Wedding Day Fun

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It was early fall in NYC and I went to one of my best friend’s wedding. I met my cousin Leon there as well as a bunch of my “party hard” friends that I hadn’t seen in a while. I was dressed in a beige slip dress with spaghetti straps with matching high-heeled pumps that made my ass stick out like POW! It was still hot outside and I wore no underwear at all. The dress was cut right above my knee with slits up to my thigh. It clung to my body like paint at times, but it wasn’t tight at all. It was easy to see that I wasn’t wearing any panties at times because the way it clung to my skin. I liked the attention I got. The damn cab driver couldn’t keep his eyes on the road. I didn’t like that at all. The top half of my dress was low cut and if I bent over at all, my breasts were in full view. Once I went inside the wedding hall, my nipples stuck out like erasers from the cold air conditioning.

Once inside, I ran into Frank, an old flirt buddy from back in the day. He was part of the groom’s party. He was in shock when he saw me because he thought I was still in LA and didn’t think I was coming to the wedding. We talked in the reception area and had a few cocktails as we waited for the ceremony to start. After my first drink, I got a nice buzz, which is dangerous because it also gets me horny. I had to sit down in a chair in front of Frank because the shoes were starting to hurt my feet. As we talked, I noticed him trying to sneak peeks down my dress.

I forgot for a moment that my tits were visible to anyone who stood above me or if I leaned over. I was doing both at the same time. I loved being an exhibitionist, so I paid it no mind and continued leaning over, rubbing my feet, etc. Suddenly we had to go because the wedding was about to start. I gulped down my “Cosmo” and went into the wedding hall. Finally my cousin Leon arrived late as usual and sat next to me. He knew the groom as well. It was a young wedding, so there were lots of young and single guys and girls. The actual wedding was beautiful and I think I cried throughout the entire thing.

My buzz died down and I was totally into the wedding. Of course during the ceremony, I wondered if and when I was going to ever get married? Well, that went on for a minute or so until the ceremony was over. At the end of the ceremony, we all retired to the reception area and had drinks and finger food. By that time, I had caught the eye of Doug, another friend of the groom’s.

He was in the wedding party and stared at me throughout the whole ceremony. Leon and myself had a couple of drinks right away and waited around for the wedding party to come out into the reception canlı bahis şirketleri area. After two cocktails, we went into the main reception area where dinner was to be served and the wedding party came inside. I remembered that Doug was eyeing me when he walked out with the wedding party. Frank walked out as well. They both looked handsome and I was already trying to figure out whom I wanted more.

During the reception, Leon was trying his best to flirt with Sally, the bride’s sister. Eventually, we all got drunk. Leon started passing out ecstasy pills as party favors to a few of us. An expensive little gesture I must say. Once that pill kicked in, I was out of control. I could not sit still. Frank was busy with the family. Finally Doug came over and sat real close to me.

We hadn’t spoken the whole time. He introduced himself and we started talking bullshit over the loud music. And just as I expected, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of my exposed breasts.

“What are you staring at?” I finally asked him playfully.

“You!” He responded, not even taking his eyes off of me. I smiled. Well, what could I say after that? He was telling the truth. Suddenly he took me by the hand and led me to kitchen, where the caterers were preparing food. He grabbed my ass as we walked past them and into the kitchen, past the Asian cooks. A couple of the young male servers looked us over as we looked for a private place.

I smiled at them and said. “We just need to talk privately.” There wasn’t really any place to go, except a corner of the service area, way in the back where the dishes were stored. I winked at the two Mexican bus boys that were staring. My body was tingling from the ecstasy. Just the touch of his hands were almost enough to make me cum. Next thing I know, I’m unzipping his pants, springing out his deliciously hard cock. He turns me around, lifts my dress and slides his cock into my dripping wet pussy with one smooth move. My mind is racing and I feel great.

The pills were freaking me out. Everything stroke felt great. Here was this stranger fucking me with me only knowing him for a few minutes. I couldn’t think about anything else except his dick banging into my pussy. Within a few minutes, I’m cumming, hard and strong. I look up and notice that the busboys are still in the room watching. I start to hear and feel Doug tense up. His thrusts are much harder and faster. I know he’s about to cum. I feel him spurt his hot cum into my pussy. That’s not what I wanted, it’ll ruin my dress for the rest of the night if I sit done and his cum starts to drip out of me. In the midst of his orgasm, I reached canlı kaçak iddaa around and grabbed hold of his shaft, stopping him from cumming and pulling him out of my pussy.

