Weekly Meetings Ch. 05

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Another big thanks to LAHomeDog and to ResJack for editing!



It was the first day of the week without Amy around to drain my balls.

I woke up rock hard but didn’t jerk off since I had a lot of work to catch up on. By midday, that had proven to be a mistake, as I was uncomfortably erect for almost the entire morning.

I texted Amy several times with no response. Even checking in on social media to see if she was posting anything about her day, but it was just silence.

I briefly considered jerking off in the wellness room without her, but even though we fucked in there constantly, masturbating at work without her now somehow felt wrong.

Fortunately, I had a couple of afternoon meetings, so my mind was distracted. That was until the last one where my phone buzzed with a response from Amy.

“You better not jerk off while I’m gone ;)”

I was already hard just reading that, but it was nothing compared to what came next.

“Went shopping today, what do you think?”

A flurry of pictures came through. After getting a peek at the first one, I instinctively had to cover my phone to make sure no one saw and thought I was looking at porn.

My phone buzzing had caused a minor distraction, but I apologized, and the meeting went on. Just thinking about the pictures though was driving me wild. That’s when it occurred to me that this was the perfect reason to excuse myself and look. I could always pretend it was some sort of emergency.

I got up quietly but could feel eyes on me as I headed to the door. Nothing could stop me though, potential nudes from Amy were all that I could think about.

Amy did not disappoint. I popped into the bathroom to check them out. A dozen pictures, each hotter than the next, of Amy in various colorful bikinis. Her tits looked massive, her abs tight and my cock was quickly hard in my hand as I was bringing myself right to the brink of orgasming.

Before I could get there, my phone buzzed again.

“Remember, NO jerking off without me!”

Somehow, I stopped myself and caught my breath while trying to wait for my erection to subside. It was throbbing and red, but eventually, it was good enough for me to get back to work.

I stayed late that night, still working and waiting for any communication from Amy. By around 9 pm, she was silent, and I headed home. My plan was to FaceTime when there and jerk off for her, I figured that might be a loophole.

Unfortunately, my plan didn’t work out. My first FaceTime went unanswered, but I received a text back saying she’d try me later and reminding me not to jerk off without her.

By the time I heard back, I was half asleep, but Amy immediately had my full attention by being completely nude on the other side.

“Miss me?” She smirked while slowly panning her flawless body.

“Oh yeah,” I replied excitedly while already fishing my cock out of my shorts. “I’ve got a full day’s worth of cum ready for you.”

“NO!” My excitement was interrupted. “DO NOT jerk off without me there.”

Fuck! There was no loophole. She really wanted me to wait until Monday.

“If you do, and I find out, and I promise that I will find out, this is done.” Amy panned her sexy naked body again, spending extra time in her gigantic tits that she knew I couldn’t ankara eryaman escort resist.

My cock still ached as I racked my brain about how she’d possibly find out, and even though I had no idea, I knew it wasn’t worth the risk.

“I know you’ll be a good boy and wait for me. Might be sooner than you think…”

“Wait! Are you coming back early?” But Amy had hung up as soon as she finished teasing. I texted her asking again, but her response was just ‘maybe’ with another sexy picture that made my cock twitch so hard that I needed to shut my phone before losing to temptation. I decided to take a sleeping pill to help overcome it.

The pill worked perfectly, though I still woke up hard, I was too tired to do anything about it, and I overslept so there wasn’t time anyway.

Work was still tough, by noon I had my normal energy back, but still had to focus all I had on suppressing my arousal and distracting myself.

3 pm was even worse, that’s when Amy started sending me more pictures. Hard as they were to enjoy at the moment, I was developing a nice collection.

I didn’t reply to any of them, after another dozen or so, there was a FaceTime. Considering I was at the office, I thought it best to ignore it.

Then she called. As much as I liked the idea of her clamoring for attention, I answered.


“Where are you?” She questioned quickly.

