The Girl Next Door Ch. 01

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“I’m going to work. Try not to waste the day.”

I mumbled something and turned over. My mum smiled and shook her head.

“Did you hear me”, she said” if your father finds out you spent the day in bed he’ll have a fit. So, like I said, try not to waste the day.”

I heard the front door slam as she went out and tried to go back to sleep but now that I was awake I could see the sun streaming through a chink in the curtains. Well, I thought if I can’t sleep indoors I’ll try outdoors, maybe even get a bit of a tan.

I pulled a pair of shorts from the drawer and a towel from the bathroom and headed downstairs. It looked like a scorcher and as the garden was south facing I’d get rays all day. I spread the towel on the grass and stretched out. Perfect!

I must have drifted off because suddenly a radio cut through the peace and quiet.

Sitting up I looked across to my right to see who it was disturbing my well-earned rest. At first I couldn’t see anything except a towel being shaken out, but then, as it was laid on the floor I saw whom the culprit was. Dawn, the girl from next door, a constant source of irritation since she had moved in with her family 3 years ago. Ever since they had arrived her parents had been coming round to us with their stories of wonderful Dawn. Dawn did this, Dawn won that. Who gives a shit! My parents unfortunately, although she was a year younger than me I was always being reminded how nice and polite she was, how sweet and helpful. Oh well, I rolled over and just tried to ignore her.

“The radio isn’t too loud is it?” the question was said in the sort of sickly sweet tone of voice that you would expect from the perfect girl. The sort of voice that said butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth.

“No” I said, hoping MY tone of voice would kill any further attempts at conversation.

“I will turn it down if you want me to.”

I turned back over to tell her that I didn’t give a shit either way but the remark died in my throat. Dawn was standing by the fence in the skimpiest bikini I’ve ever seen. She had one hand shielding her eyes and the other resting on her hip. This was not the scrawny kid that had moved in. This was a babe! She had grown to about 5 feet 4 inches tall, a bit short really, but perfectly in proportion. That is except for her tits. They looked at least a 40D, a pair that would have looked good on a much taller girl but looked fantastic on her smaller frame. My jaw must have dropped because I saw her smile a little as my gaze travelled down and then back up that gorgeous body.

“Well, do you want me to turn it down?”

“What? Turn what down?” I sounded like a complete jerk, stammering and stuttering, but I just couldn’t help it. She was stunning.

“The radio silly” she giggled, “up or down?”

“What ever you want, I really don’t mind.”

I was having a tough job keeping my eyes above neck level and I couldn’t help notice that her nipples were hard, poking through the silky material of the bikini top.

“OK, I’ll leave it up” she said turning back to her towel.

I lay back down and pretended to go back to sleep but really my mind was working overtime. I had to find a way to get another look at those tits. I considered going back in the house and spying from my window, I could even beat off, but I wasn’t sure I could see her from there. The thought of her watching me wanking had started to harden my cock and soon I was as stiff as a board. I rolled on to my stomach to hide the bulge in my shorts and started dreaming of things I’d like to do to that amazing pair of tits.

“Hello, sorry to disturb you again, but would you do me a really big favour”, she was back at the fence and I quickly put my sunglasses back on so she wouldn’t see me staring at her tits. She was holding a bottle of lotion in her hand and had her head cocked to one side, ” I don’t want to burn my back, would canlı bahis şirketleri you mind?”

I quickly said it was no problem and as she went to open the back gate I said a silent prayer of thanks. Not only was I going to get another look but this was a chance to get my hands on that lovely body, albeit only her back.

She let me into her garden and as I followed her back to the towel I got my first look at her ass. The pert buttocks were barely covered by the tiny drawstring bikini bottom and I thought again that it was amazing that such a small girl could have such huge melons.

Laying down she told me to be certain and not miss any bits, legs too. Was she kidding, I was going to make sure that I had my hands on as much of this hot little body as possible.

I squirted some lotion on to her leg and smoothed it across her calf, gripping the shapely muscle firmly and pushing from her ankle up to her knee, like wanking a meaty cock, up and down, up and down. A little more lotion on the top of her leg but this time just the tips of my fingers circling across the back of her thigh, dipping towards the centre then back to the outside. I heard a little sigh as she closed her eyes almost seeming to drift off to sleep.

Slowly I worked my way to the edge of her panties, the urge to slip my fingers under the elastic and into her hot pussy was driving me wild, hardening my cock again. Although she was facing away from me I was worried that she would see my hard-on and freak. I quickly finished the other leg, hoping I could get back to my house without her noticing my bulge, and started to get up.

