The Invisible Man and His “Angel”

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Another reoccurring dream. This one actually was very perturbing until recently… when I met my ‘Angel’.

I kept having the dream of me going on dates with some pretty good looking dames, but being very shy….I’d take them home and on the way home I’d turn invisible, but this was a temporary state that would last, but thirty minutes. At first not being comfortable with this state I’d double back sneak into their rooms and ogle as they got undressed. I was actually getting an eyeful…tits of all sizes…and then they’d take off their panties and watch some masturbate and watch others wash in the shower.

Soon just before I started feeling that I was getting visible, I’d scoot and return home with an erection, which I quickly relieved. As the dreams kept repeating, I got more brazen it seems…for now when I returned to my earlier date I would feel her boobs, suck them, nibble on them, gently bite them and sometimes kissed them on the lips or between their legs. Sometimes I’d run into the shower with them and place two fingers in them and ogle as eventually they’d get out and made themselves climax.

Later yet…I actually tried to explain this to my dates that I’d be back. They didn’t believe me of course, but when I went back after the date and after the girl showered I’d sneak between her legs and lock my lips on her snatch and commence to lick, suck, nibble on her clit. They’d be calling out my name in ten to fifteen minutes and they’d come and soon again for the second time, but this time with so much force that their whole body would shake. This usually was my clue to leave…leaving them satisfied and me waking up sweating with an erection that I could spin on like a top.

The last dream I had before meeting this ‘Angel’ was with this girl I’ll call Sue. Sue had straight shoulder-length black hair. Very compact body with small breasts, 36B I think, and a very shapely round butt. We went to dinner, I had Chicken Parmigiana and she had Veal Scaloppini. We ate quietly, made some small talk and went to a movie….a chick flick I think, but soon we started making out so I don’t really güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri remember. After a short while I placed my hand on her right breast, which felt very firm to the touch, and did it feel good. I felt the nipple get hard under my gentle, but firm massage….my little soldier got hard so I put her hand on him….and thought I’d come right there as she started to rub him through the clothes. We got up and quickly left the movies….I don’t even remember the plot except for all the love scenes….a typical boy meets girl, loses girl and gets her back again, I did notice more flesh than most other movies of this nature.

We walked briskly to my car, drove her home as she played with my raging erection. At her house she mentioned that she was sorry, and that her roommates are home and that she was very sorry, but we’ll need to continue at another time. I then mentioned about my ability to turn invisible for thirty minutes and that she should leave the door open. She said yeah get real, but when I came back invisible I found the door to be unlocked. I walked in, saw her two homely roommates watching TV downstairs…I ran up to Sue’s room and saw her completely undressed and caressing her breasts with one hand and had three fingers in her love tunnel. I felt this to be my cue, and got between her legs and grabbed a hold of her clit and nibbled and bit her joy button…and she called out my name as she wrapped her legs around my head, actually crushing my ears, as I felt her body shake violently. Not stopping, I continued slurping and tonguing her until she came for what seemed like an eternity. I quickly got up and I was about to leave, when she said, in the most lovely voice, I owe you and I’ll make it so wonderful that you’ll never forget it.

Shortly there after, I was having a cup of coffee in a local diner and noticed that my waitress was named Sue. I didn’t think much of it, but then It started to feel eerie. In fact she looked exactly like the Sue I dreamt about and whom I helped achieve two orgasms. She came by and said that she seemed to know me from güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri somewhere. I looked at her and she gave me a knowing smile and told me that she wanted to thank me for something. She gave me the check and a small note, it said “I owe you” and to meet her at seven PM tonight, at the diner. I thought this to be crazy, but had to see it through. The sun was just starting to go down, as I left my house to meet her at the diner. Sue was now wearing a halter top and a short skirt. She told me that she made reservations for dinner at the local hotel, where we won’t be disturbed, and that we can have dinner there as well. I agreed and couldn’t even remember the meal, I think we each had a salad, and a glass of wine. She was quiet, but always smiling. Finally, she looked me right in the eye and asked: “do you know what this is all about?” I told her that I didn’t have a clue. To this she mentioned that she had this dream about this date, and after which he was able to turn invisible, returned and helped her achieve two of the greatest orgasms ever, and that she believes that I was he and that she wanted to repay the favor. I just nodded with disbelief, after all I was dreaming and so was she and what was the probability of us sharing the very same dream. I was about to find out, for Sue turned out was my ‘Angel’.

We went up to our room and she asked me to take off all my clothes and to be prepared to enjoy being a man for I will be pampered with TLC and that she wanted to thank me properly. She too got undressed…seemed like a miracle her breasts were exactly as I imagined…..her triangle-of-love was clean-shaven with a strip of black hair over the crack. She led me to the bathroom and kissed me gently and then with more urgency. I felt I was dreaming…this Sue was gorgeous. She drew me a warm bath and got in with me and commenced to wash me much more thoroughly than I’d ever imagine. I too washed her, especially her boobs buns and her canal. I had two fingers in her…she felt silky and warm. I fingered her for awhile and she stopped me by saying that I was güvenilir bahis şirketleri to enjoy first…and there will be time for that later. We dried each other….and she had me lay down on my stomach. She then commenced to massage and baby kiss me from my neck to my butt. Sue then got my legs open and she gently fingered my bunghole and kissed it and inserted her tongue….I got so hard at once and nearly came, what a great feeling..she quickly stopped and continued baby kissing my butt and down and up on the back of both my legs. she gently turned me over and admired my raging erection…kissed it and started to massage and baby kissing my chest and teasing and nibbling on my nipples. She circled the belly button and went down and up the front of both of my legs. Now she excused herself and returned with a glass of water…..she gulped a little and took me into her mouth….wow in her mouth was very warm water…she expertly swished around me and then spit out and did this a few more times. I was in heaven. she then took a plastic necklace about six inches long and lubricated it and shoved it up my bunghole with about a half an inch sticking out, and told me to relax .

This was kind of difficult with my raging erection. Sue got on her knees and I felt her wet love canal and inserted two fingers. She now took each of my balls in her mouth while gently stroking my shaft. After feeling them to be getting hard she toyed with the head of my organ and sucked on the eye and took a quarter of the length in her mouth, than half and than had it in her mouth as I felt myself hitting her tonsils. She started getting a rhythm going up and down as I inserted three fingers into her snatch and she felt to be very wet. She was literally moving in and out over my fingers while speeding up her bobbing movement on my shaft…Sue felt my precum…hungrily lapped it up and started going up and down faster yet, I soon started feeling that I was about to come, she exploded all over my fingers and when she felt my first spurt, grabbed the pearls and started to pull them from my anus, it seemed that with every pearl another squirt, she swallowed every drop… the time the pearl was all out I collapsed in ecstasy, and I was literally sucked dry.

Later we had some more routine sexual adventures, but this definitely was a night for me to remember. Was it a dream or was it real?…only my ‘Angel’ and I will ever know.

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