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The following story is true. It happened quite a few years ago, but it seems like it happened only a few nights ago. The good times we always seem to remember. I can remember “her” name, but not her friends. I will use a random name, since she isn’t very important in this story.


It was a Saturday night, in late fall. Not too cold out in my city, but a slight chill. We only have several bars in our city of about 75,000, so it was easy to hit up every one if needed. This particular night, I only had to visit one.

Being a guy by myself, I had nobody to tie me down that night. I was free to hunt. I walked into the bar (I will withhold the name), and it was fairly packed. There is a live band playing, and by looking at my watch, I figured it must be the first set. Usually, bands would play three sets, with a D.J. providing music in-between. Relevant, only because conversation can really only occur when the band is off stage, and the music is lower in volume.

I proceeded to walk up the bar, and ordered two beers. As was my normal practice, I would carry one, while drinking the other, in an effort to be more efficient. The room was fairly dark, and as I walked around the tables, I saw a couple of very beautiful ladies, sitting by themselves. They were a little younger than me, maybe 19 years old. I was 20 at the time. One was a brunette, with straight hair halfway down her back. She was very pretty, and was wearing a black, silk blouse, which was fairly see-through. I could see she was wearing a black bra, which held her ample breasts firm and high. She was wearing a short skirt, olive in color, and tan nylons, with black heels. The other was a blonde, also very attractive, with curly hair, just above her shoulders. She was wearing a white sweater, and jeans. The two together were a man’s fantasy.

I made eye contact with the brunette, and smiled. She smiled back, so I took that as a cue, and asked if I could sit at their table. She looked at her friend, and she shrugged her shoulders. So, the brunette said “Sure”, and without giving them chance to change their minds, I immediately sat down to the brunette. I introduced myself, and they did the same. As names were introduced, so were polite handshakes (the type that a man does when he shakes hands with a woman). My brunette was called Veronica, and the blonde was “Jane” (only because I can’t remember her name, and she is irrelevant from basically this point on).

As the band played, I continued to make eye contact with Veronica. Talking was almost out of the question, unless you wanted to shout. However, due to the noise, it did give me good cause to get closer to her, and talk loudly into her ear. I would occasionally look over at Jane, and she was sometimes watching, but mainly scouting for prey herself.

As I talked to Veronica more, and moved closer, I could smell her sweet perfume, mixed with the beautiful fragrance of her hair. It aroused my senses. I could see down the top of her blouse, I could see she had an ample set of breasts, which were enhanced by her bra, which created an abundance of cleavage for me to stare at. Her skirt had ridden up to the middle of her upper thighs, and her legs were nice and firm. I would say she weighed at most, 120 lbs. Not usually my type, as I prefer plump, curvy women, but there was something that drew me to her. Her black heels highlighted her feet exceptionally well (I have a foot fetish, which made this even more exciting).

The band finished their set, and we could talk easier. As the conversation began to flow between güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri all three of us, I found out that Veronica had recently been dumped by her boyfriend, and she and Jane were just out that night to drown their sorrows, and forget about men. Not exactly what I wanted to hear, but I was still too excited to leave the table. The waitress came past our table, and I offered to buy both ladies a drink, in reality, I ordered 3 drinks for each of us. I suggested to them that not all men are “assholes”, and they agreed that not every man should be grouped with the “jerks”. I was back in the game!

As the night wore on, Jane had basically given up on us, and had begun a conversation with a group of guys at the next table. I say “next”, because we were against the wall, and both I and Veronica were hidden from everybody else, but just because of our location. We could see the whole room, and blended in perfectly in the dim light.

My conversation with Veronica eventually changed to what happened with her and her boyfriend. I began to feel like her psychiatrist, but what the hell. I mentioned to her that she was very attractive, and it was HIS loss. Isn’t that what she wanted to hear (even though she was extremely hot)? I place my hand on her upper thigh, and the sensation of feeling her nylon clad leg in my hand made my cock start to throb. I had already had several erections while talking to her, but this was different. I asked her if her feet were sore, due to the heels she was wearing. She said “Fuck yes”, and I asked if she wanted a foot rub. I didn’t expect anything except a comment about how weird that was, but instead she said she would love one.

