‘Tis The Season

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Friday, December 6th


I can’t wait to see you again,

Missed you soooooo much!

This going to be our best eva Xmas!


What does this mean? I had spent the entire 6-hour flight trying to understand this message. Maybe she had too much wine. Or maybe she got confused and meant XXXX or XOXO. Also, what does she mean that it’s going to be our best ever Christmas? Is she planning something?

It wasn’t a message that you’d usually get from your mom.

My name is Ryan Travers, I’m 22, I’m from a town outside of Philadelphia and I had just flown in from Austin, where I’m going to college. I was staring at the departure board when I got her text. I just stared at it, lost in a world of confusion and Oedipal lust.

Jennifer Travers, my mom, is without a doubt the hottest MILF on the planet. At 45, she is just as mind-blowing sexy as she was when she was 21. With long, flowing blonde hair framing a beautiful heart-shaped face, cool blue eyes and full lips. Her body is just as insane, a voluptuous hourglass figure with sleek, toned legs that seemed to go on forever until they reach her hips and round ass. Her stomach has always been flat and waist slim, she lives for the gym and is addicted to yoga.

Now having a slim body, long legs and a stunningly beautiful face would make Mom a total knockout, like a definite nine. But it’s her big, round tits that pushes her up to 11 out of 10. Her exact bra measurements are a heavenly 34E. Of course, I peaked at her underwear drawer when I was younger. I have yet to see them in all their naked glory, but I’ve lost countless hours fantasizing on how they looked and how they would feel.

Back to my family, my father — Glenn, works as a lawyer who chiefly deals with the state, so he spends most of the time in Harrisburg. Since I’m an only child and Dad is in a perpetual state of overworked, it usually be Mom and me alone in the house, because of that we have always been close. We have talked openly about stuff like drugs, alcohol and sex. When I started going on real dates, Mom brought me a pack of condoms, joking that someone should at least use them. She even told me how she lost her virginity after I told her that I had just lost mine.

Was that it? Sex?

Was this message for someone else? Is Mom having an affair? I repeatedly asked myself as I waited for my luggage. I knew Mom and Dad were having problems. A first-year psych student could tell that Glenn Travers has been neglecting his wife. In the last couple of months, I suspected that he might be screwing his secretary. He has always been a bit of a cliché. But Mom, I always thought would be too classy for a one-night stand but I’d accept it.

Finally, my luggage appeared on the carousel and I headed to the departure lounge. I spotted her immediately and took a deep breath; she looked so sexy. Mom was wearing tight black jeans and a wool coat, which was undone to show off the low scoop top she had on, emphasizing her buxom chest. Her face lit up as I walked through the gates. The airport was strangely quiet tonight, so the sound of Mom’s boots tapping against the tiled floor echoed throughout the place as she ran to me. She looked excessively excited at seeing me.

Mom wrapped her arms around me and gave me a long bear hug, her two heaving orbs crushed into me as she peppered me with a bunch of quick kisses on the cheek. Feeling her voluptuous body rub up against me, I was 18 again and back in my bedroom, doing you-know-what. Mom really did miss me; we were hugging for five minutes. I clocked a guy who was giving us a weird look. A MILF and her young lover, was that what he was thinking?

“Baby, I missed you soooo much.” Mom said, looking a little flushed. “C’mon let’s get the fuck out of here.”

I squinted my eyes, Mom rarely swears, something must be up.

In a matter of minutes, we were in her Lexus, barreling our way home. We talked non-stop, Mom probing me about college and my sex life. And I answered them as truthfully as I could. I told her about the little thing I had going with Elena who is in my study group. Like I said, we’re close. But some of her questions were more direct than usual. She asked me if I had fucked Elena and how many times, also if we ever used the love word. It was like she was trying to find out how serious we were.

It was then my turn to ask the questions. Mom told me that work was going well and that she might be in line for a promotion. She also said that she would be organizing the office Christmas party, which was making her nervous. Mom said that she might need my help, of course, I said yes. When I asked about Dad, she clammed up and just stared out of the windscreen. I managed to pry out a terse ‘He’s fine’ from her. Shit, I guess that they’re really having problems. When I changed the conversation to the holidays, her demeanor completely changed back to joyful and a little flirty.