“You haven’t done the top, silly” she said, “here, I’ll make it easier.”

Her hands came around her back and she quickly undid the strings of her top. A large crescent of skin appeared as the side of her boob was uncovered, pushed out to the side as she lay back down. I stared at this wonderful slice of soft white flesh, mesmerised; it wasn’t as though I hadn’t seen one before but these were something special. The urge to reach out and caress it was driving me crazy.

“Come on slowcoach, or I’ll burn.”

The sound of her voice snapped me out of my daydream and I squeezed the upturned bottle, a stream of white goo, looking so much like spunk that I almost laughed out loud, squirted across her back.

“Wow! That’s cold “she said, shivering, an action that seemed to uncover more of her tit and crank my hard-on up another notch on the pain scale. I needed to get out of these shorts and soon. If I didn’t do something quick it might well be spunk that covered her back. I smeared the cream across her lower back trying to think of something else, anything.

As I squeezed the bottle again to cover her shoulders it made that fart noise that meant we were out of juice.

“Damn!” she said, ” I thought there was enough in the bottle. Never mind there’s another one indoors.” She pushed herself up and I quickly hugged my knees to stop her seeing the bulge in my shorts. I had forgotten that the strings of her top were undone and obviously so had she. For one brief second it fell forward and I got a perfect view of her tits, they were so huge that even though she was on all fours the nipples were brushing against the towel. It was almost enough to make me come on the spot.

“Whoops!” she cried, “That was embarrassing.”

She immediately covered herself with her hands and although I could see her blushing there was a glint in her eye that said maybe she hadn’t forgotten her top was undone.

“I er well I mean, no need to worry, I didn’t see anything”, I felt myself blush; ” I really should be getting back”. This was fast becoming a nightmare. Here I was with a raging boner 2 feet from the most fantastic pair of tits barely held in by the ultimate ‘girl-next-door’.

“No!” cried Dawn, ” you promised to finish my back”.

Before canlı kaçak iddaa I had a chance to protest she had skipped into the house. While she was gone I made an attempt to rearrange my prick in my shorts so that it wasn’t quite as obvious.

“I can’t reach it” the voice was coming from the upstairs window, “my mum put it on top of the cabinet and I can’t reach.”

I looked up to see Dawns sweetly smiling face beaming down at me.

“I’m really sorry but I’m all sticky and I can’t reach that high. Would you mind?”

Our houses are the same so I knew where I was going. Inside of the house was a dark blur to my sun drenched eyes and I groped my way up the stairs and turned left into the bathroom. The light was on and I quickly scanned the room looking for Dawn and the other bottle of lotion but I was alone. I walked back onto the landing and heard a voice coming from one of the bedrooms.

“I’m in here” it was Dawn’s voice but sounding strange.

I walked into the bedroom and saw her lying on top of her bed.

“Are you OK?” I said. She was face down, just as she had been in the garden, but she had her head buried in her pillow, facing the wall and I could hear small sniffles sneaking out from the other side.

“Dawn are you OK?” I repeated. There was a mumbled response that I couldn’t quite catch so I moved further into the room. I was starting to feel uncomfortable, but at the same time I felt a little thrill run through my balls. Here I was in little miss goody two shoes bedroom, nobody else in the house and neither of us wearing a great deal. I inched closer, sat on the edge of the bed and gently shook her shoulder. She turned to face me and I could see through the fringe of blonde hair that she had been crying.

“What’s up?” I asked nervously. I was convinced that she had seen my boner and was going to tell everyone that I was some kind of perv.

“Why don’t you like me?” she said, her bottom lip pushed out like a baby.

I was completely taken aback. “Who said I don’t like you?” I exclaimed, ” I hardly ever talk to you.”

“That’s what I mean” she sniffed, ” you’re always ignoring me. Whenever I say hello you just walk past.”

She turned onto her back and looked up at me with tear filled eyes and at that moment I thought see looked so pretty and vulnerable that I bent down and kissed her.

“Oh god I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.”

I was shocked at what I had done but Dawn put her arms around my neck and pulled me down to her. I felt her lips crushed against mine and as they slowly parted her hot tongue pushed itself between my lips.

We carried on like this, exploring each other mouths with our tongues, hot breaths mingling, until I realised that I could feel soft flesh not material pressed against my chest.

