The Deal Ch. 28

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The Deal’s Who’s Who:

Diana Hughes – mother of Matthew Hughes, widow of the late David Hughes, started the Deal

Matthew Hughes- Diana’s son, boyfriend of Cindy Morgan

Cindy Morgan – Matt’s girlfriend, lives with the Hughes

Craig Lynn – Matt’s best friend, son of Jeff and Susan Lynn, brother to Cindy Lynn

Susan Lynn – Diana’s best friend, wife of Jeff and mother of Craig and Cindy Lynn

Jeff Lynn – Husband of Susan and father of Craig and Cindy Lynn

Chip Hamilton – close friend to Matt and Craig

Kim Hamilton – close friend of Diana’s, wife of Adam, mother of Chip

Adam Hamilton – husband of Kim and father of Craig

Lacey Brock – neighbor and former old friend of Diana, Susan and Kim.

Jenny Clark – friend of Craig Lynn, going to same college as Craig

Steven Deforest – Former Biology teacher for Matt, Craig and Chip, interested in Diana Hughes

Gwen Hollister – brunette haired sister to Gwen, new neighbors of the Hughes and owners of Dreamland adult store

Stephanie Hollister – blonde haired sister to Stephanie, new neighbors of the Hughes and owners of Dreamland adult store.

All characters engaged in any sexual activity are eighteen years of age or older.


As Diana opened the large wooden door she felt a wave of heat and the heaviness of the many bodies inside Riley’s bar. Her body tingled pleasantly to the loud beat of the music playing through the hidden speakers. She looked around as her eyes adjusted to the dark club. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed a more frantic motion. Turning her head she smiled at the sight of Gwen waving her right hand at Diana.

Diana threaded through the crowd before sliding into the booth with Stephanie in the back corner of the bar.

Diana was greeted by the beaming smiles of both women.

Gwen clapped her hands as she responded, “Diana, so glad you could join us.”

Diana smiled at the women, “My pleasure. I’ve been looking forward to this. I really don’t get out that much.”

Stephanie chuckled, “From what I’ve seen, I can see why you would want to stay home all the time.”

Diana blushed as they all laughed. She was about to speak when she saw one of the waitresses approach their table.

Diana watched the girl thread her way back toward the bar after taking their orders then looked around at the nearest people to them assessing their privacy before she turned back to the sisters.

“Okay, I’m dying of curiosity. You’re not even remotely bothered by my” Diana paused as she looked for the right words.

“My living arrangements?” she finished.

Stephanie reached out to hold Gwen’s hand, “As we said, we understand being outcasts from the normal family structure.”

Gwen squeezed her sister’s hand as she continued,” Growing up, our father was, shall we say, a bit rough with us. He really wanted boys instead of girls, and he had a lot of anger issues as well that he took out on us.”

“He basically drove us from both him and our mother and toward each other,” Stephanie continued.

Diana asked, “Your mom didn’t do anything?”

“Passive acceptance was the best we got from her,” Gwen answered as the waitress brought their drinks.

Stephanie began after she left, “Uncle Jimmy took us in as much as he could as he knew what our Dad was like from growing up with him.”

Gwen lightly caressed Stephanie’s hand, “He quickly noticed how affectionate we were with each other and he let us be us. He made us feel good about ourselves and life in general.”

Stephanie smiled as she remembered, “We grew to love him almost as much as each other and one thing led to another.”

Gwen chuckled, “That’s Stephanie’s take on the relationship, as honestly, I much prefer women to men. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Uncle Jimmy with all my heart, just not quite the way Stephanie did.”

Stephanie smirked, “True, Gwen is a pretty straight lesbian; I’m very much bi.”

Gwen looked at Diana, “Since you’ve opened the door, honestly we’ve been curious of the dynamics in your relationship If you don’t mind us being nosy neighbors.”

Diana shook her head and laughed, “You know, I never thought about it in those terms. Things kind of just happened.”

She took a long pull on her drink, “David, my husband and I moved into the neighborhood about the same time as three other couples back in the nineties. Now that I think about it, I kind of remember two women hanging out around the Hollister place.”

Stephanie and Gwen nodded as Diana continued.

“All of us got really close, and we started having some pretty wild parties.”

Stephanie laughed “We often heard the music and the goings back and forth between houses but had no idea full blown orgies were going on.”

Diana laughed, “Yeah, they were pretty wild times. David and I were young and in love just like others.”

“We’ve never seen your husband,” Gwen responded.

Di took another pull on her drink, “David died quite a few years ago after a long, hard illness.”