“At work, everything okay?”

Amy’s tone returned to normal. “Did you like the pictures?”

I excused myself to a private area where no one could hear. “Loved them, any more coming?”

“Maybe… if you do something for me. Can you go to the wellness room? I think I might’ve left my panties in there.”


Now, the chances of us being caught from a random pair of panties were slim, but if something like that was found, they could check the cameras and we’d both be busted. I bee-lined for the wellness room.

“Let me know when you’re there.” Amy stayed on the phone.

“Yup… 10 seconds.” Suddenly the phone started ringing in my ear. Amy was switching to FaceTime.

I made sure the coast was clear before accepting. “What’s up?” I answered, I could only see her face.

“I figured I’d help. Are you there yet?”

“Opening the door now.” I literally was turning the handle as I admired Amy’s beauty through the screen. Then suddenly I jumped through my skin.

“HOLY shit!!!” I was startled by someone already in the room. I almost left but my instincts told me to stay as soon as I saw who it was.

Stacey: The blonde bombshell from accounting. A good friend of Amy’s from way back when they were kids, who was actually the reason Amy started working here in the first place.

Men in the office had long debated who was hotter between the two, but in reality, the differences were simple. Amy was brunette with big tits, Stacey was blonde with an amazing ass. Neither of them was lacking in any department, but it was based on preferences. My answer was always easy: why not both?

“Hi.” Stacey greeted me.

“Surprise!!!” Amy shouted through the phone.

I wasn’t fully aware of what was happening, but as I stood there it all became clear, and it was an amazing surprise.

The biggest giveaway was what Stacey was wearing, she had her regular work clothes piled up escort elvankent in the corner and had on just a sexy green bra that really made her eyes pop. With matching panties that showed off her incredible ass.

Both girls had amazing bodies, but Stacey was naturally very thin, even with her perky C cups.

“Lift me please.” Amy was still on FaceTime on my phone that I was holding off to my side. “Hi, babe.” Amy continued when I brought her up to my face. “So, Stacey is going to make sure that you’ve been a good boy and haven’t jerked off without me.” Amy had zoomed out now to reveal that she was also wearing sexy lingerie. “Keep your eyes on me and go have a seat.”

I looked at Stacey who wore a big smile as she motioned me to the lounger as if it were a game show prize. I followed while still holding Amy up to my face.

“Good boy.” She commented when I sat down. “Now, sit back, relax and let Stacey take care of you. I’ll be right here the whole time to watch you fill her mouth with cum.”

Amy was starting to rub herself as she spoke and Stacey got into position to service my cock. The overwhelming sexiness of the situation had my head spinning, I had one beautiful woman masturbating on screen and another undoing my pants and tugging at them so she could get access to my already hard cock.

I lifted my hips so that Stacey could get in, and in one fell swoop, she had my pants and boxers both around my ankles.

“Wow.” She reacted to seeing my cock for the first time.

“Thanks.” I couldn’t help but stare at the beautiful blonde while she brought her mouth down and went right into a powerful blowjob.

Much like comparing their appearance, comparing Amy and Stacey’s oral skills was completely subjective. Amy loved earning herself some cum, and the power of driving me wild with her mouth. She also knew how to use her tits and always kept her hands involved.

Stacey on the other hand was all about using her mouth. Her suction was powerful as if she thought she could just suck the semen straight from my balls into her stomach, causing an amazing sensation and almost making me explode in the first minute.

“Easy!” I warned, trying to tell Stacey to slow down. Her blue eyes looked up at me and she understood, bringing it down to an easy pace so I could compose myself.

“Stacey I feel like he’s telling the truth!” Amy yelled to her friend through the phone. “I’ve never made him cum that quickly, he must’ve been a very good boy.”

“I haven’t cum yet.” I reminded them.

“Hah!” Stacey laughed before she had a chance to take my dick out of her mouth. “Yeah, but we can both see that you’re not going to last.”