I broke away from our kiss and looked down to see that her top had ridden up around her neck and that her wonderful tits were exposed to my greedy gaze.

“I saw you looking at them in the garden” she whispered, “Do you like them?”

My only answer was a happy nod and she smiled as I stared at first one then the other. Up close they were everything I had imagined, the flesh was firm and smooth and the nipples were dark and very long. I leant forward and kissed her again, but instead of staying on her mouth I began to plant small kisses along her chin up to her ear, circling the shell with my tongue and making her gasp with pleasure. I moved across to her shoulder and kissed my way along her collarbone, raising gooseflesh that spread down her breasts, making her nipples harden further. Very slowly I ran my tongue down the slope of the breast till I reached the hard point of the nipple. I circled it with my tongue, round and round until it was coated with saliva finally sucking it into my mouth and licking across the sensitive tip. Dawn’s hands were pressing my head down, forcing me canlı kaçak bahis to take more and more of her firm tit into my mouth, crying out for me not to stop.

I pulled my mouth away with a loud pop and her tit glistened, covered in saliva, the nipple standing out a good half inch.

” Oh no” she murmured, ” please, don’t stop. I’ve been dreaming about this for 3 years. Suck my big tits. Pull my nipples. Oh god, I can’t believe what I’m saying I just feel so horny.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing; here was the perfect little girl, everybody’s angel, begging me to suck on her tits. I didn’t have to be asked twice, immediately I set about her other tit, giving it the same treatment, until her entire rack was wet with my saliva, the melon shaped objects of my attention heaving as she gasped for breath. I leaned back to stare at this wonderful sight and Dawn grabbed her tits pushing them together, tweaking her nipples for her own pleasure.

“Would you like to spread some cream on them” she smirked.

“I would, but not the type from a bottle” I said emboldened by her slutty behaviour.

Her eyes widened and she turned her head to look at my groin. My shorts were tenting out with the pressure of my raging hard-on, barely able to conceal the helmet that was trying to poke over the top.

“I’ll do anything you want,” she whispered and I couldn’t tell if her voice was husky with fear or lust.

“Really” I said, ” anything?” She nodded vigorously, making her tits shake and my nob twitch, “Anything. I’ve wanted you ever since we moved here. I rub myself at night and think about you.”

I stood up and hooked my fingers in the waistband of my shorts, slowly easing them down over my hips. As they fell to the floor my cock sprang up to attention and I heard Dawn gasp. “It’s beautiful,” she breathed.

“Touch it,” I commanded, and like someone in trance, Dawn reached up and curled her fingers around my manhood. I put my head back and closed my eyes. ” Now wank me off” I said, quietly. Dawn’s hand didn’t move and I realised she wasn’t sure what to do. I put my hand around hers and started to stroke. She soon realised what I wanted and I took my hand away, stroking her hair. As I looked down I could see her tits, still glistening with saliva, “rub my prick over your tits” I ordered. Without a second thought Dawn pulled me closer and rubbed the head of my prick back and forth across her nipples. I groaned, and she looked up smiling, ” do you like that?” she said, ” what else shall I do?”

I wasn’t sure how far she would go but this was a chance I wasn’t going to miss.

“Lick Me,” I said.

Dawn looked up nervously, but I said it again, louder “lick me you bad, bad girl”, and I pulled her head down to my crotch. I felt her hot breath on the head of my prick and then the warm moist rasp of her tongue.

“Aghhhh” I cried, and this seemed to spur her on, she ran her tongue around the crown of my cock, licking the ooze of pre-cum from the slit and then popping the head into her hot mouth. I held the side of her head and slowly fucked in and out of her mouth, her tongue lathing the under side on each stroke. She might be new to this game but she was a fast learner.

I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer so I pulled out of her mouth and straddled her stomach, pushing my cock between her tits. She squeezed them tightly around my shaft and I started poling up and down. ” Oh fuck I’m going to come,” I cried as I felt the onset of my orgasm and a huge wad of spunk pulsed out across her face. I grabbed my dick and carried on pumping my fist shooting line after line of semen over her huge tits. Using my prick like a paintbrush I spread the spunk all across her chest, flicking her long nipples with my still hard cock.

I looked up and saw a look of blissful contentment spread across Dawns face.

“Wow” she said, “that was awesome. Can we do some more?” Her tongue poked out from between her lips and she bent her head forward to lap at some of the spunk that was pooling in her cleavage. “Hmm. A bit salty, but creamy too.” She smiled and I knew that things had only just begun.

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