The Boardroom Pt. 02

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It’s been ten days since we hooked up in the conference room, nothing has happened since, and neither of us has mentioned it. Both of us act like it hasn’t happened, except…

During meetings I can’t help but stare at the spot on the table where he fucked me to my fifth orgasm, where he had to hold on to me tight when my body shook too much from pleasure. I catch him staring into the conference room from his office sometimes.

Sometimes I catch him staring at me, hunger in his eyes but he doesn’t approach me, or even mention anything. When he’s near me I feel my body responding; growing wet, hardening nipples and that tingle that goes from my head all the way down to my pussy. I know he feels something too because I notice the erection he tries to hide.

“Earth to Sam!” I snap out of my daydream quickly, eyes focusing at the person standing in my office doorway.

“Sorry Mary… I was miles away. Everything okay?” I reply.

“Just checking if there’s anything you need before I leave?” Mary asks.

“I can’t imagine this place without you…” I stand and walk over to hug my colleague.

“It’s time sweetie, I’ve been here twenty five years. George was such a great boss and John was just a boy when I started. He’s done his father proud since he took over the business.” She looks at me with a smile. “You’ve been so lovely to work with Sam, I will miss you.”

“You’re gonna keep in touch right?” I ask.

“Of course! You have my number and my email if you need anything. But I’m going to see you at the party tonight aren’t I?”

“Wild horses couldn’t keep me away!” I say dramatically, then we both start laughing.

“Am I interrupting?” I jump at his voice, he chuckles slightly. He’s standing outside my office door.

“Now John, be nice! We’re just saying goodbye.” Mary defends.

“I’m only here to ask Sam if she managed to get everything sorted for the party tonight.”

“Yes Mr. London. The caterers have already delivered the food and I’m picking up the other thing on my way this evening.”

“I’ll leave you crazy kids to it, see you tonight!” Mary leaves and heads to the elevators.

We stand in awkward silence for a few seconds before I take my seat behind my desk. My cheeks flushed, nipples hard and pussy pulsing with lust but I try and keep it together. I take a deep breath and continue what I was doing before Mary came in.

He remains standing in my office, I can feel heat güvenilir bahis radiating off him as he stares at me.

“Anything I can help you with Sir?” I ask.

He continues staring at me for another minute. “Erm… no. I’ll see you later” He replies and walks out of my office.

The next hour flies by, then it’s time to leave and go home and get ready for the party. I grab my bag and phone and leave my office. Pressing the call button for the elevator, I feel a prickling on the back of my neck. He is just leaving his office and walking towards the elevator. The doors open and he steps in with me, I press the button for the ground floor and the doors close. He’s inches away from me and I can feel the sparks between us, he begins to open his mouth to speak but the elevator stops and the doors open. Someone gets on and stands between us, I smile and look away reaching to press the button again and the elevator begins to descend once more.

We reach the ground floor, the other person departs and I go to step off the elevator. He grabs my wrist and pulls me back, pressing the button to close the doors.

He pushes me against the wall inside the elevator, his faces inches from mine. “I can’t stand this! You act like what happened meant nothing to you!”

I open my eyes wide in shock “Seriously?! You’ve hardly looked at me since it happened!” He takes a step back, his hand on the back of his neck.

“Because…” he pauses. “Every time I look at you I want to lay you across your desk and take you hard and fast!” I blush, he steps back further away from me. “We need to go somewhere, please!”

“We can’t. We need to get ready for the party!” I exclaim.

He sighs. “Yes you’re right… I want to discuss things afterwards if you’re interested” I nod. “Okay, see you at eight.” And with that the doors open and he walks away. I follow him out but walk in the opposite direction as I have to catch a bus home whereas he heads to the parking lot to drive home.

I get off the bus and walk from the stop to my house, the trip only takes five minutes. I get in my house and go straight into the kitchen, getting a bottle of water out of the fridge and taking a long swig. Then I head upstairs to the bathroom and take a quick shower.

I walk into my bedroom after the shower and open my closet deciding on a white dress with black roses, it’s sexy but conservative.

