The Beach House

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Jennifer’s husband Doug passed away three years ago, leaving her financially secure for the rest of her life. He was a successful plastic surgeon, and his death at forty-one, shocked everyone who knew him. His wife Jennifer kept the business open, hiring another talented surgeon to take his place. The money kept rolling in, and Jennifer sold their mansion in Brentwood for a smaller home in Malibu. The couple never had children of their own, dedicating their lives instead, to running the business together.

Jen managed the front office, and kept the books. After Doug had passed she decided to retire and turn over the day to day operation to his sister. Jen enjoyed her time at the new beach house, occasionally attending fundraisers, and cocktail parties with the other wealthy locals.

Last summer, her sister in law, Paula called to ask if their young daughter Candice, could spend the summer with her, so she and her husband could travel throughout Europe.

She figured that Jennifer could keep an eye on her a lot better than just letting her stay at any one of her many friend’s houses.

Candice, was twenty years old and begged to visit her Aunt in Malibu, and spend the summer on what is probably the country’s most expensive strip of beach front property.

Jennifer hadn’t seen Candice for a couple years, since she was living in a dorm in college, and thought it might be the perfect chance for them to get re-acquainted.

Candy (as she was known to the family) was always Jennifer’s favorite niece, the younger of two, who loved to go clothes shopping whenever she came to visit. The last time Jennifer saw her, she had braces on her formally crooked teeth, and was just growing out of the ‘baby fat’ stage.

The two seemed more like best friends than relatives. They cherished their “girl’s day” when they would shop all day, go out to lunch, and finish up by getting their nails done together. There was no age difference when they were together. Candy always acted older than her age, and Jennifer felt younger just by hanging out with her niece. Candy would always tell her what clothes were “cool” and what wasn’t. She always changed the radio station as soon as she hopped into Jennifer’s car, and sang along with tunes that Jennifer had never heard of.

Paula called a week later, to say that they were on their way over and bringing a new wine she wanted her to try. Jennifer took out three glasses figuring that they would probably have some before she headed back home. A few minutes later she heard a car pull up on the gravel out front. Opening the front door, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

Closing the passenger door behind her, was a tall thin blond in short Daisy Duke denim shorts and sandals. It was a whole new Candice that Jennifer barely recognized!

“Hi Aunt Jennifer!” She squealed, holding out both arms. Jennifer stood transfixed at the young super model coming her way, and gave her a big hug.

“Holy crap Candy! You look so um…grown up!”

“Haha! I guess college does that to ya huh?” Candy answered.

“I’m gonna have to go back to college then if THAT’S true! Right Paula?”

“Tell me about it. I barely knew who she was when we went down to pick her up. Weird huh?”

“Well…yeah…weird and…wonderful!” You look amazing Candy!” She couldn’t help but stare at her, from head to toe.

“Awww thanks Aunt Jennifer. It must be the sun at USC and trying to keep up with all those beautiful blond southern California girls.”

“Well, I’m glad you’re here. Both of you. Let me give you a quick tour of the new place, then you can get your things and hang out for a while. We have a lot of catching up to do.”

After the tour, the adults, headed back downstairs to find that Candice had already opened the wine and poured three glasses.

“To the new house! It’s beautiful Aunt Jennifer! I’m so happy for you.”

“Me too sis, but I have to pass on the wine. The tourists are already clogging up the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) and I have a long drive back to the valley.”

“Oh, one little sip Mom! A toast to the new house!”

“OK, One. To the new house, but then I’m outta here!”

Glasses clinked together. “To Malibu!” Paula said her goodbyes, told her daughter to be good, and turned her car around.

“Well, that’s an extra glass for us Aunt Jennifer.”

“Call me Jen, Candy. I think you’re grown up enough to do that.”

“Ok Jen, let’s take that bottle out here on the deck! I can’t believe this view.”

“Yeah it’s pretty amazing. I’m very lucky to be able to afford to live like this. I have your uncle Doug to thank for that.”

“Well, you worked pretty hard too Jen, don’t sell yourself short. You deserve this.”

“Thanks sweetie. I suppose you’re right. It’s just nice that I’m young enough to enjoy it too.”

“And still hot! Hey, I too was surprised when you opened your front door. I thought holy shit! She still looks amazing! She must have a personal trainer!”

“I did but he illegal bahis was more interested in taking his students to bed than anything else. And I’m sure he was very good at it.”

