Transition to Vikki, part two (reworked)

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Transition to Vikki, part two (reworked)
Transition to Vikki, part two (reworked)
Chapters one through eight of original story, completely rewritten (final draft). Story continues from chapter nine as My transition to Vikki.

Continuing the story of Steven Jennings, Gina and his transformation to Vikki. This is part two of the reworked original story. All original scripts have been rewritten to this new format. Changes have been made to streamline the story where I thought it was needed. Typos corrected, grammar put right and story plot errors amended. Hopefully I got them all, chapters have all been edited so they are more or less the same length now. This is part two of the updated second version.

As I’ve seen from other people’s stories, a disclaimer. “This story, its plot, characters and content is my own creation and my sole property. No individual person, group, body or association has my permission to use, copy or edit this story in entirity or part under any circumstances”.


Gina’s hands finally touched my cheeks and began to work in the oil. I moaned pleasurably and rotated my hips slowly, urging her to continue. As Gina worked my cheeks she would slowly rub one finger up and down my crease, stopping whenever she touched my puckered entrance. All I could do was sigh with pleasure and raise my hips from the bed to urge her to push harder. Gina ignored my less than subtle pleas and carried on working the oil into my cheeks and crease for a few more minutes.

Eventually, all the back of my body was covered in warm oil. She’d done what she intended by working me into a state where I could not think normally. Everything that I felt now was purely by senses of touch, taste and smell. Logical thought was absent, only primal instinct was operating. Gina dripped more oil straight onto my waiting entrance and then using one finger slowly began to work it around in slow sensual circles. She looked down as I moved and moaned under her touch, knowing precisely how far to push me. She knew that she was wearing down my final defences and for her to fully take me it needed to be a purely instinctual reaction to her, no rational thought involved at all. With a little more oil she pressed her finger down until it entered me and worked slowly down to the end, past her second knuckle. She held it there, without moving, to gauge my reactions and looked up to my face to see.


As Gina worked the oil up and down my body, into my skin, I felt myself slowly float away until all there was left was a calm peaceful sensation. I knew that Gina could take me whenever she wanted, but by doing this she intended to raise me to an until then unknown level of pleasure. I was floating when I felt her circling my anus, it felt right so I wiggled my hips to urge her onwards. With more oil I then felt her increase pressure and the muscle ring opened to let her finger enter. I held my breath as it continued in, straight down until there was no more to push in. I felt her pause, allowing me to get used to the intruder. A warm feeling started to radiate outwards, followed by the beginnings of a pleasant burning sensation. All I could do was to smile at the new pleasure I felt, wriggle around and softly say,

“More !”.


Gina could see the expression of joy break out on my face and heard me say “More”. Knowing it was safe to continue she started working her finger in and out slowly. Doing that soon brought a soft moan from my throat. My sphincter was alternately tightening and loosening of its own accord on her finger. It burned slightly but I loved the feeling and wanted more. Gina had now oiled her hand and brought a second finger into play. Slowly pressing, they both stretched my anus and then I felt it “pop” and release, both fingers were now beginning to work in and out of my passage. By now I was really enjoying her activities to loosen me up and urged her on. Gina now used her two fingers to spread them apart, literally “opening me up”. I felt the initial pain of the muscle being stretched, then just a slow feeling of pleasure took over me. I was beyond speech right now so I let her continue her working for a few minutes, then held up a hand and showed Gina three fingers.


Gina looked at my anal ring as her two fingers slowly opened and closed, spreading it for her to see. From my moans she knew that there was no longer a problem. Gina concentrated on giving me as much pleasure as she could. Opening her fingers, slowly working them in and out and circling them around. Several minutes had passed and she almost missed the motion of my hand, showing her three fingers together. Gina smiled sensually and knew at that point she had me, I was going to be hers willingly !. Giving in to my request she added a third finger and properly started to work them in and out with real fucking motions, stretching them all out further and really opening me in preparation for her. With her other hand she slowly stroked herself in time to the thrusts of her fingers. Her girly clit was erect and felt in need of a home, but she didn’t want to rush me and risk ruining things.


Now I could feel three of Gina’s fingers working back and forth in my passage. The feel of them thrusting, and even more intensely when they splayed out to properly open my anus. I loved it and wanted even more but didn’t want to push her into hasty actions. I just lay there, twitching, grunting and moaning under her anal assault, secretly begging for something much much bigger, and soon !. At this point I felt her fingers withdraw and my anus felt lost, empty, but I could feel it still spread wide open !!. I was just about to say something when I felt a rapid flick across the entrance. I thought,

“NO !”,……………………….. “it can’t be!!”,……………………………. “is that Gina’s tongue ?!”.

But it was, Gina had bent down and was stabbing at my anus with her tongue. Her hands keeping my cheeks wide open had left me totally exposed to her, but I loved the feeling. Gina had worked her tongue inside my passage now and was slowly circling it. The sensation was making me jump around, I’d never felt anything like this before and didn’t know how much more I could take. Finally giving up pretence I looked round at Gina crouched over my cheeks and practically begged her,

“Gina, please !!, now. No more, just fuck me please. I want you, fill me up…………..pleeeeaase !!!”

Gina was lost in her element and barely heard me call to her. She looked up to see my face, the flush of lust, the need, the trust and knew it was finally time. She nodded and said simply,

“Yes, it’s time !!. I want this to be special for both of us, but I need you to trust me a little more. Do you trust me completely Steve ?”.

All I could do was nod in reply. Gina stepped off the bed and told me to turn round, facing the end of the bed and the mirror on the wall. I did a flip turn as fast as I could go, then lay there awaiting what I knew was to come. Gina in the meantime was removing her now ripped silk stockings and suspenders. She came to me, naked for the first time, with a strange grin on her face and quickly looped a stocking twice round my left wrist, then proceeded to tie it to the bedpost. I knew what she wanted and eagerly held my other wrist out for her to loop a stocking twice more around and then she tied it to the other bedpost.

I looked ahead at my reflection in the mirror, showing me tied to a four poster bed about to be fucked. Then I realised the expression on my face right now. I stared back at myself with naked lust and I knew then and there that this was going to be THE turning point. I saw the hunger in my eyes and knew that once Gina had fucked me this first time, I was going to LOVE it and there would be no turning back !. This would be a major part of our future sex life and I was eager for her to climb on board. Gina would be gentle to start off with, but eventually she would fuck me with all her strength and drive the full length into me. We could both plainly see I wanted it, my cock was already leaking pre cum in anticipation.

Gina moved around to stand by my head and looking directly at my face proceeded to liberally and slowly lubricate her now fully grown weapon. She up-ended the bottle and poured it over the full length of her girl clit. I watched as oil spread around the skin, making it shine. Excess oil dripping off the sides and falling to the floor. When she was good and ready, the entire length glistening with oil, Gina took the bottle and moving closer. She brought it directly to my anus, pushed two fingers inside and spread them wide apart. Gina slowly squirted cold oil right into my passage until I felt it run down further inside me and down my balls onto the duvet cover.

