Want an Experience?

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Solo Male

“Do you want an experience?” That was all the message read, and she had replied “Yes”.

She checked herself in the mirror one last time, making sure her makeup was just right. She had to chuckle to herself. It wasn’t the makeup he was going to be interested in. She popped into the bathroom one last time. Didn’t want to pee in the middle of it, what ever “it” was.

The drive to the economy hotel was short but to Sami it seemed forever. Scenarios of what could happen surrounded her, her quick mind leaping from one possibility to another.

She had contacted Chase only because she was in charge of their high school reunion. 25 years! Those years had changed her so much. Sounds like it had changed him too.

They had emailed back and forth for a couple years, even talking on the phone. The more they talked, the more alike they seemed. Their conversations became less guarded, more open and honest. Some of it was down right revealing, revealing even about her self.

“Do you want an experience?” She had said yes, but Sami wished she had taken more time as he started fleshing out his idea. It came down to the question: Did she trust him? She guessed she did, to the extent that you trust anyone you kind of know, but what she was doing was a far leap from that type of trust.

Chase knew she was flying in to their old home area for a week during the holidays. He told her that if she trusted him, and if she wanted an experience, she was to agree to do what ever he said for one night.

She had said yes, but had come close to turning it down or cancelling later, finding excuses. The thoughts of what the night might turn into played through her mind for the week prior to the trip. Maybe he was just having some fun and had only planned dinner and a few drinks while catching up on old times.

On the other hand, he could be the kind of person you only heard about on the news, pent up hostilities, teenage angst suppressed for too long. No, he sounded well balanced, quick with a joke, and besides, for some strange reason, she did trust him.

Most likely, he was just looking to get in her pants. She smiled. That wouldn’t be so bad either. It had been a while since she had felt her libido engaging, and for this situation, it seemed kicked in to overdrive.

She pulled into the hotel and found a parking space. She sat in the car, her cell phone in her hand, tempted to call him even then and cancel. He had said she could cancel at any time, no hard feelings, and that he would understand.

No damn it. She was here, and how often do you take wild chances like this.

She got out of the car, walking with a purposeful stride, until she got to the door of the hotel. Her self confidence faltered as she looked at the old man behind the counter. The old man looked up and she thought about what he must be seeing.

Not knowing what to expect, she had dressed sexily, but just conservative enough to still be able to go to a nice restaurant. Now here she was in a low cut dress, asking for a key to some mans hotel room. “God, he must think I am a call girl.” She thought. “Well, its not like I am ever going to see this old man again, and if I am going to be a call girl, I am going to play the part.”

Sami swayed her hips as she glided up to the counter. “Hi there,” she purred, “You should have a key back there with my name on it, sweetie.” Where had that southern accent come from, she wondered.

The old man turned and looked over the rack of key cards. “Would you be Sami?” He asked with a twinkle in his eye.

“Yes, that’s me, darlin.” She said as she leaned forward to look at the keys with him. She knew he was getting an eye full of her D cups. They were held up by the high counter, and as she leaned forward, her low cut dress opened even more, showing the blue lace bra she was wearing.

The old man, Roy by his name tag, reached for the key, missing on the first grasp because of his attention on the bountiful display in front of him. As he handed the key to Sami, his eyes finally raised to meet hers. A smile deepened the crinkles at the corner of his eyes.

“Here you go Miss.” He said while holding the key to her.

“Thank you hun” Sami said as she took the key, letting her fingers linger for a split second as they touched his hand.

With a smile, she turned and sauntered to the elevator, feeling his eyes on her ass the whole way.

As the elevator closed she leaned her head back against the wall, laughing to herself. “WOW. That was wild.” She thought. “I have never acted that way. It will be a wild night if I stay in this mood.”

As the elevator dinged and the doors started to open, she straightened up. Checking the mirror, nodding to herself that she liked what she saw, and exited the elevator.

What was she going to find as she opened the door. Will Chase be sitting with a beer watching a football game while he waited for her? No, she didn’t think so.

Would she find him naked, spread eagle canlı bahis on the bed. No, he seemed to have too much class to be that crass.

Taking the deep breath, she inserted the key and let herself in.

