The Stepsister Part 4

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The Stepsister Part 4
~~Start of Part-4~~

As we were recovering we just laid there next to each other and at this point knew there was no sense in asking if it was ok to touch somewhere, we just let your hands roam around each other’s bodies and play with things as we felt like doing at the time. ¬The body of a fully-grown woman was mesmerizing to me and I could not stop touching and nibbling on nearly her entire body. This kept both of us at a low simmer as we were both very excited by what I was doing.

She looked at me and said, “There is one thing that I have not done with a man yet, but I am not sure if I can do it on the first try and am a little scared it will really hurt…”

The only thing I could think of that would scare her about pain at this point was anal sex, and the fact that she had just poked her finger in my butt to get me to cum… We had already made love in the traditional way and while I did go deep into her and could feel her cervix nudging the head of my cock, there was not any sharp pain she had let me know about.

I looked at her and said, “I will be gentle, I can imagine it will take some time for you to get comfortable with something pushing in and stretching you there. Do you have any lube? I have heard from a couple of friends, that have done this with their girlfriends, it is very painful for the girl if you so not use a good lube.”

She grinned at me and reached over to the nightstand by the bed and opened the drawer (her new sex toy storage area) and pulled out a large tube of KY Jelly. She looked at me and said, “one of my friends at college has used this several times with her boyfriend and she says it makes it much easier for the guy to get in you once you are relaxed.” She paused for a second and then reached back in the drawer and pulled out a small vibrator.

She handed it to me and said, “Here try using this to get me loosened up and into it, I think your cock might be a little big for me at first.”

I agreed and we got positioned on the bed so she could put her butt up in the air while she was laying on her stomach and she then took the pillows and put them under her to help support her in that position. I wanted to be as gentle as possible and figured that using the vibe in her pussy first would help her get excited and would also provide a little warmth and natural lubrication to it in the process.

While I was doing that, I put some of the KY jelly on the fingers of my other hand and began to slowly message that on and around her very cute little anal entry. At this point I was thinking (like she did) this was not going to be easy and we might have to try this a few times before we were able to do it successfully. I continued this for a little while and she was enjoying the vibe and the occasional flick of her clit with my fingers, and she was very wet. I was not really paying attention to my other hand that was massaging her cute little button.

Unintentionally, as I was moving up on her butt my middle finger decided to see where this hole went…at first, I did not realize it, but then she moaned pretty loudly “yes!! That feels amazing keep going, I like it!!!”

So, I now concentrated on her cute little hole and moved my finger in deeper and started to twist my hand so I could get her ready for the vibe. I pulled it out of her gorgeous pussy, and it was dripping in her amazing love fluid so I figured it would be good to go. I placed it next to my finger and slowly started to pull my finger out while putting pressure on the vibe that was right next to my finger. This made my finger vibrate as well and she let out another series of moans that were definitely pleasure based and not pain.

Just as my finger was almost all the way out, I pushed in harder with the vibe and ‘pop’, my finger was out and the larger vibe was in and she was experiencing a great amount of pleasure with the increased size of the vibe and its vibrations. To be safe I grabbed the lube and put some on the shaft of the vibe and began to slowly move it in and out of her beautiful little hole. She was really enjoying this and getting into the new pleasure she had found.

After a few minutes of this I realized it seemed to be getting easier to move the vibe in and out of her tiny little hole. She was still moaning softly and would shutter every now and then as larger wave of pleasure moved though her. I told her, “I think we are about as there we are going to get with the vibe, do you want me to try just putting the head of my cock in to see if you can take it?”

She moaned quietly and said, “yes, but please go-slow hon.” I told her I would and put a good amount of the lube on to the head and upper area of the shaft of my cock and got in position over her so I could see if this was going to work or not.

In much the same way I had used the vibe earlier I place the head of my cock right next to the vibe and slid it out as I pushed down with my hand on the shaft of my cock to hopefully push it in very quickly as the vibe slid out. To my shock and amazement, her little hole did not snap shut as I had expected. She had relaxed to the point that her cute little hole stayed open when I pushed on my cock and this caused me to overshoot by quite a bit the initial amount, I was trying to put in.

She let out a loud moan and said, “holy fuck, that is just the head of your cock?”

I stopped immediately and told her “umm, no. I thought were going to spring closed again so I pushed in pretty hard when I took the vibe out and you have about 1/3 of my cock in you right now…do you need me to pull out?” I was both scared and worried I had hurt her canlı bahis badly. But she was not writhing in pain at the moment.