Placing the bottle on the bedside table, she got a pillow and put it under my waist so I was lifted up ready for her to mount me. Gina got on the bed and moved until she was kneeling between my spread thighs. Taking them in her hands Gina spread them further apart and moved until she was crouched over my back. I watched all this in the mirror with detached fascination but I could not prevent the jolt of shock when Gina brought the tip of her clit to touch my anus. I could feel the size and heat of it behind me and see the look of desire in Gina’s eyes.

“Ready ?” she asked me. I nodded and raised my hips quickly,

“GOD yes, I’m sooooo horny right now. In me, please !!. I want you to look me in the eyes as you drive into me. Gently at first, then when you see I’m enjoying it, cut loose and power fuck me !!!!”

Gina nodded and then increased the pressure. The oil lubrication and earlier working of my opening was enough to do the job, she felt me open up and then the whole of her tip was now lodged inside me. Gina looked at me in the mirror. She could see the shocked look in my eyes, my open mouth at the penetration and her girth. But then she saw the beginnings of a smile on my face and knew I was converted.


When I felt her increase pressure I tried to relax my anus to let her enter. A couple of tries later and then it happened!. I felt the pressure lessen but I could now feel her actually inside me. I knew it was only the tip and had more to follow but it felt so hot, not to mention its size !. Even then I couldn’t stop a smile of satisfaction crossing my stunned face. I looked at Gina in the mirror and saw her looking back at me, I nodded and then she pushed again. More of her delightful cock surged into my back passage, widening me even more, I started to feel a delicious burn on my anus as it did. I hoped this would get much better.


When Gina saw me nod, she pushed further and more of her length entered me. She was now controlling her breathing as not to ruin the moment. Resting on her elbows and knees, she slowly withdrew until the tip only remained and then pushed back in, getting a little further down each time. She could feel my back passage spasm and twitch around her, knowing that she was the first to do this. Gina listened to me whisper “Yes” as she started to properly fuck me with long slow easy strokes. I was panting in time to her thrusts, muttering to myself as she did. It took about five minutes of slow back and forth fucking but eventually Gina was pressed fully along my back and she revelled in the pleasure she was giving me, taking my virginity, and being determined to make it memorable.


I felt her move in and out, a little deeper each time. My anus continued to sting, but it felt right, I really started to want the slight burn as she entered me each time!!. I had no idea how long she’d been fucking me but eventually Gina stopped. I could feel her pressed right down on my back, so I looked at her in the mirror,

“Why have you stopped?. This is sooooooooooooooooo good !. I feel so full, I can actually feel you moving around deep inside me. Fuck me !!”.

Gina leant forward on my shoulders and kissed the back of my neck,

“It’s just to let you know, there’s no more left. You have all of me in there, you’re in no way a virgin now. Get ready, because I’m going to fuck you in ways you’ve never even imagined”.

With that she withdrew to the tip and then slowly drove all the way back in. My head shot back as I shuddered with the shock of it,

“YESSSS !!!!”, I hissed and she started to properly fuck me.

The next minutes passed in a blur. All I remembered feeling was the burn of my anus as she sawed her entire length in and out of my spasming passage. The expanding, hot feeling in my rectum and bowels as she filled my depths again and again. The slurping sounds that she made while riding me. The slap of her breasts and body when she powerslammed down onto me. The delicious ripple as the small metal ball slid along the inside of my rectum. Our mutual moans and cries of pleasure, getting louder all the time. All my tension and any remaining fear about this disappeared. All I had instead was a growing desire for more as the pleasure spread throughout my body. Everything driven by Gina and the deliciously thick clit which powered its way again and again into my now open and willing pussy.

I sensed only the feel, the heat of her girl clit. Its pressure, its warmth pulsing through my body, the pleasure as she ploughed in and out. Moans again began to escape my lips as she continued, my eyes rolled back and I spasmed when she drove especially deep and held it there. The bed began to shake and bang against the wall again rhythmically and now Gina was also making noises to show her pleasure. Fully on board with Gina now, I intended to let her do this whenever she felt the desire.

I thought there were no more gears to her sexual engine, but Gina further accelerated her thrusts. Biting down hard on my shoulder and groaning into me as she did. I could not keep up any more with the overload of pleasure sensations and frantically came all over myself as she fucked me through my first anally induced orgasm. My cum pumping in streams all over my stomach, the pillow and the duvet under both of us. Gina could feel my twitches and jumps and knew precisely what it meant. She drove deeper and harder with the need to come herself.

Seeing my reflection in the mirror, tied to the bed and begging her to continue, was almost more than Gina could bear. Slowing her strokes she managed to prevent herself cumming too soon. Wanting to make my first time truly memorable Gina was determined that when she finally did cum, I would not only be able to feel it. I would be calling for her to do it as deep in me as she could possibly reach. Adjusting her position slightly, Gina moved so her legs were now outside my own, but her feet were still locked behind my knees. Watching this in the mirror I noticed that her backside had been raised somewhat. I only found out what this new posture meant when she drove back into me again. Only THIS time, she drove straight down. The new angle dragged her glans, and metal ring right over my prostate, then deeper into my rectum than she’d been until now.

My breath was knocked out of me as Gina slammed down on my back. Exhaling with a loud “Ooooff !” I watched as she lifted her hips and paused before driving down again. Another forcibly exhaled “Ooooff !” and she started the new rhythm. With her feet behind my knees Gina had some solid foothold to drive from. Consequently I really began to feel this new assault. Having been fucked through my first anal orgasm, then coming all over the duvet and pillow, I thought I wouldn’t be capable of any more. But as she drilled me relentlessly I could feel another orgasm building in the background. Wanting it to hit me soon I started backing up as she drove down, this made her stab a little further each time. Gina gasped out loud when she felt my reactions to her and accelerated her own pace further. I could feel her breath, hot, frantic, against my neck as she fucked me mercilessly. My once closed passage was now wide open to her attacks and I took pleasure in receiving her constant anal assault. She had gone way beyond a sexual act between lovers. Gina had now reached that rare place where the fucking became of purely primal instinct. Her need to “own me” and cum as deeply inside me as she could had taken her over. Gina panted,

“I’m getting close now, got to cum, got to cum !!”.

I could feel her getting shorter with her thrusts, sense her need for release. So I hissed back to Gina,

“Do it then !, cum in me. Fill me with it. Deep in my pussy. Cum NOW !!”.

Gina moaned, thrust herself inside me once more and then cried,

“Now !. YES !!!”.

With that she started to make little stabs deep inside me and I could feel her girl clit jerk and pulse as she türkçe bahis came, pumping shot after shot into my bowels. I lay there and took her entire delivery with a satisfied moan and whisper of,

“Yes baby, ALL of it. Deeper !, give me every drop !!”.

Finally Gina stopped moving and she fell across my back. I lay there satisfied under her as she started to soften, until with a “slurp” she withdrew and I felt a stream of her cum, mixed with oil and my body secretions, as it ran down to my balls. Gina rolled off to one side,

“That was incredible. You loved that didn’t you ?”.

