The Lust Of Love

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Even though her back was turned she knew he was there. She could feel him in the room with her. Her legs began to feel weak and her pussy wet just from the thought of his presence.

He was moving closer to her. Her skin tingled, her breathing stopped, her heart raced. She could feel him behind her, feel his breath on her neck. She closed her eyes as his body heat overtook her. His hands lifted the robe from her shoulders and dropped it to the floor at her feet. She closed her eyes when she felt his hands on her shoulders slowly slide down her arms to her hands and catch her fingers in his.

He began kissing her neck with slow gentle kisses, then moved on to gentle bites. Her hands gripped his harder and with an almost animalistic growl she turned in his arms and kissed him hard. As her tongue snaked into his mouth her hands found his shirt and ripped it from his body. He grabbed her shoulders again and pushed her back until she was up against the wall. One of his hands holding both of hers above her head.

He looked into her eyes for a fleeting moment, saying all he needed to say in that one look before dropping his head to her breast. He licked and sucked all around it before taking her hard nipple into his mouth. He sucked and flicked his tongue over her causing her to moan again. He knew she wanted him, needed him and she’d do anything to get him. His mouth continued to torture her while his hand found her other breast and squeezed. He could feel the nipple hardening beneath his palm and her breathing become faster in her chest. He took her nipple between his fingers and rolled it around, back and forth then squeezed it gently feeling it harden more.

Her mind was racing and her pussy flowing more and more with every move that he made. She was squirming against the wall and thankful that his hand was holding her up when his mouth found her body. Her knees weakened and the ache she felt between her legs was almost unbearable.

He turned her again until her back was to him. He released her hands with the word “stay” whispered in her ear. He kissed her neck again and then slowly began dropping kisses over her shoulder blades and down her spine. He could feel the slight shiver that was running through her body as he reached her ass. He kissed both cheeks before moving to her thighs. His mouth and tongue made their way down the back of one leg and then inched toward her inner thigh. Her legs moved apart slightly and he smiled to himself as he lifted his mouth off her skin. She moaned in frustration. He moved to her other leg and repeated the procedure taking an agonizingly long time to reach her inner canlı bahis thigh.

She was in heaven. When he turned her and whispered in her ear she felt as if she would collapse. His slowness of movement down her back was torturous but she didn’t want it to end. She chanted over and over in her head “Eat me, please eat me.” His lips on her thigh made her chant faster and she moved her legs slightly to allow him to gain better access. When his mouth left her she could have cried. She could feel how wet she was and she wanted him to fuck her. Right then and there. Just fuck her.

He could smell her and it was driving him wild. He wanted to taste her, drink from her. All in good time.

He licked back up her body and turned her to face him again. He pressed her back up against the wall, hard. His face was only inches from hers, his eyes glazed with lust. Placing his hands on her hips he lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her fiercely. She could feel his tongue wanting to slide into her mouth. As she opened her mouth his lips smashed against hers and his tongue started exploring. As soon as that kiss ended, another began, his tongue ravaging her mouth. His teeth bit her lips, not hard enough to cause pain but enough to make her aware of him. Minute after minute his lips played havoc with hers until she felt hers becoming swollen. Her body began to completely surrender to him.

She couldn’t wait any longer for what she wanted so desperately at that point. She reached for him and her hands explored his body while her mouth kissed his face and neck. She was hungry for him. She kissed blindly down his chest until she found what she was looking for. Her hands slid down to his thighs and then to his ass. Her tongue licked the length of his cock, around the head and back down again. He groaned. His hips moved ever so gently in circles as her lips and tongue caressed the soft skin. Her tongue flicked the tip before she took him into her mouth. She could feel him growing even harder along her tongue as her lips encased him. She sucked around his head and her tongue played over his skin. He groaned again. She sucked all of him into her mouth, her hands digging into his ass harder for leverage. She wanted to make him cum down her throat. She started a rhythm. Down, up, tongue swirling around his head, down, up…

He pressed his cock deeper into her mouth and laid his hands on her head.

He wasn’t going to hold out much longer.