“Well, if I may say, you have the flattest stomach I’ve ever seen on…you know…”

“A woman my age? Its OK, I’m proud of my figure. Its not easy at this age, but having that beach below us to jog on every day, sure makes it easier to work out. Maybe you’d like to join me tomorrow morning?”

“For sure!” Candy closed her eyes to take in the afternoon sun and stretched out her long thin legs on the chaise.

Jennifer looked her over discreetly, sipping her wine, and thinking: “Oh, to be that age again. Perfect legs, perfect firm young breasts, flawless skin…just plain perfect.” She rested her head back and remembered her college days and her adventures with college boys…and girls. They say that college is a time to experiment, and she certainly did her share. It was all part of growing up, and she wondered how much growing up her gorgeous little niece had done. Picturing her naked with another woman made her snap herself out of it.

“Get your mind out of the gutter.” She thought.

Many times, even while being happily married to Doug, she’d fantasize about her pretty college roommate when Doug was going down on her. It always brought her to a powerful orgasm, and made Doug happy that he was being so good to his lovely wife.

“More wine Jen?” The voice woke her from her little day dream.

“Sure babe. Fill ‘er up!”

“This is gonna be so much fun staying here with you this summer! I’m really excited.”

“Me too honey…me too.”

They polished off the merlot and Candy opened the ’07 Cab, that Jen had stored in a wine rack behind the bar. She was keeping it for a special occasion, and this was as good a reason as any. Candy brought out the wine on a silver tray with two new glasses, and put it all on a nearby table.

Jen watched as she slowly bent over at the table in front of her, getting a view of her niece’s ass that nearly took her breath away. The top of Candy’s legs met her ass at a sharp crease that only a young thin body can have. Her ass cheeks peeked out the bottom of her shorts in a way that stirred Jennifer in a way she’d almost forgotten. She’d never seen such a perfect ass in her life and wanted to reach out and touch it. And it was only the first day of their vacation. It was going to be a long summer.


Jennifer knocked on Candy’s door at 7am to go on her morning jog.

“Candy? Are you awake? Let’s go down to the beach for our run!”

“Noooooo, maybe tomorrow Aunt Jen OK?”

“OK, I’ll be back in a little while. Try to get up for breakfast at least… Candy?”

No answer.

Jennifer headed down the wooden stairs that ran alongside the outside of her two story house. Once on the sand she started off on her morning run. Along the way, her mind went back to Candy and her perfect little body, and wondered if it was just last night’s wine, or real lust that had her thinking evil thoughts about her niece. Maybe both.

Forty minutes later she was back at the house. She rinsed off the sand from her feet and went in through the downstairs sliding door. Candy was in the kitchen frying bacon and eggs.

“Smells good! But there goes my workout!” She laughed.

“Oh, live a little! It’s our first breakfast of summer. You’ll be fine.”

“You’re right. I’m gonna jump in the shower. I’ll be right down.”

“Ok. It’ll be ready when you are.”

Jennifer ran upstairs and started a hot shower. This was when she loved to masturbate…early in the morning. The hot water always made her horny, and Doug used to like to watch and sometimes get in with her. It was a wonderful morning ritual they had together. Not today though, Candy was waiting with breakfast. Just a quick rinse and she’d be done. Only one problem: She pulled back the shower door and realized that all the towels were in the dryer. Downstairs. She opened the bedroom door and called down to Candy:

“Candy? Could you get the towels out from the dryer? I don’t have one up here.”

“OK. I’ll bring them up.”

Jen got back in the shower stall, and stood behind the frosted glass.

“Jen? Here’s a towel for you. And it’s still warm.”

“Just bring it in here babe, It’s OK.”

Candy walked around the doorway to see Jen standing naked on the other side of the shower door. She could just barely make out the figure behind the glass.

Jen peeked out around the glass door and reached out for the towel. “Thanks Hon. I’ll be down in a minute.”

“Ok, no problem. Take your time.”

Jen draped the towel in front of her, and watched as Candy left the room in her short USC T-shirt and the cutest panties ever. She watched her tight little ass wiggle back and forth as she walked, and wondered if maybe she just poured it on a little more than normal for her hot Aunt. She obviously knew Jen was watching illegal bahis siteleri and wanted her to see what a sexy little thing she had become. Jen was sure of it.


