The Meeting Room

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Late again, he rushes in to the meeting room and sits down, feeling every pair of eyes in the room following him the whole time. Being the fifth meeting today he’s completely unprepared and feeling pretty tired. To say that he wasn’t paying attention was an understatement.

Thoughts and opinions start flying around the room, seemingly so important to everyone else, it all washes over him like a warm blanket. Lulling him further and further in to a hazy level of semi-consciousness.

It’s only after fifteen minutes does he notice who’s attending. Among the usual bleak sea of suits (how can black come in so many different shades?) he realises that he’s sitting next to the only lady in the room.

She being a project manager has meant he’s had quite a few work dealings with her in the past. Not so much in the way of fun though. Sure, they chat whenever they see each other in the office and they’ve been out for drinks in the same group from work, but never on a more intimate one on one type scenario. He’s been meaning to ask her out for a quiet drink for a while but the right moment just doesn’t seem to come up. He starts thinking ‘maybe if I..’

“.. to keep this going forward how many resources do you need to assign?”

One of the other project managers was addressing him and he realises that he has NO idea what’s been discussed since he walked in to the room. He falls back on his tried and true method of ‘asking-vague-questions-to-buy-time-while-trying-to-figure-out-what-the-hell-is-going-on.’

“Well that depends on how quick you want it to be delivered successfully.”

“We’ve already discussed timeframes for delivery.” Bluff called. Shit.

“Ahh, yes, but…” his mind flailing madly trying to figure out what the correct response would be.

After what seems like hours of awkward silence she comes to his rescue, “What I think he’s trying to say is how quick you want his team’s work in particular delivered?”

He looks to her with a look of relief on his face. “Sorry, yeah, that was what I meant.”

“Oh,” says the project manager, sounding unconvinced, “you’ve got four weeks from Monday at most.”

“Well, currently I can spare two of my resources, anymore and then you’re going to start to affect BAU tasks.” Yeah, he thought, that should have sounded convincing enough… From the vaguely accepting sounds and lack of follow-up questions seemed to validate his assumption. He turns gives her a little smile as if to say ‘thank you’. Her smile in return makes her face light up with a brilliance that makes his world, if just for a moment, slip away. To him everything else in the room fades to nothing, there’s just her.

For the first time he sees what she’s wearing. Under a very standard and business appropriate jacket she’s wearing top that’s tight enough to hint at the promise beneath without being inappropriate for a work place. The neck line showing a tasteful amount of cleavage, but enough that he was starting to get excited and make him want to see more. While they’re all sitting around a table he can’t see what she’s wearing on the bottom half of her, now seemingly irresistible, body.

Without thinking, his hand closest to her slowly moves from off the table in front of him, underneath the table and across to stroke her leg to see what she was wearing. He moves his hand down her leg to her knee and determines that she’s wearing a skirt. Just as he was mentally congratulating himself for figuring out what she was wearing, he suddenly realises exactly what the hell he’s doing. He’s basically just non-consensually fondled a co-workers leg in the middle of a meeting. I mean, he likes the odd rude joke around the office with a few people that he knows really well, but THIS! This is the kind of shit that gets you fired, never mind arrested and charged with sexual assault!

With a look of terror and panic he quickly pulls his hand back to his lap and sits as still as possible, almost as if he moved someone would notice his wildly inappropriate behaviour. He risks a quick glance at her to see her face to see her reaction. Expecting a look of indignation or even just straight up anger he is surprised to see nothing. She looks like she’s just paying attention to what’s being said.

Quickly turning away he thinks to himself ‘What the hell!?This can NOT be right…’

He takes another quick look at her. This time she notices and flashes him another smile. He quickly looks away again. He would have thought the surprised look on his face would have been comical were it not for the insane situation he thought he was in.