The room was lit only by a single lamp, the scarf draped across it giving a low light of burgundy.

Jazz could be heard playing lightly. The bed was turned back, a fine silk kimono folded neatly, with a note folded on top of it.

“You are always up and running, doing for others. Tonight is about you. Your bath is drawn and waiting. You have an entire hour to spend. Enjoy and see you soon. Chase.”

Sami peeked into the bath, foam bubbled high, the smell of lavender in the air. The room was light with candles placed around the large tub. She chuckled. “Don’t think we are going out to eat tonight.”

She took the kimono and entered the candle light room. Closing the door, her hand paused at the lock. “What the hell.” She thought and opened the door slightly.

Stripping off her clothes, she stepped into the deliciously hot bath, slowly sinking down with a sigh of contentment. On the floor next to the bath sat a bottle of wine in a chiller, to the right, a glass of wine was poured and waiting.

Sami laid back languidly, a soapy hand reaching for the wine.

Once again, Sami wondered just how she had gotten herself into this crazy situation. Things like this only seemed to happen to her. She never heard her girlfriends talking about these types of situations. But then again, this wasn’t the kind of situation that came up while chatting at the water cooler.

The wine was hitting the spot, relaxing but not making her tired. She laid her head back against the bath.

The hour swept by faster than she expected and soon Sami was up and drying herself, putting on the kimono over her light blue lingerie. The music had stopped sometime unnoticed.

As she entered the still empty bedroom, she saw a new note on the bed.

“You relaxed I hope” it read; “Now we see if you really trust me. Here are the rules to the game.

You will lie back in the middle of the bed. You will use the MP3 player and ear buds, turning the music low. You will cover your eyes with the blindfold You will hold on to the scarves hanging from the head board. To stop at any time all you have to do is remove the blindfold, let go of the scarves, or just ask me to. I hope you enjoy your experience. This is just a gift from one friend to another.

Taking a deep breath, then the last gulp of wine, she lied back on the bed, turned on the music, laid the light silk blindfold across her eyes, and wrapped her hands in the scarf. Thoughts ran through her mind. “What a picture I must present. The kimono is so short I am sure I am almost on display. Was that the door?” Her ears struggled to capture the sound over the music.

A slight breeze ran across the bare skin of her legs. Her skin tightened in anticipation, her breath caught in her chest. She laid waiting, expecting but not knowing what to expect. A heartbeat, two, and then she exhaled. It must have been her imagination.

She listened to the song. What else was there to do? The driving beat, the heavy chords, seemed to pull her into the music. The longer she listened, the deeper she was immersed in the sounds, almost awash in music. Each beat mirrored with a beat of Sami’s own heart, slow, steady.

A breeze ran across her foot. At least she thought it was a breeze. If not, then the lightest touch she had ever felt. Her breathing quickened, her grasp on the scarves tightening, a shiver running across her skin. Slowly the light touch ran up the outside of her leg, along her hip, and disappeared.

She searched all her senses to ensure herself that she had actually felt it. Her ears strained, her nostrils flared. Her skin prickled.

Inhaling deeply, she caught the aroma of male cologne. Searching her memory to place it, it slowly came to her, obsession for men. She inhaled again.

Her lips were brushed with something cool. Her head jerked back into the pillow of its own accord. It took her a moment to determine that he was offering her another sip of wine and her lips parted searchingly. The glass was pressed lightly to her lips and a sip of wine lightly coated her tongue.

She lay back, slowly letting the wine trickle down her throat. She could sense movement, a change in sound, a shadow across her thin blindfold.

A hand lightly brushed her cheek, first one side then the other. She fought the temptation to shake the silk from over her eyes. Curiosity has always been strong in her. But she stayed where she was. She felt strong hands rubbing her shoulders, massaging, kneading her tense muscles. Slowly she allowed herself to relax, to sink deeper into the mattress. The music rose to retake her subliminal mind, beat, beat, beat went the music. Beat, beat, beat went her heart, slowly, evenly. The hands released her shoulders. She waited, the music driving her breathing.