Amy laughed on the other end; I must’ve looked like a mess as I strained to hold back my orgasm. It showed on my face that I needed it.

Stacey resumed the blowjob, bobbing up and down, still hands-free and not sucking nearly as hard. I loved watching her blonde hair bouncing in my lap and alternated between watching her and Amy. Suddenly, Amy disappeared.

“Amy?” I asked, piquing Stacey’s interest while she lightly sucked me. “I think we lost her.”

“She’ll be back,” Stacey replied, taking me out and now lightly jerking. “How am I doing so far?” She asked innocently.

“You’re amazing.” My response gave her a very etimesgut escort bayan satisfying look before she dove back onto my dick.

After another minute, I was resigned to the fact that I was nearing my climax. I dropped my phone and was gripping each arm of the chair while Stacey sucked and sucked, now massaging my balls as she worked.

I breathed heavily and was about to warn her when my phone started to buzz loudly on the floor.

“FUCK!!” I was not happy to be interrupted and was willing to keep going, but Stacey had stopped, and the sound was distracting so I reached down to pick it up.


“That’s no way to answer the phone.” Amy’s voice came from the other side. “Were you about to cum?”

“Sorry, I was right on the cusp,” I replied, laying back down as Stacey brought both her hands to my junk, awaiting direction.

“Oh, I’m sorry, baby. I just didn’t want to miss it.” Her voice was cute and innocent suddenly as she pouted her lips. “Tell Stacey to keep going.”

I looked down at her and nodded, causing a slight smile before she leaned down to put me back in her mouth. I moaned into the phone at the sensation.

“Describe what she’s doing for me.” Amy continued.

“She just put me back in her mouth and it’s… it’s really good.”

“Oh yeah? You like my little surprise then, huh?”

“Oh yeah! She sucks like a vacuum… and now she’s rubbing my balls too like you know I love.”

“Good. Good boy. Did she let you titfuck?”

“No… not this time. The blowjob is more than enough.” That was an understatement.

Stacey smiled as she overheard my review, also picking up her efforts and now bringing a hand to my shaft as well.

“She’s going harder now… Jerking me into her mouth… and, and swirling her tongue around the tip reeeeaaaaallllly slow.”

“Oooooh that sounds good.” Amy was definitely masturbating again.

“Yeah, it is… keep going, baby. Jerk it a little faster.”

Stacey was obedient, doing exactly what I needed with perfect form, she had me cumming in no time.

“OOOhhh ohhh fuck!!!!!” I came hard into the beautiful blonde’s mouth, she happily continued bobbing and drinking it all up.

“MmmmMmmmmm…” Stacey slurped. Loving the feeling of me filling her mouth with cum, just like her best friend Amy. The only difference was that Stacey wasn’t used to me, and this particularly large load that helped prove I had obeyed Amy’s order was too much for her.

After six or seven spurts, I wasn’t cumming as hard, but it was still a lot and Stacey couldn’t keep up, she had tried to swallow, but it was too fast, and she was forced to withdraw and started coughing to keep from literally drowning in cum.

“Uh oh! That doesn’t sound good.” Amy chimed in from the phone, I was still in the midst of my climax, so couldn’t reply. “Sounds like you were a good boy though!!!” She continued excitedly.

Stacey composed herself and grabbed hold of my cock again, I was done spraying, but she had a mess to clean.

“Put me on speaker.” Amy was feeling left out. I found the speaker button and turned up the volume before resting the phone next to me. “How’d he do?” She asked her friend.

“Very good,” Stacey replies between slurps. “Very, very good boy.” Slurp slurp.

“Aw yayyyy!” Amy was giddy with excitement. “You guys are both the best! Let’s all three of us have some fun together when I get back!”

I wouldn’t say no to that. I looked down at Stacey as she smiled between happily lapping up my cum, confirming she felt the same way. Now I REALLY couldn’t wait for Amy’s return.

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