This surprise, however, was quickly surpassed when he felt her hand under the table taking his and placing it back on her knee. Rather than taking her hand back she leaves it resting lightly on top of his. Feeling like a possum canlı bahis in the headlights he freezes, with his hand resting on the hem of her skirt, and his heart in his mouth. His reverie is broken when she intertwines her fingers in his, gathering the hem of her skirt at the same time, and starts to pull their hands up her leg slowly.

Higher and higher she pulls his hand up her leg until her skirt stops moving, gathered up tightly at the top of her leg. Right about now he was starting to think ‘Someone MUST be able to see what’s going on here..’ but no one else in the room seemed to have noticed anything.

He took pause a moment, his hand still on her leg, and quickly thought about what was the ‘right’ thing to do in this situation. Then just as quickly thought ‘Fuck the right thing!’ and moved his down between her thighs. Feeling her stiffen just slightly as he moves, he continues to move his hand back down towards her knee.

Higher order thinking has now just pretty much gone right out the window, now he’s just thinking with his rapidly stiffening cock. He pushes himself away from the table in his chair and wheels himself around behind her, his legs straddling her chair, he moves as close as he can behind her. He wraps his arms around her and puts his hands on legs. Slowly he starts to move his hands up her body, up to and over her breasts, pausing slightly to give them a playful squeeze before moving them under her arms.

First one arm and then the other he removes her jacket and throws it across the table. It lands on one of the other meeting attendees heads. He absentmindedly removes from his face, as if it were a stray piece of fluff, and drops it on the floor beside him. Buoyed by the fact that, for some reason, no one else in the meeting seems to either notice or care what’s happening he forges on with more conviction and confidence.

Spinning her chair to face him, he can see in her eyes that she’s as eager as he is for this crazy situation to get completely out of hand. He grins as he starts, with her help, to slide her top up and over her head. Her bra, elegantly simple and sensual in a deep red with black lace, showing enough of her breasts to make him rock hard. Before he can touch her though she plants her foot on his chair between his legs and pushes him back against the wall of the room.

She, as if to defy the laws of physics, smoothly slides up out of her chair, the whole time looking him in the eyes. Without breaking this eye contact she crosses the short distance between them in two purposeful steps.

Bending over she brings her face level to his and puts her hands on his knees. He can’t help but to break eye contact with her, leaning over him like she is, with her tits on such wonderful display. She puts a finger under his chin and brings his gaze back to hers. Slowly she brings her hand back down his body, lingering slightly on his bulging crotch, and rests it on his knee again. She forces his legs apart abruptly and slowly lowers herself down between them. Moving both her hands up his legs she starts to feel his cock through his trousers. She moves one hand a little higher and starts to work on undoing his belt, trouser button, then taking down his fly slowly.

The outline of his cock quite visible through his boxers. He hoists his ass in the air to allow her to take down his trousers. He kicks off his shoes so she is able to take off his trousers completely, which she then throws on to the meeting room table. Wasting no time she moves back up and pulls down his boxers slightly. His cock, already straining to get out, springs out for her. Hoisting up again she’s able to dispatch with his boxers quickly.

With her right hand she starts to stroke his cock in long, lazy strokes, while her left cups and teases his balls. Bending down she licks from the base of his cock right to the very tip.

Repeating this a few times, each time eliciting a quiet moan from him, she circles her tongue around the head for a few seconds looking as if to take his cock in her mouth. Arching his back slightly in anticipation he tries to push up just a little more to get inside her slightly parted lips. She pulls away, looks him in the eyes, and squeezes tightly with her right hand. Shaking her head slightly, almost like she’s reproving a naughty child, she firmly establishes who’s in control of this situation.

Holding on for a longer, never breaking eye contact, she spits on the head of his cock. She then starts to lube him up with quicker strokes. Watching his face contort with pleasure she doesn’t want to make him cum too quickly so she slows down again. This time, however, she leans in closely and takes him in her mouth. Sucking just the head at first, she takes immense pleasure in listening to him moan in pleasure as she teases him with her bahis siteleri tongue. She starts to wank him again as she continues to suck and tease his cock with her mouth.

