The New Game Ch. 11

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Chapter 11 — Outside the Lines

After my escapade with Emma at the bar, the rest of the week was a blur. I spent most of it in my office reflecting. I thought about this game and these women, not with regret or disappointment but with much admiration and love. I tried to keep my emotions in check but I very much wanted to give each of them a very big hug. I wanted to avoid repeating the mistakes I felt I had made with Vivian. The upside was that I was no longer in pain missing Penny, though I thought of her often and looked forward to her return.

A great deal of time was also spent thinking about Emma. She had started this game but over time she had become just a fringe player. When we started, she seemed invincible, only to have that image destroyed by Sienna and then to bounce back with grace, class and dignity. We all knew that she cared for us and that she would do anything to protect us, but it seemed that she wanted more. While she would never ask for it, there was an unmistakable feeling lingering over us that Emma wanted her game back. She did not want to undermine Penny or slight anyone else, but there was a powerful feeling that Emma wanted to be in charge again. I knew that I was not the only one who thought this to be the case. It also occurred to me that like a great athlete late in their career, on any given night Emma could remind us all, and specifically me, that she still has the talent and will to run this game flawlessly.

Before I knew it, the week was over. I closed out the day Friday early, just not wanting to be in the office anymore. It was around 4pm when I shut down and headed for the door. On my way out of the office, I noticed Nikki was sitting at her desk with her hands in her hair. I stopped when I reached her and smiled at her.

“Rough week,” I asked playfully.

“Ugh,” she replied. “I can’t wait for Penny to get back.”

“I can’t disagree with you, but I am surprised to hear you say that,” I admitted.

“Emma runs a great office, but when she’s running the game everything else takes a backseat,” Nikki vented.

I was really blown away by this statement. Nikki had never been one to question who was in charge or complain about things. This was new and extremely interesting. I didn’t think we should discuss it any further in the office.

“Would you like to go get a drink,” I offered.

Nikki smiled, nodded and began shutting down her computer. She grabbed her pocketbook and I offered her my hand. She accepted it lightly and I led her out of the office. She followed me on the short ride to Millie’s. Walking back in there I felt very awkward. We sat at the bar and I excused myself to the men’s room.

When I returned, Nikki was sipping a white wine and giggling. I sat on the stool next to her and she covered her mouth with her hand as she continued to chuckle to herself.

“What’s so funny,” I asked her as I ordered a beer.

“Those two guys just bought me a drink,” she laughed. “Even if I was available I wouldn’t go for two douchebag preppies like that.”

I looked past Nikki to the two guys seated at a table on the far side of the bar. I almost fell off my barstool when I saw that it was Brian and Ted. They stared at me as if it were not possible that I had showed up here again. I could not help but laugh along with Nikki. They were just two guys with no clue about women. It was almost sad yet it continued to be funny. I stopped laughing when I saw them stand from their chairs and begin walking towards us at the bar. canlı bahis When they reached us, Nikki turned to greet them with a smile.

“Thanks for the drink,” Nikki said to them.

“You’re welcome,” Ted replied. “I’m Ted and this is Brian.”

“I’m Nikki,” she informed them playfully as she extended her soft, perfectly manicured hand. “And this is-“

“We’ve met,” I interrupted her introduction of me as both Ted and Brian shook Nikki’s hand.

“Oh really,” Nikki postured.

“Yeah, your boy was in here with another blonde on Monday,” Brian informed her.

I was pretty sure that Brian thought he was damaging my chance to score with Nikki based on the grin that spread across his face. I didn’t flinch, which seemed to irritate him some. These guys had underestimated Emma and now they were, without a doubt, underestimating me. I rather enjoyed it, much like a hamster enjoys his wheel. But much like that, I was going to get bored with these two sooner or later.

“Is that right,” Nikki gasped with a very mocking tone as she turned towards me. “Who was it?”

I took a long sip of my beer and set the bottle gently back down on the bar.

“It was Emma,” I confirmed.

“Oh, Emma,” Nikki said in a very relieved tone of voice. “She’s hot.”