Something bahis siteleri rubbed against her feet. Her hands almost flew from the scarves, her ticklish sensation coming close to overtaking her conscious control. The touch became more firm. “Ahhh”, she exhaled laying back. A foot rub! How absolutely unexpected, but wasn’t that just like him. He seemed to never expend all his surprises. His strong hands worked into the bottom of her feet, his thumbs working her sole and his fingers lightly caressed the tops of her feet.

The music slowly changed yet again. The bass getting deeper, the beat getting slightly faster.

Her heart beat slightly faster.

His caresses left her feet, working up the side of her calves. Sometimes massaging, sometimes just fingernails lightly scratching, always moving, always in touch.

Her legs slightly opened on their own accord. His strong hands working around her legs, up to the knee, back to the ankle. She sighed. “God, this felt good. He had made her use a blindfold and hold on to scarves, not for the reason she first thought. It was not to make him the one in control, but to make it all about her. Even now her thoughts were to reach out, to reciprocate, but still she held on to the scarves.

His hands worked higher, teasing the inside of her thighs, rubbing, lightly scratching. She had reached that point where it had stopped being relaxing and was becoming more exciting, invigorating. His hands approached the edge of her French styled panties, reaching under the kimono. Her breath came faster, deeper, the music pounding out a faster beat, until…

“What the hell?” She thought. The music suddenly slowed, the hands receded. She felt her hips raise slightly of their own will, searching for the feeling it was wanting.

Something brushed her lips again. She licked them, tasting whipped cream. ‘Hmm, so he was going to play.’ She thought. Again she felt the cream against her lips. Again she licked it off. The next time she felt it, it remained. Her tongue reached out, questing for the taste again and finding it. Along with it she caught the aroma of strawberries. Gently, she licked the glazing from the fruit, then took a light nibble. Succulent was the only word she could think of. Another bite, another, and the strawberry was gone. Another was offered, and she opened her mouth wide to accept it. He teased her mouth, making her raise her head just a little. She could hear his low laugh as she scouted for the bit.

She laid her head back, licking her lips once again. She felt something else against her a set of lips, firmly but lightly bussing hers. A long languid kiss. No forcing, no racing for a goal, just a long slow firm mouthwatering kiss. As he broke the kiss, he nuzzled her chin, lightly raking her skin with the stubble of his beard. Feeling him slowly nibbling his way to her chest, then back, Sami felt her breath quickened yet again, her nipples getting hard, feeling herself getting moist, or more so since she had been that way for the last three days thinking about this.

Slowly she felt the ties holding her kimono tight being loosened. Lightly the robe was opened, the ends of the silken belt leaving trails of sensation across her stomach. She could imagine him stopping from his mission to enjoy the new view. She felt his hand start rubbing leisurely across her stomach, making slow circles, drifting first to one side then the other.

Once again Sami’s head was a jumble of thoughts. ‘Geez, this felt good. He was talented at seduction’. If anyone had told her two years ago that Chase would be here kneeling beside the bed, rubbing her body as she lay blindfolded and grasping scarves, she would not have called them crazy, she would have called a doctor, and sent them to an asylum.

His strokes got wider, drifting to the bottom of her breast, and to the tops of her panties. A slight pause was broken as both hands firmly grasped her breast. Not painful, but definitely not timid in any way. He rubbed, massaging, and then paused to open the front clasp to her bra. Sami held her breath, feeling the air hitting her already sensitive nipples. He palmed her beautiful breast, rubbing slow circles. She could feel the roughness of his palms across her sensitive flesh, tingles of electricity bolting through her body. The hands cupped her breast from underneath, pulling them together, lips lowered to meet them. Lightly, his tongue circled her breast, but not her nipples. He traced the underside of each breast, across the top, nibbling his way around each side, always approaching but never quit touching her nipples.

Sami inhaled, her back arching, raising herself questing for the touch she wanted. The music came to her through a fog of feeling, a haze of want and need. Around her breast he teased, his five o’clock shadow leaving nerve endings more awake and vibrant.

His lips made circles on her breast, now a nibble, now a lick, circles getting bahis şirketleri ever closer to her taunt nipples. Slowly, slowly the circles drew tighter until finally….

