The Judge’s Hard Dick

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“All rise for Judge Brown.” the man said.

She stood, waiting for him to speak. All the evidence has been stated, and her lawyer has had his turned to speak, now it was left up to the judge. When he asked for her to come up to the bench, she was shock, but she went up. As the lawyers started to follow he told them to go back and sit down. With his hand covering the mike he asked if she would like a chance to speak with him about this case. she nodded, and he told her to stay after he dismissed the courtroom, and not to tell anyone.

She waited by the pillar outside the court house. A man walk up to her and handed her a note sealed in an envelop.

“Go to the fourth floor parking unit, lot number 56. there will be a long black car with dark tinted windows with the right back door open. get in, and wait.” she read it again to be sure. Then she followed the directions and found the car and waited inside the car.

Maybe an hour later she heard a door open and someone getting in, and started the car. As it pulled away from a group of people she heard him ask if she liked to spend the night with him , and if she please him he’d make sure she got off. When she asked why.

“Seeing all those pictures of your naked body, got me so horny, that I took a closer look and noticed that your eyes held a blank look, like canlı bahis you weren’t really there as they were taking.” he said.

As they continue to talk she asked him many questions then he told her to open the little drawer and she would find a folder there. She took it out and open it, only to gasp when she saw that it was the Judge, but in these he was only wearing his Judge robe open to show off his very , very impressive body. He looked to be in his late 40’s, had a nice hairy chest, lean, muscled legs, and a huge hanging sack of balls, but his hand covered his cock.

“Do you really look like this under your robe?” she asked him.

He laugh and told her yes he did, why did she like what she saw? She mumble a yes, but went on looking though the rest of the pictures. The next one showed only a close up of his soft cock, didn’t look very big, but she had a feeling that wasn’t the case.

“OH MY GOD.” a soft gasp escape from her.

He smiled, and thought to himself that she must have gotten to the picture that showed his very hard, long, and very thick cock. Just like he had under his robe right now. He turned another corner and then he asked if she was ready to make up her mind yet.

“Mmmm, yes I will stay the night with you.” she told him and slip the pictures back in the folder.

“Thank you my bahis siteleri dear, You have given me a great pleasure, I will make sure you are treated very good tonight. Sit back and relax we will be home soon.” he said.

She must have fallen asleep, because she felt him shaking her awake, and calling her name. She opened her eyes to darkness, and they were still in the car.

“Good evening honey, come it’s time to enjoy ourselves.” he said softly.

Holding her hand, she brushed his body as she step from the car.

“MMmmmm,” he groaned, at her touch.

“Wait, please sit down for a minute.” he said.

She did, he open his robe and his cock pop out, holding it he rub it across her face, and mouth. Taking the hint she open her mouth to run her tongue along it. Closing her hand around the base, she moved her hand up and down slowly, she slid her mouth down his cock.

“Oh sweet god baby, that feels so fucking good, mmmmm.” he groaned.

He place his arms on the roof of the car and slowly moved his hips. making his cock move in and out of her heavenly mouth. She didn’t just suck his cock, she loved it, all nine inches of it. When he couldn’t take it longer he pulled away. gasping for air, his head laid on the car. When he was ready he held out his hand to her and she place hers in his and together bahis şirketleri they walked inside.

They ate dinner, he watched as she showered, and he dried her off, and then he walked her to his bedroom/ Laying her down he open her legs and buried his mouth on her pussy and took her to a place she never been before. lifting his mouth, he looked down at her flush body and slowly moved up over her. Using his knees he pushed her legs apart, then he laid down on top of her. His kissed her lips, slipping his tongue in and when she kiss him back he took the kiss deeper, and hotter.

His hands squeeze her tit’s, rubbing them against his hairy chest. Making her nipples pebble against his rough hair. His mouth moved slowly down over her neck to her chest. Closing his mouth on one nipple while he inch the other. Back and forth he moved between her nipples till she cried out in pleasure. Reaching over and grabbing some pillows his mouth lifted off and he looked down into her eyes. Moving his knees against her ass, he place one then the other leg on his shoulders.

Placing the pillows under her ass, he let her legs fall back to the bed. Taking his cock in his hand he rubbed the tip over her hot, slick pussy. Back and forth he rubbed, as he press forward. She reach down and opened her pussy wider, he slip in a few more inches. His thick head still half out, a quick hard thrust, and the head pop in. Holding still till he felt she was ready for more, he lean down and whisper.

“Feels so good honey. We’re going to fuck all night long.” he whispered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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