It was late when we got home and my canlı bahis flight to Philadelphia took 8 hours, including a 3-hour hold in Charlotte. Also, I was still hungover from last night, we had a little pre-Christmas break mixer. Mom noticed my tired appearance, ordering me to dump my luggage anywhere and go to bed. But not before giving me a good night kiss, which she has never done before. I was following her up the stairs when I decided to get a glass of water; Mom leaned down, giving me a peek down her blouse and kissed me on my forehead. She then left, rolling her hips as I stood mouth agape like an idiot.

Saturday, December 7th

I woke up the next morning, tired and very horny. My dick was permanently hard, knocking against my thigh as I tossed and turned. I needed sex. I hadn’t seen Elena for a while. Mom in all her sexiness had popped up frequently in my mind, urging me to masturbate furiously. I somehow heroically refrained.

The smell of pancakes broke my obsession about sex. I jumped out of bed and headed straight to the bathroom. After a long piss and brushing my teeth, I gave my face a quick wash. I don’t know why but I felt that I needed to look presentable to Mom. I glanced at the mirror and played around my atrocious bed hair. I inherited some of my looks from Mom, her eyes and her nose. The rest comes from my Dad. I’m 6 feet exact, have short brown hair and athletic built from high school football, now most of my exercise comes from long distance running. My Dad gave me his cleft chin but thankfully not his growing beer gut.

Consumed by hunger, I ran downstairs, expecting to find Mom, Dad and a plateful of pancakes. As I entered the kitchen, I immediately stopped and wished I was wearing something else than the flannel PJ pants. Mom was there alone, I guess Dad had gone to the office or something. But it was more what Mom was wearing that got me all shook-up and half-erect.

She was wearing a white satin kimono that barely hit the middle of her thighs. The robe was undone, revealing a black chemise she had on underneath with a deep v-cut; I swear I could see under-boob when she moved. She looked as hot as fuck and very inappropriate.

“Baby, sit down. I made pancakes!” She said with open glee in her voice. She dropped the spatula and rushed over to me. Another long hug where I again felt her heavy breasts pressing into my chest. I prayed that my cock wouldn’t pop out of the flap of my pants; the embarrassment would kill me.

“Thanks, Mom,” I took my seat at the table. “It’s been a while since I’ve had a proper breakfast.”

“Well you’re home now and I’m going to make sure that you’ll be eating right.” She said with a smile. Mom flipped a pancake in the pan and turned back to me. “I don’t really need to be back in the office until the New Year. So, we’re going to have a lot of time together.”

Wow, I thought. Three and something weeks alone with Mom. Dad’s probably going to be at the office or with his buddies in some cigar bar or fucking his secretary. Who cares, the main point he’s going to be out of the house, leaving just Mom and me. I wonder what she would wear; I mean if Mom’s going to be strutting around like this for breakfast, what the fuck she’s going to do for dinner? Bra and panties?

“Eat up, this is all for you. I’ve had my share. And your father,” Mom groaned, rolling her eyes. “He decided he’ll get some drive-thru on the way to Harrisburg.” She placed a stack of pancakes on my plate. She then grabbed the syrup and put it next to me, bending over the table with her cleavage right in my face.

I shoveled down my pancakes and drank my coffee. I would usually be on my phone, checking out Instagram. But why look at inane posts when I could watch my MILF mom glide around the kitchen in a skimpy outfit. She must know what she was doing to me; she had to be self-aware. Mom was cleaning up which somehow meant a lot of stretching or bending down. She’s not a short woman, 5’7-ish, but she was not tall enough to reach the higher shelves. She had a foot on a stool, trying to put a pan on the top shelf. My eyes traveled up her bare feet, to her taunt legs and finally to the raising hem of her slip. From where I was sitting, I saw the curves of her big, round ass. She climbed off the stool, now going searching for something else. Mom bent down in front a cupboard in my direct eye line. Her ass was up in the air and the hem of chemise had snaked all the way up, she wasn’t wearing panties and she was completely bare down there.

My cock had gone past the stage of just being erect; it was now throbbing painfully and ached to cum. I had finished my breakfast and gingerly stood up. With Mom now doing the dishes, I readjusted my dick when she looked away. I placed my plate next to the sink. My hands were trembling and I was sweating profusely, but I decided to her give a hug. “Thanks, Mom,” I muttered as my left arm wrapped around her tiny waist and pressed my body up bahis siteleri against hers.

