The Hotel Pt. 01

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417. That’s the text I get telling me your room number. I get on the elevator and message I’m on my way, taking deep breaths to try and keep myself calm. The anticipation is so much that I’m barely able to contain getting a hard on. Walking down the hallway I force myself to go slow, savoring that anticipation.

I knock. The door opens and there you stand in your dress and sweater from the day. I see your face, and in my mind I expected you smiling, but when I look all I see is those “fuck me” eyes and that unmistakable look that you want it all…NOW.

I past you and in to the room, and as soon as I hear the lock click I’m all over you. I’m so fast you don’t even have a chance to turn around, me pinning you to the wall feeling your ass against my quickly hardening cock.

Your body is completely pressed against the door. My mouth moves near your ear and I whisper “You ready to get fucked?”

You moan at this and I can feel you push back against me, grinding your ass against my hardness you can so clearly feel through my pants and your dress. My tongue makes its way into your ear and you gasp as my hands move their way around you, firmly grabbing both of your tits and squeezing as my tongue penetrates your ear.

You try to turn around and I pin you with my body. “Oh no, you’re mine tonight. This is MY night. I’M in control. You got that?”

You moan again, almost a whimper as you say “Yes, take what you want.” This moves us into a back and forth that sums up the rest of the night so perfectly.

“I’m going to do whatever I want to you. That what you want? You want me to fuck you however I want?”

“Yes! PLEASE!”

“You’re gonna be my little fuck toy tonight, aren’t you?”


“Say it.”

“I’m your little fuck toy.”

“Yeah you are. What else are you gonna be tonight?”

As this dialogue happens, my right hand slides down and settles on your pussy, putting pressure on your clit through your dress. I can feel the heat and moisture already, and start grinding my cock against your ass as you talk. “I’m your little slut. I’m your little fucking cum slut. Fuck me any way you want. USE ME!”

And with that I turn you around and kiss you deeply. Our mouths immediately wide open and our tongues diving into each others mouths. Our hands run all over each others bodies as we kiss, with yours finally making their way down to my cock, gripping it through my pants. “That what you want?”

“YES! Each and every way!” You say, but I’ve got other güvenilir bahis ideas.

“Oh don’t worry, you’ll get it, but not just yet.” I say. And with that I move back into the room. I stand at the foot of the bed and tell you to come over. When you’re about five feet away I tell you to stop and take off your sweater and dress. You comply obediently, and remove both revealing a lacy black bra and matching panties. I move close, but don’t kiss you. I move my hands behind you and slowly slide them down your back until I reach your ass. You’re still looking at me with those same eyes from before, and you gasp as I suddenly spank your ass firmly, showing you I’m in charge again.

Your reaction is all I need, and with that I push you onto the bed. I look at you laying there and tell you to start playing with yourself. You slowly slide your hand down to your pussy and begin rubbing your clit through your panties that I can tell are quite soaked. Your other hand is on your chest massaging one breast and then the other. I start to stroke my cock through my pants, knowing you’re enjoying the show.

After a few more moments, I move towards you, grab your hips, and pull them towards the edge of the bed. Then I slide your panties off, revealing a freshly waxed pussy. No hair ANYWHERE. I drop to my knees, and don’t hesitate. My mouth closes over your clit immediately, sucking it firmly as my tongue lashes out against it. The suddenness of it makes you immediately moan in pleasure, and soon your hips are moving as your hands move to my head. Your fingers clench my hair as you grind your pussy into my face while I eat you out. My hand slides up, and my finger gently puts pressure against your opening, finally sliding in easily due to your wetness combined with my saliva. I start to fuck you with now two of my fingers as my mouth and tongue continue to work you over, my efforts encouraged by the incredible taste of your pussy. Soon your breath quickens to the point where I know you’re close.

I move my mouth away just long enough to say “Tell me when you’re gonna cum,” and with that I dive back in, my tongue flicking against your clit fast and hard as my mouth sucks on it. My two fingers are completely inside you, curving up to push against your g-spot. A moment later you begin to tense and gasp “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna…Oh god, I’m cumming! I’M CUMMING!!!” And with that, your hips push up as you pull my mouth hard against you and let loose. I can feel your pussy clenching as I taste your cum. türkçe bahis I moan as this happens and you can feel the vibrations through your entire body. I keep licking and sucking until you let go of my head and pull away slightly, saying you can’t take anymore, and that it’s so sensitive. I have other ideas though.

