The Carnal Cottage

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Julie Curran stared out of the window of her parents’ car, watching for miles as nothing but trees and the occasional meadow could be seen. She folded her arms and frowned as she glanced over at her brother sitting next to her in the back seat.

“I still don’t see why I had to come with you guys this week. I would have been fine by myself at home.” she said to her mother, Christine, sitting in the front seat.

“Julie, we’ve been through this countless times.” her mother said as she turned to face her “We’re going to Paul and Karen’s cottage to celebrate her birthday. We do this every year — you know that. They’re expecting you and Andy to come too. This year will be even better because Paul’s finished building his new cottage. I hear it’s really nice. He’s been bragging about it for months.”

Christine’s brother, Paul, had gotten rich investing in internet companies years ago before the bottom fell out. One of the things he did with his money was buy several acres of land in the middle of nowhere and build a rather luxurious cottage on a lake for his family to vacation at.

“Well, I’m twenty-one now, Mom. I’m an adult, and can stay on my own. Andy’s only eighteen so he still needs a babysitter.” she said and grinned at her brother.

Andy glared at her after that comment and raised his middle finger towards her.

“It has nothing to do with age, Julie. This is a family get-together and they expect you. Keep an open mind about it and you’ll have a good time. And be nice to your brother. You and he are going to have to share a tent this week so I don’t want you killing one-another.” her mother said with a laugh.

“Share a tent — why?!” Julie snapped.

“Because your cousin Diane and Rob are coming too and there aren’t enough bedrooms for everyone.” she explained.

“That’s just great!” Julie snapped.

Andy glanced over at his sister then smiled to himself as he looked back out the window again. He was actually looking foreward to sharing a tent with his sister, whom he thought was the sexiest girl he knew. For well over a year now she had been the inspiration for most of his lewd fantasies — although he would never dare admit it to anyone of course. He looked at her again out of the corner of his eye as she sat next to him. Her long blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she was wearing a tight tanktop and shorts. Andy felt his cock swell as he noticed the curve of her breasts and he shifted slightly in his seat. She turned and her brown eyes met his and she smiled.

“Here we are!” Julie’s father announced a some time later as he turned off the road onto a narrow tree-lined driveway.

“Holy crap, some cottage!” Andy exclaimed

“Wow… Uncle Paul really must have struck it rich!” his sister added.

The four of them got out of the car and surveyed the cottage, which was a two-story A-frame with a veranda and a balcony above that. To their right they looked down a walkway leading to a large lake about two hundred yards away. Paul had built a small dock jutting out into the water where 2 canoes were tied-up.

“Hi… it’s great to see you guys!” Paul shouted as he and his wife, Karen, walked towards them.

The couples exchanged greetings then Paul began helping them bringing their luggage inside.

“So, what do you think of the place, Ted?” Paul asked.

“Are you kidding? It’s amazing! This isn’t a cottage; it’s nicer than some homes.” Julie and Andy’s father said.

“How’s my little sister?” Paul asked as he turned towards Christine.

“Good, and you?” she said as she gave him a hug.

Julie was standing next to her brother and watched in surprise as she saw her uncle’s hand slide up her mother’s side and squeeze her breast. Julie’s head snapped to her right to look at Andy who’d also turned to her with a look of surprise on his face. Julie then watched as her mother quickly kissed her brother’s cheek and slowly moved his hand back down to her waist as she smiled at him.

“Here, let me show you guys where the bedrooms and everything else is around here.” Paul said as he turned towards Ted who was staring out the window at the lake past a thicket of white birch.

Everyone was very impressed with the cottage. It had all the conveniences of a home, including electricity and running water. Towards the back there was a small patio with a barbeque, as well as several chairs and a large wooden picnic table.

“We want you guys to make yourselves at home while you’re here.” Karen said as she smiled at Christine and her children “If you can’t find something you’re looking for just ask, and feel free to use whatever you want.”

“I guess your parents warned you that you’re going to have to stay in a tent.” Paul said to Julie and Andy.

“Ya.” Julie said, still not sounding happy.

“Oh, it won’t be so bad. Here, I’ll show you where it is.” he said.

Paul led the siblings out through the patio where he’d set up a tent off to one side a ways away from the cottage.

“I put air mattresses, pillows, canlı bahis and blankets in there for you guys, but there’s more inside if you need them.” he said as he held the flap open for them to see.

