University Diaries

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Never unleash a 48 year old secretary on a college campus filled with men. I do stay away from the 18 -25 year olds, although I lust after their fucking hot bodies. The ease in the way they move — their lean, muscled bodies — delicious. I fantasize about their dicks ramming my wet pussy. For fun, I stick to the twenty-something coworkers, nerdy professors who are probably thirty year old virgins and the building engineers with strong hands and a great workroom that stirs my bondage desires.

Today’s entry is the guidance of an experienced woman to a young man in need. Joe is a 28 year old man in the media department of the University. I met him at a University event my office was hosting. He would stop by periodically at my office to talk, innocently enough, but his attention made my fucking filthy mind go to work. Joe was fairly good looking, not too thin or too fat. When I first met him he had a full beard so I knew had some extra testosterone pulsing though his veins, and a gay friend had told me once that the size of a man’s ears were directly related to the size of his pecker. I knew Joe would be packing.

We had an innocent flirtation for a few months, when the talk turned to his lack of a girlfriend. Our discussions slowly became more explicit. I finally asked him if he had ever had sex. He said yes, but when I said “with a woman” he became quiet. I asked him if he trusted me and Joe said yes. I told him to come back to my office tomorrow after 7:00 p.m. when everyone else canlı bahis şirketleri would be gone. My boss’ office was very private and had a comfortable chair with wide armrests. Joe left a bit confused, not knowing what to expect. I knew I would not fuck him or have any real physical contact with him. He was too young and inexperienced, but I would make sure his balls would be drained.

I wore my usual conservative work attire, but put on black thigh highs, a lacey bra, and blouse that could be unbuttoned. My pussy was wet all day anticipating the night ahead and I don’t know how I got any work done.

I hadn’t seen Joe all day and was wondering if I scared him away. A little after seven he arrived, and we went into the private office. I turned on a small lamp and had Joe sit in the chair. I sat on the chair arm making sure my skirt was hiked up enough for him to see the stocking tops. My blouse was opened so he could see plenty of tit and my lacey bra. We were very close, barley touching. I told him to take out his cock. He looked at me in shock, but I convinced him that he would not be disappointed. He undid his pants and took out his dick. I wished I had put a towel underneath my pussy because I convulsed so hard when he pulled out his long, thick delicious cock that was already semi-erect. I whispered for him to start stroking his cock. I think he was so nervous he just followed my instructions.

I asked him the name of a girl he liked and he replied Colleen. I canlı kaçak iddaa began my story in a very sexy quiet voice.

“You’re driving home one night and see Colleen out for a run. The weather suddenly takes a turn for the worse, and you call her over to give her a ride home. She invites you in until the threatening weather passes. You talk, have a drink, and then it is time to leave.

Colleen walks you to the door, thanking you for the ride and she hugs you goodbye. You both feel a spark and you take the chance and lift her chin and kiss her softly on the mouth. She responds, so you kiss her harder and push your tongue into her soft mouth. She presses her body into yours and you feel your cock stiffen. You noticed her bedroom and guide her towards it. She resists a bit, but then submits.

You lay her down on the bed and start kissing again. Your hand reaches under her top and you slip it under her bra. You feel her nipple harden against your hand as you start pulling on it and massaging her tit. You’re surprised at how big and heavy her tits feel in your hand.

You’re hand goes down towards her round ass and slips around to find her hot wet pussy. Her pussy lips are so soft and her fuck hole is so dripping wet that it seems to draw your finger in.

You feel her hands working on your zipper and that big, thick dick of yours springs from your pants. Her hand starts pulling and squeezing your sexy cock. You know you want that fucking beautiful mouth sucking your canlı kaçak bahis manhood. You guide her to the floor and sit at the edge of the bed. She is on her knees before you and starts to lick the tip of your dick. She strokes your cock as her tongue runs down your pulsating shaft. She swallows your cock until you feel the back of her throat and she starts bobbing her head as she sucks that big throbbing dick of yours.”

I hear Joe’s breath quicken and deepen. I know he’s about to shoot this thick load. His balls are out of his pants and I have never seen such a huge sack. I was worried he was going to cum so much it would be hard to clean up after our fun. He’s stroking his cock harder and faster. His eyes are barely open as I continue our fantasy.

“You’re about to cum, but you want to pump Colleen’s tight little pussy. You pull her onto the bed and pull down her pants and panties. You rub your cock over her pink little pussy lips and gently push it into her. Her pussy is so tight. You pump her harder and harder and she screams as she cums.” That was it, Joe sighed. His pulsating cock exploded all over his hands and pants. My pussy convulsed and it was all I could do to control myself from licking up his thick cream.

I put my arm around him and moved closer to him and whispered how sexy he was. I told him to remember how he feels now when he is out meeting girls.

I slowly kissed his cheek and got him a tissue to clean up. I asked him if he had a good time. He weakly shook his head. He said he never came so hard. I pulled him closer and stroked his head until he calmed down. He asked if I could help him cum again. I ran my finger along his hand, brought it to my mouth, and said yes, but only until he got real pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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