I grunted my agreement and asked her to untie me, which she did. Reaching behind me I gathered some of the mixed juices and licked it from my fingers. Gina watched in silence and then put her mouth to my now gaping hole and swirled her tongue around, slurping up the mixed juices. She sucked on my open anus, collecting all she could. When she’d finished she came round to my face and we kissed deeply as we shared what was in her mouth back and forth. Looking at the time I was surprised to find that we’d been fucking for well over an hour and it was now on the way to four o’clock. I suggested that we have a nice hot shower to clean ourselves before dressing for food in the restaurant. Smiling, Gina took my hand and we both tottered into the double shower. Turning on the water, I let it run to get it nice and hot until steam was filling the booth. I took the little shower stool and made her sit on it, so I could bathe her Japanese style. Taking the shampoo I began to wash her long hair lovingly. She sat there quietly, letting me wash and rinse it twice to soothe away the tension. After her hair I washed her from top to her toes, cleaning every inch of her and rinsing her clean until she sat there with a content look on her face and she glowed from my attention. Gina motioned me to sit as she had before,

“My turn to wash you now”.

Proceeding exactly as I had Gina washed my hair, and then me from head to toe. Finally we were both clean, content and red from the shower, and I felt even closer together from our sharing such an intimate activity. Without a word we moved back to the bedroom and dried ourselves on towels provided. At last we looked at each other, both of us knowing that we had now crossed the final barrier. We had stepped into the realm of our relationship becoming something special. I took her by the hand and we walked naked into the main room and she sat on the large sofa, both legs curled under her. She gave me a look and said,

“What now ?, did you feel it as well ?, where does this mean we’re going ?”.

Without answering I collected both wine glasses, filled them and handed one to Gina.

“I’m not entirely sure myself darling. But one thing I do know, wherever this goes, I’m going at your side !”.

The confidence and certainty with which I said it surprised her, but I knew it was what she needed to hear. Raising my glass for a toast I said softly,

“To us, to the future, to a new life together”.

I could see a tear in her eye as I said this. She put her face down toward the floor, leaving it surrounded by her halo of dark hair. I noticed she hadn’t raised her glass in reply yet, but asked me almost as a plea,

“What about LOVE ?, is there room for any love ?”.

The only answer I could give her was physical, so I put down my glass and knelt by her side. I took her in my arms, spread her hair away from her face, which I could see was now wet with tears. I could see the fear of rejection and being hurt in her eyes. A memory of her past hurts and past betrayals. Unable to take any more I drew her slowly and tightly to me and kissed her firmly. Smiling in reassurance I told her,

“There’s SO MUCH room for love from me Gina !, as I think you already suspect ?”.

The relief was instantaneous when Gina heard my reply. She smiled and kissed me back. Holding my face in both her hands, she sniffed away the tears, looked at me intently and said,

“You do know I’m falling in love with you, the way you make me feel ?”.

I simply smiled, kissed the tip of her nose, tilted my head to one side and replied,

“Then I’m not alone am I !!. “.

Her eyes went wide with my confession. Squealing like a little girl who’s opening presents on Xmas morning, she pulled me to sit alongside her on the sofa. Leaning into me, she snuggled down, gave a contented sigh and kissed my neck as I looked out the window. Finally responding to my toast, Gina raised her own glass and said quietly,

“To us, to love”.

Time passed in silence, both of us content in knowing how we felt. It seemed right that our at first unspoken thoughts were now in the open. Telling each other just now how we felt, and knowing that the feelings were returned, was liberating for us both. Knowing there was a woman who said she was falling in love with me gave me a sense of warmth I’d not felt since my parents. I knew her feelings would grow over time and I wanted to be there to see it happen. I didn’t give a second thought to the fact I myself was starting to fall in love with Gina. I accepted it thankfully and couldn’t wait to see the future we’d create together.

We sat and sipped our wine in silence, content to hold hands and watch the birds flying outside. Finally knowing the spell had to be broken, I looked at the clock and saw it was half past five. I mentioned that we should maybe get ready for something to eat in the restaurant before deciding if we were to go out for a drink or two. Gina lifted her hand and said,

“You go ahead, get dressed. I’ll meet you down in the hotel bar before dinner. I want to surprise you with this evening’s outfit. After what we’ve just confessed to each other, I want to make sure tonight is extra special”.

Leaving her with her wine I returned to the bedroom and dressed for the evening to come. I wanted to it to be special too, though not overly formal so I chose to go casual/smart. A quarter of an hour later I entered the main room to find Gina still on the sofa with legs curled under her, sipping her wine.

“Well, what do you think ?”, I said as I turned round slowly with my arms out wide.

I wore a tailored, light blue silk short sleeved shirt. Top two buttons open to show off my arms and chest. By no means tall or muscle bound, it did accent my wide shoulders and on down to the narrower waist. Pastel grey trousers and a slim belt, below that some light blue loafers completed the look. My only concession to vanity was an expensive Tag Heuer Aquaracer Quartz watch and some cologne for effect. Her love bites on my neck were plainly visible, but I wore them openly for her. My intention, to let everyone see who I am with, so people could clearly see she had claimed me as her trophy !. Gina turned to look at me, then stood and slowly walked around, as though eyeing a horse in a market. She stood back, smiled and told me I would make quite an impression tonight. She leant in to kiss me, smelt the cologne and murmured her appreciation,

“Wear some of that in bed later please”, she said with a glint in her eyes.

Shooing me out of the room I found myself alone, walking the corridor and then the stairs down to the hotel bar. Waiting my turn to be served I looked around at the other people gathering before the restaurant opened for dinner. There were a few couples deep in their own conversations, I could hear the talk from a group of three young men across at the far end of the bar. They loudly chatted about the usual things, the weekend’s football scores, their hopes for getting available women and where they would go that night to find them. I eventually got served with my drink, a double Jack Daniels over ice, then looked for a suitable place to wait for Gina. I knew we had crossed the line from a merely sexual, into an emotional relationship now. But however I tried to think about the situation, I could not find a way to make it appear other than natural and beautiful.

Stealing a look at my watch I could tell it had been nearly 30 minutes since I left. My heart was now racing as it would on a first date !.

“Ridiculous !”, I thought to myself.

“You’ve nothing at all to be nervous about”,……………………. “Gina’s already told you how she feels, and you know you feel the same about her !!”.

I finished my drink and asked for a second, when it came I automatically took a sip and looked outside to watch passing cars on the main street. It took a few seconds before I realised that all conversation in the room had stopped and eyes were focused on the vision standing in the doorway. As I turned round I heard one of the young guys call out loud,

“Hot damn !!, would you get a look at that woman over there. FUCK ME !!!, she’s gorgeous !!. Now THAT’S what you call a “looker” !. I saw her first, hands off boys !!, she’s mine tonight”.

He took a mouthful from his pint glass, then a couple of steps towards her from the bar. Gina looked round and saw me stand up, utterly stunned at her transformation. She could see the look of sheer adoration I sent her way, then she lit the room with her smile. I strode confidently up to her, beating the youth by a few seconds and took her hands in mine. Not caring at all about the plainly clear height difference between us, I held them and waited for her to say something. I could feel the nervous tremor in her fingers as she looked to me and quietly asked,

“Will this do ?”.