“Who said you could cum in me?” I asked him playfully. He was in that state of confusion that one gets in when someone stops your orgasm mid way. I squatted in front of him and slid his hard, slick and sticky cock into my mouth. I sucked on it for about 30 seconds and he began spurting his hot jizm into my mouth. I pulled it out and stroked it while it spurted strings of white and clear cum through the air and onto the floor. A couple of pearly drops remained on the tip of his dick and I licked them off. Once we were done, I turned and looked at the two Mexican dudes. They smiled and rushed off like scared children.

I walked out first and he stayed behind, fumbling with his pants. I went into the women’s room to freshen up. I looked in the mirror. Everything was in place, except I needed more lipstick. Damn! I was so horny from the X. My nipples stood out like two pencil erasers. When I came out, my cousin Leon was looking for me. He rushed over and told me that a group was going to the “W” hotel and continuing the party there. I walked over to get another drink to wash my mouth out. I gulped down a double shot of cognac and went and grabbed my purse.

I was totally drunk as I walked outside, to find a large white limo. The limo driver was this sweet looking, older Caribbean man, who waited for me with the door open. Inside were Leon, Frank, Doug, Dara, Sue and some hot chick that I never met before. Everyone was smoking weed and drinking champagne. As I climbed across everyone to get to an empty seat, it seemed like everyone grabbed my ass. Dara even decided to move my dress aside, exposing my butt for a brief second. Everyone made catcalls and stuff. It was all in good fun. I sat in the seat facing everyone, right up next to the driver’s partition. Leon sat next to me and popped opened a bottle of champagne. As the car drove off, we all drank a toast to the newly married couple.

The music was blaring as we drank and smoked. Leon kept looking at Dara. I yelled out. “My cousin here thinks you’re hot!” Leon hit me on the shoulder like a kid who was embarrassed. I hit him back. Everyone was laughing. Dara yelled to me, “Don’t be jealous Lisa!” I acted like a baby.

“But he’s my cousin!” I said as I snuggled next to him. My head ended up in his lap. He put his arm around me and his hand ended up on my thigh. As I laid my head down on his lap, his cock sprung to attention. “Whoa!” I said out loud. “Check out the pup tent!” Doug canlı kaçak bahis shouted. I poked at it. “It won’t go down!” I said playfully. “Put it down!” Sue shouted out. The chick I didn’t know spoke up. Her name was Leslie. “Lisa, Doug told us that he fucked you in the kitchen. Is that true? I answered. “Hell, yes!” Everyone laughed. It turned out that Leslie was Doug’s ex-girlfriend. She slapped him on the chest and playfully pouted. “Put it down Lisa!” Everyone kept saying to me. “But that’s her cousin!” Doug kept saying.

The attention turned me on and Leon was so high, he just sat there, smiling with a huge hard on. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It was so hard and dripping with pre-cum. I made sure everyone could see, then put it in my mouth and began sucking it. Everyone clapped. Leon took it upon himself to grab my ass I blew him. That’s when I realized that my dress was getting wrinkled up.

“Take it off!” Everyone shouted. So I did. Dara neatly folded it up and placed it on the seat. Here I was, butt naked, sucking my cousin’s cock in front of a crowd of watchers. I LOVE this spontaneous action. Frank started to kiss on Dara’s neck. Doug started to kiss on Leslie. She pushed him off of her. “C’mon, let’s be nice now!” I said, smiling with my tongue running across the head of Leon’s cock. I was so wet by then. I could feel my juices flowing. I knew I was leading the show, so I sat up and mounted Leon. I slid my body down onto his awaiting rock hard dick and slid it inside of my pussy. I heard a couple of “Oh shit! I can’t believe she’s fucking him?” coming from the group.

That turned me on even more. I looked back at them and everyone was staring at the sex show I was giving them. I took my hand and held onto Leon’s cock as it slid inside of me. My hand was covered with a mixture of Doug’s cum and my juices. I licked my hand clear. That was too much for everyone and they cheered so loud that the driver opened the partition. Suddenly, the driver’s face is in my face. “Hi!” I said smiling at him. He smiled back, apologized and closed the partition. I slid Leon’s dick out of me and once again put his cock back in my mouth, cleaning off the juices that painted it. “We’re almost there.”

The driver spoke through the partition. I smile and waved for my dress. I kissed Leon on the lips and told him to zip up. He was high as a kite and just smiled. Everyone clapped because I wasn’t afraid to do Leon. The limo pulled over and the driver got out and opened the door. I slid the dress on.

As I climbed out of the limo, my dress was still over my hips. I was completely flashing the driver and the bell hop, who happened to be standing there, wondering if we had any bags. I pulled my dress down. “No luggage!” I said as I passed him, holding up my tiny purse. We partied all night. Unfortunately, I passed out and woke up with a massive hangover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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