“Thanks, Uncle Paul.” Andy said as he stuck his head in.

“Ya, thanks.” his sister said.

“You guys are probably getting hungry. I’m going to fire up the barbeque in a while and cook some steaks and chicken. Karen’s making potato salad and coleslaw.” he said.

“Thanks, that sounds great.” Andy said.

They walked back to the patio where the others had sat down to talk and have a few drinks. Julie sat off to one side next to her brother and tried to ignore the conversation between her parents and aunt and uncle.

“It won’t be that bad a time, Julie. Just give it a chance.” Andy said to her.

“I know.” she said as she smiled at her brother “This place is really nice. I just need to chill-out I guess.”

“The lake looks great. Tomorrow I think I’ll go for a swim and check out those canoes.” he said.

“Wanna go check it out now while supper’s cooking? We can get away from the old folks.” she asked with a laugh.

“Ya, sure.” her brother said as he got out of his chair.

“Mom… Andy and I are going to go check out the lake. We’ll be back in a while.” Julie said.

“That’s fine, honey. Just be careful.” her mother said.

“And make sure you’re back in about a half hour or so because these steaks will be ready.” their Uncle Paul chimed-in.

Andy had already begun walking towards the lake and Julie hurried to catch up with him.

“Hey! Wait for me!” she called out to him.

Andy turned to see his sister jogging towards him. Her breasts reacted to her movements and Andy stared at them as they bounced. He felt his cock getting hard and hoped she wouldn’t notice. She caught up to him and as they walked Andy glanced sideways at his sister and noticed that her nipples were hard. They walked out to the end of the small pier built over the lake and sat with their backs to the cottage. For several minutes they never spoke, until Julie broke the silence.

“This place is so peaceful. I can’t get over how quiet and beautiful it is. After a week here I might to want to go home.” she said as she looked accross the lake.

“Sure it’s quiet — if you get far away from Uncle Paul.” Andy said with a laugh.

Julie turned to her brother and laughed out loud.

“Ummm… was I seeing things earlier, or did he really cop a feel with Mom?” he asked, then felt his face flush and regretted mentioning it.

“I saw that. Wasn’t that wild?!” his sister said.

“Wild?” Andy asked as he gave her a puzzled look.

“You know…” his sister said “I thought it was naughty… sexy… to think that Uncle Paul was sneaking a feel of Mom’s boob. And you know what — she never seemed pissed-off at him for doing it. I bet she liked it.”

“But, she’s his sister. That’d be like me grabbing your boob.” her brother said.

“So, what’s your point?” she said with a smirk.

“Don’t you think it’s… weird?” her brother asked.

“All he did was feel her boob, Andy. There’s no harm in that. I can’t blame him — Mom’s got nice ones.”

“I can’t believe you just said that.” her brother said.

“Why? I’ve seen you staring at mine plenty of times so you must think the same about me, don’t you? I bet you’ve thought about feeling them just like Uncle Paul did with Mom.” she said as she smiled then winked at her brother.

Andy felt his face flush, but he never answered.

“Well…” she said as she nudged her brother with her elbow.

“Well, what?” he asked not daring to look her in the eye.

“Quit avoiding the question, Andy, you chicken-shit.” she said as she turned around completely to face him, grinning.

He quickly glanced down at his sister’s breasts then back up to her face. “Ya, I think they’re nice.” he said then stared out over the lake.

Julie watched her brother and could tell he was nervous and embarrassed. She felt bad because there was no need for him to be. She had caught him staring at her many times and it always gave her a rush of excitement and guilty pleasure knowing she turned him on. Many times she had fantasies of seducing him but wasn’t sure how to go about it and was scared their parents would find out. She slid over closer to him so her bare thighs were pressing against his leg.

“Andy…” she said in a soft voice as she touched his leg with her hand.

Andy turned towards his sister and she gently took his hand and brought it under her tank top and placed it on her left breast. She held it firmly against her and began moving it around. He could feel her hard nipple through her bra and brushed his thumb over it, then squeezed his sister’s breast. He cupped as much of it in his hand as he could, but discovered that it was larger than he’d guessed.

“How does it feel?” she asked as she leaned into him more.

“Great…” he said as he stared at her chest and slid his fingers over the bahis siteleri bare tops of her breasts above her bra cup “but we better stop before we get caught.”