Both Gwen and Stephanie unclasped their hands and put them canlı bahis on Diana’s that were around her drink. They squeezed her flesh lightly.

Gwen thought about it for a bit, “we had probably moved to Philadelphia before his death.”

After making sure no one else was in earshot, Diana explained the deal she had made with Matthew and how it developed and how Cindy entered into the picture to where they were now.

Stephanie and Gwen both laughed, “Good for the three of you” Stephanie told her.

“So basically Matt lives every man’s dreams of having two gorgeous, naked women all to himself huh?” Stephanie laughed.

Diana laughed, “I think gorgeous is a description long gone for me.”

Both Hollisters shook their heads adamantly.

“Trust us, you are incredible looking,” Gwen answered.

Diana gave an embarrassed chuckle and blushed at the heated gaze in Gwen’s eyes and the three continued with a light, pleasant banter.

Jenny threw her pencil down and slammed her notebook shut with an exasperated groan. Craig looked up from his bed at the young woman sitting at his desk.

Jenny turned her head to look at her concerned boyfriend, “That’s it. I’m going to fail. There’s no hope. You are just going to have to go on to Lehigh without me.”

Craig sat up and patted the bed next to him.

Jenny came over quietly and sat next to him barely touching him.

Craig leaned over and placed his hands on Jenny’s shoulders. With gentle force he rubbed the hard knots in her shoulders. Jenny purred and leaned back into him a bit more.

“God, that feels nice.”

Craig smiled and continued to work her stiffness out. Craig started to speak quietly.

“You know this Physics crap better than any of us. Whenever Matt, Chip or I have any problems you always know the answer. Of the four of us you are the one most likely to do great. Cut yourself some slack, okay?”

Jenny smiled and turned to softly kiss Craig, who not expecting the move, kept his hands against her, so when she had completed her body swivel to kiss him his hands had traveled to the front of her button-down flannel shirt.

Breaking off the kiss Jenny leaned back so she and Craig could stare at his hands resting on her breasts.

She smiled while still looking at his hands, “That feels nice too.”

Without a thought for Physics or really anything else for that matter, Craig’s brain went on autopilot as his hands gently squeezed the firm flannel-encased mounds under his hands.

Jenny started to purr louder. “Oh, that feels really, really nice.”

She brought her hands up to entwine in Craig’s deep brown hair. She pulled his face closer so their lips could lock together again. Craig’s mouth vibrated softly from the pleasant purr coming from Jenny.

Craig’s hands came up off Jenny’s breasts eliciting a frustrated growl from her before it turned into a gasp as Craig’s fingers found the button’s on her blouse.

The two pulled apart again to stare at the open shirt with the smooth white skin around the light blue bra. Craig pulled the shirt off Jenny’s shoulders just as the door swung open.

Jenny squealed and quickly pulled her blouse closed in front of her as Craig looked wide-eyed up at his open-mouthed mother standing in the door holding two cans of Pepsi.

“Mom,” shouted Craig.

Susan took a step back stuttering, “Kids, I am so, so sorry.”

Jenny raised a hand as a deep red hue flushed across her face, “No, no I’m sorry.”

Craig raised his arm up and pulled Jenny into his chest still glaring at his mother.

Susan stood for a moment before she started to giggle, “Gee, I thought you two were studying Physics, not Biology.”

Craig continued to glare, “Not funny, mom.” He could feel Jenny shaking into his chest. He looked down afraid to see her crying only to find her giggling instead.

He glanced back up at his mother.

Sue couldn’t’ stop giggling, “You guys really need to work on your door code before you go off to college together.”

Still red-faced, Jenny turned her head to look at the smiling woman in the doorway, “Door code?”

“Yeah, a bandana or some kind of loop on the door knob telling your roommate that you’re busy in the room and not to interrupt.” Susan waved a can at the door knob in emphasis, “You guys didn’t even have the door shut. What if I had been your sister? She’s not ready for Biology lessons yet.”

Craig gave an exasperated and elongated “Mom” in reply.

Jenny buttoned back up her blouse, “I am so, so sorry Mrs. Lynn.”

Susan waved the can of soda in her right hand again, “Oh hush sweetie. I figured you needed a study break without realizing you had a study break of your own going on.”

“Not helping mother,” Craig growled.

Susan pressed the can of soda to her chest, “Oh, you wound me when you say ‘mother’ in that tone.”

Jenny burst out in giggles bringing a wider smile to Susan and a softer look to Craig’s eyes.

Jenny got up and ran over to Susan hugging her close pressing her face into the surprised woman’s chest as Susan held the sodas out on either bahis siteleri side of her.

