The Institute of Technology and Science Pt. 11 – The Fab Four

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“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

(o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o)

They were thrown together by the housing lottery. There were four of them, two males, two females. The last suite in the dorm was for four. And it was co-ed. So there they were.

It wasn’t what any of them would have chosen but it was what they had to live with.

The first couple of days were chaos, of course. But they finally sorted themselves out. It was funny, but in a way they were a perfect set, a stereotypical group of college freshmen.

Fred, the jock, considered himself the leader of what ever group he was in. Vain, conscious of his good looks, he thought of himself as a lady’s man. He made an effort to hook up with every decent looking girl he met. Any that were able to resist his charms were lesbians. That’s what he said.

Daphne, the pretty one, considered herself the alpha female in any group. She was sender and very attractive. Her perfect 36-24-35, B-Cup figure was always clad in the height of fashion. And her eyes always tended to look down her nose at those around her. Her parents were rich and had spoiled her rotten. If if was not for the school’s rule that all Freshmen experienced dorm life, she would have had her daddy rent her a penthouse off campus.

Shaky, the other male was a reputed pot-head. Although no one had ever seen him smoke or even detected a hint of weed around him. Truth was, he was too shy to speak to girls, and too busy in class to pay too much attention to what was going on around him. He never even glanced at Daphne after meeting her that first day. And he was seriously crushing, in his shy way, on the fourth member of the group.

Melva, was the smart one. Dark haired, always muffled in blousy, oversized sweaters and skirts. Her knee socks matched her sweaters, always. She wore oversized glasses which were always sliding down her pert nose. The lenses were so thick that no one could make out the color of her eyes. A bookworm’s bookworm, Melva had taken all the AP classes her High School had offered. Her classes now were several steps up from the usual first year classes.

On the second day of co-habitation Fred made a move on Daphne and ran into a brick wall! Daphne made it clear, in her snobbish way, that Freddie had no chance with her. Her disdain was evident to all. After he put the moves on her, Daphne took pains to avoid him. She would leave the room when he came in.

“Must be a lesbo,” muttered Fred.

The fact that Fred always wore cut off shirts or tight t-shirts and even tighter pants that showed of his buff body and male package was not lost on Melva but she had no idea what to do about it. If she was interested in a boy it was for the first time and she had no idea how to proceed. But she couldn’t stop looking at him!

And she never noticed that Shaky was checking her out.

And Freddie had no interest in Melva. Not his type, at all. Those frumpy sweaters? Coke bottle glasses? No, not his type!

And so things stayed for the next several weeks. But things were evolving under the surface.

One day Melva and Daphne happened to be in the common area at the same time. Ordinarily Daphne would be watching some reality show on TV while Melva would be deep in some esoteric book. But at this point Melva managed to strike up a conversation on a subject that was of interest to Daphne. Fashion.

“Daphne, um, could you, I mean will you, help me with something?

I’ve lost some weight. I need to buy some new clothes but I have no expertise. Could you lend me a hand?”

“Well, I suppose, sure. I had some important things to do today but I can move my schedule around.” In truth she had nothing to do but didn’t see why she couldn’t take some credit for helping her roommate.

“Lets get your measurements and talk about what kind of look you are going for. Why don’t you come into my suite and we can get started.”

Once in Daphne’s room she grabbed a measuring tape and gestured for Melva to disrobe.

“We need to get an idea of your proportions so we can choose the right fit and style. Let me get your measurements, Melva.”

Looking a little embarrassed Melva dropped her skirt to the floor and struggled to pull her baggy sweater over her head.

“What? What the…” Daphne was stunned, no, she was alarmed, by what she now saw. From armpits to below her waist Melva was enwrapped by some sort of elastic looking bands. Her bosom was completely covered by the multiple windings. Despite the bands her bosom swelled alarmingly. The bands were under considerable pressure, it seemed.

“What is all this, Melva?” She asked finally after getting her voice back.

“Um, well,” Melva was clearly embarrassed. “I have a condition called juvenile macromastia. My bosom started to develop at a very young age. When I was nine years old I had to start wearing a C-cup bra! I’ve had tp get my bras custom made ever since. I was slender and completely, overwhelmingly busty. And my breasts canlı bahis have kept on growing, larger and larger! It’s been an embarrassment for me and I’ve tried to hide my figure ever since. I don’t want people making fun of me, you know. Let me get out of this rig so you can take the measurements. I wonder if I’ve grown since the last time I was fitted.”

