Weekend in Munich

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Back in 1970 I was twenty two and worked for an airline. We got free standby travel benefits to just about anywhere. I was on a short vacation in Munich.

I was eating dinner at a small local restaurant. Two girls came in and sat at an adjacent table. They were my age and very attractive. Stewardesses, I thought (pre “flight attendant” days). I was right. We struck up a conversation and I was invited to join them at their table.

In the 1960’s and 70’s becoming a stewardess was ‘the’ avenue for a girl to land a good husband. Pilots were the top catch but good looking businessmen were ok too. Husband shopping was productive. Average tenure for stewardess was eighteen months. You had to quit if you got married. So the girls were young, good looking, and looking for the right guy.

There was instant comradery (and sex) among airline people regardless of company. These girls worked for Pan Am, domiciled in New York. They had a couple of days off and decided on Munich. I worked for TWA. I liked talking to them and hoped there might be a chance for something more than conversation. Another fellow asked if he could join us. He looked several years older and had a confident manner about him.

The girls were both good looking but Janet was more to my liking. The new guy seemed to take control and somehow I was paired up with Alice rather than Janet.

“You guys want to come back to our place?” Janet asked. Greg, the guy, quickly responded. I was still processing this information. They had a rental car güvenilir bahis – Janet and Greg in the front, Alice and me in the back. Their room was just a few minutes’ drive away.

Were we going to have sex? I assumed so. I hoped there were two beds (there were). What would it be like having sex with another couple there?

The girls quickly shed their clothes and Greg and I tried to catch up. Alice had a slim body, very nicely proportioned. She was a true blond, my favorite. I peeled off my shorts and had to maneuver my cock to get it out. It was mighty stiff. Alice took it in her hand. “Nice cock! We are going to have fun.” She pulled me to one of the beds.

I saw Janet take Greg’s cock in her month. I had never seen another guy’s stiffy, never seen a girl give a blowjob to someone else.

“Want to watch?” “Yeah. I’ve never seen people have sex”.

We sat on the edge of the bed, just three feet from them. “Janet loves to give head,” Alice remarked as she played with my cock.

“Come on, our turn.” I think Alice was ready to suck my cock but I moved down and placed my head between her thighs. She spread her legs wide to give me access. I nudged her lips apart with my tongue and started making love to her pussy. My first sexual experiences were with an older woman (older = mid 20’s), who helped make me a good lover. I liked eating pussy.

Buried between her legs I couldn’t see the other bed. But it sounded like Greg’s blowjob was nearing a climax. I lapped away at Alice’s pussy. “Damn, türkçe bahis guy, that feels good. Oh, yes, keeping doing that.” She was vocal, which I liked. I wanted the other couple to know we were having fun. I must have eaten her pussy for ten minutes or more before she came.

“Yes, yes. Motherfucker! Oh, god,” she exclaimed as she bucked her hips and mashed my mouth to her pussy.

I looked over at the other bed – Greg was now fucking Janet doggy style. I noted with satisfaction my cock was bigger.

“John, fuck me. I need you in me.” Alice turned over. “Do me like them.”

I slid my cock head up and down her juicy lips and then pressed the head into her hole. I pushed just enough for the head to disappear. Then pulled out. I fucked her with just my cock head, then started going in deeper on each stroke.

Alice had a real sexy, tight body. Her pussy was gleaming with her juice and my cock slid easily in and out. It doesn’t get any better, I thought.

I was surprised to hear Greg warn Janet that he was coming. “No, not yet,” she implored. I watched as he plunged deep and apparently shot his wad. I continued my slow but steady fucking of Alice. A minute later Janet stomped into the bathroom. Greg put on his clothes and left. She came back and sat on the edge of her bed, watching us.

Some minutes later Alice was getting close. But I wasn’t. By now I usually would be ready to shoot. But I had been nervous the whole time and I guess that was holding me back. Well at least I knew Alice would güvenilir bahis siteleri be satisfied. I stopped when she came and pulled away. My cock was still rigid.

“That bastard. He left me high and dry. Fucker!” Janet bitched to her friend. “Looks like you had a good time.”

“Yeah, I came twice. John’s good.” She looked down and saw my cock still standing up. “Why don’t you borrow his cock. I don’t mind.”

Janet grabbed it. “God, that’s a big one. You had that in you?” “Every inch!”

Janet pulled me by my cock to the other bed. “Lay down, I’m getting on top.” I was her fuck toy. She positioned herself on top and lowered until I was fully in. Alice propped herself up to watch.

“Oh, my god. That feels so good. I need it.” She fucked me for probably ten minutes. Her juices were dripping, her pussy was engorged and red. She was real close and rotated her hips. That was it for me. My cock blasted come deep into her pussy which in turn set her off.

Janet stayed on top until my cock shriveled and slid out. “Well, Janet. How was my guy? Satisfied?” as Alice reclaimed me.

“God, yes. That was fantastic. Good for you too?”

“John ate my pussy like a champ. And that cock of his!”

“That other guy, Greg. What a loser. I gave him a good blowjob. Then he comes only moments after sticking his cock in.”

We made plans to meet the next day and do some touring in their car.

“John, do you mind if we share you?” Alice asked. I didn’t mind a bit. After dinner I ate and fucked both girls. I stayed the night and we did an encore in the morning. Then they headed to the airport and back to work. I had two more days in Munich.

Even though it was over forty years ago I remember every detail of that weekend.

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