Candy showered after breakfast and changed into a red striped bikini, and waited to be picked up by some friends for a trip up the coast. Before throwing on a lacy coverup, she called out to Jennifer: “Aunt Jen? Do you like this bikini? Is it too slutty or what?”

Jen walked around the corner and her jaw almost hit the floor. There stood Candy, almost naked, hands on hips, turning slowly to show every bit of her tight, young body to her Aunt.

The top she wore was a small piece of string holding two small pads over her ample breasts, leaving nothing to the imagination. The bottom was also just a string that ran up the crack of her tight-as-a-drum ass, with a small patch of cloth to cover her pussy. Again, you could clearly see that she was shaved down there as smooth as a cue ball.

“Does your mother let you go out like that young lady?” She asked.

“Well, not if I can slip out before she sees me. Usually I only wear it with my girlfriends at the beach. The guys can’t handle it and they get really stupid.”

“Ya think?” She thought silently. “Put the cover-up on honey. It’ll help tone it down a little. I mean jesus Candy, you can’t parade around with that body and think no one will notice. You look freaking amazing girl. Just cool it a little, OK?”

“Thanks Jen. Love you!” With that, a car pulled up and she was gone. She didn’t return until later that evening. Jen was enjoying her third glass of wine, when she blasted in the front door, announced that she was exhausted, and after a shower, was going to bed. “Night Aunt Jen. Love you!”

“Love you too honey. Night.”

Jennifer walked around the house, turning off all the lights that Candy had turned on, locked all the doors and turned on the outside alarm.

Walking towards her room at the end of the hall she passed Candy’s room and thought she heard weeping. It sounded like she was crying or gasping. Her door was open only a very small crack, but from the darkened hallway, she could see Candy’s silhouette illuminated by the nightlight next to her bed. She was lying on top of her sheets and her knees were both up. She couldn’t see her hands, but clearly the girl was masturbating. She wasn’t crying at all. Her fingers had her gasping and panting loud enough that Jen could hear every breath. It was incredibly exciting. Standing silently, outside her door in complete darkness, she became horny herself and put her hand up under her nighty. Listening to Candy play with her young pussy, slowly building to a climax, Jen pinched her nipple with one hand and with the other, rubbed her clit. She was standing there soaked, trying not to call attention to herself, trying not to breath too loudly, as she heard Candy whimper softly, signaling the arrival of her orgasm, letting out three long sighs. Jen’s legs were shaking, and she too got off watching the live sex show only fifteen feet away. She leaned against the door frame, and quietly tried to catch her breath. She tip-toed the rest of the way to her room and silently slipped into her bed. She kept replaying, in her head, what she had just witnessed. Treated herself to two more orgasms, and finally fell asleep.

Gently knocking on her bedroom door, Jen called out: “Candy? Going out of a run…are you up?”

“Yes, I’m awake, come in Aunt Jen.”

Candice was just slipping out of bed. “Let me get ready, and I’ll join you OK?”

Jennifer sat on the edge of the bed while Candy rifled through the dresser for the perfect outfit for a jog on Malibu beach.

“Anything will do Candy, really, just throw something on. Even the movie stars look like slobs first thing in the morning.”

Jen noticed when she walked in that Candy’s panties were lying on the floor next to the bed.

She watched in awe as she bent over in full view of her Aunt and grabbed a clean pair, then wiggled into them. Next, she pulled her tee shirt over her head, and Jen almost lost it seeing her perfect twenty year old breasts. Candy held up a red tee and asked: “Is this good?”

“Perfect dear. Just perfect.” Commenting more on those perky, young tits than the tee shirt. Her small pink nipples pointed straight out and just begged to be sucked. The two beauties ran along the water’s edge talking and laughing. Jen could barely get a word in edge wise. She was amazed at how Candy could seamlessly string together so many anecdotes about school without stopping. Jen mostly laughed at Candy’s witty sense of humor and funny stories. It was good to have company on her morning run, and another body in the house. She’d gotten over the terrible shock of losing Doug, but still, some nights were just too damn quiet. She loved it when, after parties, there would be bodies sleeping everywhere the following morning, and breakfast meant pitchers of mimosas on the deck. She was learning to love life canlı bahis siteleri once again.

