The Blindfold Ch. 01

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The first thing I noticed was the blindfold. I could only just see light through it, which was the only clue I wasn’t blind. My first instinct was to pull it off so I could see, but my hands were tied. I realised I was gagged when I tried to call and my mouth wouldn’t open. I heard noise through the wall, there was a party going on. There was music and laughter, I could hear bottles clinking and the metallic ring of a can getting thrown into the trash. The ceiling fan was on, I could feel the breeze, that was when I realised I was naked.

I could hear voices, I tried to listen so and I could make out one conversation, it was closer,

“Where’s Mark tonight?” asked my sister,

“He had a last minute shift at work. He will be getting back early in the morning” replied my girlfriend,

“Oh. I wanted to see him before I leave tomorrow”

“Well you could stay the night and then you could see him”

“That’s not a bad idea. Would that be ok?”

“Of course it is, I wouldn’t have suggested it if it wasn’t. You can sleep in the spare room”

“Ok, I’ll just call dad and ask him to bring me some clothes over”

“You don’t have to do that. All you clothes are packed, you can borrow some of mine for the night”

“No I couldn’t do that”

“I insist”

“Ok. Well I’ll let dad know I’m staying I’ll be right back”

Then I heard footsteps coming down the hall. The bedroom door opens and I hear movement in the room. My girlfriend, I would recognise that perfume anywhere, and she only wears it on special occasions, if you know what I mean. I feel her eyes on me, and then her hand brushes my chest. She kisses me and grabs my dick. Slowly she starts rubbing me, up and down. I try to pull against the ropes holding my arms, but no dice,

“You won’t be able to break free. I learned how to tie knots from my dad” she laughed,

“However if you stay in that mood you might get lucky later” and she lets go, kisses me and walks to her dresser. I hear a drawer open and close and then the door.

Now how could she do that? Get me all worked up and walk off. No big deal though, I learned a while ago that with enough concentration and effort I can get myself off without physically doing anything. Which I didn’t think would ever come in handy. I did however decide to get my girlfriend back so I worked myself up and stopped. I built up a nice large load just waiting for the right time to let it out. Of course that kind of effort and concentration takes a while. By the time I was satisfied with the load I built up, I could hear cars driving away, people saying goodbye and the clink and crash of rubbish being put in the bin. Then voices in the corridor,

“Do you mind if I have a shower?” my sister asked,

“No not at all. I’ll put your clothes on the bed. When you’re finished could you knock on my door?”

“Of course I can” and the bathroom door closes, the taps turn on and then the bedroom door opens and shuts.

The footsteps come over to the bed, and I hear the soft thud of clothes hitting the floor. She rips the tape off my lips, I smell that perfume, and then her lips brush mine. Her tongue flicks against my lip and I try to push forward to get more, but I get pushed down,

“No you don’t. You never thought I would do it, canlı bahis but you had to test me. This is what you get for thinking that I have no dominant side.”

“Untie me”

“No, and another thing, you cannot talk. Single words and moans only, if I hear two words come out at one time then I will stop and you will be tied up all night, OK?”


I let her think she had won, but as soon as my arms and legs are free she will learn the full extent of my dominance, anyway, her breast slid up my chin and her nipple popped into my mouth. I suck it and manage to get a little nibble before it gets pulled away. But her stomach soon slides over my forehead and I try to stick my tongue in her belly button, she hates that, but I miss. But it doesn’t matter because that is when I notice that smell. That sweet smell of wet pussy, such a good smell, and I love the taste, but most of all I love the reaction I get when my mouth does its work on a smooth pussy. I open my mouth and rest my tongue on my bottom lip waiting for the right moment. I feel her warmth, and then taste the juice, my tongue springs into action licking first through all the folds of skin I can reach, then I tickle the clit for a little while before plunging my tongue into her hole and fully enjoying the taste of her. Then I suck her clit into my mouth and rub my lips against it, her moaning is getting a bit more excited but not enough, she needs to scream. I take her clit and grind my teeth against it, that move took a lot of practice I went through quite a few girlfriends before I got it right, her body shivers as she screams, her hands press my head harder against her and she starts breathing heavily and I feel her tensing as she builds up her orgasm. I double my efforts and she explodes in a wave of screams, moans and swears as her orgasm controls her body.

She slides down my body and slides her tongue in my mouth and kisses me, that’s the first time she has ever done that I think to myself,

“You know something?” she says, “I do taste good, but I think I need to taste more” and I feel her wetness sliding up and down my shaft. Her hand rubs it all the way around, and I hear licking her fingers,

“That’s good but it’s not enough. You need to be completely covered in my juice” and she dives her pussy down over my cock. She rides it like it’s the first time she ever felt a cock, and it took all the energy I could muster to not cum right then, but she stopped,

“That’s about right” and I feel her tongue on my balls, “Oooh that’s it” she whispers, her tongue slides up my shaft and then her lips close around my tip. Her tongue circles and then she slowly goes down. I feel her teeth gently pressing me, God I love it when she does that, and a hand pulls the blindfold to my mouth, gagged again. But the gag doesn’t matter when I see her big brown eyes staring at me while she has my whole dick in her mouth. Her tongue is massaging my head, and her eyes are full of lust. She winks at me and starts sliding up and down. Fuck she is good, but I hold my load, she is staring at me the whole time and I wink and let loose. My cock throbs for what seems like five minutes as I fire down her throat. After I finally stop, she pulls off, and just one drop of cum falls out and lands on her chin, it descends slowly, and bahis siteleri like magic lands on the tip of her nipple.