She said, “no just stay still for a few seconds as I adjust to this huge pole in my ass.” I was mortified and figured this was going to turn out badly at this point.

She seemed to relax again and suddenly she pushed her butt back on to me and had about half of my length in her now and let out a long low moan. This was a very different feeling form being in her warm and wet pussy. She was not overly stretched out there by any means, but I could imagine as I stayed still, this must have been what it felt like for her first boyfriend that got to take her virginity when she was just about out of high school. It felt like I had a rope tied tightly around my cock, and it was very exciting.

She raised up on to her hands and told me to “push it all the way in hon, I want to feel all of you in me.” I put a little more lube on the shaft of my cock and started to slowly push into her tight little hole. She moaned softly again and said, “that feels amazing, now start sliding in and out, slowly at first.”

She now had the entire length of my cock in her ass and could tell as I pressed up against her butt cheeks completely and bounced off them now with every thrust as we both really got into this new found pleasure and the excitement of doing it for the first time together.

As we got into a rhythm with each other again, she began moaning quicker and I noticed she was trusting back at me much harder now. I took this as a sign she was getting close to having another orgasm again and I reached around her hip with my hand and I started to rub her clit again.

A great guess on my part once again as she began to moan louder now and she said, “Yes, that feels amazing…don’t stop anything…please keep going!”

We kept this up for a little while and I could tell I was about to cum myself…she must have felt something change or I said something that I don’t remember (lol) and she started saying “Fuck me harder, drive it in, I want you to fuck me now!”

That was all the prompting I needed so I began to really push as hard as I could into her cute little button, I put my hands on her hips and I was pulling her into me with every trust of my hips into her. She began moaning louder and the I felt a warm gush from her pussy again and that sent me over the edge as well as I moaned to her, “I am cumming”

This was met with a reinvigorated pumping on her part as she said, “pump it into me, please…I want your cum in me, show me you love me.” I exploded into her cute little butt with everything I had as I took one last hard drive forward. She was now laying there as exhausted as I was, and I pulled my cock back out of her slowly and gently. I was amazed that her cute little hole was now wide open and a bright cherry red color, it was exciting to see my cum tracing all the way down this beautiful hole and knowing what we had just done together.

She rolled over slightly and asked me to lay down next to her. I moved over into place and laid there trying to catch my breath too. She leaned over and gave me long and very passionate kiss and looked in my eyes and said, “I saved that for you. I wanted you to be the one I first experienced this with. I wanted you to be the one to take my virginity, but it did not work out. This way you still did.” She smiled at me sheepishly and I responded, “Thank you, that was an amazing experience and I am happy we got to share it the first time together.” We laid there holding each other and must have drifted off to sleep in happy contentment.

The next morning, I woke up to sis just getting out of bed, her beautiful body lit by the sun creeping in from around the curtains. I said, “good morning beautiful!” She jumped as I startled her, she thought I was still snoozing away after a night of amazing sex.

She turned around and leaned over the bed with her large breasts hanging down in front of me and gave me a kiss on the forehead and said, “good morning STUD”

She was playing with me so I reached up and grabbed a nipple and said, “good morning SEX GODDESS” Her nipple responded immediately with hardness and she looked at me and said, “would you like to take a shower with me?”

Another check mark in the life dreams department, I got up and walked into the bathroom with her. She looked at me and said, “ok no funny stuff, you have an important job to do…you are responsible for washing my back.” I grinned and said, “your wish is my desire my lady…” We both laughed and got in the shower.

She got the water temp set right and then I went right to work, I got the washcloth all suds up for her and handed it to her and then used the remaining soap to caress her back with my hands. She was washing up and bent over slightly to do her legs and this pushed her butt back into my semi-hard cock. She looked back at me and said, “I thought you were supposed to be washing my back…”

I grinned at her and said, “I did, but your butt seems to have liked what I did last night and wanted to say hi.” She stood up and laughed and grabbed me and pulled into her as we were standing face to face now. I took the opportunity to steal a kiss and we ended up in a rather long and passionate kiss while rubbing each other down in soap. She of course took extra special care to wash my cock very well…I almost came when she stopped and I then washed her entire pussy and butt with my hands, stopping to make sure to get every little inch for her… I then reached around from behind her and took her large breasts into my hands and rubbed them well with bets10 my hands to make sure they were completely clean of course!

