The Mother-in-Law

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Richard Cabot was, in almost all ways, a happy and lucky man. At the age of 25, he had a lovely wife, Catherine (age 22), a good job that he enjoyed and, while a new home was being built, he had free room and board with his wife’s wealthy parents. His relations with his in-laws always had been pleasant even before he married their daughter a year and one-half ago. Unfortunately, that relationship seemed to have soured, creating a difficult situation for everyone concerned. Actually, the problem was not only his: his mother-in-law, Cynthia, had, for the past several months, become waspish, critical and just hard to live with for everyone, including her husband (and, of course Catherine’s father), James. In fact, her most vicious and sarcastic comments were addressed to James while Richard and Catherine were on the periphery. Still, the household atmosphere was poisoned for everyone and, recently, Catherine had increasingly borne the brunt of her mother’s ire since James found more and more reasons to avoid being home. Richard’s protective instincts had almost caused him to erupt several times, but his wife was able to head off the explosion that was long overdue.

Catherine and Cynthia always had been more than mother and daughter. They truly were “best friends” and had shared each other’s good and bad times, having no hesitation in discussing their most intimate feelings with each other, a relationship that had made Catherine’s formative years far less traumatic than those of her classmates. She was even able to discuss her first sexual urges and experimentations with her mother, and, as a result, she had none of the “I’ll show you, I’ll get screwed just to spite you” revolts of those classmates. When that screwing finally did occur during her freshman year in college, she has no hesitation telling Cynthia and received support, not censure. Equally, Cynthia had no difficulty in con?ding in Catherine as her daughter matured, creating a mutual trust and companionship.

That, of course, made the current estrangement all the more difficult for Catherine — she knew that something was seriously wrong, but any efforts she made to broach the issue were met with uncharacteristically cold responses. This was made far worse now that they were sharing the same house and would be disastrous unless, as Richard threatened to Catherine, they moved out of there before he blew up. Catherine ?nally was close to accepting that solution to prevent the inevitable explosion from occurring, but, one evening when she was out and not there to diffuse the issue, that explosion finally occurred.

Richard, thinking he was alone in the house since James was out of town and Cynthia had gone out earlier, walked into the kitchen wearing nothing but boxer shorts. He was startled to find Cynthia standing there wearing a surprisingly brief and thin nightgown. It was not completely transparent, but her nipples showed clearly through the fabric as did her dark triangle of cunt hair. Seeing her virtually nude body displayed so unexpectedly had the immediate masculine reaction, a hardening cock, until, almost immediately, reality hit — it was his mother-in-law! It developed that she had returned early and, like him, had assumed that she was alone.

However, rather than ignoring the situation or making light of it, Cynthia lit into Richard for walking around in her house in his underwear. The attack was unfair, of course, and, she admitted later, came largely because she was embarrassed. Nonetheless, her sharp words ignited the fuse that had been smoldering for some time and Richard jabbed back, sarcastically apologizing for his behavior in her house. The battle of words expanded from there, his animosity build up in the weeks of seeing Catherine criticized burst forth, meeting her waspish haranguing about ungrateful, insensitive and immodest young men.

To an unbiased observer, the verbal clash would have been fascinating to watch — words poured out, faces got red, breathing became rapid. Physically, it would have been interesting, also. Richard was a well-build young man, in good condition, his physique well displayed in his somewhat garish shorts (a present from Catherine on Valentine’s Day). Cynthia also was quite well built. She was now 45 years or age, but when she and Catherine were out together, people invariably assumed that they were sisters, only a few years apart. Both were about 5′ 5 and had good ?gures, their breasts a bit oversized, their bottoms perhaps a shade too plump, but if their breasts jiggled a bit as they walked and their hips swayed and bounced a bit, no one complained. Those attributes were well revealed in the gown Cynthia had on, but her embarrassment at her exposure had vanished in the heat of their verbal battle. While Richard had been well aware of what she was showing when he first walked into the room, any conscious appreciation of her attractions had been banished by the red heat of his anger.