He pulled out of her mouth. He didn’t want to cum yet. He had other things planned. He set her mind at rest with a small smile and pulled her back up to him. Lifting her effortlessly bahis siteleri into his arms he carried her to the bed laying her on her back, her legs hanging over the end. He lifted her hips and pushed a pillow under them raising her pussy then dropped to his knees at the end of the bed. His gaze moved from her eyes down to her lips, her body and finally came to focus on her other smile. She blushed when she knew he was looking at her.

His fingers traced maddening patterns on her thighs while he just looked at her. He could see and smell how wet she was and the urge to taste her was growing too strong to ignore. He moved his head down and inhaled her scent.

She shivered when he let his breath out. She could feel the air on her skin and lips. It felt cold on the wetness causing her pussy to pulse and her juices to flow even more. His hair tickled her thighs when his head lowered to her skin. His tongue touched her so softly that she wasn’t sure if she’d actually felt it at all.

His first taste of her was sublime. He felt himself harden again with that first lick. He grabbed her thighs and buried his face between her legs. He heard her sharp intake of breath when his teeth grazed over her clit. He licked her lips softly and slowly then stopped to nibble on her, then lick her again. He found her clit and flicked at it with his tongue. When she started to moan and move her hips he stopped, going back to continue licking her lips.

She could feel the sweat breaking out on her body. His teeth caused her to jump involuntarily. She was going to cum and he knew it. Every time she came close he’d move to another spot and slow down enough to pull her back from the edge. The torture was maddening but she knew that if she rode it out she’d have the best reward at the end of it all. She just had to try and make it through with her sanity intact.

He could feel her body reacting to his mouth and knew that he had her right where he wanted her. He pushed a finger inside her while his tongue worked her clit. Then another finger, twisting them on the down stroke as he finger fucked her. Her hips bucked, he held her down. He knew she was about to cum, knew he could push her over the edge with one single swipe of his tongue. The question was did he want to? He sat back on his knees and looked at her again.

She was going wild. Why wouldn’t he let her cum? She was right there, right there. A few more seconds and she’d be flying.

Her groan of frustration was music to his ears. He chuckled and grabbed her hands as they reached to finish the job that he started.

“Not yet, Little One.”

He pulled bahis şirketleri her back up and kissed her mouth again. Standing he took her hands in his and led her to stand at the end of the bed. He wrapped his hand in her hair and pulled her head back revealing her beautiful throat. He knew her likes and dislikes and this case her weakness. He kissed her throat from under her chin, working his way down to her shoulder blade. Pulling back harder on her hair causing her back to arch a little he bit down firmly on her neck where it joined her shoulder. First a bite, then licking it mixing it up with gentle kisses. Keeping his hand in her hair and her head pulled back he moved his other hand to her breast. He began rubbing her nipple, feeling it harden again.

He turned her around and cupped both her breasts in his hands while he pushed her forwards.

“Bend over Little One. I’m going to fuck you hard.”

She whimpered at his words. She could feel her pussy juice running down her thigh and desperately wanted to feel his cock there instead. She bent at the waist and held on to the bed end, offering her pussy up to him.

He grabbed his cock in his hand and ran it around her opening coating it with her wetness. He slipped just the head inside her and groaned aloud when he felt her grip him with her muscles, milking him. He pulled out again and played with her clit using the head of his cock. Then ran himself up and down her lips.

In one quick movement he grabbed her hips and drove into her as far as he could reach.

Her head shot back from the surprise and she gasped. Her whole body reacted to his thrust and pushed back on him to try and get him even deeper. She laid her chest down on the bed pushing her ass higher toward his cock.

“Fuck me harder!”

He began slamming into her pussy with a frantic pace. Harder, deeper, faster. He knew neither of them would last very long but he couldn’t stop… not now. He fucked her with every ounce of energy he had. Long, hard strokes. He reached around her with one hand and rubbed her clit. Then leant forward over her back and grabbed her nipple with his other hand. He stood back up taking her with him keeping both hands in place.

Her senses were on overload. She was going to cum… and cum hard. She could feel the heat enveloping her in waves and knew that it was close.

He pushed her over the edge just moments before he came. She jumped and bucked in his arms and then with one final hard push he exploded inside her.

She felt his hand clamp down on her breast and that’s when she let go. She could feel him jerk inside of her a few seconds later. She screamed. Lights flashed before her eyes and her legs went numb.

Both of them were sated. She laid her arms along his and leant back into his chest. His breathing matched her own.

“Can we do that again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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