The Newlin’s, Marcie , Mark Pt. 09

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Marcie she brushed her teeth and applied a basic application of lipstick, forgoing any of the usual foundation makeup she normally used because she was starving for something to eat.

She went into the kitchen and made some coffee, poured a glass of grapefruit juice and put two slices of bread into the toaster.

She was taking a sip of her juice when the toast popped up and she put the juice down and was buttering her toast when she heard Laura’s father, Erskine’s deep baritone voice say: “I was afraid you’d never speak to me again.”

She carefully put the butter knife down fearing she’d drop it if she continued holding it and wake everyone in the house.

“Good Morning, Mr. Grisum, she said softly and immediately regretted not speaking louder as his hand ran down her arm, sending goosebumps popping across her skin.

“I don’t know what possessed me to take a risk like that,” he said looking at her studiously.

Marcie stood there waiting, her heart suddenly racing.

It seemed an eternity from the time he began to bend toward her until his lips touched hers and she thought she was going to faint from anticipation and disbelief.

It was a soft, almost chaste kiss, nothing like the kiss from the previous day; a kiss that had left her rubber-kneed, breathless, and longing for more. A kiss that had virtually kick-started her sexual adventures the previous day.

“Is this really what you want?” He said as he touched her cheek with his fingertips. “I want you to be sure.”

“I’m sure,” Marcie answered, doing her best to keep her voice level.

“Because, I know what I want, Marcie,” he said running his palm over her cheek. Each syllable spoken sent tremors of delirium through her body.

“… and it’s not entirely appropriate. Not at all appropriate, in fact.”

Marcie swallowed and wondered where all the air had gone.

Erskine was still talking softly to her.

“When I kissed you, you kissed me back. I wasn’t imagining that, was I?”

Marcie felt lightheaded and overheated as his hand slid down her cheek and over her neck, seeming to find several of her most vulnerable points.

It was an internal struggle but she managed to shake her head signifying ‘yes.’

“It was a very sexy kiss on your part, too,” he added.

She couldn’t believe how aroused she was and this after a night of almost interminable sexual delight; and here she was first thing in the morning, dripping wet between her legs–again.

“Have you ever been with a man older than you?”

What a strange question, she thought, but found herself answering with a shake of the head, putting aside any thought of the professor who had deflowered her.

“But you’re curious.”

It was a statement, not a question.

“Err …I am,” Marcie managed to say with her heart pounding away in her ears.

He paused before leaning toward her again. Marcie watched him draw nearer and closed her eyes before his mouth reached hers, almost afraid to believe she wasn’t dreaming.

She felt the heat of his lips and held her breath for the few seconds he paused, but then took her lower lip between his and worried it just enough to cause a minor spasm within her vagina. She moaned as he murmured, “I’m curious too,” and kissed her again.

Once Marcie shook the disbelief from her mind she kissed him back, reaching out to put both hands on his chest to steady her shaking legs.

Then his mouth opened and her hands on his chest became fists, clutching the fabric of his shirt as an undeniable shiver ran through her.

“The–the girls … Laura, Jane … what if …?”

“Shush—shush–shush, Marcie. They’re both snoring away. Besides we won’t do anything here. Now, are you still curious?”

She looked at him and had to force her voice to work, “Yes.”

He stroked her cheek then curved his fingers around her jaw. He tilted her head back slightly and brushed his thumb across her lower lip.

Marcie closed her eyes and a moment later felt the heat of his tongue as it split her lips and she shuddered with pleasure. His tongue searched for hers, teasingly retreating so that when she followed he trapped it with his teeth. Marcie whimpered, her pussy pulsed and shivers ran through her body causing her to make animal-like noises that she couldn’t control.

He bit her lip and she moaned. He sucked it, and she moaned again. He covered her mouth with his, holding her firmly by the chin so that she was forced to take desperate breaths through the nose until he finally released her, his hand sliding softly down her throat as he straightened his back.

Marcie wobbled on her heels, but Erskine held her steady. Marcie found herself taking quick, shallow breaths and when she tried to say something, all that came out was a long, tremulous “Ohhhh.”

She’d never imagined a kiss could do that to her; never dreamed Erskine would be that forceful. Now there was nothing but a throb of desire—one steady pulse in her neck, chest, and between güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her legs. Marcie was dazzled with lust and desire.

