The breeding of the surrogate continues

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The breeding of the surrogate continues

Naked, I sit next to the window in my room. I stare out at the beautiful gardens, surrounded by the highest of walls. No escape that way I think to myself. All the doors to the front of the house are locked too. The only open doors are those to the other girls, the garden and the dining room.

I hear a knock on my door, Mistress enters. Dread fills my body. “You’re needed again, hurry” she commands. I get up and follow here. She leads me once again to the “breeding room”. I follow her into the room, she points at a “breeding table”, which I obediently lie upon. It’s like a cross, I lie face up, legs and arms spread open and no support behind my head, so my head hangs down. My wrists and ankles are strapped in. The door opens again, I hear voices. The Mistress is saying “I’ve only brought 83 this time as you requested Sir”. “Thank you” is the only words I hear from the man in reply. It’s the same man as earlier today, but this time I’m here alone. The first time there were two of us. I feel scared, why am I here alone, and is his wife with him this time to witness.

Then I hear Mistress again, “I’ll leave you alone Sir, there are items here to excite yourself and your slave if you wish. Ring the bell when you’re satisfied.” Then heels clipping across the floor and the bang of the door as it closes. I shiver as a hand runs across my stomach. “Aww!” I yelp as both of my nipples are squeezed and pulled savagely. Then without warning a hand slaps güvenilir bahis between my legs. “Ahhh! I jump. Three more sharp slaps. Now my pussy lips are tingling. Again he pulls on my nipples. I try not to make a sound. But my body betrays me, my nipples are so hard and erect. I pray he’s not noticed. But once again, he pulls each nipple in turn, I can’t help it I moan. I’ve always loved nipple play. “Oh these will be fun full of milk” He mutters.

“Open your mouth, make me hard” he commands. I open my eyes, he’s standing naked in front to me. I open my mouth, as his limp cock enters my lips he pulls both nipples. This sends me over the edge. Right now I want cock. I hungrily suck on his cock, it gradually stiffens. “Oh you are a good little cock sucker” he says as he pulls from my mouth. He looses my nipples and again slaps my pussy hard. I can’t help it, a moan escapes my lips. “Mmmmm, ahhhh”.

Then he’s there between my legs, impounding me. Slowly in and out. He squeezes my tits, kneading them. He pinches each nipple in turn, then he’s rubbing on my clit. “Oh, Oh, Oh” my fists clench, my pussy tightens and pulses. I start to cum with this guy inside me. With my pussy milking his cock he slams hard into me, I feel him cum in me. I’m mortified, I’ve just made this guy cum inside me.

But unlike the last time, the table isn’t tilted up and he’s not left the room. “Now what do we have here?” I hear from across the room. Then I find out what he’s found. He’s back standing over me. risksiz bahis veren siteler I feel two clasps being attached to my nipples. “Argh!” I squeal. The pinch is tight, and unlike fingers it doesn’t lessen, doesn’t cease. Then I hear a buzz, then I feel it. He’s using a vibrator on my clit. “Oh” I gasp. I pant, trying not to let my body relax. Not wanting to give him the satisfaction of giving me another orgasm. “No, no, no” I almost sob to myself as my body starts to tense. “Not yet my little filly” he says as he withdraws the vibrator and I come down from the edge.

Then I feel a tug on my nipples. He’s attached the end of a chain to each of the nipple clamps and is tugging on it. “No, please no” I beg as both nipples are tortured. “Don’t you like this” he says laughing, as he tugs hard on the chain. “Noooo!” I scream as the pain rips through me. I relax as he lets go. Then the buzz on my clit again. I clench my fists, as my body stiffens, then shakes; as I start to buck wildly, “ahhhh” I gasp.

I lie there panting, disgusted with myself, with my body. Then he’s between my legs again. He slides his cock into me and starts to fuck me, slowly in and out. He unclips the clamps from my nipples, then starts to pound me. Quicker and quicker, deeper and deeper. Then bang, 3 sharp bursts and he’s exploded in me.

Then he’s next to my head again. “Clean me” he commands, as his now limp cock hanging next to my mouth. At first I do nothing. “Clean casino siteleri me I said!” he shouts as he slaps both breasts. I use my tongue to lick the length of his cock, swirling around until it’s clean and starting to harden again. “Open up” he commands. I open my mouth, and let my head drop down. His cock slides easily into my mouth, and he starts to fuck my throat. I try to swallow, but that just excites him, squeezing his cock. “Oh baby, we can’t let this go to waste” he says as he withdraws his now erect cock from my mouth. Before I know it he’s back inside my pussy. And slapping my breasts. “Ask me to cum in you” he says. He clamps my nipples again, and pulls on them. “Ask me to cum in you, to make you pregnant?” he snarls. He pulls on the chain again. My nipples hurt so bad. “Say it!” he barks at me. “P.. P… Please cum in me, make me pregnant” I mutter. “Louder!” he commands. “Please Sir, make me pregnant.” “As you wish” he says and explodes into me, pulling the clamps off at the same time. “Thank you Sir” I mutter, trying to thank him for releasing my nipples. “That’s better, you must thank me each time I breed you. We’ll have that belly full soon.” he replies.

Then he’s dressing and buzzing an intercom. I hear Mistress’ voice. “Yes Sir, can I help?” “I’m done for today” is the reply. Soon the door opens and the table is tilted up. “Let’s not waste any of that precious sperm” she says. “We’ll perform a pregnancy test in the morning.” I hear the Mistress saying to the man. “I enjoy this one. How much to continue after she’s pregnant” he asks the Mistress. “That would double the fee.” the Mistress answers. “Some men enjoy to continue while to pregnancy develops. It can be arranged certainly.” the Mistress responds, as they leave the room together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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