Mom dropped the plate and the sponge; she stood still and just quietly hummed. I looked over her shoulder; her nipples were out and making two small tents. She then moved, taking a step back and her ass now rubbing up against my crotch. My bulbous head was now pushing into the small of her back. “Yes…” I heard her whisper.

She spun around and was now facing me. Her cheeks were flushed and very red. She looked me squarely in the eye, not breaking away from her gaze. For a moment, I became lost in the pool of her blue eyes. Mom was wearing makeup, her lips were painted a soft pink and there was a touch of foundation; I wonder who’s benefit was that for.

I didn’t know where her hands were until I felt her roughly manhandle my pulsating tool. “Hmmm… it’s as big as I hoped.” She chuckled. “Now, baby,” Mom leaned in, her lips inches from my earlobe. “Do you want Mommy to deal with this?”

Dumbstruck, I just nodded and her robe immediately fell to the ground. Then her chemise.

My mom, an experienced human resources manager, beloved aunt and respected member of the community; stood completely naked and never made any attempt to cover herself in front of her son. While I stared at her, thunderstruck, she made a face that radiated lust and dominance. With that body, she could get me to walk into traffic.

Her tits, those pair of magnificent large breasts that I’ve spent the last ten years coveting, were just as I fantasized. Just from looking at them, her tits were firm with soft, velvety smooth skin that I just wanted to nuzzle against. Her breasts were tipped with dark pink, stubby nipples surrounded in a brownish ellipse of her areolas. I just wanted to suckle on them.

My eyes reluctantly pulled away from Mom’s heavy breasts and down her flat stomach to between her legs, and to basically my gateway to heaven. Her pussy was just as beautiful as every other inch of her gorgeous body. Her cunt lips were pink and puffy with no hair around them and they were calling me, craving my cock. Her clit was out of its hood and exposed, definitively showing that I wasn’t the only one overwhelmed with oedipal lust.

Then it dawned on me, I was looked at my naked mother with a visible erection and both of us didn’t care! I felt I should say something; or I don’t know, start clapping. But as words didn’t come naturally to me, I just wanted to ogle her naked beauty.

My mom saw my dumbstruck face and smiled, she said in a silky tone, “Does my son, my own flesh and blood like what he sees?” She then turned back to me and raised her ass to me, it was round, full, just perfect representation of what an ass should be. Mom completed the 360-degree spin and placed her hands on her hips.

“Still silent?” She grinned. “It’s been a while since I had a reaction like that, too overloaded with lust to speak. I love that.” Mom grabbed the collar of my tee and pulled in for a long, unrestrained kiss. “That reaction deserves a response,” She said before shoving her tongue down my throat.

I was lost in a whirlwind of incestuous lust, teenage fantasies and the craven need to fuck. I didn’t feel my mom’s hand slip past my waistband and fondle my pulsating prick, or that my feet hit against the bench we had under a huge bay window. Taking the hint, I sat down. The drapes were open, but the window looked onto the backyard, so there was no one to see my mom writhe her naked body before dropping to her knees. In a flash, my PJ pants were flung to the corner and my member stood erect in front of my salivating mother. She wasted no time with her tongue twirling around the shaft. With a smirk, she then engulfed every inch of my prick down her throat, there was no resistance or gagging and in seconds her nose was nuzzling against my pubes. Now I’m no pornstar, but I’m still big down there, so her deep-throating me with that much ease is fucking impressive.

She kept me down there for a while, her warm throat contracting around my tool; Mom slowly pulled her head back, leaving a trail of spit from my cockhead to her grinning face. Her manicured fingers gently jerked me off and she opened her mouth, “Ohhh baby, you’re just as large as I hoped you’d be. Makes this a lot easier for me.” She wrapped her lips around the tip and gently slurped on it.

“Fuck…Mom!” I groaned. I was literally trembling. Pre-cum was leaking out of my blub and I was ready to cum, she only been blowing me for two fucking minutes.

She knew this through her magically cocksucking powers and released me. “You better not think about cuming. I need to feel this mammoth rod inside me, to know if this was worth it. Get into position, I want to ride you.”

Like the obedient son, I followed her orders and laid down on the bench. It was little cramp and I had to keep my knees bent, but I wasn’t going to complain as I watched Mom straddle me. She hovered her dripping bahis şirketleri cunt above my rocket like cock.