I looked at her as if really seeing her for the first time and my breath caught in my throat. She wore a simple red cocktail dress that had two thin straps over her otherwise bare shoulders and arms. It finished a couple of inches above her knees and I could see through the slit up both sides that she was wearing tan coloured hold up stockings. It followed her body contours closely, showing off her large breasts confidently, with plenty of cleavage, but in no way obscene. Further down it was tight over her flat taut stomach, it cinched delightfully at her waist and flowed out to show her wide hips and the gentle curve of her buttocks. Her hair had been brushed until it shone and worn high on her head in a single large pony tail which still managed to flow most of the way down her back.

A large white enameled bracelet was round the left wrist and a slim white ladies watch was on her right wrist. Her feet were encased in gloss white, four inch heels with a simple strap around the ankle, they were also open toed, through which I could see Gina had painted her toenails blood red. Her long finger nails were likewise decorated. Her only accessory was a small white clutch bag which was held tight under one arm. I could smell a light breeze from her perfume, something exotic and which made my eyes flash when I got a scent of her. I smiled, bowed slightly and took her arm in mine. Needing to tell her how she affected me, I could only say,

“You look absolutely STUNNING !. A shining vision from my imagination. I can’t believe how beautiful you are and that you’ve dressed up for me like this !”.

I kissed her hand, and ignoring the red faced youth standing behind us, escorted her to my table. Standing behind her I held her chair while she sat down. Simple manners always please a lady I was brought up to believe, and I was glad to see that Gina revelled in the public attention I gave her. The moment was broken with a loud comment from the same youth we left standing in the open,

“What the hell is all this ?,………..Is she serious ?,……………………just look at the size of her and then look at him !, …………………………It’s like Little and Large,………………………………it’s a damned joke. What’s he got then ?. What makes him so bloody special ?”.

I was content to leave the insolence and his comments without answer, but I saw the flash of anger in Gina’s eyes and the flick of her head. Fixing the youth with her steely gaze and the entire room watching the exchange to see what might happen, Gina said icily,

“What does he have ?. Let me tell you, you ungrateful little shit !!. He has patience, good manners, he shows me real tenderness. He’s also attentive to my needs, has self control, plus when needed he gives me his endless stamina, that’s what he has. Not to mention having an eight figure bank balance !. Compared to all that, what the fuck does a brainless twat like you have ?”.

Gina held his gaze, daring him to reply. I could hear a couple of muted chuckles from other patrons and someone applauded behind me. The youth was now caught as his mates burst out laughing and the situation made him blush further. I could see his fists clenching as people laughed at him. Wanting to stave off any further trouble I stood and took a single step towards him. He noticed this, but not wanting more problems, finished his glass and stormed from the room followed by his still laughing friends. Gina turned back to me, watched me sit down and the stunned expression on my face.

“Did I go too far ? I didn’t want to embarrass you but he was just so rude”.

Leaning in to kiss her I smiled and told her,

“Unexpected, but nice to see the tiger inside you. I found it quite hot, just like a jungle cat marking her territory, as you did earlier !!.

I stroked a finger along my neck to emphasise her love bites as I said it.

Now, what would you like to drink ?”.

Gina asked for a glass of white wine so I went to the bar and asked for a glass of Montrachet if possible. The barman returned with a glass and leaned over to me,

“I hope you don’t mind, but I found that “put down” from your lady companion quite brilliant. Those three boys had been drinking here all afternoon, trying to hit on every woman they saw in the bar”.

Picking up the glass I turned to leave, but thought he deserved an answer for his honesty.

“The lady is my girlfriend and right now I consider myself quite a lucky man”.

I heard his final comment as I walked back,

“If I had only half of your luck I’d be deliriously happy !”.

Returning to Gina I gave her the wine and mentioned the barman was impressed with her performance and complimented me on my good fortune. She looked at him and flashed her most brilliant supernova smile in thanks which froze him to the core in shock. We spent the time before dinner in quiet conversation, talking about trivial things and stroking each others hands like lovestruck teenagers. Occasionally I’d look at Gina, lift her hand and kiss her fingers which earned me another smile and flash from her green eyes. When the dinner call came we walked through still talking, lost in our own world and chose a quiet corner to continue our conversation.

Dinner came and went, we both found it filling and what we would have expected from the standard of hotel. After the meal I sat relaxing with a good coffee while Gina had another glass of wine. I was happy with the momentary silence, the good food and just sitting with the most beautiful woman I’d ever known. Gina’s bag started beeping and we both came back to the present as she opened it to take out her phone. Looking at it Gina told me,

“It’s Anna, more than likely wanting to know how things are going. Do you mind if I take it here ?”.

Shaking my head I assured her please continue. With a flick Gina answered the phone and listened to Anna at the other end. I could not clearly hear what she said, but I could make out the general tone of the conversation. Gina listened for a while then she spoke,

“It’s really going great Anna. We got here around lunchtime and then spent the next four hours in bed”.

I could see other people trying to listen, but not make it obvious that they were.

“Yes Anna, he did first, and I have to say it was great. I love his technique, he’s got REAL skills !. Uh huh,………uh huh,…………that’s right, then I did my thing, and guess what ?. He loved it !!”.

Other people were now openly looking our way and listening to the conversation. I found myself beginning to blush as men, and especially their women cast appraising glances over myself and Gina. A couple close by lifted their glasses to me smiling, and I smiled back weakly in reply. Gina continued talking to Anna,

“I think you need to know Anna, I’m starting to get emotionally involved, I’m falling in love. Is this going to be a problem ?”.

The ladies nearby were now clearly giving me obvious glances to check me out and their partners were looking equally as hard at Gina. I could feel their jealousy and I’m sure I heard at least one gentle sigh from somewhere within the room.

“You don’t mind Anna ?, it’s not going to be a long term problem ?, you want us both to be happy however it goes ?. Oh… what do you mean, you have to finalise plans, so take a little longer if we want to ?. Oh………………………………………REALLY ?. Ok, then I will, I’ll ask him now. Steve, Anna wants to know if you would be interested in extending our stay here for the whole weekend, until Monday morning ?. Do you mind, do you, do you ?”.

I looked at her and I could see the longing in her eyes, wanting me to say yes. As if I’d say anything else to Gina tonight !!.

“Wait here, and I’ll speak with reception about extending our stay”.

Gina squealed excitedly down the phone,

“He’s going to ask !, he’s going to ask now !!”.

Giving her a brief kiss I left and walked through to reception, Valerie was still there from earlier. With my best smile I explained the situation to her and asked if the suite we currently occupied was available for further nights. She smiled at me with a slight, knowing expression and, after clearly examining my neck checked the system. Thirty seconds later bonus veren siteler I found myself walking back to the bar with confirmation, an even more blatant “come on” smile from Valerie, and also Valerie’s card with her number on it. Written under it in her dainty female script was the line,

“BOTH of you, call me tomorrow morning !. It’s my weekend off !”.

I saw Gina bouncing up and down in her seat like an excited puppy,

“Well !, can we stay longer ?,………………….can we,……………………………………..CAN WE ?!”.