“I guess…” his sister said with a tinge of dissapointment in her voice as she pulled away and adjusted her top.

Julie and her brother sat side-by-side looking out at the lake, talking about how nice their uncle’s cottage was, and their plans for swimming and canoeing over the next week. Around five minutes later they heard noises coming from the woods to their left and looked to see their cousin Diane and her husband, Rob, emerging. Andy’s cock was still throbbing and he stared at his cousin as they approached. She was about 5’5 with short black hair and dark eyes. She was wearing a thin sundress that came down slightly past her hips. It was tight with a scoop neckline and he could immediately tell she wasn’t wearing a bra as he watched her breasts move as she walked.

“Hey, when did you guys get here?” Diane said as she and Rob sat down next to Andy and his sister.

“An hour or so ago I guess.” he said as he glanced down at her hard nipples.

“We were out on a nature walk.” Diane said as she sat down next to Julie.

Julie laughed. “Ahhh… you’ve got some grass and twigs in your hair and dress in back.” she said as she pointed and winked,then brushed off the back of her cousin’s dress.

Diane ran her fingers through her hair and giggled. Rob looked at her and smirked.

“Well, she IS a beauty of nature.” Rob said as he kissed his wife’s cheek.

“Is that a barbeque I smell?” Diane asked as she ran her fingers through her hair.

“Your dad’s cooking supper. We should be getting up there soon.” Julie said.

“I’m starving. Let’s go!” Rob said as he tugged at his wife’s hand.

Julie and Andy followed them up towards the cottage. As she walked she stared at Rob’s ass and muscular hairy legs. She soon found herself getting even wetter. She then ran her eyes down Diane’s back and noticed a small damp spot on the back of her dress from where she’d been sitting earlier. She immediately had thoughts of Diane’s pussy being full of her husband’s cum and how it might taste. Diane was twenty-five, but people often mistook her for someone in her late teens because of the way she dressed and her demeanour. Julie certainly found her very sexy.

“Your timing is perfect.” Paul said as they all arrived “The food’s almost done.”

“Great. I’m starved.” Rob said as he sat down at the picnic table.

Everyone grabbed disposable plates and utensils and began helping themselves to the food that Christine and Karen had prepared, as well as the meat that Paul had cooked. Paul brought out more beer and offered it around, but Julie could tell that he had probably already had enough because he seemed rather drunk. Julie and her brother ignored the conversation around the picnic table as much as they could. Their brief encounter on the dock was on each of their minds, and they wondered how things were going to play out later in the tent once everyone else had gone to bed — although neither had definate expectations.

Once everyone had eaten and the table was cleared off they sat around on the patio talking, then moved around to the veranda to watch the sun set over the lake.

“This is absolutely beautiful.” Christine said as she leaned back in her chair nursing a beer.

Rick and Diane slipped away and walked hand-in-hand down to the lake and sat on the dock.

“Ted, we should be getting to bed soon.” Christine said some time later “I’d like to get up early and walk through the woods — it’s so beautiful here. Tomorrow’s going to be a full day.”

“You’re right. Paul says there are trout in the lake, and he and I plan to do some fishing.” he said as he got up from his chair and stretched.

Karen looked over at her husband and smiled. “What you say we get to bed too?” she said and winked.

“That sounds good to me.” he said as he rose from his chair and steadied himself on the veranda railing and wobbled inside.

“I think he’s had a few too many beers. Work has been stressing him out lately and he needs to let his hair down. He’s not usually like this.” Karen said with a nervous laugh as she followed her husband.

Julie and Andy followed everyone inside. Both were secretly eager to get out to the tent away from everyone and have some time alone.

“I’ll leave the patio light on so you guys have some light in case you need to come in and use the bathroom or whatever.” Karen said to Julie and Andy.

“Thanks, Aunt Karen.” Andy said and smiled at her.

“You guys have a good night.” Christine said as she hugged her children.

“Thanks, Mom. You too. You know, I like it here. This is going to be fun.” Julie said and smiled.

“I’m so happy to hear you say that, dear! I thought you’d enjoy it after a while.” her mother said as she hugged her.

Julie and Andy watched as the two couples walked upstairs, their Uncle Paul assisted somewhat by Karen. They waited bahis şirketleri until they heard the bedroom doors close then turned to one another and smiled, both feeling nervous.

“So… have you ever slept in a tent before?” Julie asked her brother, hoping to avoid the uneasy silence.