“My mom would have killed both of us and then ground me for life,” came Jenny’s muffled words from Susan’s chest.

Susan brought her arms around to hug Jenny into her tighter as Craig answered.

“How can she ground you if you’re dead?”

Jenny looked up as Susan told her, “I’ll have you know he gets that nasty sarcasm from his father not me.”

“You are such a liar mom,” Craig yelled.

Susan gave a mock gasp and hugged the laughing Jenny in tighter to her, “Again, you heartless child, you wound me to my soul. Jenny, please ignore his vicious words.”

Jenny leaned up to peck Susan on the cheek and then took the sodas from her before turning back into Craig’s room.

Susan put her hand on the door knob, “Should I close this and put a ribbon on it?”

An exasperated and even longer elongated “MOTHER,” came as her answer from her son as Jenny shook her head, “No, we really need to get back to studying.”

Susan put her hands against the sides of her face to mock gasp, “Oh forgive my ill-timed interruption young sir; please don’t kill me then ground me for life.”

Jenny still giggling sat back down at the desk after giving Craig his soda.

“Jenny?” Sue asked.

Jenny swiveled her head to stare as her boyfriend’s mother quickly pulled her t-shirt out of her yoga pants then pulled it up to her neck exposing her bare wobbling breasts before just as quickly dropping it again.

“Now we’re even, so you don’t have anything to be embarrassed about.”

Craig could only sputter as Jenny gasped then laughed out loud.

Susan winked at them as she closed their door.

Cindy Morgan wiped a white, fluffy cloth across her sweaty forehead. Tony’s had been surprisingly busy for a Thursday night and were short-handed beside as a waiter called in sick. Cindy wasn’t sure if it was sickness or the Physics test that had the entire senior class of the high school in a panic. Cindy looked around the two dining rooms split by two short walls jutting out from the side. She suppressed a sigh at the sight of the glaring elderly woman.

Mrs. Wilson started in before Cindy even got to the table. “I don’t know how you stay in business with this deplorable service. I’ve been waiting an entire half hour just to pay my bill and leave. I won’t stand for this.”

Cindy thought how she had just brought Mrs. Wilson her cannoli just ten minutes ago.

“I’m so sorry Mrs. Wilson,” Cindy began before being cut off.

“My time is precious and if you ever want my business again you will see to it that there is a sharp deduction in my bill for my sadly lukewarm meal and utterly pathetic service.”

“I’ll see what I can do, Mrs. Wilson,” Cindy responded before heading back to the counter and cash register. She didn’t know why Tony just didn’t kick her out for good as they were losing money on her every time. She knew the stories of how she had mercilessly bad mouthed businesses among her snobby friends until they were driven out of business but had a hard time believing it. Well, Tony was the boss, and he said let her get away with it, so half price dinner it was.

In the end Mrs. Wilson only cut a few more snide remarks before leaving. Cindy just had to cash out, prepare the deposit and clean up to go before heading home after such a long day.

Stephanie looked at her sister and then at Diana. As much fun as the three of them were having it was clearly getting late in the evening for all three who had a full work day starting in the morning.

Gwen put her hand on Diana’s arm, “Thank you so much for coming out tonight. We had a lot of fun.”

Diana smiled, “I did too, thanks for asking me to join you.”

Gwen smiled, “Our pleasure would you like to join us again next week.”

Diana nodded her head, “I don’t see why not.”

All three beamed as they collected their coats and purses.

Before long Diana had parked in her garage and was about to pull down the door when she watched Cindy’s familiar car swing into swing in to the left side of the driveway.

Diana reached out and hugged Cindy, leading her toward the house, “You poor girl, you look like you had a long day.”

Cindy shook her head, her long raven hair swishing side to side with the motion “You have no idea. I need a long, nice cuddle with Matt.”

Diana smiled and led her through the house and into the hall separating their bedrooms. Cindy and Diana stared at the shut door to Matt’s room.

Cindy quietly knocked.

She turned the doorknob after Matt’s “come in” Diana and Cindy looked in to see Matt hunched at his desk covered with a large textbook and sheets of paper.

Diana looked at her son, “How’s the studying going?”

Matt looked down at the mess before him, “Not bad but still got some material to cover before I want to go to bed.”

Cindy walked in to kiss her boyfriend and hug him across his shoulders.

Matt reached up to return her hug, “I love you.”

Cindy smiled, “I love you too. Keep studying.”

Cindy turned and walked bahis şirketleri out of his room closing the door behind her.

Diana could see the look of disappointment on the young girl’s face that she had tried hard to keep from Matt.