Moments later the wrappings lay on the floor at her feet and Daphne could finally take a look at Melva.

“Um, ah, golly!” said Daphne as she saw Melva in only her panties. “I had no idea! You have an amazing body!” If she were to be truthful Daphne was jealous. Standing nervously under her inspection, Melva was revealed to have an amazingly voluptuous figure. Her butt was perky and firm, her waist toned and slender. She seemed to have show-girl legs. But the most obvious and surprising thing was the size of her epic breasts! How she had hid them was a wonder! Melva was using both arms and hands to cuddle her bosom to her torso. Her vast breasts over-matched her arms and hands, flesh peeking out beneath the arms, pooching into the open at her armpits and forced up and together into a cleavage that bulged up in front of her.

“My goodness! Well lets get the measurements.” Melva was blushing furiously while Daphne measured her hips.

“Thirty five inches,” she announced. “Now lift yourself up so I can measure your waist. Um, okay, twenty-three inches.” Daphne forced herself to stand up and walk behind Melva. She wanted to stay where she was and examine Melva’s body. But she had a job to do!

Standing behind her roommate she could see bulges of breast flesh on either side of her torso. They were wider than her shoulder, wider than her hips! Again a feeling of jealousy rolled thru her. Daphne had always wanted larger breasts. She envied anyone that rocked a C-cup or better. And Melva was way, way, WAY beyond a C-cup!

“Ah…all…alright, now, I need to measure under your bust to determine the body-band measurement. So just hold your titties up so I can wrap the tape around you.” Her hands were shaking a little as she stepped closer to Melva. Melva, in turn was still blushing as she used her hands and forearms to raise her breasts up and out of the way of what Daphne was doing. Her boobs were covering the bottom half of her face! Her eyes peeked over the massive swells of those epic boobs. The feel of Daphne’s fingers as she worked sent small shivers thru her. And why, she wondered, were her nipples erecting, getting harder and longer?

“Golly,” Daphne said, “you are such a slender little thing! You measure twenty-seven inches. I guess that would mean your body band would be, like, thirty-two inches. Now we have to measure your bust at its fullest part. Just let go of your titties, honey, so I can measure…” Her voice died away as Melva pulled her hands and arms away letting her breasts drop to quiver and shake in front of her.

“Golly gee whiz!” gasped Daphne as she watched Melva jiggle to a standstill. Her breasts spread out, much wider than her shoulders and amazingly firm! They were giant, round firm spheres! It seemed that they stood out from her chest by at least a foot or more! Under Daphne’s gaze Melva’s nipples hardened and spiked outward. Almost an inch long, Melva’s teats were larger and stiffer than any that Daphne had ever seen!

So suckable, thought Daphne, as she started to wrap the tape around her roommate’s chest.

“Um, gulp, ah, that is…” she peered at the tape again. “Forty-nine? You measure forty-nine inches? Amazing! Just amazing! How did you keep all this breast flesh hidden all this time?”

Almost unaware of what she was doing, Daphne cupped Melva’s melons. Standing behind her, rubbing herself against Melva’s back she gently cuddled and caressed the breasts that completely overwhelmed her hands.

“Jinkies,” exclaimed Melva, “that feels so good!” She let her head loll back against Daphne who was now softly pinching her nipples with each thumb and forefinger.

“So BIG! So gosh-golly big!” Daphne gulped. She was kneading Melva’s hooters energetically and lightly kissing and licking her neck, causing Melva to sigh happily and lean back against her even harder. Daphne liked men. Some men. The ones that treated her like a lady and showered her with gifts. And now she was discovering that she also liked massively, overwhelmingly busty girls! Girls with tits so much larger than she had ever imagined! Maybe Fred was right. Maybe she was a lesbo?

“Feels so good!” exclaimed Melva. “No one has ever done this to me before! I like it. Pinch my nipples harder, Daphne, squeeze my big titties, too! Press them together. Do it harder.”

“Oh, honey, here. Let me…” Daphne turned Melva to face her and dropped her lips onto the stiff nipples that crowned the most massive mammaries she had ever imagined! She moved from one to the other, licking, sucking, nibbling while squeezing with both hands!

Melva twined her hands in Daphne’s hair and held her to her breasts, encouraging her to bahis siteleri suck and lick as much as she wanted to.

