Unveiled Ch. 04

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Cath and I got up to follow Madame but she stayed in her chair and just pulled a cord at the side of her chair. After a few seconds the door opened and the maid walked in.

“Yes Madame.” She responded.

“Would you please take the new additions to the family to the dressing room and I will be along when I have finished my cup of tea.”

“Yes Madame.” The maid said.

Cath and I followed the maid down the corridor. Suddenly she stopped and spoke to us.

“Did you both read the contract thoroughly?” She asked.

“Well I sort of perused it.” Said Cath.

“I just followed my wife. I thought that she had read it properly and would explain it to me later.”

“I joined the shop two years ago and when I went for the job I did not see the contract on the door. I had my interview and Madame offered me the job but said that I had to read the contract before I left that day and sign it or she would give the job to someone else. Being a cocky twenty one year old I thought what does this old bird know? I looked at the contract on the door and just signed it and walked out of the shop. I thought nothing more of it.”

“I went out with my girlfriends that night and celebrated the fact that I had landed a job at one of the best boutiques in town and I have to admit that I had a few too many to drink and ended up taking some man home whose name I never did find out and shagging him then falling asleep looking forward to a nice lie-in on the Sunday. At about five o’clock in the morning I kicked the man out of my bed because he was annoying me and I rolled over and went back to sleep. I was nicely asleep when my mobile phone rang.”

“I wearily woke up and looked at the number and did not recognise the number but I picked it up anyway thinking that it might be a man that I may have given my number to the night before.

“Hello.” I said.

“Where are you bitch?” A female voice said.

“I sat up with a start and asked.”

“Who the fuck is this calling me a bitch?”

“It is Madame Fantasy bitch.”

“What do you want Madame? I am not due to start work until tomorrow.” I said.

“Did you not read the contract on the door before you signed it?” Madame asked.

“No Madame I did not I just thought that it was a standard work contract.”

“You should have read the contract baby girl. The first line gave you a time and address to be at today so that we could fit you out with your outfit for the shop.”

“I am sorry Madame. Shall I come now?” I asked.

“Yes you should come now but you will have to be dealt with for not being here on time.” Madame said.

“I did not know what she was meaning but I said.

“Yes Madame.”

“Be here in half an hour.” She said.

“Yes Madame.” I said.

“I put down the phone and found that I was quivering. I had got off to a bad start with my new employer and somehow I knew that I was in trouble. I quickly got ready and made my way to the address that I was given. I knocked on the door of the house and it was immediately opened by a maid who was dressed just as I am now. I was invited in and shown into Madame’s front room and told to stand and wait for Madame.”

“Madame kept me standing there for an hour and when she did come in she did not apologise. She said nothing at first and then she said to me.”

“I am very disappointed Sarah. You should have read the contract because I now have to decide whether or not I should still give you the job. What would you do?” She asked.

“She made me stand there and think about things. I really needed the job. I had my rent and my bills to pay and I had a social life to live and this job paid was so well compared to other shops. I looked at her and saw the severe look on her face and somehow I knew what I had to say.”

“I should be punished Madame”

“I am glad that is the conclusion that you came to because I agree with your assessment and I think you should be punished. So strip off all of your clothes.”

“I looked incredulously at her and said.”

“What all of them?”

“Yes all of them baby girl.”

“I could tell from the tone of her voice that she meant what she was saying and I also realised that I was in deep trouble. I should have read the contract because now I was paying the price for not reading it. I took off all of my clothes and stood there naked. Meanwhile Madame had stood up and gone to a cupboard and come back with a cane. She swished it through the air and commanded me to bend over the couch. I looked at her for a moment and knowing that it was futile to disobey, naked I bent over the couch and waited for the punishment to be administered.”

“Suddenly I heard a swish and then a Smack as the cane caught my buttocks. I let out a scream of pain and took my hands and rubbed my buttocks. God it hurt. It was a sting worse than that that of a bee. Madame stepped forward and moved my hand out of the way and then Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish and then it stopped. I was in floods of tears and did not dare move.”