As she’s working his penis in every exquisite way he starts to drift off in to a hazy sort of mind space, just waiting for the inevitable climax. Just as he’s drifting away, a little part of his mind speaks up; ‘Oi! Don’t you think you should be having a little more fun that just letting her suck you off?’

“You know what? I’m totally right…” he says out loud. She stops and looks at him, slightly confused. Not bothering to explain, he just gently takes her head in both hands, pulls her up to his face and kisses her. Softly at first but deeper and more passionate as they both lose themselves. His hands start to move, almost of their own accord, exploring the curves of her neck, shoulders, breasts and anything else within reach.

He moves his hands behind her, with a fluidity and ease he never before possessed, and unclasps her bra in one deft movement. Brushing one strap off her shoulder he watches as she shrugs off the other. As the bra falls down her arms, her beautiful breasts are exposed leaving him breathless. Before she can finish taking the bra off his hands have already begun to grasp her breasts.

She stands up and grips the front of his shirt with one hand and pulls him up on to his feet. Still holding on to his shirt she walks backward slowly until the meeting room table is right behind her. She takes a firm grip on his shirt with both hands and without warning rips his shirt open, buttons flying off across the room. Several of them hitting people (one landing in someone’s glass of water) without any hint of anyone even registering it. She pulls off his shirt and throws it on the table. With her hands now free she reaches around behind herself and unzips her dress. With the lightest of tugs and a quick shimmy her skirt drops to the floor, much like his chin, seeing her standing in front of him in nothing but her underwear and blood red, heeled calf height boots.

He reaches out towards her but she backs away by sitting up on the table behind her. He continues forward and with one hand on the back of her head, the other on her arm, kisses her deeply. Their tongues twine together in an intricate dance. He pulls away and lightly kisses the side of her neck, her shoulder, down her chest, the side of her breast, her nipple, and all the way down her stomach. His hands follow, tracing their way down her body with the same exquisite tenderness. When he reaches her pants he stops for a moment to gaze on them. Matching her bra, they’re the same beautiful design, a deep red with black lace providing a tantalising sneak peek. He kisses her over the pants as his fingers tuck lightly under the elastic.

Slowly he pulls them down, kissing the exposed flesh as he goes. She raises up slightly so he’s able to pull them down further. Carefully he pulls them down her legs and over her boots. Dropping them on the floor at his feet his hands move back up her legs, over her knees, and up the sides of her legs to her ass. Lifting up again he pulls her closer to the edge of the table and slowly sinks to his knees.

He starts by kissing the exposed skin of her legs and up her thighs. Rather than charging straight for her vagina like a horny teenager, he takes his time, teasing her by lightly kissing around her pussy and legs. He occasionally lingers over her moist cunt and kisses it lightly, but only to take pleasure in her anticipation. Eventually he parts her pussy lips with his tongue and starts gently licking her clit.

Lying back on the table, she uses his nearby shirt as a makeshift pillow, freeing up her hands. In no rush, he gets settled in to a rhythm that’s mutually pleasurable. With one hand playing with one of her breasts the other hand goes to the back of his head, pushing him harder in to her.

She starts to feel a tightness in her chest and her limbs start to go a little tingly. Slowly the tightness builds and starts to spread through her whole body, like a compressed spring, waiting to be released. He keeps going, finding new and delicious ways to please her with his tongue. Then the waves start to slowly build, starting from her thighs, making their way up her body and back down again. More and more the waves build in intensity, the tension in her whole body now almost painful, like being on the verge of a huge yawn or a really satisfying stretch. No longer fighting to keep it in check she relaxes and lets the waves wash over her. Crying out as she comes, she nearly falls back as her arms go weak. The muscles in her whole body start to shudder and ache. Her breath coming in short ragged gasps, as if she’s been running for hours.