We washed the soap off and she turned off the shower and we got out to dry off. She stepped out first and grabbed a towel and handed it to me. I took it and started to dry her back, while she was drying off her legs. I continued down her back and gave her butt a good drying off too and she turned around and grabbed my still hard cock and made sure he was dry too. She started drying off her beautiful mound of love, and I made sure her breasts were entirely dry.

We left the bathroom and went back into the bedroom and she looked at me and said, “I am so happy that you came over and sat on the couch to help me feel better the other night. I was mostly crying because I could not figure out how to ask you to stay with me that night, it was frustrating.”

I looked at her and said, “Sis, I would have stayed even if you did not encourage me by grabbing my hard on. I really do care about you; you know that right?” She smiled at me and came over and gave me a kiss and we continued to get dressed.

At some point she must have gone out to the kitchen, because when we got out there, I saw a fresh pot of coffee and two cups sitting on the counter. I went over and poured us both a cup and we sat down in the living room. We were really getting quite comfortable together and it did not take much effort. She was sitting on the couch with her legs on top of my knees reading something and I was sipping the coffee and let my mind wonder. I knew in a few weeks I would be getting on a plane and heading over to Korea for a year at least and was pondering that fact.

She must have looked over at me and noticed I was deep in thought and she said, “ok, what is wrong?” I came back to the real world and said, “what??” She looked at me and said, “I could tell you were very deep in thought about something, is there something we need to talk about?”

I kind of shrugged my shoulders and said, “not really an us thing, it more of a me thing…I am heading out in couple of weeks and will be halfway around the world doing god knows what…” She looked at me and said, “yes, it is a big move, and you will be in a strange country, with people you don’t know, that you might have to rely upon to save your life. I could not do it; I am not that brave.”

I looked over at her and said, “quit trying to stoke my ego sis…”

She sat up and got a little more serious now and said, “I am serious, if this was an easy life that anyone could choose to do and then make it, well there would not be any room in the military would there?” She continued, “it not only takes physical courage, it takes a great deal of mental toughness too. Do you really think I could go though basic like you did and not get thrown out for questioning every little thing they were doing and not listening to them when they said, ‘because that is the way it is?’ Yep not me, I would be out of there so fast people’s heads would spin…”

She looked me in the eye and said, “That is one of the main reasons I finally just jumped in and decided I had to let you know how I felt now, because if I did not….I would regret later I know.”

I could tell she was serious and let that mull around in my head for short time and then said, “Ok enough of the mental gymnastics…lets get some stuff done, what do we need to do today?”

She thought for a few minutes and then said, “ok we need to get the rest of the stuff out of the boxes in the bedroom, and then finish up with the kitchen stuff. There should also be a dresser getting delivered today and they are hooking up the phone too.”

We jumped up and got moving on the work.

About 3:30 in the afternoon mom and dad showed up unannounced (at least to my knowledge) and I was glad I did not go over to sis and grab her ass like I was just thinking about doing about 10 seconds ago…dodged a bullet on that one!

We all sat down and started talking about how the move in was going and how she was liking the apartment so far…the normal stuff. At about 4, one of sis’s friends from her psychology class showed up. I was intrigued, she was a very shapely brunette that was about 5’10” same age as sis and had very perky C cup breasts hiding under that shirt I could tell. What I did not know, was that sis somehow knew they were coming over and had enlisted her best friend in the world to help and make sure mom and dad did not get suspicious about anything…

Clueless, we were all introduced to this new woman on the scene, her name was Amanda and she was every bit as hot and cute as sis. I of course noticed this immediately and had put on my gentlemanly manner (lol). I caught a glimpse of sis out of the corner of my eye, and she had a wry little grin on her face that she stopped once she knew I had caught it. We all sat there talking and Amanda kept putting her hand on my leg and would fling her hair around towards my face occasionally. I was of course oblivious to this as dumb young k** and just tried to keep my mind off sis sitting across from me. I wondered why she insisted Amanda sit next to me.