Not saying a word I motioned for her phone, Gina passed it to me and I spoke into it,

“Anna ?, what a pleasure to finally speak to you. Your wish for Gina has been granted, we will be staying until first thing Monday morning. Then we can continue with the next steps. And don’t worry about Gina, I know she’s falling in love. I can tell you it’s a mutual situation”.

For the first time I heard Anna’s voice, it purred down the phone like coffee and cream as she spoke and I heard a little catch in her voice,

“I’m so glad that you want to make it special for Gina. She’s been hurt many times before, I think it’s time she had someone to love and love her in return. Just don’t hurt her in future !”.

“Hurt Gina !”, I said as I stroked the back of her neck, “Anna, I’m sorry, but I’d die before I hurt her !. There’s nothing on this earth which could make me cause her pain”.

I passed the phone back to Gina and they spoke for a few more minutes before Gina hung up. I looked at her and I could see the tears in her eyes. I could also see that some other ladies nearby were making sniffling noises too or wiping their eyes carefully. Wanting to do something impulsive to “mark her” in turn, and knowing that she needed to be SEEN to be loved, I took Gina’s hand and said to her,

“Let’s take a walk down the high street. See what shops are open during the evening. It’s still early enough to find you something nice”.

Confused but happy, Gina held my hand tightly as we left the hotel and walked into the evening air. Acting purely on impulse I hadn’t planned this little trip, but at this moment in time it felt right. Everything somehow was beginning to fall into place. For whatever reasons I felt the clouds start to lift from the back of my mind. Remembering my late father’s most important lesson to me,

“If your instincts tell you it’s right, then it almost always is !”, I continued with the plan.

With his pearl of wisdom ringing in my mind, I steeled myself to follow this to the end. If I could do this now, so much the better. As Gina was capable of making rapid emotional leaps, who am I to say it’s wrong ?. Walking ahead I was determined, if I thought it over I may find reasons to turn round. So, we carried on down the high street, passing the few shoppers that were still about. I knew in my mind exactly what I wanted to find, I just hoped they had one still open. We passed a few clothes shops, which Gina half expected me to take her into. A lingerie shop got the same treatment as we continued down the road. On we walked, towards the roundabout we first saw this morning. Gina said nothing but I did see her look around trying to make some sense of where I was leading her. Another hundred metres we walked, until I could see it at last on the next corner. As we approached Gina gripped my hand even tighter, she could sense where I was leading her. On the corner I turned into the doorway of the jewellers and beckoned her to come with me. She could see from my eyes and smile I had something unusual in mind, but she was not sure exactly what. Inside I took her to the middle of the shop and waited with my arm around her waist for an assistant to come and offer help. When one came over I gently told Gina,

“Look around at anything and everything you wish to see, and I mean ANYTHING !, no matter what the item may cost !!”.

At this the assistant escorted us to some chairs and said to Gina did she have anything specific in mind. Gina looked around completely lost, she never guessed that I would do anything like this. As she tried to speak I broke in,

“If I may suggest, darling. Let’s start with some nice earrings. Something with emeralds I think, to match the flash in those opal green eyes of yours. We can forget a necklace today, against yours it would be only a second best decoration. A bracelet might be nice, again emeralds to match the eyes. Pendants, brooches too if you like. Leave looking at their rings until last, Gina. I want you to be completely certain in your heart and mind before you look at those. But when you do, look at whatever type of ring you want to. I mean this, WHATEVER TYPE OF RING YOU WISH !!!”.

I cupped her chin and stared into her eyes when I said the last part. I could see the flash of shock and recognition, then I could see her actually thinking to herself,

“Did he really say what I thought he said ?. Has he really just proposed to me ?”.

Answering her unspoken thoughts I smiled, dropped to one knee, nodded and then kissed her,

“No mistake my darling Gina. I meant exactly what you think I said !”.

The assistant caught all this, unsure of what exactly she was watching, until Gina said as if from miles away,

“Could I look at some emerald earrings and bracelets please”. Then after a thoughtful pause, “Oh, and if it’s not too much trouble, maybe you could show me some of your nicer engagement rings as well ?”.

I got back up and rested my hands on her bare shoulders. A simple enough gesture, to show stability and something real which she could feel and depend on. Controlling my body, I held both hands there without shaking, though inside I was a total mess. Talking to myself, I was in turmoil,

“Would she look at the rings ?”. More importantly,

“Would she see the leap of faith I was making and respond in kind ?”.

Externally, I kept a straight face and held my ground behind her. I wanted Gina especially, and anyone else there, to see I was deadly serious. To let them all know I thought Gina was worth the gesture and commitment. The assistant brought a selection of emerald earrings for Gina to examine. Each was assessed, placed in an ear and checked in a mirror. Whittling down the options she continued until only one pair remained. Gina loved them but gasped when she saw the price label and turned to me,

“Are you sure ?, they’re so expensive, look at the cost of them !”.

I nodded my assent, she put it to one side and the selection moved on to bracelets. Gina wasn’t so sure so she opted not to choose one of those. Finally, after a long pause, she said to the assistant in a little girl’s voice,

“What about showing me some engagement rings ?”.

Some of the better ones with larger diamonds were brought out for her selection. I could see my favourite instantly, but wanted to see if Gina would pick it as well. She finally worked her way to it and gasped. There it was !, simple, elegant, understated, but just screamed,

“mine !, mine !!, mine !!!”.

A thin gold band inlaid with platinum twists and three quality diamonds, two of them offset along the crown either side of the the very large central diamond. Gina picked it up entranced and tried it on. It was a little too snug according to the ring scale. After checking the size of Gina’s finger the assistant assured us the correct size was available. Right now though it was locked securely in the shop’s main vault, which would not be opened until the morning. Gina looked at me once more, cast her eyes down to the floor and softly said,

“Is this what you wish ?. Is it what you want ?. Do you really want me this way ?”.

I replied,

“If you had asked me that question yesterday, I couldn’t answer it. But NOW, today !. Of course I want you Gina. Not just with some nice words, but with cold hard deeds too. You need to be shown love, and I can think of no better way than this to prove it. If you say YES and agree, we will come back here tomorrow and you will leave as my fiancee with it on your finger”.

I waited breathless for her reply. Gina looked at the ring,…….me,…………..the ring,………me again and then burst into tears as she nodded. Not realising I’d been holding my breath while Gina decided, I loudly exhaled and smiled at both her and the assistant. Turning to the assistant, I asked her to log my name and all relevant details in the shop book to ensure the ring in question be kept back as a sale has been agreed. I gave her my card and paid for the earrings. The assistant passed them to Gina, who decided she’d wear them and put them in, The young assistant smiled then said,

“Congratulations Miss, you are a very lucky young woman”.

Gina turned to me with tears still falling and said,

“Thank you, but no, I think Steve knows who is the lucky one !”.

We walked out of the shop and started back in the direction of the hotel. Night was starting to fall as walked back arm in arm. As we passed the lingerie shop Gina stopped and asked if I minded her looking in here. I said no so we walked in and Gina passed down the aisles examining various things. Telling me not to peek, I stood by the door and waited as she chose some items. I felt in no hurry, all was well in the world. At last, I felt I had finally “grown up” and made a personal commitment. As I replayed it in my mind, I realised I was more than OK with the decision, there was no fear left at all. I smiled inwardly and watched traffic pass by as the sun went down. Gina returned with a few items that she liked, I paid for them without comment and we returned to the hotel.