I let you lay there just long enough for me to remove my pants. You hear the sounds and look down just as my pants and boxers drop to see my cock out finally. It’s completely hard, and ready. You’re still not recovered yet, but I don’t care. I grab your hips again and pull you to the edge of the bed, and settling the tip of my dick against your pussy, I take just long enough to enjoy the wetness of it before I slowly side inside you. You let out a long moan as I slide it completely in, and let it sit there for a moment balls deep inside that tight, wet pussy of yours.

I move in and out for a few strokes, removing my shirt as I do this so I’m now naked. Then on the back stroke I pull out completely. You look down in shock but see that I’m already moving, and a moment later I have your head in my hands, angling your mouth to take my cock inside it. Like with your pussy, I go slow, but deep, and in moments my hard cock is completely down your throat, your face forced into position by my strong hands.

You gag a little, and it sends sensations up my cock. I say “I wanted you to taste that fucking cum of yours”, and I slowly start moving my cock out of your mouth. “Lick it. Clean your cum off,” I order you, and you happily do so, your tongue licking at all sides. “You like the way your fucking cum tastes on my dick?” I ask. You look up at me as your hand grabs and starts stroking my shaft. “I fucking love it” you say.

I tell you to keep looking at me as you suck my cock, and that you need to take those tits out and play with them while you suck. Again, you happily do so, and soon your energetically sucking and stroking my cock as you lie on your back, your perfect tits out now as your one hand aggressively plays with them, making each nipple hard. I just stand there for a moment letting you work your mouth all over my cock until I start to feel that tingle. I move a hand down to your tits and start playing with them too as my hips start to work my cock in and out of your mouth. You read my actions and hold your head in place so I can fuck your mouth. I tell you I’m gonna keep fucking your mouth, and all you can do is moan as my dick fills you. The sensations drive me on, güvenilir bahis siteleri and soon I’m firmly massaging your tits with my hand as both yours have moved down to playing with your pussy. At first I think you’re just rubbing your clit lightly, but apparently you’re ready for another orgasm because I see you fucking yourself with two finger as you rub your clit faster and faster.

“You gonna cum again, slut?” I ask, to which you only respond with encouraging moans. “I’m gonna cum soon. You better fucking wait for me. Wait for me you fucking whore!”

I start to move faster down your throat, debating where I’m going to shoot my load. I can feel the tension building both in my balls and in your mouth as you get closer and closer. I look down at your face and see your clenched eyes through your glasses that are still on and that settles it, pushing me finally over the edge.

“I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum, bitch! Cum with me! CUM!” I yell, and with that I pull out of your mouth and begin stroking my cock with my one hand as my other grips your tit. A moment later you gasp and all i can hear you say is “cumming”. That’s the final straw, and with that my cock explodes, letting shot after shot spray your face. After you feel the first shot hit you, your mouth opens and you angle your face slightly towards my cock, wanting to make sure some of my hot cum makes it in. My cum lands all over your face, on your glasses, in your hair, in your mouth. Your body quakes as your second orgasm hits, this one even more intense than the first because of my load coating your face.

I keep stroking as I massage your tit, making sure every drop gets out. Then I move my hand away enough to grab your head and angle it so I can slide my cock back into your mouth. You take it, and the surprise of it sends new waves down your body as you continue rubbing your pussy. Within moments you feel shock as a third orgasm hits, riding on the back of the previous one that you didn’t even think had ended yet. You moan in pleasure, those moans muffled by my cum covered cock that is still rock hard and now deep inside your mouth as I fuck it one final time to finish my first orgasm of the night.

After a minute I finally pull out and stand there gazing down at the sight before me: you with your bra unhooked in the front but still on your shoulders, your hands on your pussy bringing yourself down from your third climax, your face coated in my cum, with your tongue desperately licking your lips trying to get every drop you can, while some more of my cum is sliding off your glasses onto your cheek and other is sliding down your cheek into your hair. My hard on is still raging, and all I can think is how the night is only just beginning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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