“I think I should feel ashamed of myself, but I don’t. My feelings aren’t perverted, not abnormally so, anyway,” he said with a smile as he twirled his index finger around a dark curl hanging near her face. “There are so many things I want to do with you,” he said as his thumb brushing along the underside of her breast. “There are so many ways I want to touch you, and pleasure you.”

Marcie’s heart beat faster than ever and her head swam. He looked at her with such focus she couldn’t blink. She held still as his hand slid purposefully over her breast, his fingers closing to hold the curve within his palm.

“Is that what you want too?”

“Yes.” Her voice a faint whisper, her breath was gone. She wanted it, whatever he wanted to do, she wanted it.

“Show me,” he said brusquely.

“Okay,” she said both to him and to herself. She turned and lifted a trembling fingertip to his lips. He waited. The finger moved slowly downward, over his chin and down his throat. She felt him swallow, then his sternum under his shirt, down, over his unexpectedly firm abdomen and down until she felt then gripped his cock under the thin canvass of his trousers.

A wry smile broke his gaze. “Turn around,” he said.

She turned and rested her palms on the table’s edge. He reached under her arm. His fingers found her nipple, squeezed and gently rolled it.

Marcie inhaled, turning her eyes upward and allowed her head to fall back.

They kissed.

“Lift your ass girl,” he said, “I’m gonna’ slide my finger up your pussy.”

Marcie arched her back and opened her legs. He lifted the back of her dress, somehow preventing it from falling again.

“A little more,” he said, pressing his rough thumb into the base of her spine. She groaned and bent forward, curling her spine until it hurt. Then she inhaled sharply, more of a cry, abruptly penetrated, his finger rising up and into her.

“God damn!” he whispered in her ear. “You’ve got a tight little cunt.”

His thumb found her clit and his penetrating finger hooked something soft and fleshy. She grunted, almost fainting from the sudden warmth that enveloped her, almost as if she needed to empty her bladder. It caused her to convulse around the invasive finger.

Erskine released her nipple and took hold of her hair, drawing her head back at the same time he pulled her cunt back. Marcie had no choice other than to grab the tables

edge and rise up on her toes. Both nipples jutted out against the thin material of her tee shirt. She grunted as his finger twisted and probed inside her, and then came.

Erskine cooed in her ear, “I knew you’d cum for me, and you’ll see. I’ll get you off a few more times before we’re done.”

He kissed her neck, the tender skin under her ear and didn’t let her go, didn’t withdraw his finger until she shuddered with a last spasm. Then she leaned over the table with a kind of exhaustion. Erskine straightened her skirt, pulling it down over her hips.

Marcie felt his cock under his trousers, and moaned as she undid his belt and unzipped his fly.

“You don’t have to do that,” he said.

“Yes I do,” she said quietly and tugged his boxers down to his knees.

And then there it was, thick and long, uncircumcised. It’s hood of skin like the snout of an elephant. It was already growing thicker, fuller, longer.

“Oh,” she gasped in surprise.

“What? Is something wrong?”

“No—No, it’s … it’s just that I’ve never seen one like it.”

She wrapped her fingers around its middle. “Ohhhh!” Marcie moaned her voice as thick as the cock in her hand as the hood slipped over the flange.

“I have too … I just have too,” Marcie said breathlessly and swallowed the just appearing cockhead whole.


Erskine groaned softly and knotted his fingers in her hair then guided her head back and forth.

Several minutes later she took him from her mouth and stood up. Holding one hand up as a signal to wait a moment, she turned her back to him and placed her palms against the table’s edge and lifted her pussy. Once again he lifted the back of her skirt, pushed her forward so that she was bending over the table, and tugged her hair so that her spine bent receptively. Marcie rose to her toes and exhaled loudly as his thick cock filled her from behind, and then began fucking her methodically with long firm thrusts that reached the mouth of her womb.

He didn’t take long. Each thrust lifted her to the tips of her toes. Her fingers spread almost frantically on the table top. She was loud. Then he held her tight. The only movement was the pulsing of his orgasm inside her. The odor of semen spilled from her thighs and she came a second time.

Later, when he was pulling up his pants; when she once more pushed down and straightened her skirt, he stooped to kiss her. She diverted güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri his kiss with a finger. She kissed his cheek instead.

He refused to be put off and kissed her hungrily again. This time she responded in kind.