Back in the bar we could see all of the same people were still there, along with a few latecomers listening to music from the hotel pianist. The people from before saw our return and some of the women instantly picked up from Gina’s reddened cheeks that something had happened. They saw the new earrings which Gina wore, the bag from the lingerie shop. They also made out the far away, happy expression on Gina’s face. Even through fresh tears, she still shone brightly and they could sense she had something held in check. A story she wanted to tell the world. Being more intuitive, women picked up on these signals and some came to the correct answer. I could just about hear them telling their respective partners,

“I tell you !,………look at her face, they just did IT”, …………“Look at those earrings, and from the smile on her face and those tears I bet it’s not the only jewellery she was given tonight !”, ……………………….“It looks like somebody proposed, and if her smile and those tears are anything to go by, she said a big YES !”.

Gina heard most of this and she inhaled sharply, looking at me for comfort. I held her hand, until she smiled and nodded her head slowly. She was happy for me to let the world know. Gina sat down at our old table and waited. I went to the bar and stood until the barman had served his current customer. Looking back at Gina she seemed to glow, as though she finally was happy with things and wanted to shout it to the world. I asked him if he would please pass champagne flutes out to everybody and then return with two bottles of their best champagne to fill every glass. As he walked round the room handing flutes to bemused people, and some women not so bemused, I calmly waited. I felt that Gina should see I was in control of the situation, as recent circumstances befitted. When the barman returned with the champagne bottles, I walked over to the piano player. Leaning down I quietly asked him if I could have a minute of his time,

“May I borrow your microphone ?, I have a brief announcement to make to everyone, if you don’t mind ?”..

He came to a stop with a flourish and passed the microphone from its stand to me. I walked to Gina and stood behind her seat, shielding her, her bodyguard !.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, sorry to interrupt the evening’s music, but we will only take a minute of your time. I’m sure most of you here will have seen myself and my companion Gina earlier this evening. You’ll definitely remember her cutting remarks to that youth and you might recall catching parts of the converstion on her phone before we went for a walk into town. Suffice it to say that things progressed between us much faster than even I anticipated. As one or two of your perceptive partners may already have suspected, we have an announcement to make”.

I saw several ladies either nudge their partner with an elbow or turn to say with satisfaction,

“I told you so !”.

I placed my hand on Gina’s shoulder lightly in reassurance and she took it in hers, looking up at me,

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce all of you here to Gina, my new fiancée !. Pour the champagne please, and barman, don’t forget one for yourself. This is a celebration !”.

The room erupted in applause and people came from all sides to shake my hand, kiss me on the cheek, or combinations of both. Gina sat there glowing as she became the centre of this minor universe and everybody clamoured for a kiss and a hug. Champagne flutes were raised and toasts made. The pianist started playing upbeat tunes and as if by magic an impromptu engagement party started. Tables were moved and space was made in the centre of the room so couples could start dancing. I looked in Gina’s direction and raised an enquiring eyebrow. She smiled and then stood. I could see a fire in her eyes as she swayed sexily towards me and we were swept onto the modest dancefloor. I held her lightly as we danced and she lowered her head to rest it next to mine. Other people came into the bar asking what was going on and before long we had more congratulations and toasts to the happy couple. Drinks came our way from other patrons and we gradually let ourselves get carried away in the emotion of the occasion. All thoughts of going out for a few hours were forgotten. The party and dancing continued until late in the evening, eventually Gina whispered in my ear that she wanted us to be alone. As we made our excuses and left we could hear more cries of congratulations and a few risqué comments about being a good boy. Gina paused in the doorway and told them all,

“I’m going to make sure Steve will be a VERY good boy tonight, and sorry in advance for any loud screams or banging noises we might make later”.

That brought a few whistles and comments as we left arm in arm for the stairs to our suite. Standing in front of the suite doors I once more bent to pick Gina up. Gazing at her sweet face as I held her I said,

“This time it’s serious. I have a legitimate reason for doing it”.

Gina smiled and said,

“Take me to bed. I love you !”.

Opening the doors I walked us both into the room, put her back on her feet and told her with total sincerity,

“I love you too”.

Walking into the bedroom we noticed another bucket and bottle of the same wine as before. This time there was a note which said,

“With the compliments and congratulations of the management and staff”.

The bed had also been remade with a clean duvet. I walked to the bucket and poured two glasses, brought one for Gina and said as she took it,

“To love, to you, to the journey”.

Gina sipped her wine and then told me to wait while she changed. Taking the bag from the lingerie shop she went into the bathroom and closed the door. I undressed carefully, not to show undue haste even though she couldn’t see me, until I was stood in only my shorts. Remembering her request from earlier I reached for the cologne bottle and put a little onto my palm, I spread it around my chin, chest and neck, then walked out onto the balcony. The moon had risen above the buildings now but there were no other lights to be seen. I was right, out here we had total privacy. I stood with my eyes closed, just breathing in the air and listening to the low murmur of traffic, when Gina appeared behind me. She wrapped her arms around my chest and brought her face into the side of my neck. Breathing in she commented,

“You remembered the cologne”, all I could do was nod and slowly turn around.

I looked at her and saw she was wearing a short white babydoll silk nightie, with matching silk panties which fitted up high around her hips. She still wore the tan hold up stockings and also her new emerald earrings. She stood, in my arms, with her head cocked and asked me what I would like. All I wanted to do was show her I loved her so I asked her,

“Do it again, here !, out in the open air where nobody can see us, but we can see the stars”.

Smiling she came to me and slowly took my shorts off then told me to lie down on the lounger. I made myself comfortable and she stood over me before lowering her panties, stepping delicately out of them and kneeling by my side. Taking my erection in her hands she began to stroke up and down slowly, then leaning in to lick carefully around the helmet and underneath. All the time she had her gaze fixed on me, taking me a little further each time as she bobbed her head. Sucking in quickly Gina closed her eyes and swept down until she’d taken all of me into her throat. She held me there, started to hum quietly and ran her tongue around my cock. I ran my hands through her hair, over her shoulders and down to her breasts.

I knew that this time it would be quick, loaded with emotion and hidden meaning, but that was what I needed. This was Gina’s night and I was determined to see her satisfied before we slept. My hips were rising now, trying to urge her to go further and let me finish. I moaned loudly when she pulled away and sat on the adjoining lounger. I watched her stroke the full length deneme bonusu of her girly clit and beckon me over to her. I moved slowly and took my place by her side. Watching her face I placed my hand over hers and slowly took over the stroking motion. Licking my lips I stretched forward and ran the tip of my tongue around her spongy helmet. Gina sighed, leaned back into the lounger and closed her eyes as I did. I ran my tongue around the ring under her helmet and then took it all into my mouth gently sucking. Gina responded with louder moans and sighs, rubbing her hands through my hair, urging me to take more of her into my mouth. I moved until I was sat across the lounger, in front of her so I could take more. As I went deeper Gina began to moan,

“Yes, like that !. I love it like that”.

