagina and my member is soaked by your juices. You are very wet and very comfortable.

Our bodies are pressed against each other and the pillows you lay upon have lifted you in a way that if I rest on my forearms our lips just touch. I note the intimacy of this moment in my mind. I begin a slow but firm thrust as I look into your eyes. Your eyes are fixed upon me. You do not maltepe escort blink and your breathing is calm. We breath each other’s air as we inhale. Your arms reach beneath mine and you bend them to reach upward toward my shoulders. With this position I can feel the tip of my penis just touching the entrance of your uterus. I am very very deep inside you.

I focus my attention on your smell. You are wearing some herbal concoction that always seems to smell good on you. You have a talent for this and it is one that I appreciate. I smell your hair and touch it with my hand as my arms and hands are on each side of your pillows. My full weight is upon you just how I like it. You can go nowhere. You are my possession. Our lips touch periodically and we kiss softly and gently. You do not move as I push my volume inside you and then pull away and reenter you in a relentless fashion. I note your vaginal secretions. Your legs spread and rest on my back. I love the idea of your legs spread and wrapped around me. It makes me feel welcome and powerful.

You reach for my cheek and kiss me. You then lick my cheek and my neck with the tip of your tongue to taste me. You smell my neck and chest. You hold me with your arms beneath mine holding me close to you. I can feel intensity in your gaze and how you hold me. Something is different tonight.

I ask, “Is everything OK, Lover?”

You then look into my eyes and kiss me again before saying to me, “Tim,I have been off birth control for a few months.” You look to me in the most tender fashion. There is a child-like quality in this look that melts my heart instantly and completely.

It is only then that the texture of your vaginal secretions takes on a more profound meaning. The way you have positioned your body to receive me has a purpose. You wanted nothing unnatural between us.

It is only then that I realize you kartal escort have not been looking into my eyes this evening as I had mistakenly thought. You have been looking into my soul. You have been reading me as a friend, as a lover, as a husband and most importantly… as a father.

I realize I have been motionless for a few moments. I am not even sure if I am breathing right now. There is complete silence. This moment lasts for some time as we both look into each other’s eyes trying to find some way to express all the amazing things that are flying through our minds. I can not find words. I am at a loss.

Instead, I resume making love to you. But this time I make sure I push my volume a bit deeper inside you and I make sure not to even blink as I take you. You lay beneath me motionless peering into my eyes while you hold me against your body careful not to allow us to separate. Your knowledge of me in the way you hold me and the risk you have taken amazes me. You are truly amazing.

My heart beats strong and I am driven. I take my time and stop periodically to kiss you and to allow the orgasm to build within me. After an hour I am ready to cum. I want to let it go for you. You can feel me close and you hold me tighter. You spread a bit wider and I pump a bit harder. I can feel the orgasm build and the cum moving from deep within me forward and eventually I explode within you. I push deep with each wave of pleasure and feel my cum leave me to fill you. It is at that moment that you cum. Your body tenses and your back arches thrusting your hips toward me pulling me deeper within you. We are both rather quiet with the orgasm. There is just a slight moaning perhaps because the energy is spent grasping each other so tightly. I can almost feel your body sucking me deeper inside you like a vacuum as you cum.

And as we are resolved we lay in this position quiet and motionless. We still maintain eye contact and we kiss softly and gently. I remain inside you until each and every drop of cum has left my body and dripped into your vaginal reservoir. I then give you a few more good pumps before you whisper in my ear…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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