The Massage Ch. 01

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Hello everyone, am finally posting my first story here. Please review honestly and let me know how it is coming along/

I plan to put it in chapters so the reviews will let me know of I should continue in the same direction. PLEASE BE PATIENT, THE EROTICISM COMES IN THE FUTURE CHAPTERS.


Janet was home from college for a three week birthday break. She had arrived two days before her birthday. Nothing really was different than other years on her birthday. Oh, except one thing. This year her crush was going to celebrate the birthday with her at her home as he stayed there.

Nick was her mother’s student from years ago. He had recently taken up a job in the same city as Janet and her family and her mom had invited him to put up lodging with them. No-one was happier by this more than Janet.

Her birthday went by pretty normal. There was a cake cutting ceremony and then she got gifts from her parents and her two siblings. Janet was turning 23 so it was no huge event. It wasn’t as if it was her sweet 16 or 18th birthday. canlı bahis Let me define Janet a bit, she was no supermodel. She was fairly healthy though she had a great height and flawless white very fair skin. She had waist length brunette hair and had light brown captivating eyes. She was a bookworm and so was her dressing style.

On that day, she was hoping for a really good present from Nick. However, he ended up just telling her that he would give her the perfect gift “when it was the right time.” This was one of the rare things about him that irritated Janet at times. But if she were to put this aside (which she did almost always), she could not resist him. He was the perfect example of tall, dark and handsome in her eyes though he was convinced like her mother that he didn’t look good at all. Having served for a short period in the army, he had always been fit and well maintained. He was witty, smart and could make her laugh for hours at end till her stomach hurt.

After that day ended, life was normal around the house. That is, up till two days before she had to return to college. bahis siteleri It was a Friday evening. Janet was alone at home as her family had gone out of town and Nick was on an official field trip. As she was winding up for the night she got a message from Nick that he would be arriving home in an hour as his trip had been cut short. That got Janet excited and daydreaming. She hoped that it being just the two of them would give her a chance to get closer to him.

Nick, on reaching home took a quick shower and then came and sat with Janet in just a t- shirt and boxer shorts. He had never done that before and her mind started over analysing. Shortly, he asked her if she could give him a massage and she happily obliged. When she asked him what the special occasion was as he never got a massage before he mentioned it was his belated birthday gift to her. The “chance” to please him by the massage. Janet found this very typical of Nick; he truly genuinely expected Janet to treat this as a gift to her that she got the honour of massaging Nick. The beauty of it was that Janet did actually like it. bahis şirketleri As Nick had mentioned many days ago, he didn’t like the massage of many people. Janet hoped she did not come in that category. This also made Janet think if he had some idea how she felt for him, given how confident he was that she would indeed like his idea.

Janet began to massage his hair with oil, which continued for around 30 minutes. He asked her to massage really well. She took some oil in her palm and rubbed it on his scalp and in his hair. Then started the gentle massage of the oil to every pore on his scalp and to every strand of hair on his head. Thereafter he asked her to pull his hair. She found this a bit weird as she had never heard of anyone liking the little pain that came from the pulling of the hair but he seemed to like it. Dreading she would cause him pain, she did so very gently. This seemed to upset him. He passed some smart remarks on how she had not eaten it seemed. Infuriated by the comment, she really pulled his hair hard each time and surprisingly for her, he liked it. Then he asked her to remove his t- shirt and continue the massage on his shoulders and back.


Chapter 2 to come real soon where the massage continues to go lower and lower.

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