“I heard Madame walk away and open the cupboard and put canlı bahis the cane way. I then heard a bell ring and the door to the room opened and the maid was stood there.”

“Take her to the room and I will be along soon.” Madame said.

“The maid took me to the room that I am now taking you to now and I waited. I will not tell you what is in the room because that should be a surprise for you but I will show you my body and you will get an idea of what to expect.”

We stood and listened to this girl talking and then we watched as she removed her outfit. She was naked underneath. She had no underwear on but it was not that which caught our attention. She had a tattoo round one of her nipples which said.

Property of Madame Fantasy.

We stood there fascinated by this sight and then the maid said.

“Run your hands over all of my skin including my pussy and my arse.”

Cath and I walked forward and began to touch the girl. What we found was that she was so smooth. Smoother than what I had managed to achieve with Cath last night and I thought I had done a good job- how wrong could I have been. I had this to look forward to and I was getting aroused. I looked across at Cath and noticed that she had not let go of the maid. In fact she was touching her most intimately and then she moved in and kissed the maid on the lips and put her hand between her legs and felt her pussy. When I looked closer I saw that she was actually fingering the pussy of the maid.

The maid fell against the wall and opened her legs for Cath. Cath began to kiss the maid more intimately. I had never known Cath to have any feelings towards women before but she was certainly into her now. They were kissing passionately as Cath continued to finger her pussy. The girl came but had to bite her lip so Madame would not hear. She quickly dressed again and showed us to the room that we were meant to be in. She turned to leave and Cath said to her.

“Have you got your mobile phone on you?”

The maid reached into her pocket on her uniform and took out her mobile phone and handed it to Cath. The first thing that Cath noticed was the wallpaper of the maid being fucked and she got herself all excited. She quickly went to contacts and inserted her name and number into the phone and then handed it back to the maid and whispered something in her ear. The maid blushed as she left the room. Cath and I were now alone in the room.

We looked around and it was amazing. It was filled with every item of clothing you could ever wish to find and they all had the label of Madame Fantasy in them. They were all designer clothes and Cath and I also noted that several of the clothes had names in them. I did not know about Cath but I was wondering how many people Madame catered to. Together we walked round the room touching the clothes. They were all made of the best material and I wished that they belonged to me. There were male and female clothes and I wondered why.

Suddenly a voice came from behind us.

“Do you like my boutique?”

We turned and Madame was stood there. I got a closer look at what she was wearing and decided that I wanted to be wearing it. She looked absolutely fabulous and oh so sexy even though she must have been fifteen to twenty years older than me. I was the first to speak.

“Yes Madame I love your boutique.”

Cath turned round and just said.


“I am glad that you like things now we need to sort you out. Oh no George you cannot just take something off the rails and put it on. From now on you will wear clothes that fit you properly. I do not allow people to look second hand in my presence. Now will you both strip.”

I looked at Cath and she was already unbuttoning the blouse that she was wearing. She slipped it down her arms and dropped it to the floor. She unclipped her bra and added that to her blouse. Her little breasts looked gorgeous to me and her nipples were stood up like little pegs. I joined her in removing my clothes and soon we were both naked. We stood there and waited for Madame to say something. What she said just turned me on and by the look of it Cath was turned on as well.

“This room is covered by video and everything that goes on in here is recorded and stored for future reference. There is not a corner that you can hide in that you will not be seen so do not think you can take anything and not get caught. Oh and by the way Cath the whole house has remote controlled cameras and I was quite impressed by what you were doing with the maid. I hope that you enjoyed it because she is being punished now. Come and see.”

With that Madame set off walking and naked Cath and I followed. She took us through to another chamber of the room and there we found the maid. She was strapped across a pommel horse with her legs dangling in the air.

“She needs to be punished for telling you her story and I think Cath that you should do it. Pick your punishment tool and give her half a dozen smacks. Cath walked forward and looked at the array of discipline equipment hanging on the wall. She chose bahis siteleri a rubber sole and came back to the pommel horse. She looked like she was in a trance as she administered the punishment to the maid. When she had finished the maid turned round and said.