Both Ted and Brian looked at Nikki, very much confused by her take on the new information she had acquired. Nikki continued her performance for them, much to my amusement.

“You guys thought she was hot, right,” she asked the two gentlemen standing before her.

“Um, yeah, kinda,” Brian stammered.

“Kinda,” Nikki repeated mockingly. “Are you serious? She’s hot. Her body is tight, her tits are perky and her ass is firm. What more could you ask for?”

They both stared at her in awe. Nikki smiled at me playfully as she sipped her wine again. I looked at the two men and did everything I could not to laugh.

“Are you satisfied,” I asked them, unable to hold back a chuckle at that point.

“Not quite as satisfied as blondie was in the parking lot the other night,” Ted remarked harshly, very much trying to sting me.

Nikki looked at him and then back at me. She gave me a quick wink and then turned back to Ted.

“Oh really,” Nikki postured in response. “What happened in the parking lot?”

“They went at it pretty good from our vantage point,” Brain jumped in, taking the bait.

“They went at it,” Nikki repeated. “Meaning what, exactly?”

“Well, to be blunt, they screwed,” Ted confirmed.

Nikki looked at me, her mouth open wide in false surprise.

“You had sex with Emma in the parking lot here,” Nikki questioned in a very funny, phony accusatory tone.

“Actually, I fucked the shit out of her between her car and mine,” I admitted with a laugh.

Nikki smiled widely, apparently pleased that I had caught on to her game and decided to actively participate. Ted and Brian stood there, hardly believing that I had openly told Nikki what went on.

“Oh really,” Nikki continued. “She is one lucky woman.”

“What,” Ted exclaimed. “The fact that he brought another woman here earlier this week and admits to fucking her in the parking lot doesn’t disgust you?”

“No, it doesn’t disgust me at all,” Nikki explained to him. “He’s a great lay, so I am happy for Emma.”

“So he still has a shot with you tonight,” Brian inquired with skepticism filling his voice.

“Oh no,” Nikki announced. “He never had a shot with me tonight. He is going to go home and fuck his roommate bahis siteleri silly. I, on the other hand, am going home to put my son to bed and then make love to the woman of my dreams for hours on end. Thanks again for the drink. You guys have a good night.”

With that, Nikki placed her glass back on the bar and hopped daintily off her bar stool. She grabbed my hand and led me out of the bar. I gave Ted and Brian a short little wave as I was dragged out the front door. They were still in a great deal of confusion about what had just happened. Nikki led me to her car and pulled me close to her. She kissed me gently on the cheek.

“Thank you, that was fun,” she whispered. “Have fun tonight.”

“You’re welcome,” I said softly in response. “Tell Monica I said hello.”

Nikki turned from me and climbed into her car. I watched as she pulled out of the parking lot and turned onto the main road, headed for home. I climbed into my car with thoughts of what might be waiting for me at home based on Nikki’s remarks. I drove quickly with anticipation, knowing that Penny was still away and Brooke and I had the house to ourselves tonight.

I pulled into the driveway and slammed the car into park. I unlocked the front door and moved quickly up the stairs to the main level of the house. Much to my delight Brooke was already home, but to my utter disappointment, she didn’t appear ready for a night of physical activity. I found her lounging on the couch in a white tank top and grey sweatpants. She was reading a book with the television on for background noise.

“Hey there,” I greeted her.

“How are you,” she asked, not looking up from her book.

“I’m good and you,” I asked.

“I am wrapped up in this book,” she admitted.

“Ok, I am going to take a shower,” I informed her, very much wanting to wash the smell of happy hour off of me.

Brooke nodded and I turned to head up the second flight of stairs. I went into my room and stripped down, covering myself with only a towel as I headed to the bathroom. I turned the water on and stepped in, doing my best to clear my head.

I finished showering and stepped out of the tub. As I dried myself, I thought of simply watching television in my room so as not to disturb Brooke’s reading. I didn’t want to be in the way and I was sure that Nikki’s posturing at the bar had only been part of her toying with Ted and Brian.

