The Lesson

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I turn on the water and let it run.

When the tub is full, I soap my hands briskly until they are covered with lather. And then I begin working the muscles of your neck and shoulder. You close your eyes and sigh. It feels like a cross between a bath and a massage, and it’s completely restful. You didn’t even realize that your muscles were sore until I began working them.

I use my entire hands – filled with soap they literally glide over your body. Occasionally I hit a sore spot, and my hands recognize it before you do, kneading the muscle until the ache melts away. First the knots in your neck, then along your shoulders and down your arms. When I finish with your hands, I rinse the soap from them, and then kiss each finger lightly, and then your gentle lips.

And then I lean you forward, so you rest on my shoulders, and I can feel your lovely breasts soft against my chest. Oh, baby, your back is so tight. I work it continuously, pressing hard on the downstroke, and lightly tracing the same route upwards so I can begin again. Over and over, again and again. Soon you feel so relaxed you could probably sleep. And then I work your lower back, just above your gorgeous ass, only this time pressing hard as my hands move upward, and softly on the downstroke. Slowly, slowly, the tension dissipates, as though absorbed by the water.

Next your legs. Lovely, kissable thighs, along your knees. When I reach that soft spot under your knee – the little nook that I love to hold – I smile. And then your calves, hands swirling downward to your feet, which seem so small and feminine to me. As I work your feet, squeezing fairly hard, I’m working all the reflexology points. I doubt that reflexology actually works, but learned a little about it in the massage course I took, so I massage your sexual points with added care, just in case… I finish your feet by lifting them out of the water, and lightly sucking on each toe, and kissing your instep. Your eyes are closed, you hardly notice…

I think you’re asleep. So I move closer. Yes, you’re definitely asleep. I guess I must have done a good job. But should I wake you…? I had something else planned… But I decide to let you sleep. I get out of the tub, and dry off. And then I get this huge blue towel off the rack – so thick and fluffy it’s positively decadent.

This won’t be easy. I take the plug out, and let the water drain a little, before stepping in the tub beside you. I whisper your name, and you reach up and put your arms around my neck as I lift you up, wrapping the towel around you as best I can. canlı bahis Getting out of the tub is hard, it’s so slippery, but thanks to my years in martial arts, I have great balance. I manage to get you to your bedroom without killing either one of us, and then I lay you gently on the spread. Slowly, lightly, I dry you off. It’s amazing to me, but you don’t seem to wake. Finally, I’m satisfied that you won’t catch cold and I cover you with a wool blanket from the closet. And then I slide in beside you, my chest to your back, and pull you tightly to me. My warmth makes you warm. My breathing soon learns your rhythm. And you snuggle closer, still asleep…. And I am so moved by being here with you, now, that feel a lump in my throat…

You awaken me in the best possible way, your hand on my cock, stroking it lightly until it is hard and stiff. I’m instantly turned on, kissing your lips, my tongue darting in and out lightly, my hand moving to your pussy. I feel your moisture within seconds of gliding my hands along your inner lips. We’re both so relaxed that we simply enjoy this mutual pleasuring for a good five minutes, my cock getting so hard, your pussy so wet. For a little while, it seems like we might go on like this forever, as though neither of us wants to take the initiative. But then I tell you what I really want to do tonight.

“Really… Are you sure?” you asked, surprised by my request.

I’m sure. The room is dark, and we move from the bed. You to find several candles so that we can see each other, but with a soft, delicious, sensual light flickering against our skin. And I go to open a bottle of wine and fill two large glasses. I place them on the table near your bed, and in a few seconds you join me, your back pressing against me, our legs bent and running together. You can feel my cock, long and hard, pressing against your back.

And we simply sit like that for awhile, drinking the wine… Relaxing…. Enjoying the soft, erotic feeling of skin against skin. And then you start, at first a little shyly – which is surprising, considering all we’ve done together. But it’s endearing, too… And I feel another wave of affection for you, and my chest swells….

Over your shoulder, I watch, as you tell me and show me the best way to touch you, to please you, the best way to make you come. The first time, I just watch. I’m amazed as I see your practised hand as it slowly slides over your pussy. Light, feathery touches, your fingers tracing the outline of your pubis. As you relax, becoming more intent on the little flits of pleasure spreading bahis siteleri from your finger to your clit, you lean back against me and close your eyes.