“Jinkies! That feels wonderful! I had no idea,” she admitted to Daphne who was still focused on attending to the huge hooters in front of her. Melva’s hard nipples scrapped back and forth on her face as she switched from one to another. She was enjoying what she was doing as much as Melva was enjoying her actions.

“Here, lie down, Honey. Let me treat you…” She pushed her face between Melva’s soft thighs.

“Oh, no! Don’t! Thats so nasty! Ohhhhhh…” her voice died as she felt Daphne’s mouth fasten on her pussy. She had no experience but she felt that she would never feel anything better than what Daphne was now making her feel! SO GOOD, she was gasping and panting while the feeling roared thru her. What Daphne was doing with her mouth. lips and tongue was shaking her to her core. It felt so good!

It took only a few minutes until Daphne brought her to the brink of an orgasm. Thighs twitching and body arching in ecstasy Melva erupted while Daphne tried to hold on and provide the finishing touches to the best orgasm Melva had ever had.

“JInkies, that was incredible! I’ve never felt anything like that before. Golly!” Melva was panting and gasping while cuddling with Daphne.

“Well, we can do it again if you like. But right now we should go shopping and get you some more fashionable outfits. Now that we know what your sizes are. Although I don’t know where we can get a 32-Q bra!” Daphne giggled at the prospect.

“Well, I used to get all my foundation garments at Burns & Adrian’s in Philadelphia. But now that I’m here at The Institute of Technology and Science I’ll have to find another source.”

The roommates spent hours at the mall shopping for a new wardrobe for Melva. Among the things that they bought was some new cosmetics which Daphne promised to teach Melva how to apply.

They unpacked all of the loot when they got back to the dorm. As they laid it all out Daphne asked the question that had been in the back of her mind since the start of the shopping trip.

“Melva, why are you doing this? What made you decide to get new clothes and learn to put on make-up?”

“Um,” she was blushing furiously now. “Daphne, can you keep a secret? It’s because I want to have a boy notice me. I want to be attractive, even hot! And with you being so pretty I thought that you could help me.”

“I’ll be happy to,” Daphne responded to the flattery. “Who’s attention are you trying to attract? Some one in your class? One of the Assistant Professors?”

“Um, Fred,” the flustered girl answered.

“FRED? Our Fred? Oh, honey, I don’t think he is your type! He’s a shallow jock with an ego problem. It’s too big! Really? Fred?”

“I know. You’re right, but he’s so dreamy! He’s so good looking and he wears those tight coochie pants! And he never even looks at me.”

“Oh, Melva, if you want to attract Fred’s attention all you have to do is go braless. Or wear something tight or revealing. Get rid of the oversized sweaters and those wrappings,” she gestured at the pile of fabric at Melva’s feet. “Just take a deep breath and let him see just how busty you are!”

“Really? Do guys like big tits? I mean as big as I am? Until I got here I had never met anyone as busty as I am. I’ve been super embarrassed by my largesse.”

Daphne ignored the word she didn’t understand and her own jealousy of Melva’s huge boobs.

“Oh, darling, yes! Most men like big boobs! And you sure have them! I’ve never met anyone with boobs this size!” She reached out and plumped Melva’s melons which made Melva giggle.

“So I didn’t have to spend all this money? All I had to do was parade myself in front of Fred in a tight sweater and let him know that I have a big set of tits?”

“Yeah, that’s right! But these clothes will let you show off with class and with the make up I’lll show you how to use you’ll be a real knock out! Now let’s get to it! Let me show you how to use mascara and blush.”

The next day Melva put her plan into operation. She appeared at breakfast wearing a sweater and skirt combination. She had not put on her usual knee socks. And unlike her usual outfits this one fit her closely. Her breasts were prominently displayed and her skirt only fell half way to her knees. The final touch was that she was wearing stiletto heels that made her legs and rump look fabulous!

Melva tried to act as if nothing was different but she was watching Fred’s reaction as she pranced across the kitchen area to get some cereal.

She was gratified to see his eyes bug out and he choked on the mouthful of food he was chewing.

‘He noticed!’ she thought to herself proudly.

Indeed, Fred was out and out staring at her as she moved around. He was frozen in place. His spoon halfway to his mouth while he gaped at Melva.

Daphne and she had worked together to figure out the best way for her to present herself for Fred’s approval.