Dad finally suggest we all go out to dinner and Amanda was welcome to join us of course. So, we all got up and got things situated so the apartment was not a mess when sis and I got back home. As we were getting ready to figure out the car situation, sis spoke up and said she would ride with mom and dad over to the restaurant and that she thought it would be good idea for me to ride with Amanda just incase she got caught in traffic, that way she would be able to get there without bets10 giriş any worries…

I was starting to catch on now, sis was throwing up a smoke screen to mom and dad, and obviously Amanda was in on the game. As I went over to her car dad caught up with me and said, “be careful son, that woman you are riding with has some dangerous curves!” He chuckled and hit me on the shoulder as I got in.
I got in and closed the door and looked over and Amanda was looking right at me. I was a little nervous now, she said, “So this is the mysterious stepbrother I have been hearing about for the last four years.” And she winked at me. Oh hell, what did sis get me into now…

As we drove over to the restaurant we talked, and Amanda let me know that her and sis had been freshman roommates and they knew everything about each other and were best friends. One did not do something without the other knowing about it, period. I just nodded in agreement and asked, “so I am guessing you two go over all the lurid details of your sexual conquests together then?” She bit her lower lip and said, “umhum” I could tell she wanted to say something…so I asked, “ok what do you want to ask me? I can tell you are dying to ask something…” I was not going to be the one to say a word…so I waited as she gathered the courage.

We came up on a red light and as we stopped, she took her hand off the wheel and put it on my left leg and said, “have you two played around yet?” I think I almost passed out…holy crap she knew literally everything and what my step-sis and I were up to and was in on it… I tried to gather my composure and could tell my face must have been as red as the sun because I was sweating like hell…The light turned green and we started out. She looked over and said, “don’t worry sweetie, I would never say a word to your parents. I know you two are only related by your parent’s marriage. We used to stay up late at night talking about boys in our classes…funny thing is your sis always told me about you.”

We had finally arrived at the restaurant and I got out of the car a little lightheaded I think, and Amanda and I walked up to everyone else (brother had joined in at this point with a call from mom). We all went in and got a table. Us guys went to the restroom to wash our hands and of course dad and little bro started the grilling…little bro was first, “holy hell, who is that amazing woman you are with?” My head was still spinning so dad answered for me, “that is your sisters college roommate for the past 4 years.” Bro looks at me and says, “damn sis set you up with her best friend?!” “remind me to help her move the next time!”

Dad kind of chuckled and looked at me seriously, “you do have condoms right son? I am pretty sure you are going to get lucky tonight. She seems very taken with you.” I rolled my eyes to the back of my head and pulled my wallet out…” yep, I am in the Army dad…mandatory when you go on leave…” little bro is behind me laughing. We made our way back out to the table and the torture continued…I was to sit between Amanda and Sis, mom was next to sis, and bro and dad were on the other side of Amanda.

Thankfully, we made it though dinner with out too much hassle and were sitting there talking again and I notice a hand on my left leg…it is sis. She just put her hand on my leg and let it sit there. Then on cue, Amanda puts her hand on my right leg and lets is rest there. My god, these women are going to kill me, I am sure of it. I keep my composure and we all finally get up and head out of the restaurant. Amanda announces that she will take me and sis back to the apartment, she had to go over some class schedules with her to make sure they were going to be in the same classes. Everyone gets hugs all around and we all head out to our separate cars.

Sis was here this time, so I was relegated to the back seat…probably better for my sanity anyway. We all get in and Amanda starts the car. Sis looks back at me and says are you ok? Amanda did not hurt you too bad, did she? They both start to laugh at my ghost white appearance at this point. Amanda got out of the spot and starts driving back to sis’s apartment.

Sis turns around in her seat a little so she can look at me and says, “sorry bro, I did not want you to come on too strong or be too obvious, so Amanda and I set this up just incase mom and dad pulled the ‘old show up and surprise everyone trick on us’.” She really was very good at this whole psychology and sociology stuff. I looked up at her and could not be mad at those blue eyes looking at me. I said, “I kind of figured it out when Amanda asked me if we had played around yet…” Sis smacked Amanda on the shoulder and said, “No wonder he looked like you had just told him you wanted to have his babies or something when you guys got there…”

Amanda apologized to both of us and I could tell it was sincere, and then she looked at sis and said, “So…have you guys had sex yet or not?” Sis looked at me, I think she was reading my thoughts…I did not care if she told her best friend in the world, if she trusted her enough to have her help us tonight then I trusted her too. She answered Amanda “yes, we have Amanda and it has been even better than we used to dream about at night in the dorms.” Amanda’s jaw drops “you mean?” Sis just shook her head up and down.

At this point I am clueless to the inner circle language of these two so I just kind of watch the lights going by outside the window and thank god I made it through tonight (lol) well I thought I had…

We got back to the apartment and Amanda did come up and her and sis were going over class schedules for the upcoming term and talking about school stuff. I was just sitting on the couch mindlessly watching something on the TV as the girls talked and giggled and carried on. I must have dozed off at some point.

~~ End of Part 4~~

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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