A pause…

She cussed him in her mind as her body strained. She wasn’t sure if this was a treat or a torment.

A light lick across one nipple.

A pause.

Another across the other nipple.

‘Damn” she thought. ‘Get on with it.’

Suddenly his mouth descended over one breast, tongue dragging around and around. Her head pressed back into the pillow, a groan escaping her lips. Waves of sensation washed over her.

The lips only stopped long enough to switch to the other breast, again sending sensations bouncing throughout her body, her breath catching.

She winced as Chase suddenly nipped a nipple, jerking away from his touch and as quick raising her self back to reconnect with him. He took the time to please, not just taking a passing lick on his way to elsewhere. He made love to her breast with his mouth, her head rolling from side to side. The blindfold had slid off but it made no difference. Her eyes were closed and groans of pleasure engulfed her.

He disappeared. It took her a few moments to become aware that he had stopped. Her breaths long and drawn out. The silk lightly draped back over her eyes.

She felt something cold against her thigh. ‘Snip’. Again ‘Snip’ on her other side. ‘Darn!’ she thought, ‘He cut my undies and those were expensive. Oh well, I will but another set.’

A hand glided across her mound, her legs instinctively closing and her knees pulled toward her chest. He paused as she stayed still, then slowly lowering her knees and spreading her legs purposely. She was in all respects offering herself to the pleasure.

The hand glided again across her smooth hairless mound. She had shaved earlier in the day as she prepared for what ever may come. She had blushed when she did it, undecided on what she was actually hoping for.

His lips descended over a nipple once again, languidly licking and teasing her. His hand pressing in and he rubbed lazily across her most private area. A finger slowly separated her lips, traveling down, than back up, slowly circling her clit. His touch was at once firm and commanding, and teasingly light and varied. Her breath let out in a shudder, the forgotten music once again entering her consciousness.

As he licked and stroked, she felt the passion raising, as was the beat of the music.

She felt his hot breath on her stomach, a trail from his tongue tracing across her abdomen. His hand still teasing her clit, soon replaced with his mouth. His tongue was as talented as his hand, licking lightly one time, more firm later, now on her clit, now separating her lips. He suckled on them, licking around, never in any discernable pattern. She could not foresee where Chase was going to touch her next. His nails raked lightly up her thigh; his head dipped a little more, his mouth coming into contact with her bottom. Any other time she would have been extremely embarrassed by this. It had happened to her before but she had shied away from it. At this point, she didn’t care. A growl of animal lust escaped her throat. She raised her ass from the bed, raising high into the air while opening herself to more. More what?

Sami felt Chase nip at her clit, then suck long and hard. Her hands jerked at the scarves, opening and closing around them. The music was a driving force, mirroring her feelings, pounding wave on top of pounding wave as her sensations built one on top of the last.

His tongue a whirling dervish as his hands reached up to her breast, finding her nipples, and tugged lightly but firmly, twisting and tweaking them in turn.

She could feel it building in her. Like a freight train, her orgasm came at her, picking up speed, going faster and harder. The music drowned her ears. She wouldn’t have heard her own pants and wails even had she not had on earphones. She was too far gone. Her hips rose and fell, literally rubbing herself against his mouth, gyrating, as he licked.

Like an explosion, the orgasm hit her, her mind totally wiped of all conscious thought, like a computer invented only to register pleasure. Her breath came in ragged gasp. Her hands strained against the scarves. She could feel the whole bed shaking as she was caught in the throes of the biggest orgasm of her life. As the licking and grasping continued, her orgasm did also. ‘My God, how long could this last?’ she asked herself.

With a groan of both pleasure and pain, her body slumped back into the bed. Sami may have passed out for a moment because the next she felt was the blindfold lifting and a cold damn towel lying in its place. She felt his hands as he slowly wiped her body with another damp towel.

After Chase was done, Sami curled up on her side, hugging a pillow to her body and fell asleep.

Waking up the next morning, Sami was amazed at how well and deeply she had slept. She stretched like a cat, her hand feeling the bed to see if Chase was beside her. Her hand encountered something else entirely. She peeked between squinted eyes.

There lay a single pink rose. A note neatly folded with it.

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