She made sure to tread bahis şirketleri heavily, causing her boobs to shiver and shake under her skin tight sweater. Carefully she placed one foot in front of the other, causing her backside to swivel and sway provocatively. While preparing her bowl of cereal she took care to push her tush out, swiveling back and forth, showing off her rump to her enraptured prey.

When she sat at the table across from him she deliberately bounced her tits on the table top before pulling back and letting them settle into place.

“Good morning, Fred,” she purred.

“GUh, um, aah, Melva? Is that you? I mean, good morning!” Fred was having a hard time taking all of this in. Melva had never looked like this before! What was going on? How had he never seen what a smoking hot fox she was?

Trying to recover Fred busied himself finishing his cereal and hustled out the door to class.

“Don’t worry, honey, he’ll be back to normal by the time you are both back from class! You just took him by surprise,” reassured Daphne who had been watching from the doorway.

“Jinkies, I hope you’re right,” said Melva, “I’m so horny it hurts!”

This last was said just as Shaky walked into the kitchen. Blushing wildly he spun on his heel and bolted back to his room.

“I think you embarrassed him,” giggled Daphne as he left.

“He’s such a strange little man,” responded Melva.

When Fred returned from class he found that Melva was there before him. She had changed into a different sweater. The color still matched her skirt but it was lower cut than the one that she had worn that morning. Melva had skipped a class to be sure she was home before anyone else. She used the extra time to practice in front of her mirror. She now knew just how far over she could bend to show off her cleavage without letting her tits fall out into the open. She knew just how far down she could pull the v-neck to tease someone sitting across from her. She had practiced posing, admiring how she looked as she arched her back to emphasis the massive mounds that she carried on her chest.

‘I never realized how sexy I can look,’ she mused to herself. ‘I’m so big, so fabulously, amazingly big! I know that Fred will be attracted to me! I hope,’ she ended on a more tentative note.

Of course Fred took immediate notice of Melva’s amazing cleavage that was on display.

“So, you look amazing today,” he told her while looking her up and down.

“Thanks Fred,” Melva responded. “Do you like my new look?”

“I’ll say, Can’t you tell,” he asked.

In fact Melva had been pretty sure that he did like her new look. He had a noticeable stiffie in his pants. She had seen it at once. She giggled prettily and gently stroked a finger over the bulge.

“Geeze, Melva, you not shy, are you?” he wondered aloud.

“Not when I see something I like,” she responded while stepping closer to Fred. She allowed her over-sized balloons to brush against him while smiling up into his eyes.

“Ah, gulp, well,” Fred was a little taken aback at how forward Melva was acting. He had always thought of her as a shy bookworm. Not his type at all. This new, forward, aggressive woman with the staggering figure was something new. He wasn’t sure how to react.

“Why don’t we go to your room and I’ll show you how much I like what I see?” she asked casting all doubts to the winds. ‘In for a penny, in for a pound’ she decided. Taking his hand in both of hers she pulled him into his bedroom.

Still holding his hand she faced him. The bedroom door was shut behind her. They wouldn’t be disturbed.

She subtly squeezed her upper arms together, causing her breasts to surge up and forming a massive cleavage. It was one of the moves that she had practiced. And the result was all that she had hoped it would be.

Fred’s gaze was locked on her chest! He gulped again, watching her flesh billow and surge as she allowed her shoulders to shimmy back and forth.

Slowly she drew his hand to her chest, inviting him to feel the most massive pair of breasts he had ever imagined.

Finally Fred’s instincts kicked in. Using both hands he cupped, squeezed, fondled and played with her massive mounds.

Melva sighed in happiness. Finally, Fred, her secret crush, was touching her and doing it well! She was enjoying the feeling as his hands juggled her huge hooters. His fingers were drawn to her fully erect nipples and he began to pluck and pull on them.

“OOOoohhhh, that feels so good, Freddie,” she moaned while he continued to work. She was running her hands over him while he was playing with her magnificent mammaries.

As he was trying to pull her sweater to either side so he could get at her naked titties she started to pull his shirt over his head. Dropping the shirt onto the bed Melva caressed his upper body. Fred had often strutted thru the suite with no shirt so his ripped physique was no surprise but the feeling as she ran her fingers up and down his abs and across his muscular shoulders and arms was very arousing to Melva.

“Oh, you feel so good,”” she gasped. Taking some initiative she leaned forward and lipped his nipples. Her tongue ran around and around his aureole which caused Fred to gasp in pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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