“Thank you Mistress.”

She was taken off the pommel horse by two well- muscled men and placed on a mattress made out of horse fibre. I watched as she winced as it rubbed against her sore buttocks. Then Madame spoke again.

“You two get Cath.”

The two men stepped forward and took hold of Cath and tied her to the pommel horse. I watched as she dangled there her pearly white buttocks on show. I watched as Madame walked around the pommel horse and grabbed Cath by the hair.

“Did you enjoy fingering my maid bitch?” She said.

There was silence for a moment and then a quiet little voice said.

“Yes Madame.”

I realised that the voice had come from Cath.

“You never touch anyone in this house unless I give you permission. Do you understand?”

“Yes Madame.” Cath said.

“You know you are about to be punished and you know it is your female dressing husband that is going to do it. It would seem that the other Masters that you have had have not taught you anything.”

“Yes Madame.” Cath said.

“George.” Madame said.

“Go and choose something to punish your wife with.”

I went to the rack and looked through the array of punishment tools that were on offer to me. I decided to go for the conventional cane. There had been moments during our marriage when I knew that she was having affairs that I had wanted to do something about it and now I was going to get the chance. I walked up to the pommel horse swishing the cane so that Cath knew what I had chosen. I eyed her buttocks up and then Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish. She cried out as each stroke hit her buttocks and when I was finished Madame pulled her head up again and saw the tears streaming down her face and laughed. She ordered the two men to place her with Sarah and then she turned to me and said.

“George follow me.”

I had got an erection from punishing Cath and tried to hide it as I followed Madame back to the clothing room. She rang another bell and another maid appeared.

“Would you kindly measure this woman please?” Madame said.

I was positioned in the middle of the room and had myself measured from top to toe including my cock and my buttocks. The measurements were handed to Madame who inputted them into a computer and an image appeared of me. She then said to me.

“Go and choose a complete outfit.”

I walked away and wandered around the room. There was so much choice to be made that I was like a kid in a sweet shop. First of all he went to the hosiery section where he found stockings, tights and hold-ups made of the finest and sheerest silk. He ran his hands over the silk and he chose pair of hold-ups with roses printed on them. Next he moved to the lingerie department.

I could not decide whether to go for a corset, a Basque or knickers and bra. I settled on a black Basque and a pair of matching knickers. They were not knickers they were a thong and I would love the feel of them splitting my arse cheeks. The next choice was easy. I chose a fine silk evening gown and completed the look with a pair of full length silk gloves. I picked up the items and brought them to Madame. I handed them over and watched as she rang another bell. This time a young Indian girl appeared and Madame handed over the clothes to her.

Madame turned to him and said.

“Let us go and have a drink.”

She walked out of the room and I followed her back into her personal chambers. There stood Sarah the maid and she was now fully clothed again and was waiting with a bottle of the finest Chablis to serve them. He looked at the couch and there sat Cath. She was still as naked as him. I took the seat next to Cath and took hold of her hand to make sure that she was okay with the fact that I had punished her and she smiled at me and I knew that things were alright between us. I looked up and Madame was watching us. She began to speak.

“It is obvious that you love each other and I want you to stay as a couple and yet you have both signed the contract so we have to see that through. I will make this promise to you. This journey that you are going to undertake is going to put a strain on your marriage so I am going to make an offer that I have never made before. You can break the contract now and we will say nothing more about it. I will of course be happy to equip you with all the clothes that you require as long as you are able to afford them. Drink your wine and think about what I have just said. You are not to talk to one another but you are both to take this piece of paper and write your answers on them and only if you both agree will we continue the journey.”

Cath and I sat and drank our wine and I toyed over in my mind if I was prepared to go through the journey. I had not read the contract so I did not know what the contract involved so I was going bahis şirketleri to be taking a leap into the dark if I agreed to partake in it. I looked across at Cath to see what she was thinking and it would seem that she had quickly made her decision. I decided to take the plunge and made my decision. I wrote it down and placed it on top of Cath’s. The maid stepped forward and took the slips of paper and handed them to Madame. She looked at them and smiled to herself and then she spoke.