I immediately placed her legs up on my lap, and removed her shoes. Her feet were small, and very pretty. I could see the red toenail polish through her nylons, and her high arches were incredibly sexy. I was in heaven. I gently rubbed her feet, paying special attention to her arches, and I could tell by her expression she loved it. Of course, Jane decided to interrupt us, and gave Veronica a dirty look. I figured the party was over, especially since she knew that she had just broken up with somebody, and maybe felt over-protective. Before I knew it, they were going up to the dance floor, and I was stuck there with a raging hard-on.

After a few minutes, I settled down, and went to the washroom. There was an ample supply of pre-cum in my briefs, and I almost felt like pounding one out then and there in the urinal. But, I decided to just go back to the table, and continue my evening. As I got back to the table, the girls were just getting back too. I asked Veronica if everything was ok, and she said “Yes, but my friend thinks you’re trying to take advantage of me”. I then said “maybe I am”. She smiled; I smiled, and put her hand on my lap. I saw the flower lady (she walked around the bar after midnight, and sold roses to men who were courting perspective lovers). I bought one, and placed it on the table in front of her. Jane just smiled. Veronica on the other hand, gave me a nice kiss on the cheek. I place my hand on her thing again, and she gently opened her thighs. I took this as a good omen, and gently moved my hand slowly up her inner thigh. She smiled, so I continued. As I reached her pussy, I looked into her eyes, and she moved forward, and we began kissing, very passionately. Our tongues explored each other, as my hand gently rubbed her pussy through the pantyhose. I could hear her moan as I gently rubbed in a smooth, gentle motion. This went on for about 10 güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri minutes, and my cock was straining so much against my jeans that I thought they would tear open. Every few moments, Veronica would say “God, this feels good”, and I loved making her feel special again. Remember, we were basically in the dark, so nobody could see what was going on.

She excused herself, and her and Jane went to the washroom. They were gone for what seemed a long time, and I started to figure that Veronica had told Jane what was going on, and they had decided to bail. After about ten minutes, to my surprise, they both came back to the table, to the same positions. She sat beside me, and placed my hand on her thigh again. I slowly moved up her leg, and to my surprise, she had torn a hole in her pantyhose, and had removed her panties. No wonder it took so long in the bathroom! I wondered if Jane had even known what she had done. As I gently began sliding my finger in and out of her soaking wet pussy, I could feel her getting more and more wet. The feeling was incredible, and so naughty. The fact that we could, in reality, get busted at any time was a turn-on. Maybe SHE loved it too? I could feel her begin to quiver, and after a few gentle strokes on her clit, I feel her inner thighs shake as she had her orgasm.

I gently slowed down, and she smiled and said “Thanks, I needed that”. Not going to be outdone, I told her that “I need something too”. She smiled, and said “Oh”? The innocent look didn’t fool me, and she knew I wasn’t tricked. She moved a little closer to my chair, and put her hands under the table. She gently unzipped my jeans, and pulled my briefs down, and pulled my fully engorged cock out. Nobody could see, as It was dark, and under the table. She began to gently stroke my member, and I could feel more pre-cum leaking out onto her fingers. She smiled as I moaned in appreciation, and after a few minutes, I thought I would blow a massive load right then and there. She suddenly stopped, and pulled her hand to her mouth, and said “I want more of this. She won’t let me leave with you, but I will meet you in front of my apartment building. Give me an hour”. Well, although I was almost ready to cum, it appeared I didn’t have a choice. I carefully composed myself, gave her a kiss, and said my goodbyes to her and Jane. At this point, I figured that was it, and this was just a letter for Penthouse Forum.

I tried to keep busy for the next hour, and when the time came, I made my way to her apartment building. To my pleasant surprise, I saw her standing in the foyer. She had sobered up a little, but I could tell she was still frisky. As she got in my car, she slid over to sit next to me. I asked where she wanted to go, and she said, “Wherever”. Our city has a stretch of highway where there are several “No-tell Motels” on it. We ventured to one of them, and secured a room.