She catches me watching lifts the blindfold back up to my eyes, “open your mouth” she whispers, I know what’s coming if I do but she grabs a handful of my hair and twists, my mouth opens and instantly the nipple pops in. It’s not the first time I have tasted my cum off her breasts, I pretend I don’t like it to give her something to feel like she wins, but it’s not bad actually. She pulls out the nipple and kisses me,


My girlfriend jumps up I hear the sound of clothes getting put on, then the door opens,

“I’m done” says my sister,

“Oh cool” and she leaves, the door closes and then

“Can I talk to you for a minute?” my girlfriend asks,

“Sure, what about” and I hear footsteps heading down the hallway and then the spare room door closes.

I decide I will seize this moment to build up another load, after all she seemed to like the first one. I try to concentrate on what I’m doing but I hear muffled noises from the other room. Soon though they die down and I get back to it. I get enough to be satisfied and then the door opens. I hear two sets of footsteps coming. The bedroom door opens and one set of footsteps enters.

She comes over and kisses me, then whispers in my ear,

“You are amazing. I love you and tonight I am giving you the best anniversary present I can think of. I know you have fantasies and I know you think about it a lot. So I made it happen, it took some fast talking but it’s going to happen” and she kisses me again and climbs up on the bed, over me and sits next to me,

“Come in” she says and the door opens, I hear an gasp from my sister as she sees me tied to the bed and blindfolded,

“Wow. He certainly looks the part” she says,

“Just wait. He is as good as he looks” my girlfriend replies,

“I hope so. You promised me the best orgasm ever”

“Trust me. No one can do it like Mark. Just do what I told you and get him in the mood and you will get what you want”

“Ok” and with that I feel her lips.

God my sister kissing me, in front of my girlfriend, I feel her tongue press in and I open my mouth slightly to let her in, but she moves, I feel her breast slide up my chest and then my chin, her nipple hit my lips and I eagerly suck it in. I rub it between my lips, I bit on it, and then it’s gone. I feel the inside of her thighs sliding up the sides of my chest, I kiss my way along her body as she moves, and then I smell it. God it smells good, each person has their own smell and this was amazing. I opened my mouth and let my tongue rest. I could feel her anxiety,

“Don’t worry” I hear my girlfriend say, “You will never forget this”

“Ok” my sister replies as she lowers her pussy to my waiting lips. I run my tongue along the outside of her lips, then the inside, I flick her clit a couple of times and ram my tongue into her. I go crazy, working harder and faster as I go along, and I hear her start to moan quietly, then I hear something else, what is that? I think to myself. I ignore it for now, and keep pleasing my sister. I suck her clit into my mouth and rub my lips on it, then I gently grind my teeth and she her moaning gets louder and bahis şirketleri more urgent. I feel her body getting tense, and I hear the tone of her voice, then she finally lets out an explosive moan as she releases her orgasm, rubbing her pussy against me, humping my face and then it’s over.

I hear that noise again, after a bit of puzzlement I realise it’s my girlfriend using her vibrator. Oh My God! My girlfriend is getting off watching me eat out my sister. I need to think of someway to reward her, I hear a whisper, but can’t make out the words. My sister kisses me, her tongue exploring my mouth and tasting herself,

“Ooooh you’re right. That does taste good. I think I will” she says to my girlfriend,

“Good girl” my girlfriend replies, while I am getting ready for what’s coming.

Her knees are resting on either side of my hips and then I feel her pussy sliding up and down my shaft. She then stops and rubs it around with her hand. I hear her licking her fingers, my girlfriend must be telling her to do exactly what she did earlier, right then, I’ll do everything like I did earlier too. I feel her pussy resting on my tip, and I raise my hips slightly, to which she responds by sliding down my cock,

“Oh my god! You are as nice as she said” she says and I hear the pleasure in her voice, and a low moan as she starts to ride me.

This feels so good, I never in a million years thought that I would have this beautiful girl wrapped around my thighs, impaling herself on my dick. She starts to tense up again and I find it hard to keep a grip on my load. She rides me harder and harder, faster and faster until finally she reaches her climax and by this time I have become exhausted from holding my cum in. She screams as her orgasm hits and then climbs off of me,

“You know what to do now” my girlfriend says in between moans,

“Yes I do” says my sister with undisguised lust in her voice,

Her fingers grasp the tip of my cock, and her tongue pulls my balls to her lips. She sucks and massages them while slowly circling my tip with her fingers. Her tongue slides up my shaft,

“Mmm” she says licking her lips “I definitely taste good. I have to do this more often” she says giggling as she lowers her mouth to my dick.

Her lips slide around the tip, down over the ridge, her tongue circles making it very hard to concentrate, and then finally she goes down. I feel her throat on the tip of my dick and a hand pulls my blindfold off. I see her luscious blue eyes staring at me, she winks, I smile back, and she starts to ride me. Up and down, faster and faster until I can no longer hold it in, I thrust up in time with her down stroke and fire into the back of her mouth. She feels me tense up and holds herself down, letting my load spray down her throat, and then she looks at me, her eyes expressing a pleasure I have never seen there before but always wanted to.

She pulls of and swallows. God I love it when a girl swallows my cum, it is so hot knowing that they have that much lust. She looks at me, winks and says,

“God. You are good. Now I am going to bed. If you want more that’s too bad” and she climbs up, kisses me, “Was it as good for you as it was for me?” she asks, I nod, I don’t trust myself to say anything, what words could I use to describe how good that was. I never knew my sister was so good at sex.

“Good. Now that’s enough” she climbs off of the bed, she has one last look and I can see in her eyes she still needs more.

To Be Continued

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