“Congratulations. It would appear that I have two more pets to add to my family.”

Cath and I both smiled at one another. We had jointly made the decision to go on the journey. We did not know what to expect but our lives were about to change and we did not know if that was for the good or the worse.

Madame spoke again.

“It is time we started the journey.”

She stood and we followed her out of the room and she took us back to the chamber. This time she told Cath that it was her turn to be measured. The maid stepped forward and began measuring Cath who was getting turned on by the touch of the maid. She wonders why she has suddenly begun to get turned on by women. This has never occurred to her before.

The Indian girl comes out and hands a bag to Madame. She looks inside and hands the bag to me and tells me to get dressed.

I take the items out of the bag and notice that they are the clothes that I had chosen earlier. I begin to get dressed. First of all I pull the stockings on and then I put the knickers on and finally I slip into the Basque. I see Cath looking at me and in particular at the erection that is forming in the knickers that I now have on. I slip into the evening gown and walk to Cath and ask her to zip me up and finally I pull on the full length gloves. I am amazed they fit my body perfectly and feel like a second skin.

Madame then turns to Cath and says.

“I see you like how your husband is dressed. Do you prefer him as a man or as a woman?”

I watched as Cath thought about it and then she spoke.

“I am a submissive Madame and I love dominant men and it would seem women. As regards my husband I am in love with him in a completely different way. He does not have the passion or the pleasure pain threshold of a dominant but he is the best lover that I have had and I actually think he looks good as a woman and yes he turns me on but I do not know if that is because I am imagining making love to a woman.”

Madame sat there and listened and noted done everything that she said. This was going to be interesting and she was going to have this couple eating out the palm of her hand before too long. Today she would just introduce them to their new life but she had a dilemma. She had never had a couple who were both submissive before and she had to turn one of them into a dominant. She would think about that one. For now she turned to Cath and pointed at the male section of the clothing and said.

“I cannot have you both dressed as women. I want you to be dressed as a man Cath. Is that okay with you?”

“Of course it is Madame.” Cath replied.

Naked she walked to the male section and moved up and down the aisles choosing a couple of outfits. When she was happy with her choices she handed them to Madame who rang for the Indian girl who took the clothes and scurried away to fit them for Cath. In the meantime she took both Cath and I to another room where there was a kings sized bed covered in silk sheets. Madame spoke to both of us.

“I want you to show me how you make love. Cath you say that George does not have any passion in him. I want to see for myself.”

“Yes Madame.” We both said.

Cath as always took the lead. I was beginning to realise that over the years I had stopped coming onto her because I knew about the affairs and we only made love when she made the first move. She climbed on to bed and said.

“Strip for me George.”

“Make it your sexiest for me and Madame.”

I tried my hardest to concentrate. I swayed my hips and caressed myself. I ran my hands over the soft silk of the dress and my erection got stiffer. I struggled to be sexy because the clothes were so tight but I managed to shimmy out of the dress and step out of it. I stood there with just the lingerie and the gloves on and began a little pathetic dance. Both Cath and Madame were smiling to themselves at my attempts to be sexy.

I reached round and unclipped the clasps on the Basque. There were so many eyes to it that it took me a couple of minutes to get it off. I eventually managed to get them all undone and when I looked up Cath was playing with her naked pussy. She was obviously enjoying the show. I moved some more then I put my hands into the waistband of the knickers and pulled them down and my cock sprang out. Cath let me get the knickers off then she said.

“Come and give me your cock.”

She was acting like she was back in our bedroom and was oblivious to the audience that we had. She had opened her pussy and inserted a finger into it. I walked towards the bed and climbed on. Immediately Cath grabbed hold of my cock and placed it at her lips. She stuck out her tongue and began to lick the head of my cock. She was tender at first and then she began to bite it. I cried out in pain and looked at her.

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