The arguing went on, neither really listening to the other, until, thoroughly frustrated, Cynthia swung her hand, attempting to slap Richard in the face. Grabbing her arm, he forced it güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri down saying, “So, you want to hit! I’m going to give you just what your daughter gets when she misbehaves — a spanking! “

“Oh, no you won’t, ” shrieked Cynthia, twisting her arm away and dashing toward her bedroom, followed closely by her furious son-in-law. At that point, he no longer thought of her as his mother-in-law, or anything else for that matter, just a woman who had earned a spanking and was going to get it. If he had thought, of course, discretion probably would have ended the struggle long before, but the buildup of animosity coupled with the vicious verbal attack removed any coherent thought of consequences.

Grasping her by the arm, he pulled her back toward the bed, she struggling vigorously all the way. Despite her stringent efforts, he picked her up bodily, set down on the edge of the bed and whipped her down over his knees. She was twisting and writhing, literally screaming to be released, threatening dire consequences — all to no avail. Without conscious thought of what he was would be exposing, he did as he did with Catherine when he spanked her. Grabbing the hem of her short gown, he yanked it up over her back, revealing what had been clearly shown through the diaphanous gown — the fact that she wore no panties. For a second, his natural male reactions to such a display overcame his rage. Actually, the two perfect round mounds, the deep furrow between them and the hair-covered cunt lips nakedly displayed before him looked almost exactly the same as the ones when he spanked his wife. Perhaps it was that similarity, seeing the same thing he was used to, that dampened his momentary erotic reaction and permitted his anger to control him again.

Whatever the reason, the brief respite ended when he brought his hand down with a vicious SMACK directly onto her left cheek. That hit was promptly repeated SMACK on the other mound. Cynthia continual ranting was abruptly interrupted with a shrill cry of pain, “OW, stop it! OW, OW, OW, OW! ” Each thundering SMACK was followed instantly by an “OW”, followed by a howl of rage, the whole sequence repeated over and over again as his hand rhythmically went from side to side, turning what had been a pure white ass into one that was uniformly beet red. SMACK, “OW, damn it, stop!” SMACK. “OW, ooooh, stop,” SMACK, “OUCH, QUIT IT!” SMACK…

Gradually, the SMACK was followed only by an “OW,” and then SMACK, “moan,” SMACK, “Oooooh” SMACK… During the entire spanking, Cynthia had continued thrashing and twisting, trying to dislodge herself from Richard’s grasp, trying to avoid the next punishing blow. Nothing worked. Slowly her defiance melted away as she was battered into submission. Finally, completely defeated, she just hung there over his knees, moaning and crying as the punishment was delivered. At first she was all too aware, despite her own anger-blindness, of how much was revealed when her skirt had been ?ipped up. Even while attempting to escape or, at least, to ease the pain, she attempted to hide her most intimate areas, squeezing her cheeks together, clamping her thighs tightly against each other. However, as that pain increased, as each SMACK became more agonizing, as blow after blow hit the same spots, any residual thought of modesty vanished as she, ?nally, surrendered and lay there, all revealed, all open to punishment.

Bit by bit, Richard became aware of her complete submission and, as his anger faded, exorcised by the physical punishment of the transgressor, his eyes focused in a different way on the crimson behind that he was belaboring. Like a magnet, his eyes were drawn to the open thighs that no longer concealed the cunt at their apex. Following the trail upwards, he saw between the cheeks to the puckered asshole she had tried so valiantly to hide. Involuntarily, his hand slid between her legs and fondled her cunt. Suddenly a different kind of drive took over him and, as he had been blind to the consequences of spanking his mother-in-law, now he became blind to other possible aftermaths. During the struggle, his shorts had come undone and now, his rampant cock rubbed against Cynthia’s hip, creating an urge that was uncontrollable. It has been said that “a hard cock has no conscience,” and that certainly was the case here.

Without conscious thought of planning, only reacting to a primal urge, Richard lifted Cynthia up and placed her on the bed. She lay there virtually naked, her nightgown having worked up over her breasts in her struggles, leaving her nude from the neck down. Dropping his shorts the rest of the way, he got on the bed, moved between her legs, lifted them over his shoulders and, without hesitation, slid his cock completely into her cunt.

For Cynthia, there also was no conscious decision making. As he placed her on the bed and moved over her, she voluntarily opened her legs and raised them, placing herself in position to be screwed. She, too, was merely reacting to the circumstances. She had surrendered to the spanking and now she submitted to the penetration, conquered and now güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri being taken. However, that outside observer would have noticed that far from being simply complaisant, lying there as Richard enjoyed himself, Cynthia clearly was an accomplice in that vigorous act of adultery. The wetness of her cunt proved her arousal and made entrance easy, and, as the screwing began, she met his thrusts with upward surges of her pelvis, not only welcoming but seeking penetration.