Slowly he pulls back and watches her as she sits there on the table, bahis şirketleri breathing hard, and waits. Catching her breath, and regaining some of her strength, she sits up, shuffles closer to the edge and swings her legs off the table, hops up off the table and stands up. They’re standing so close now that she can feel the heat of his breath on her bare skin. With one hand she pulls his head down slightly to kiss him, with the other she slowly strokes his cock, making him harder and harder. Pulling back slightly, she pushes him back in to his chair and sits him down.

With little more than putting her hands on his legs, she parts his legs wide. Bending down she licks his cock once, twice, a third time before standing up and turning her back to him. Stunned, he’s unable to move, let alone take his eyes off her ass. His arms resting beside him on the chair he watches as she bends over again, puts her hand between her legs to take his dick and slowly sits down.

Her wet cunt offers little resistance as his cock slides deeper until he’s completely inside her. Still unable to move he sits there and watches her beautiful ass move up and down as she rides his dick. Faster and faster… He finally finds the will power to be able to move his arms. He puts one hand on her hip, the other he gives her a firm smack on the ass. The indulgent slap sound mingling with her moans of pleasure.

Feeling himself starting to come closer and closer to coming his cock slips out and wetly slaps on to his stomach. She starts to reach down again with her hand but he stops her by gently pushing her forward, forcing her to stand up. Giving him a chance to catch his breath and retreat from the brink, he gingerly gets out of his chair. It’s his turn now to push her around in to chosen positions. Rather than going anywhere he just pushes her forward. Bent over from the waist, her hands grip on to the edge of the table. Giving himself a little more time to recover he stands there a moment just to admire her, bent over like she is, making sure he’ll remember the moment.

Moving just a little closer he puts his feet on either side of hers. He grabs his cock, now slick from her cum, and rubs it down slowly between her ass a couple of times. Each time it rubs past her pussy she pushes back a little in an effort to get him inside her again. He’s enjoying himself now, teasing her like this, but he soon tires of the game as he also really wants to be deep inside her again. Still in hand, he guides the head of his cock in to her with little effort.

Just as he pushes forward she pushes back on to him. The end result was his dick being driven hard in to her and their skin making a satisfying smacking sound as they met. This set the wild and furious pace for the rest of their furious fucking. Grunting with exertion and raw lust he fucked her from behind fast and hard. He knew he wasn’t going to last that long at this pace but that was the last thing on his mind right about now. Caught up within the moment he grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head back with just enough force to make her gasp.

Feeling the familiar tension building in her limbs, chest and pussy, she starts to rub her clit with one hand, trying valiantly to keep herself up on her other. It doesn’t take her long at all until she feels those familiar waves crashing and cums again, harder and faster than before.

She’s not the only one either. Feeling her shudder and the pressure her cunt tightening in waves all along his cock is all too much for him. He feels like his blood has turned in to warm honey, and flooding his brain with a warm slowness.

Then the release of a massive pressure that he never felt build. Too slow to keep up with himself he comes in her as he pulls out. Shooting warm jets of come on her ass and back.

He tries catching his breath while watching his semen slowly pooling in the small of her back and rolling down between her ass. As he’s watching the delicious mess he’s made she turns to him and, in a voice that’s not her own, asks him “To keep this going forward how many resources do you need to assign?”

In one movement all the people around the desk now turn to face him.

“Sorry?” he replies with a look of total confusion on his face.

“I asked; to keep this going forward how many resources do you need to assign?” but this time it wasn’t her talking at all it was one of the project managers sitting at the desk.

Shaking his head slightly he suddenly realises that he’s no longer naked in the warm post-fuck head space but rather very firmly back in the land of consciousness where he’s just woken up in a meeting after someone has addressed him.

Floundering, he casts an eye over to her, however, this time he’s quite awake and she’s not going to save him by offering some sort of conciliatory answer.

He has to ask the speaker to repeat himself and even then he can’t even offer a good answer.

The rest of the meeting drags by painfully. The whole time he’s unable to look at her face in fear of going bright red…

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