Into a rhythm now I had taken all except the last part in my hand. My head was bobbing faster now as I waited to open my throat and accept all of her. Gina could hear the slurps and slapping sounds as I carried on. When I felt ready I pushed slowly but steadily, opening my throat until my lips were around her root. I looked up to see Gina staring at me with eyes wide open,

“That is so nasty, watching you do this to me for the second time on your very first day. Do you want my cum in your mouth darling?”.

I shook my head slightly, winked at her and patted my butt cheek.

“OH GOD, AGAIN !!. You love this don’t you ?”.

All I could do was nod a little and then oh so slowly I withdrew all of her from my mouth and throat until I sat in front of her gasping for air. Spit and drool was falling from my lips, strings of it still attached to her meat and it ran down her length in ribbons.

“I really wanted to take some photos of you down there to send to Anna. She’d love to watch you practice your skills”.

Thinking to myself,

“That sounds sooooo much fun !”, I told Gina,

“Now we’re here until Monday, we have all weekend for making porn films darling, just put it back in me again. This time I want to look directly into your eyes when you cum !!”

Gina groaned out loud as I said that, so she told me to put my feet both sides of her hips, then crouch down. I did as she asked until I could feel the heat from her at the entrance to my back passage. Gina took hold of my hips saying that this time she’ll set the tempo. With that the gripped me firmly and started to pull me down onto her. We gazed into each others eyes as I felt her tip open me up and then slide inside to claim possession again. Holding me there for a moment Gina asked if I was OK, I just moaned out loud and then slid myself down further onto her. Gina pushed her hips up and then I felt her thighs touching my cheeks. She looked at me with fury in her eyes and said,

“That’s all of me. Down to the root. Do you want to fuck ?, YES, DO YOU WANT TO FUCK ME !!!”.

The last was loud enough to be heard across the street. Gina growled in her throat, then flexed her hips to raise me up and then swiftly brought me crashing down onto her again. She could see the expression on my face approved so she did it again, and again, and again. She set the tempo for lifting me up and down, I assisted by crouching over her and raising myself to help. Gina fucked me mercilessly, I could feel the movement of her inside me, feel the little “bump” whenever the ring popped into my bowels. We were both calling out loudly now, urging each other to fuck faster and harder, we could be clearly heard by people outside by now. I felt her move one hand and start stroking my erection, asking me if I was nearly there. I nodded wordlessly, lost in the pleasure drilling into my passage again and again. Gina started grunting and bucking her hips as she had before, so I knew she would not last much longer. A growl started deep in Gina’s throat and rose until with a howl she screamed out loud,


I felt her grow inside me and then she pulled me all the way down and I knew she was shooting her cum over and again, deep in my guts. Gina moaned as she did this, the cries getting softer and softer until she stopped and fell back onto the lounger. Not wanting to be left out, I lifted myself off her and crouched over her face. Gina opened her eyes to see me there frantically jerking away, with my slit pointed right at her mouth. Knowing I was there she opened her mouth and put her tongue out. With her free hand she cupped my balls and massaged them as she urged me to,

“Yes, cum in my mouth, DO IT, cum on my face NOW !!!”,

At that I screamed,

“YES, CUMMINNGGG”, and I proceeded to shoot my load into her mouth and over her face.

I jerked and bellowed with each shot until I had finished and just knelt there over her cum stained face. Gina swallowed greedily and rubbed the excess into her skin. I had to stand up, which I did, barely. My knees were like rubber, so I fell onto the other lounger and just lay there to catch my breath. After a minute I heard Gina giggle so I looked round to see what was so funny. There, balanced on her tip and slowly dribbling down her length was a massive glob of cum, mixed with my own lubrication. I looked and thought two can play that game. I crossed over to her and licked it all into my mouth. Gina just stared and said,

“That looked SOOO DIRTY !!!”.

I felt in a sharing mood so moved up her body and we kissed deeply, passing it between the two of us until it had all vanished down our throats. I felt drained and in urgent need of sleep, so I asked Gina if she was ready for bed. Nodding, she stood and we walked into the bedroom. Without a further word Gina removed her earrings, then we crawled under the duvet and she instinctively turned to spoon me. I turned off the lights and we were left in the dark, with the soft reflected glow from the moon. Before we drifted off I let Gina know about the receptionist Valerie’s clear sexual interest in BOTH of us, giving me her card with personal details and asking us to call in the morning. Gina quietly mused about this, wondering exactly how involved and interested Valerie might want to get. Telling her this was something for us both to think about I settled into her and we both drifted into pleasant slumber.

Daylight flowed in through the still open curtains and I was slowly woken by early morning traffic outside in the town centre, wind through the trees and birds calling. I checked my watch for the time, 6:30 A.M.!. Realising I’d not get back to sleep now I decided to get out of bed and grab a coffee to wake myself up properly. My first task however was to try and get out from Gina’s grasp. We’d fallen asleep last night with her spooning me, her right arm wrapped around my chest for comfort. This was how I found the pair of us still entangled as I woke. Now Gina’s right leg had also crept over mine to really draw me in close. I could feel her breasts in the silk babydoll nightie rub invitingly against my back, feel her stocking clad leg brushing against mine and hear her gently breathing in my right ear. She seemed so peaceful I almost didn’t want to disturb her, but I was after coffee!. Then something poked me to grab my attention….

I could clearly feel it, burning it’s way into my lower back like a homing missile, her clit at full mast. Thinking Gina was having a dream, and hoping it was about me, I started to lift her leg away from mine. The next moment I hear a throaty giggle and a low sultry voice purrs in my ear,

“Hello sleepyhead !. A REALLY good morning to you darling, I was beginning to wonder when you’d wake up. Trying to leave me are you ?, got bored with me already have you ?”.

Twisting to lie on my back, I turned and looked up at Gina, She lay on her side, smiling at me, her leg now seductively rubbing up and down my groin. Her free hand moved stray hairs from my face so she could lean over me to give me a morning peck on the lips. Still trying to move her leg, I put up some defence, but not very convincingly.

“Good morning to you as well darling !!. Answering your questions in order, leave you ?, definitely not !!. Bored with you ?, the devil will be buying skis before that happens !!. I just want a morning coffee to wake up, I’m USELESS until I’ve had my first brew !!”.

Looking in my eyes, Gina swung her leg off me and let me sit up in the bed. I stood up and walked towards the coffee machine. Gina arched her back, stretched her arms above her head and said,

“In that case, DARLING !, you have your coffee. I can’t have you under performing. I need you awake, I feel like a morning drink of my own if you know what I mean !”.

As I made my morning cuppa I ran through the last day in my mind. Looking over at Gina in the bed I saw only love and trust reflected in her eyes. The thought that I now had someone who felt that way towards me, someone other than my long dead parents, was at this time entirely new to me. It hit me like a thunderbolt as I realised I felt the exact same way towards her. After years of loneliness and my “playing the field” chasing every pussy in range, there was now a person who could generate those feelings in me. Happy in the situation I found myself I sipped my drink and returned to the large bed where the love of my life waited for me.