She grinned at me and said, “I need to admit something, I’ve known all about your sick perversion for years, how many times have you jerked off over me? But recently, I’ve been fantasizing about this.” She lined up her cunt lips with my lubricated dick and slammed herself down onto me. “OHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUCK!” Mom cried as she impaled herself. “FUCK DILDOS!!! This is what I need.” Mom screamed. She rocked back and forth, humming. Her eyes then opened and she said, “Oh god, once I’m done with you, the next newbie coed you fuck will be a dead fish compared to me. I’m going to ruin sex for you.” And with that boast, she wantonly bounced up and down.

I had never seen a woman that lustful. Her blonde hair flung from side to side as she slam-fucked my cock. I had my hands around her waist, there were moments where I thought she’d fall off. If she did, I guarantee she’d drag me down and we’d be fucking on the cold tile floor. Mom cried for more, but I ignored her, something caught my eye. Her two jigging orbs that were aching to be kissed. My tongue was all over them and soon I was eagerly sucking them, frantically switching between erect nipple. Mom was getting close, her body was trembling; I bit down on her the pinkish bud, she screamed and became stiff. “OH FUCK!” Mom cried as the wall of her pussy tightened around my rigid pole. She felt so tight, I was reaching the point of no return as well.

“FUUUUUCCKKKKK! SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” She screamed as her orgasm overwhelmed her. Her pussy released its grip on me and she laid on top with her satisfied smile on her face.

I let her snuggle against my chest as I pulled my uncomfortably hard cock out of her now drenched but warm pussy. I wrapped my arms around her, I was also smiling, not just because I could feel her juices trickle down onto my balls. We’ve broken so many laws, gone against what society thinks is moral and committed infidelity. But I really needed to cum. Also, I can easily assume that Mom doesn’t give a fuck and wants my cum.

“Mom… mom?” I gently tapped.

She groaned but looked up with a smile, “Yes baby?”

“It’s my turn.” I grinned.

Mom smiled back at me. She transformed from a dominant, strong woman to my own sex slave. She rolled off me and dragged me to the breakfast table. We then kissed again. She eagerly sucked on my tongue and then laid flat on the table with her firm tits pointing up. I glanced at my phone lying next to her head, I could take a couple of quick snaps. This may never happen again and it would be great to have some pics of her gorgeous naked body. But my brain was just urging me to fuck her.

“Mom, you’re probably right about those coeds. It won’t be the same again. Also, I can’t masturbate, it will never give me the same pleasure. But Mommy?” I leaned down and smirked at her. “I’m going to make you scream my name.” I pulled her down on the table so her pussy was on the edge and her legs were left dangling. I then lined my cock up and eased it between her legs. Being evil, I rocked my hips and rubbed the full length of my shaft against her slit.

“Please fuck me, Ryan!” Mom cried, visibly uncomfortable with my teasing.

Grinning like an idiot, I pulled back and positioned the cockhead at the wet entrance of her pussy. I slowly pushed my member deep inside her, trembling as I felt the muscles of my mother’s warm, velvet-like cunt instantly envelope me. FUCK! That felt awesome. “Shit Mom, I can’t explain how you feel.” I groaned.

“Don’t. Just fuck me!” Mom gasped and then yanked my head down and our lips met again.

The whole house must have been drowned in the sound of my mom’s groans as I followed her orders, my cock plunging deep inside her, slam-fucking her as hard I physically could. Mom didn’t care, she just wanted more. I was still a little dazed from how her pussy gripped my invading cock, sex with others will never be the same.

Mom had this tight hold on me, grinding my chest into her luscious E-cups. Our lips were still attached and our tongues fought for domination as I relentlessly pounded her. “Oh shit,” she cried, pulling her mouth from mine. “Yes! Ryan. Oh fuck… you’re such a good son! I’m going to get a car for you for Christmas.” I don’t care about get about getting a car, on Christmas morning I could get nothing and still be happy, this is my present. “Shit, I’ve never been fucked this good before!” Mom screamed.

Thank God and Jesus for that I could still fuck my mother, I don’t know how my dick was not exploding cum deep into her pussy. Hearing from her that I was such a good fuck, I needed to go a level further. I peeled off her and stood straight, with my cock still embedded inside her. I pulled out to the point where my tip was barely within the slick confines of her cunt, then plunged my meat back in a long, slow thrust until my cockhead was pressed against her cervix. Watching my mother drool from her sensory overload, I switched gears and I rapidly jabbed her pussy in short strokes. Mom screamed and shook; her body was trembling and I was loving it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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