“Ahhh… a couple of times. It’s not so bad.” he said.

“Let me grab a t-shirt out of my bag and I’ll meet you out there.” his sister said.

“Okay.” Andy said and headed towards the patio and outside.

Andy crawled into the tent and unzipped his jeans and kicked his sneakers off and got undressed. He pulled a blanket over him and stared at the ceiling of the tent, feeling anxious. His cock was hard in anticipation of him and Julie perhaps continuing what had happened at the lake, but he was also nervous. A short while later the flap of the tent opened and Julie crawled in and sat down on the air mattress next to his. She squinted as her eyes grew accustomed to less light and she peered around.

“Man, it’s pretty dark in here.” she said.

“Does this help?” Andy said.

He sat up and unzipped a flap on the wall of the tent next to him to reveal a clear plastic window. Now more light from the patio streamed into the tent. He looked over at his sister and realized he could see her much better than before. She was still dressed, but holding a large t-shirt on her lap.

“That’s a lot better. Thanks.” she said as she unbuttoned her jeans and began pulling them down.

“Ummm… do you want me to turn around while you change?” he asked after a few seconds.

“Nope.” she said as she tossed her jeans aside and kicked her sandals off.

She smiled at him and pulled her tanktop over her head. Andy was startled by his sister’s boldness, but couldn’t help but stare at her breasts. He had peeked down her top many times, but had never seen her this close to naked. She sat there in just her bra and panties and smiled at him.

“Here, would you like to do the honours?” she said as she turned her back to Andy and pulled her hair over her shoulder.

“Huh… what?” Andy said as he stared at his sister’s back.

“Unhook my bra, silly…” she said laughing as she turned back to smile at him.

Andy slowly took the straps of his sister’s bra in his fingers and fumbled with the hooks. He was nervous, but loved the few quick feels of his sister’s skin against his fingers that he got. He unhooked it and let the straps fall, his eyes roaming over his sister’s bare back.

“Keep going. Take it off.” she said as she lowered her hands.

Andy slid his hands up his sister’s back to her shoulders and glided his fingers under the straps of her bra. Her skin was warm and softer than anything he’d ever felt in his life. He slowly ran his hands down her arms, savouring the feeling of her skin as he slid her bra off. As her bra fell down her arms Julie slowly leaned back against her brother until her back was resting against his bare chest. Andy peered over her shoulder as she pulled her bra the rest of the way off and tossed it on top of her jeans. She took his hands in hers and brought them up to her breasts.

“Feel them.” she said as she pressed her palms against the backs of his hands.

Andy cupped his sister’s breasts in his hands and squeezed them hard. Julie moaned softly and leaned back against him more as she felt his fingers rubbing and tugging at her hard nipples.

“Mmmm… ya… that’s it… pull on my nipples, Andy.” she said as her hand slipped inside her panties.

Andy continued to squeeze his sister’s breasts and rub her nipples as he rested his chin on her shoulder, watching her rubbing her hard clit inside her panties. As she leaned back he could feel her pressing against his hard cock within his underwear and he moved his hips, pressing it into the small of her back.

“God, I’m so horny.” Julie said as she moved her hips to meet her hand.

Andy continued playing with his sister’s breasts, then abruptly stopped and placed his hands on his lap. Julie turned around to face him, with a look of surprise on her face. For the first time ever Andy got a look at his sister completely topless. He stared down at her firm round breasts swaying slightly, and her hard light-brown nipples.

“What’s wrong?” she asked as she looked at him.

“I’m just scared we’re going to get caught. Do you know how much trouble we’d be in?” he said.

“We’re not going to get caught. It’s okay, Andy.” she said as she brought his hands up to her breasts.

“Do you like ’em?” she asked as she ran her hands up and down his arms.

“You kidding? They’re amazing.” he said as he smiled and continued to fondle her breasts.

Andy bent down and took a nipple in his mouth and began to suck and lick it. Julie ran her hands over her brother’s back and around to his chest as she moaned softly. She slid a hand down his stomach and removed the blanket that was covering his lap and felt his hard cock through his underwear. Andy jumped slightly when he felt his sister’s hand on him then drew in a deep breath.

Julie pulled away from him and looked down. “Let me see it.” she said as she tugged at his underwear.

“Are you sure? I mean, is this okay with you, Julie?” he asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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