Somehow they’d managed to cross the room while kissing and now stood at the doorway between the kitchen and living room. Erskine pressed her against the door frame, his mouth at her throat. His hands slid under my tee, up her sides, and she automatically raised my arms as he stripped the fabric off and let it fall to the floor. He wasted no time in kissing his way across the top of one breast and swiped his tongue across the stiffened nipple.

He kissed her again and she awkwardly put her arms around his neck as his hands slowly roamed over her hips and ass then up over her breasts. He was moving slower this time, and his touch was turning Marcie on so much she had to pull her mouth from his to catch her breath.

She felt his hands on her wrists and realized that he’d taken both her wrists and pinned them to the door frame with his hand. She looked at him questioningly, but he just smiled a wolfish smile and dragged his hand down her throat, over her breast and stomach, where he turned his wrist, angling his fingers toward the floor and without a pause slid his whole hand over her sex, his fingers curling to rest between her thighs.

“Ready for round two?”

Marcie was confused and a bit afraid, but when Erskine’s fingers began to move in a slow circular motion as if drilling into her cunt an intense upsurge of heat made Marcie gasp as a tidal wave of pleasure overwhelmed her.

That is until she heard Laura’s voice call out, “Oh Daddy, you’re such a slut!”

Erskine’s hand jerked away from between Marcie’s legs.

Marcie, visibly embarrassed to be caught by her roomie and lover, covered her vagina with both hands.

Erskine calmly found his boxers and put them back on.

“Relax Marcie. My father screws anything that moves and a few things that don’t. I over slept, otherwise I would have prevented what just happened.

“He’s a letch, Marcie, pure and simple. He’s nailed Jane more than once. Of course, Jane’s a whore at heart, but she’s a good kid and I like her.”

“I’m so sorry Laura … I didn’t intend …”

“I know, he’s got a great seduction technique. To tell you the truth he’s used it on me since I was … well never mind. Fix yourself, and redo your makeup, we’ll head out for breakfast and see what’s happening out in the world today.

“Why not try picking up some underage kids at the Mall, Daddy? Maybe the police will catch up with you. Your luck should be running out after all this time, you think?”

“Laura, I don’t appreciate you’re talking to me that way. I am your father and …”

“Some father you are! C’mon Marcie, Jane’s in the bathroom. She should be about ready, let’s join her. We’ll stay together so the vulture doesn’t pick one of us off.”

The girls went out, found a Starbucks and talked and talked and talked. Marcie learned a great deal about Laura that day and late that afternoon they caught a plane back to Florida and their ‘safe’ apartment. Jane kissed them both goodbye and swore on her mother she wouldn’t go anywhere near Laura’s house until Laura came back to Boston and picked her up.


As the plane left Boston, Laura prodded Marcie to tell her every detail of her Father’s seduction. She did, several times, and in return, Laura told her of the times her father had taken her.

“He was your first?” Marcie said incredulously.

“Damn right, and the second and third and fourth; my mother caught him the fifth time.”

“Oh God, that must have been awful!”

“Well, yes and no. Yes because it was horrifying to see my mother’s face as she discovered us. And good because it put and end to his touching me. Of couse my mother divorced him, but left me in his care.”

“What! “

“It was deliberate on her part. She later told me she couldn’t bear the thought of having me living in the same house as her.”

“She’s a monster!” Marcie said vehemently.

“They’re both monsters, believe me. There aren’t many men in our so-called circle of friends who haven’t bedded her. Ah, they’re all without any morals anyway. Every one of them is fucking someone else’s spouse.

“Why have you stayed with him?”

“Actually I haven’t. I went off to a private school and then to college. I visit on occasion; this was my second visit home in three years. So there’s that,” Laura said and smiled at Marcie while squeezing her hand. “And of course, there’s the money part,” she added with a wan smile.


Back on campus

On reaching their shared apartment, both girls are beyond turned on.

“Fuck, Laura you’ve got me soooo hot!”

“Me too, Marcie; I swear to God between this morning and last night watching you with Tallulah when she fisted you …”

“That güvenilir bahis şirketleri was something else,” Marcie said just wistfully enough to get Laura to ask … “So would you like me to try fisting you?”

“Well I could do you, Laura, you want?”

“Hey, I’m the Dom in this apartment. I say who does what to who.”

“Whom, you mean, whom, Laura. We’re in college, remember?”

Laughing, Laura replied, “Who or whom, I’m still the Dominant one. Now shall I fist you or not?”