Nothing was said, the only noise in the room beings grunts and gasps combined with the wet, squishy sound of a cock thrusting into and pulling out of a cunt. Those sounds increased in volume as the climax approached, the screwing mounting in intensity as the climax approached, both struggled to completion, both seeking release. Finally, Richard plunged inward, holding himself rigid against her flattened cunt, exploding deep within Cynthia’s vaginal passages. At virtually the same time, she reached orgasm, surging upward, almost spastic in her motions as she jerked against him, taking the cock in as deeply as possible.

For thirty seconds or more they held that position, ?rmly locked together in their mutual orgasms, still not thinking, just grinding their sexual organs together, getting that last scintilla of pleasure from one of the most erotic moments of their lives. However, thinking and the real world descended upon them in a most cruel fashion as, looking over Richard’s shoulder, Cynthia shrieked, “Catherine!” In a state of utter shock, he rolled away from her, his cock pulling abruptly out of her cunt as he turned to discover his wife standing in the doorway. From Catherine’s position the previous events were crystal clear as she saw her naked husband, his cock still semi-hard and shiny from her mother’s cunt. Her mother lay there, petrified, legs still spread, her freshly fucked cunt obscenely displayed as in a pornographic picture. In fact, the entire scene could have been taken directly from a porno film.

All the participants of the scene held their positions for seemingly an interminable period, which probably was only a few seconds, and then Catherine turned and hurried down the hall. Grabbing his useless shorts, Richard scrambled after her, catching her just as she entered their bedroom. Grabbing her, he put his arms around her and stammered his apologies, trying to find words that would explain the unexplainable. However, as he searched for words, he suddenly realized the she wasn’t struggling or crying, and, to his utter surprise, seemed quite composed.

Her first words were even more astonishing: “Come on, Honey. I saw exactly what was going on — you were screwing Mother when I came to the door and I watched the whole thing. I know that nothing has been going on between you two, and that the only question was what would happen when you finally blew up. From her red bottom, I assume that she finally went too far and earned herself a major league spanking. Then, as always happens with us, sex reared its head and you fucked her. Am I right?”

Richard was still at a loss for words, but this time thrilled to be so, the unexplainable having been explained for him. “That’s exactly what happened, but I didn’t expect you to be so calm about it. Aren’t you upset at all?”

“I honestly don’t know how I feel. I’m not jealous as I would be if it had been someone else. I’ll even admit that I was excited as I watched you and I ran away because I was embarrassed at Mother catching me looking, not because I was upset of angry. Isn’t that silly? In any case, I am not upset — I’m just concerned about what happens now. I’d better go and see how she’s reacting. This has to be the biggest trauma in her whole life.” So, Richard was off the hook as far as his wife was concerned, but he immediately began thinking of the complications that the brief sexual interlude could bring. He started worrying again.

Leaving her husband, Catherine hurried to her mother’s room, ?nding things almost exactly as she had left them. Cynthia was stilled sprawled open on the bed and Catherine couldn’t help but focus on the cunt her husband had just screwed. Actually, she had never even seen another woman’s cunt and here was one graphically displayed before her. It was gaping open, the hair-lined lips spread apart, revealing the reddish interior clogged with Richard’s sperm which was beginning to leak out. It was an unbelievably erotic scene and she felt a surge of heat in her own cunt, momentarily overcoming her concern for her mother’s mental condition.

As she entered, however, Cynthia finally came out of her almost comatose condition brought on by the inconceivable events of the last hour — a verbal battle, a severe spanking, unbelievable sexual relations with her son-in- law capped off by being caught in the act by her daughter. She had lain there, her body frozen in its exposed position as her mind focused on the horrible situation in which she found herself. Seeing Catherine, she closed her legs and covered her face with her hands, sobbing out, “Oh, Honey, I’m so sorry! This whole güvenilir bahis şirketleri thing got out of hand I just don’t know what to say. It wasn’t Richard’s fault. We got into a big argument and… and…and he spanked me! I don’t really understand what happened next, but…but you saw!”