Diana smiled and put her arm around Cindy guiding her past the young girl’s bedroom.

Cindy looked over at Diana, “Mom?”

Diana winked, “You girl need some cuddles, and Matt is not the only one in this house who can give them.”

Cindy smiled and let the older woman led her into the master bedroom. Diana led Cindy to the side of the bed near her bathroom door. Di reached up and stroked the sides of Cindy’s neck and lower skull. She swirled her fingers lightly through the deep black hair and tickled the sides and backs of Cindy’s ears. Diana leaned forward to softly kiss Cindy. Cindy opened her mouth at the insistent push of Di’s tongue. Cindy could feel the tongue glide across her own tongue and the inside of her mouth. She could taste a hint of the alcohol on the older woman’s breath.

Diana broke away but still continued to tickle the neck and head of the now purring girl.

“Oh God, does that feel nice,” Cindy purred.

Slowly the hands glided over Cindy’s shoulders and down her chest meeting in the middle where the fingers eased open the buttons on Cindy’s red work blouse.

After all the buttons were opened, Diana slid her arounds through the opening to caress Cindy’s sides and ribs. Cindy swung her arms up around Diana to interlock her hands behind Diana’s head. Both women looked down at the open blouse and hands moving over the exposed flesh.

Diana stopped to again deeply kiss the girl in her arms. Slowly she pushed Cindy away to grab the collar of her blouse and pull it down and off her body. Cindy reached down to tug her pants and underwear down her legs as Diana reached around to unhook the white bra. The bra slipped down Cindy’s arms and chest before falling to the carpet between the women leaving the young girl nude.

Diana smiled at the sight and pulled her blouse over her head as she felt Cindy’s hands on the sides of her pants reaching fingers in to pull them and her panties down her body leaving the older woman naked as well.

Cindy smiled, “No bra huh?”

Diana chuckled, “I find it adds a pleasant tingle to drinking out nights.”

The two women pressed their bodies into each other their mouths again seeking each other’s.

After a few minutes as their tongues and hands explored the nude woman before each other Cindy pulled away to lean toward the bed only to have Diana grab her shoulders and guide her into the bathroom.

“Oh, no,” Diana told her, “deep spoiling relaxation for you tonight my love.”

Cindy just purred as Diana led her into the shower.

Diana pushed the smiling girl into the shower before stepping in herself. She blocked Cindy from the water spray while she adjusted the temperature.

She moved to the side letting the spray hit the soft woman before her.

“Warm enough,” Diana asked.

Cindy smiled, “Perfect.”

Diana pressed herself against Cindy while she reached around behind her to the soap dispenser on the corner shelf. She smiled as she felt the young woman hug her tightly as Di lathered her hands. Diana gently ran her soapy hands over Cindy’s shoulders and back kneading as she went.

“Oh God that feels wonderful,” Cindy purred.

Diana smiled and kissed the purring girl, feeling a slight vibration in her lips. Her tongue probed into Cindy’s mouth as her hands rubbed over her back and sides. She pressed in again as her hands sought out the dispenser and more suds.

Diana stepped back and cupped her soap filled hands around Cindy’s breasts kneading the soft flesh.

“You have great breasts, my dear.”

Cindy looked down at her soap covered breasts and the hands kneading them. “Thank you,” she meekly replied as Diana’s soft ministrations took her to another planet.

Slowly, Diana’s hands moved over Cindy’s ribs and stomach before light touching her dark, lush pubic hair then kneading in a circling motion around Cindy’s muscular thighs.

Di smiled at the soft gasps coming from the girl every time her hands dipped toward the area between her thighs.

Diana brought her hands up to cup Cindy’s face again kissing her passionately.

Again, Diana reached around her to dispense more soap into her hands.

The older woman looked at the softly smiling girl. “Put your foot up on the tub lip,” she commanded.

Cindy’s smile grew bigger as she obeyed.

Diana put the backs of her hands together and thrust them into the cleft between Cindy’s spread legs kneading the soap deeply into her skin.

“Oh fuck,” Cindy said as her hand reached up to grab the shower rod.

Diana rubbed her hands gently but firmly all around Cindy’s open sex. She caught the lips of her pussy between her fingers and rubbed them bringing a hiss from the now panting girl.

Diana twisted to let the spray cascade down Cindy’s stomach and between her legs, washing the suds off the girl. Diana ran her hands over the water stream to clean them from soap as well before kneeling down in front of the girl. She leaned forward to softly kiss the thick thatch of black hair as her hands rubbed clean the skin around and below the hair.

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