“Have you done it before?”

Laura didn’t answer her, but grabbed Marcie from behind and ground her pelvis against the other’s ass.

“Whoa, that’s fucking hot, Laura!” Marcie crowed, delighted at the sudden turn of events. Laura’s hands were already squeezy Marcie’s fleshy tits. It was almost physically painful, but she pulled away for a second to shut the door then quickly replaced Laura’s hands back on her breasts.

Laura immediately began kissing the other girl’s neck and bit her earlobe, sending shivers down Marcie’s spine. Reaching under Marcie’s shirt, Laura pushed her bra up, not bothering to unhook it, and helped herself to two big handfuls of tit.

Marcie felt her clit throb as she tugged on her nipples, pulling them into little points then raked her teeth across her earlobe. The scent of Laura’s lavender shampoo heightened the sensations already coursing through her body.

“Ohhhh, Christ Laura … do me! Do me, please!”

“Get your skinny ass into the bedroom … quick–quick–quick!”

Less than a minute later they are both nude on the bed. Marcie’s cunt was still sore from both Tallulah, the older woman from the night before and Erskine’s huge penis from earlier that morning.

It was the first time she’d taken Laura’s fist. Marcie recalled that when Tallulah had fisted her there had been an enormous amount of lubrication. She reminded Laura of this and there was a pause in the attempt while Laura applied a generous amount of KY jelly to Marcie’s vagina with her fingers, and then an equal amount to her hand.

“I gotta tell you, I didn’t use this much with Jane the time she took that horse’s prick up her snatch.”

“Jesus, you’re so fuckin’ gross at times,” Marcie said complaining and already grimacing, although Laura hadn’t attempted anything other than lubing her pussy.

What Marcie doesn’t notice is that Laura is so excited at what’s about to happen that she’s just cum in her pants despite trying to hold her orgasm off. She took a deep breath trying to pull herself together as her sticky juice caused her panties to cling to the flesh of her inner thigh.

Then assured that her partner hasn’t noticed, Laura took another deep breath and turned her attention back to Marcie by working a third finger into her cunt.

“Ugh!” Marcie grunted.

“Too much?”

“No … I don’t think so … just gimmie a sec, okay?”

“Okay … say when.”

Marcie only hesitated a second before calling out, “When!”

Laura wondered if she should add a fourth finger or keep working to loosen Marcie up a bit more.

Seeming to read her mind, Marcie croaked, “Another might fit now,” and captured Laura’s closet nipple between her teeth. Laura found the way her nipple was being sucked so nice that she relaxed into the curl of Marcie’s spine around her chest, her left arm curved against Marcie’s back while the right worked the fourth digit deeper.

Laura’s mind was racing. Four fingers might be all she could get inside Marcie as her vagina was so tight. But Tallulah had succeeded in fisting her so her interior muscles might balloon open even wider. The older woman had gotten in to her wrist, and Tallulah’s hand was slightly larger than hers.

But I don’t want to damage her either. Ah but the sweetness of having her curled up against me and sucking my tit is so nice. I’ll let her keep at it and I’ll try to get my hand in there without hurting her.

“Is it okay, can I try…” She finally asked Marcie rather than just forging ahead and possibly damaging their relationship.

Marcie left off sucking on the teat and looked at Laura with her big brown eyes, mouth still open and wet from suckling, and said, “Do it!”

And wanting to assist, Marcie began rubbing her clit in a rapid, circular motion that hastens her initial orgasm. Laura can feel her pulsing cunt and manages to gain perhaps another half inch against her upper wall before feeling Marcie contract, release, then tense again and finally hold.

Laura realizes that she has resumes sucking on her nipple again and that the suction being applied is bringing her close to her own climax.

I won’t come again, Laura tells herself, I won’t, I won’t. But she could make me. If I just permitted myself, I’m certain it could happen easily.

Marcie begins to whimper.

Laura’s fingers work against the ringed muscles of Marcie’s cunt; her mouth opens hungrily and she pushes her legs apart, thighs shaking. She’s certain Marcie’s about to cum.

“Mmmmm,” she moans into the nipple. Marcie’s eyes flutter then close as she collapses in what can only be post-orgasm release. Laura stills her hand and holds it against her cunt, running her other palm against the fine, sweet skin of her back and shoulders, everything she can reach as Marcie curls and rubs against her.

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