Catherine embraced her mother and reassured her just as she had Richard. She was not angry, not really upset, but, obviously, they needed to talk, to clear the air. In her relief that her daughter was not distraught and the sins were forgiven, Cynthia ?nally broke down and explained her uncharacteristic behavior for the past month or so. “Your father and I have been having serious problems lately and I couldn’t bring myself to tell you about them because they’re so personal. I’ve always had a strong sex drive, more than he, but we’ve compromised over the years with no serious difficulties. For the last year, however, we’ve had practically no sex. It’s partly that he’s so wrapped up in work that it takes all of his energy and partly that he has become…well…inoperative, if you know what I mean. He won’t see the doctor because he really doesn’t feel that there is a problem. Gods, he’s only 52, but he’s just not interested! That’s why I’ve been such a bitch lately! I’m frustrated by his lack of concern and, I guess, even more, by a lack of sex, myself. So, I’m nasty to him and, lately, to you as well as Richard. I try to hold back, be nice, but it just overcomes me!

“That’s what happened this evening. I came home early and, thinking that Richard had gone with you and that I was alone, I changed into my nightgown and went into the kitchen for a drink. Suddenly, Richard came in. There I was in this thin gown and he was wearing only his shorts. I’m ashamed to admit it, but my ?rst reaction was to get sexually aroused. I was so embarrassed by my own thoughts that I hit out at him, and one thing led to another and you saw the result! It was all my fault and I’m so sorry!”

The story poured out of her. Her problem dammed up for so long streamed forth, a load off of her mind. Her sexual frustration was at least temporarily relieved. Her daughter was not angry and was, even, sympathetic. A feeling of almost euphoria came over her as she lay there on her side, happier than she had been for some months. The intimate talking went on, sharing other thoughts and desires, the very recent adultery no longer an issue between them. Finally, she asked, hesitantly, “Look, I’m certainly not complaining, but how can you take all this so calmly? You walk in and find your husband. …well, to be frank, screwing your mother. Surely you were, to say the least, shocked. Yet you take it as almost a natural situation.”

With the tension relieved, Catherine was able to laugh. “You’re right, of course. My first reaction was utter shock, but before I could even get hysterical, I saw your bottom shining like a red stop light. Rather than screaming, I felt, almost, like laughing! I immediately knew that Richard had ?nally blown up over something that you had said, given you a very hard spanking and as a result, sex was just about inevitable. I certainly didn’t feel betrayed or anything and I honestly don’t mind at all! Having him screwing you just isn’t that important if it’s just a physical thing! In fact, if you’ve felt miserable all this time because you’ve missed having sex, I’m really glad it happened! Heaven knows, there’s no reason for jealousy — you certainly are not a rival for Richard’s affections!” Then, musing, she added, “As a matter of fact, if Daddy’s lack of interest is permanent, we may have to make arrangements to keep you happy.”

Before Catherine could go on with that idea, however, Cynthia, without thinking, turned over on her back and, suddenly, was reminded, quite emphatically, of the spanking she had endured. A sharp, excruciating pain shot through her and drove all other thoughts out of her head. She immediately turned face down, relieving it somewhat, but she still felt as if her entire ass was on fire. Catherine reached over and lifted the short skirt of her nightgown and gasped, “My god, he did spank you! You’re going to have bruises all over your bottom. Wait, I’ll get a cool washcloth and some ice — I’ll bet you won’t sit comfortably for days.”

Making a compress, she applied it gently to the ?aming mounds of Cynthia’s hips, quieting somewhat the feeling that her ?esh was burning. “Oh, that feels better! Richard has a very hard hand!” Incidentally, he said something about treating me the way he treats you. Does that mean he spanks you?”

Oddly enough considering all that had gone on that evening, Catherine blushed as she reluctantly acknowledged, “Yes, darn it! Not often, but only — and I hate to admit this — when I have done something to earn it. He did it the first time just after we returned from our honeymoon. We had less money in our account than we should have when we got back, and I knew that I had spent it on clothes he didn’t know about in Hawaii. If I’d just admitted that, he would have complained but forgotten about it. Instead, I denied any knowledge of it and, stupidly, even blamed his record keeping! Unfortunately, he got a printout of our expenditures and there it was. Naturally, he was furious at the deception and I found out right then that punishment would be quick and painful!” As she described that fateful day, the words brought back vivid memories to Catherine.

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