The Limo Ride

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He had called her that afternoon and told her to be at this corner at 8:00pm. “Wear something sexy,” he had said and he had never disappointed her before so here she was, her red dress form fitting and a little too short, black fish-nets, heels so high they were a bit uncomfortable, her hair moussed and stunning. It was now 8:10pm and only after the second car had stopped and the second driver had had propositioned her did she notice the girls on the other corners. They were getting angry and, if she diverted any more of their business, she was going to be in a lot of trouble. Ten more minutes and she’d either be beaten up, arrested, or have a pimp. Then she realized something else. He was close…and watching. He would never do something like this to her without being able to watch her. To see her fret and squirm and argue with herself whether she should just leave quickly. “I hate him!” she thought but the smile on her lips betrayed her thoughts. She loved that he could do this to her and then she realized that she was wet.

Then the limo drove up. The chauffeur quickly jumped out, ran around and opened the door for her. She looked inside and there he was, dressed to kill. She got and sat facing him. He only sat and smiled at her. “Are you going to tell me what this is all about?” she asked. He reached beside him and picked a bottle of champagne and popped it open. He poured some into two glasses and handed one to her. She took and it and sipped. It was very good. She saw that he was checking her out, scanning from top to bottom and back up again. Then he moved in as though he was going to kiss her. She closed her eye to receive it but his lips brushed along her cheek to her ear and he started canlı bahis to talk to her.

This was worse than the corner. His voice was so smooth and seductive it always seemed to turn her on. Phone sex with this man was almost as good as the real thing. Well, the real thing with some other guy, because this man had no competition. And sometimes she swore that if he was to just start reading from the dictionary he could get her to come. “I can tell from the way your sitting” he began, “that not quite comfortable position. You’re wet aren’t you?”

“Yes,” she answered.

“Good. I want you wet.” His hands started to probe her body. She felt little tingles shoot up her. They moved across her arms and shoulders, along her back and chest, down to her legs, which spread willfully. One hand momentarily moved in and explored her panties and she let out the tiniest gasp. “I’ve been thinking all day about what I was going to do to you tonight.” The hands began to move back up along her. “And then I thought about what you could do to me.” She tried to hold him and feel him but his hands took hers and pushed them. “And I decided that that is where we’ll start.” Suddenly his tongue was in her mouth and they kissed passionately while his hands still restrained hers. Then it was over and he pulled back and sat back in his own seat and smiled at her. A moment later her dress fell down.

How? How? How had he done it. He had not only undone the top of her dress but her bra as well. She looked down at her bare breasts and tried to remember where his hands had been but couldn’t. When she looked back up at him his pants were undone and his cock was standing up in front of her.

“Do you want it?”


“Come bahis siteleri and get it.”

She was on her knees at once, sucking on it lost in the need to have it and then, slowly, she calmed herself down and began to lick it. She looked up and him and smiled. You want to play, she thought. Okay, let’s play.

She began with a few long smooth strokes from base to tip. He squirmed with each one and settled back, closing his eyes. Then she paused and looked up waiting for him to wonder what happening. When he finally looked down at her she took him right in her mouth pulled him out sucking hard. His body convulsed and a grin came across her face. Her tongue began to roam around his cock and her fingers gently played with his balls. His hand landed on the back of her head pulling her toward him. So she stopped. The hand tugged a bit and she squeezed his balls a little. The hand disappeared. Then she resumed. Licking and playing, her hands starting to stroke him. Above her, he was taking off his jacket and shirt and that chest that she loved tugged at her attention. But there would be time for that later. She took him in her mouth and began to suck again. His hands were back but this time squeezing her breasts. That was permitted and it was making her hotter. She began to suck more vigorously. The moans of his response only excited her more. She stopped again and he began to squirm. His pelvis pushed up trying to get his cock back in her mouth. She licked at it but wouldn’t suck. He groaned in disagreement. His hands squeezed her breasts hard but she enjoyed it. Another long lick and he was stuck between pleasure and frustration. She had him, she thought.

“I want bahis şirketleri you so bad.” He said and the sound of his voice got to her again. She could tell he was playing it up but that didn’t matter. Sexy is sexy. “I want to be inside you. Feel you all around me. I want to hear you scream with pleasure.”

And she was sucking him again. Hard and fast. “Yes.” He said, “Suck me, baby. I feel so good in your mouth.” And he was so big and hard now she could barely fit him in. But she kept at it and he kept talking, though now it was through breathless moans. And when she thought he was getting close he pushed her away. She was confused at first but as he pulled her dress all the way to the floor and turned her around she understood. One hand pulled her thong down and then he slipped himself inside her. He went in easily since she was already so wet. She expected him to start like a thunderstorm but he controlled himself, slow circular motions at first, then a few hard ones, pushing deep into her. She squealed at these. She was so deliciously full with him. Then faster and faster he went and those screams he wanted to hear were starting to come out. She pushed back against him with every stroke. Their rhythm was perfect. She grabbed onto a seat cushion and bit into it. God, he felt good. And her orgasm was building fast.

“Are you close, baby? Are you going to cum?” he asked.

“Yes! Make me cum!”

And as it hit she felt him explode into her. Her back arched and she thought her nails punctured the seat. He was moaning behind her. He slammed into her a few more times as the waves of his orgasm shook him. Then they fell to the floor together. He held onto her as they recovered and finally spoke softly. “And we still have a show to see!”

“Show? What show? What’s the occasion for all this?”

“For you. It’s you birthday. The 15th.”

She giggled, “The 15th of next month.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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