No doubt she had something special planned to start the day and I was eager to find out what it was. Putting the cup on my bedside table I got in and lay back so she could begin. Seeing her in the bed posing, made my cock start to stiffen as I took notice of her protruding nipples and the look on her face. Sitting back I sipped my coffee as Gina put on a little show. Her nightie was slowly removed and dribbling saliva onto her breasts, Gina proceeded to rub it into her skin making them both shine in the morning light. Sitting bolt upright she dribbled more saliva onto her cock and started rubbing it into the helmet with her fingertips. Taking it in both hands and leaving the head and part of the body free, she began slowly working herself up and down. Keeping her eyes on me the whole time as I enjoyed my coffee and floor show, Gina spoke,

“You know, we take yoga classes back at home ?. Makes us all VEEEEERY flexible, so we can do things like this !!……..”.

With that, Gina turned until I was looking at her side on. Then lifted her legs and brought them over until she had her feet touching the duvet either side of her own head. In this position she could slip the first few inches of her girl clit into her mouth. I sat amazed as this was exactly what she did. Gina ran her tongue all around her spongy head and then sucked the tip into her mouth with her eyes closed. With clearly exaggerated slurping and slobbering noises she looked over to me.

“I REALLY do need a morning drink !. Are you sure you don’t want to help me ?!!”.

My cock now was at full mast, ready for action. I put my coffee cup on the bedside table and gripped it in my left hand round the base, slowly waving it at Gina.

“If you want a drink to start the day, try mine. It’s a good vintage and if the most recent reviewer is to be believed, tastes very nice !!”.

Gina lowered her legs back down to the bed and crawled over until she was between my legs. I leant back, waiting for her. Stretching out a hand, she stroked my testicles slowly and, looking into my eyes said,

“I hope your balls are nice and full, I’m VERY thirsty !!!”.

Bringing her mouth down she breathed on the tip. I could feel it, a warm sensual breeze, an indication of pleasure to come. Settling into the pillows I allowed Gina to get her drink. She started slowly licking along the entire length from base to tip, not using her hands at all. Then attacking it from all sides, repeating her licks, until the whole thing was shiny with spit and twitched with every touch of her tongue. I SOOOOOO wanted to hold her head, invite her to go faster and deeper, but I sensed Gina was showing off her skills to me. All I could do was move my hands under me so I was sitting on them. Gina noticed this and laughed,

“Getting excited are we ?. Don’t know what to do with yourself ?”.

I knew PRECISELY what I wanted to do, I just controlled my urges and let Gina play out her game. I had the feeling we would both enjoy the results. She returned to what she was doing, but now with bites as she took my cock in her mouth around the base. Further up, towards the helmet, she continued with her licks and bites. Each time they became a little longer and stronger. By the time she reached my tip she was licking it like a lollipop and biting so it twitched. All this time Gina STILL had not used her hands. She looked up to see how I was, I thought I was keeping a straight face. Gina smiled and said,

“I give you five more minutes, then you’ll blow in my mouth like a volcano !. I’m quite good at this !”. All I could do was smile and let her continue.

NOW she started with her hands taking hold of my cock. One would make small up and down movements and twist clockwise. The other would move up and down but twist anti-clockwise. Her mouth clamped over the whole of my helmet and she licked round and round, humming as she worked. The sensory overload began to have its effect, coupled with the resonance effect of her humming. I could feel myself beginning the process for a massive delivery. My balls started tingling and an almost electric sensation ran from my base to tip and back again in relays. I thought I’d tell Gina, but told myself she probably knows better than me !.

After a few more minutes, Gina was slightly off, I managed to endure for six minutes !!, I reached the point of no return and felt the cum start rising from my balls. I lay back and let it all happen, I was no longer in control of my body, Gina was !. With her mouth clamped over my helmet, the first burst hit the back of her throat like a shotgun blast. Her eyes went wide in shock with the strength of it. She barely recovered from that when the next three also slammed into their target. I saw her cheeks bulge to contain what I’d fired in her mouth, a trickle still escaping though.

Gina clicked into gear, I watched her throat bulge swallowing my cum as I knew would happen. This time it just kept coming with the same strength as before. She fought to keep her mouth closed, tears in her eyes as she gagged on the volume. I saw stars as I came, an intense feeling as though being tazered washed through me. Slowly it subsided and I saw Gina with her mouth wrapped round my helmet swallowing the last of it. More had escaped from her lips and I could see some dripping from a nostril. She let go and sat back on the bed with a stunned look on her face. She stared at me and said,

“What the hell did you do ?. I’ve NEVER had cum fire like that before, I almost had to let go !”.

Not knowing how to answer I just shrugged,

“It’s never happened to me before either. YOU did it to me !. I think you just have that effect on me”.

Gina proceeded to lick her lips and wipe up the excess cum into her mouth. She patted her stomach at the same time,

“OHHH YES !, I definitely got my drink !. I almost had my daily limit I think, I might try for more later if you’ll let me. You were right though, a VERY good vintage, nice and creamy !”.

Swinging her leg over the bed, Gina scooted to her case and gathered a few items for the bathroom. She asked me to help with her preparations explaining about how her and the other “girls” keep themselves clean “Inside and out!”. She showed me the parts before demonstrating how to use the bag and tube to clean her out. Once she was done she asked if she could show me, so I let her flush my system out. Explaining all the time that once I decide to live as Vikki this will become a part of my day as well. It felt a bit strange, definitely odd while inside me, but I understood the logic and definitely cleaner once finished. We showered dried and dressed, before walking hand in hand down to the restaurant for breakfast.

Getting to the restaurant by seven thirty we were among the earliest people there. We got a round of applause and a few comments about the noise from our performance last night !, Gina blushed. Our breakfast orders were taken and I tucked in to a “full English” breakfast. After yesterday’s activities and knowing what today might bring I decided I would need it. Gina settled for a light continental breakfast. Other people from last night came in so we exchanged pleasantries with them as we ate. Swapping small talk while we sat there, Gina mentioned Valerie and the card,

“What are we going to do ?. I agree it sounds like she likes BOTH of us and maybe wants to get together for some threeway fun. But she’ll be expecting a woman, not ME !”.

I quickly came back with,

“We can still call her, invite her up to the suite for a drink and chat. Hopefully we’ll get a better idea of what she’s after as we do. We should be able to “feel her out” with some well chosen questions. If she’s still up for it, then I’ll let you make the final decision to go further. You have more at stake here I think than me”.

Gina thought this over and agreed with me. So after breakfast we walked back to our rooms where I used the hotel phone to call Valerie. She answered almost immediately as if expecting the call. We spoke briefly and I invited her to join us for drinks and a chat “about things”. Valerie agreed and told me she would join us in ten minutes. Gina had been watching the whole time. I could see she was a little unsure but I could also see interest. From the rise and fall of her breasts it was clear Gina on some level hoped for more. Sure enough !, ten minutes later there was a soft knock at the door. Gina being closer, opened it and invited Valerie in. Closing it behind her we both stood and got our first proper look at her.

To be continued in part three……………………………………………………………………………………………………

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