I’m transfixed by the sight of your fingers on your pussy. When you start to moan softly, I moan with you. I’m so aroused. I watch as you penetrate your pussy with your fingers, and when I gasp, I think you decide to tease me. In fact, I’m certain of it. You reach into your pussy with two long fingers, and start fucking yourself, harder, faster – doing everything you can to get me going, and it’s working. I’m so turned by your fingers flashing in and out of your pussy that my chest is heaving.

And then you slow and stop…. Giving me a respite. Your hands softly seek out your clit, and touch it lightly, sliding along your clitoral hood, your lips, and then back up, only harder, more insistent. And then you’re away… And I watch with undisguised rapture as you bring yourself to orgasm slowly, finding the perfect balance between your movements….

Before too long, I hear your breathing coming in gasps, and amazingly, I’m moaning with you…. My cock hard against your back…. My whispers urging you on. “Ohhhh, I’m so excited Baby, watching you masturbate for me….. Ohhhh, God, I think I might come without you even touching me. It feels so good, and your pussy is so wet, so hot…..”

And then I feel you come, your body twitching and shaking against mine, and you cry out, overwhelmed with pleasure. You pussy is sopping, and the scent of your sex intoxicates me. I was so close, I really can’t believe it… Just from watching you….

“That was fun,” you tell me, as the orgasm fades. “God… I really enjoy it when you watch me masturbate…”

After you calm down, it’s time for the next phase of our lesson. You take my hand in yours, and slowly start the process all over again, showing me exactly how to touch you…. At first, my hand in yours feels awkward, but after a few minutes we’re doing just fine.

Every few minutes I pause to taste you. “I taste good, don’t I baby?” you ask as I lick the juices from our fingers. You do the same a few times… And slowly, relentlessly, your fingers teach me how to bring you pleasure, and then…. I hear your breath catch, your body tense, and you start whispering in my ear as I kiss and bite your shoulder and neck.

“Ohhhh….. Baby, I’m going to come… Can you feel it baby… Ohhh, my pussy feels so good…” And then push yourself against me hard, and I hold you so tightly as you writhe violently and come hard and breathless.

It’s bahis şirketleri a full minute before you speak…… “Ohhhhhhh, God that was good…… If I could come like that every time….” You start chuckling, “I’d never leave the house…”

And I kiss your cheek, and squeeze you tightly.

“OK, Richard,” you say finally. “Let’s see if you can top that.” And then it’s my turn to put what I just learned into practise. I’m not sure if I’m a good study, or your body is still all keyed up from your last orgasm, but soon you’re quivering in my arms, shaking hard and gasping loudly…… Oh God Oh God Oh God Oh God Oh God Oh God…. And my hand is slick with your juices….

You turn around quickly and kiss me, obviously still ready for more. Nothing fancy tonight…. I simply roll you over on your back, and enter you quickly.

I’m glad; even after all our lovemaking, and all our experiences together, we both gasp at the instant of penetration. And then I’m above you, sliding my cock in and out of your pussy, hard and deep, making sure I brush against your clit each time. The deep penetration feels wonderful for both of us. I’m still so excited from watching you masturbate that in just a few minutes, I’m ready, and you hug me tightly, enjoying my orgasm, feeling each spurt of cum. But I don’t stop; I continue to fuck you deeply… It takes another five minutes for you, but then I feel your nails along my back, digging in, clawing me, as you come – your beautiful pussy milking my cock. Mmmmmm…..

As you calm down…. You tell me that you want to suck me, and I’m wondering if you knew what I had planned next…. As soon as I slide from my your pussy, you encourage me on my back, and start to work. But you knew… You knew….. Your pussy is perched right above my face, and you’re waiting for me…. Knowing what I wanted to do to you….

I pull you down, so your pussy is buried in my face, your legs open so I can taste you deeply…. And the taste of our lovemaking. You can taste your pussy on my cock, and I can taste my cum in your pussy…. Ohhhhh, so good, so good… I can taste you, my tongue probing, my mouth sucking, and as I lather your gorgeous pussy with my kisses, I feel your pussy squeeze my tongue even as I fill your mouth with a few hard contractions of thick, slippery cum….

And we both collapse. Exhausted. Weary. Finally, you move over to me…. I know I have a little while left before my cock softens, so I pull you on top of me, and enter you again….. So tired, so spent…. But so happy. To be kissing you, touching you….feeling you on top of me, around me…. A wonderful, loving embrace that feels so good, so perfect…. Until finally, after a long time, my cock softens and slips from your pussy. And we fall asleep, still embracing…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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