Sometimes it is good to be wrong and this turned out to be one of those times. When I returned to my room, with only my towel around my waist, Brooke was waiting for me. She was lying on my bed, wearing the same white tank top she had on when I saw her downstairs which was accompanied now by only teal lace panties and teal patent-leather 4 inch pumps. I immediately reacted, as the blood rushed to my pelvic region.

“We have been very respectful while Penny has been away,” Brooke stated. “I thought I would try to turn the heat up a bit tonight.”

My dick twitched under my towel. I could not take my eyes off of Brooke’s gorgeous body.

“What do you think of that idea,” Brooke asked me with a sexy grin.

“I think it’s a great idea,” I answered quickly.

“I’m all yours, then,” she announced. “So show me how much you want me.”

I tore off my towel and tossed it aside, allowing my continually swelling cock to taste fresh air. I moved over to the bed and pulled Brooke by her legs to the edge. She looked at me seductively as I caressed her calves and thighs. She quickly slipped her index bahis şirketleri fingers inside the waistband of her panties and slid them down her legs. When our hands met I continued sliding Brooke’s lace undies over her calves and past her sexy heels. I flipped them to the side and smiled down at my sexy angel as she laid there.

I dropped to my knees and kissed Brooke’s feet. I licked her sexy shoes and then ran my tongue up her calf. I nibbled lightly on her soft skin as I spread her legs wide. She put her heels on my shoulders as I stared in at her freshly shaven pussy. I gently flicked her clit with my tongue before burying my face into her snatch.

I was merciless as I devoured her gash. I licked her sweet pussy lips up and down repeatedly until neither of us could take any more. I slammed my tongue inside her slot and tasted her sweetness again and again. I chewed on her beautiful box and licked her aggressively until her orgasm began to build.

Brooke moved on the bed as pleasure filled her body. She ran her hands through my hair and guided my face around her pussy. I licked and nibbled every part of her vagina continuously as she led me. I insert my tongue into her and out of her again before pressing it hard onto her clit. I worked her clit with my tongue until her climax arrived. She pulled my hair tightly as she came, shivering and crying out with delight.

She held my face on her clit until her peak was complete. As she released me I leaned back and looked up at her. Brooke was smiling at me and had a very devious twinkle in her eye. I stood up, hovering over her legs at the edge of the bed. My cement shaft stood out in front of me, throbbing and begging for attention.

Brooke grabbed her calves and pulled her legs up towards her chest. She reached around her thighs and spread her soaking wet pussy lips wide, inviting me inside without a word. I placed the head of cock to her opening and slid inside of her easily. I let out a big, deep breath as I buried my rod completely inside of her.

I stood over her, holding her thighs and jamming my member into her incessantly. I rocked her entire body with each thunderous thrust, knowing that I would not last long at all. I groaned loudly as I pumped in and out of her sweet spot forcefully. I felt my batch brewing and I fucked her harder. Brooke pushed me off of her and presented her sexy heels to me. I wasted no time tugging my prick firmly twice before exploding intensely all over her fantastic heels. I dropped buckets of cum on them before I was empty.

I sat myself on the edge of the bed and looked down at Brooke. She sat up and removed her shoes and tank top. She then turned and kissed me passionately. She rolled me over her onto the bed fanatically and continued assaulting my mouth with her own. Brooke then turned away from me and snuggled up close to me. She threw her leg over my own, opening her hole to me once again.

Sensing her desire I guided my still firm tool to her soaked slit. I pumped my prick in and out of her box as I laid there holding her body close to mine. I kissed her neck as I injected my meat into her again. I entered her faster and faster as I kissed her earlobe and cheek. I began fucking her brutally in that position, holding her around the waist and rubbing her clit lightly.

Brooke let out a high-pitched shriek as she came. I continued hammering away at her hole with my shaft until I erupted inside her cunt. The feeling was pure heaven. I held her ever so still as I finished dumping all my goo in her hole.

When I was finished neither of us moved. We laid there motionless aside from our breathing. I refused to relinquish my hold on Brooke’s beautiful body. At some point thereafter, we both fell asleep.

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