As we entered the room, she turned around, and began kissing me deeply. I returned the favor, and after a few minutes of this, she asked “Do you find me attractive”? Obviously, I said I did! Even if I wasn’t going to get laid, she was an incredibly sexy woman. We began hugging, and my hands reached down to her ass. I gently squeezed it, and she moaned some more. I lifted up her skirt, and my hands explored her pantyhose covered butt cheeks. She reached down, and began unbuttoning my shirt. Obviously, I proceeded to do the same to her blouse, and when I removed it, I finally got a view of her firm tits. We were both topless now (except for her bra), güvenilir bahis şirketleri and I proceeded to unlatch it. I removed her bra, and her tits gently fell into place. She was about a “C’ cup, and her nipples were small and pink. I reached down to the back of her skirt, and unzipped it. She stepped out of it, and looked down at her chest. She asked if I liked her underwear-as she had bought them as a matching set. There is a common phrase that goes somewhat like this: “If the bra and panties match, it was HER that decided to have sex”. And match they did!

She pulled me over to the bed, and laid me on my back. She knelt between my legs, and began kissing my hard, throbbing cock. She mentioned that she was impressed at how big I was in the bar, and she couldn’t wait to feel it inside her. Being a guy, that made my ego grow. As she gently massaged my balls, she gently began sucking my cock. She wasn’t the best at it, but she did get an “A” for effort. After a few minutes, I couldn’t take it anymore, and blew a massive load into her waiting mouth. She moaned as I continued to cum, and I could see that she had begun to rub her pussy between her legs.

Not to be a rude lover, I told her how incredible that felt, and she smiled. She smiled, and blushed a little. I pulled her closer to me again, and roller HER onto HER back. I kissed her passionately again, and began to get hard. I am usually “good’ for a couple of orgasms. I slid myself down her body, and gently spread her legs open. I could see she had a small landing strip on top of her pussy, and it was already soaked. Her pussy was beautiful, and I could tell she hadn’t been with many men. I gently began sliding my tongue up and down her swollen pussy lips, and gently swirled my tongue over her clit. Every time I did, I could feel her quiver and heard her moan a little more. I gently spread her lips with my tongue, and buried it deeply into her hole, licking all of her pussy juices up. I would gently massage her asshole, and that was all she needed. After a few minutes, she began shaking, and as I touched her clit again, she came all over my mouth, I hungrily slurped up all of her love juices. She came for what seemed like minutes, until she finally stopped and said “Holy fuck”!

I was back to my full erection at this time, and gently pulled her towards me. I gently spread her legs open again, and she begged “Fuck me hard please”. As a man who is always willing to please a beautiful woman, I began sliding my fat cock inside her still swollen, wet pussy. AS I began fucking her, I could see her begin to play with her own tits. It was so incredibly hot, I immediately felt an orgasm coming. I didn’t want to end so soon, so I stopped, and took a breath. I flipped her over, and she placed a pillow under her stomach, raising her ass higher in the air. Since doggy is my favorite position, I knew it wouldn’t take long. I grabbed her ass, and occasionally spanked her, and I pounded her as hard as I could. I was on the edge of another orgasm, so I reach around and squeezed her tits (which were hanging nicely). That was all it took, as I heard her cum and shake, and as she did, I felt my own orgasm come, and I filled her pussy with another big load of my cum.

We rested on the bed for a while, and eventually fell asleep. We woke a few hours later, and she panicked because she was going to be late for work. I figured it was all a dream anyway, but we both got dressed, and I drove her back to her apartment building. She gave me a piece of paper with “her number” on it, kissed me somewhat passionately and left and went inside. The phone number was fake, and to this day I often wonder if she tells her friends about what happened. I never saw her again, and would sometimes find myself driving past that apartment building and smiling. Of course, nobody will believe this story, but it really DID happen…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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