The two beautiful ladies, running along the surf was the thing that rock videos are made of. Two hard body blonds, pony tails whipping back and forth over dark tanned skin, they were truly a sight to behold. They ran until they were both exhausted, and panting, headed back to shower and grab a light breakfast. Jen threw together some fresh fruit and an english muffin for them both and after breakfast, they each walked upstairs to shower.

Jen stripped off her soaked gym clothes, and dropped them on the washing machine in the hall. She walked back to her room naked when she heard: “Nice ass lady!”

She turned to see Candy, also bare-ass naked, putting her wet clothes in the same place. “You have an incredible body Jen. Really. I’m impressed.”

“Thanks honey.” answered Jen, not really knowing what to say exactly. “You’re not too shabby yourself. I mean, shit! look at you.”

Candy looked down at her naked self, smiled, and cupped her breasts. “I wish my tits were a little bigger ya know?”

“Give it a couple years sweetie, your body will grow and things will change. But right now…you’re perfect. Really. I wouldn’t change a thing. And now, I need to jump in the shower.”


Jennifer stepped into the shower and stood under the hot water, letting it massage her post workout muscles. She soaped herself up and rinsed away all the sweat and sand down the drain. She turned to let the water run down her back, closed her eyes, and rinsed out the shampoo from her hair. The shower door slid open and Candy stepped in as Jen let out a yelp! “Whoa! You scared me Candy! What are you doing?”

“Saving water?” I mean, why run two showers right? We’ve already seen each other naked, so what the fuck?”

“Hey! Language young lady!”

“Sorry Aunt Jen.” Turning around and holding out a bar of soap over her shoulder pleaded: “Can you do my back Aunt Jen? Pleeease?”

Jen took the soap, foamed it up in her hands, and spread it out over Candy’s shoulders and her upper back.

“My legs too OK?”

Without speaking, Jen bent down and rubbed the soap suds up and down her legs as requested. Stopping of course, before she reached her ass. But there it was, that perfect ass, right in her face. Inches away. She’d fallen in love with that firm young ass over the last couple of days, and it took every fiber in her body to resist rubbing her soapy hands all over it, and sliding her fingers between those tight, young, cheeks. She resisted the urge, and just gently rubbed some soap over her ass, noting that it felt as smooth as granite.

“Let me rinse off Aunty.” Candy whispered in her sweetest little girl voice. They changed positions, rubbing against each other as they did. Jen put her hands on Candy’s waist as she passed, for balance, and felt a tingling between her legs, as Candy’s breast rubbed her arm. She thought she’d just take a quick shower, but it was quickly becoming the most sensuous shower she’d had in a very long time. Not since Doug had told her to grab on to the faucet, so he could fuck her from behind, had a shower been so exciting.

She wanted to stay right here, with this girl, in this shower, all day long. All summer long if the truth be told.

Candy stood facing the shower, then turned and holding out the soap again, said with a very firm: “Now the front.” It sounded almost like an order, and Jen’s knees almost buckled.

“I don’t know if I should Candy. I mean washing your back is one thing but…”

“Jen, I know you want to do this. I’ve seen how you look at me. You want this as much as I do. Please Jen. Take this.”

Jen took the soap from Candy and lathered it up. She moved closer to her little ‘niece’ and started to soap her shoulders and in between her breasts. Staring at those amazing young breasts had her creaming between her legs. She finally just went for it, and rubbed the lather around both tits, squeezing them lightly. Candy closed her eyes and purred like a kitten. Jen knelt down and ran her hands down Candy’s waist and along the side of her long thin legs.

Jen would never consider herself a lesbian by any stretch of the imagination, but this had her warm juices flowing freely…and her breathing was increasing.

Yes, Jen had experimented with her cute roommate as a young college girl, but it was mostly just fumbling around, and kissing, and not very satisfying. This was different. Her blood was boiling at the sight of this young goddess before her, and she wanted more. Much more. But still, she tried to control herself.

Moving to the inside of Candy’s legs, with a hand full of soapy bubbles, she ran her hand up to meet the girls crotch. She ran the edge of her hand along the crease at the top of her legs and Candy moaned. “Oh yes Jen, do that. Oh yeah. Just like that. Rub me there. That feels so good Jen. Yes. Keep doing that.”

Jens hand instinctively moved to the young girl’s pussy and parted her lips. She was as wet as a young girl could be, and Jen wanted to eat her right there and then.

Instead, she ran her soapy finger along the shaved slit and rubbed her sensitive clit with the soapy white lather.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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