I sit at my dressing table and apply my make up, I usually türkçe bahis wear neutral colours for work but tonight I want a more dramatic look. I apply my usual foundation but contour a little before applying a delicate smokey eye with dramatic winged eyeliner. I highlight then set my make up, finishing up with a poppy red lipstick. I blow dry and curl my hair, spritzing a little perfume into it. I dress quickly and finish up with a pair of white heels to match my dress, grabbing a white clutch bag.

I put my lipstick and perfume into the bag, using my phone to order an Uber before putting that in my bag as well. I put on a pair of dangly teardrop earrings and matching necklace, then a black leather rose fascinator on my head.

I have to make a stop before I head to the pub where the Leaving Party is taking place. The Uber waits for me as I collect the cake specially ordered from the bakery. We finally arrive at the pub and I make my way inside, placing the cake on the table with the rest of the food.

I head to the bar and order a red wine, handing £500 to the barman to cover drinks for half the night.

“Sam!” Mary comes running up to me and hugs me. “You look amazing honey!”

“Thanks, so do you” I reply, nodding to Mary’s husband Keith. I take a mouthful of wine as he walks into the pub and almost choke on my drink. He look amazing! His eyes go wide when he sees me.

He walks up to the bar and orders a G&T, standing inches away from me. He leans in my direction and whispers. “Holy shit you look delicious… meet me in bathroom in twenty minutes!”

“We can’t do that!” I reply.

“I want you… no I need you so bad. Twenty minutes!” He says as he walks towards Mary and her husband. My body vibrates with excitement at the thought of him and I repeating our dalliance in the conference room.

A couple of co-workers begin a conversation with me, I converse with them as I drink my wine. My eyes on him as he makes his way round the pub, talking to everyone, engaging in ways I find so attractive.

I head towards the bathroom thirty minutes later, he’s still talking to people but spots me and excuses himself. I make it into the bathroom with him just behind me, he locks the door as he enters. I hear the click of the lock and spin around to face him.

“Sir you shouldn’t be in here.” I say, my eyes wide. He pushes me against the counter and pins me, his hands either side of my waist. I smell his cologne güvenilir bahis siteleri as he gets nearer to me, our noses almost touching. I open my mouth to say something but he puts a finger on my lips, quieting me. A few seconds pass, my breathing heavy as I look into his eyes.

I grab the back of his head and pull his mouth down onto mine, his hands come around my back as my arms wrap around his neck. Our kisses urgent, wanting. His mouth moves down to my neck, he nuzzles against me making me moan.

One hand leaves my back and reaches under my dress, his mouth taking mine again. He expects to touch my panties under my dress… but I’m not wearing any. He growls as his fingers find my bare pussy wet and ready. His fingertips slip between my folds and find my clit, rubbing it with only a tiny bit of pressure. I moan against his mouth as our kiss deepens, he applies a little more pressure making my moans louder.

He hikes up my dress and grabs my ass, lifting me onto the counter, my legs spread for him. He takes a step back and unzips his pants, freeing his hard bouncing cock, I lick my lips as he steps close again. He lines his cock up to my pussy, taking a moment to tease me before sinking balls deep inside me.

My insides clench around his cock, making him groan. He begins to move in and out of me, one of my arms around his neck, the other steadying me on the counter. His hips pick up speed as he begins to fuck me, hard. My moans and sighs affecting the speed and how hard his thrusts are.

He steals a kiss as he pounds me, sweat dripping down his head. My orgasm builds steadily, getting closer with each hard thrust of his hips. I teeter on the edge as he moans against my mouth, I almost scream as I climax around his cock. My pussy spasming around his hardness, I see in his face that his orgasm is approaching. I squeeze my insides hard around his cock, setting off his orgasm. He growls as he spurts his hotness into me.

We hold each other for a moment as we recover from our climaxes, then he pulls out of me, causing our mixed juices to drip out onto the floor.

He grabs me some tissue so I can clean up before grabbing some for himself. He zips up his pants and I smooth down my dress, reapplying my lipstick in the mirror before exiting the bathroom and returning to the party. He doesn’t follow me and I wonder where he went. I order a soda at the bar and begin to drink when he comes in to the pub from the front door, carrying a large bouquet of flowers and presenting them to Mary.

No one seems to have worked anything out, I smile and join in the festivities, hoping that later we can have a repeat performance.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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