Weight Training

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Balls Caress

Eighteen months ago, I’d become a real slob. Four failed “romances” and being held in low regard at work had driven me to a chocolate, beer and fast food diet. I piled on the pounds and the inches.

It all started to change when I got a new job. I helped many people solve problems they couldn’t and was gaining their respect in the process. In short, I began to feel good about myself again. At about this time I realized that I was being rejected by almost all of the women I asked out. In fact, my right hand had become my best friend over the past six months.

The reasons for these rejections became apparent one evening whilst running to the bus stop to catch the number 51. I was out of breath almost immediately and felt as though someone was pounding on my chest with a hammer by time the bus had pulled away without me. It was obvious! I was completely unfit.

While waiting for the next bus, I noticed the “Muscle Madness” gym across the street. Before I got home that night, I’d got a year membership to the gym and a personal fitness program set up.

Half a year later, I was back to my old self. Actually, I was in the best shape I’d ever been in. I was getting plenty of dates and my wrist muscles weren’t working nearly as hard. Even with these improvements, I still felt I needed to be in better shape, In short I had fallen into the “perfect body” syndrome. I felt my upper body had developed well ahead of my legs and abdominal area. Having had several promotions, I had a surplus of cash each month, so I decided to splash out and pay for my own personal trainer.

At first, Karen didn’t appeal to my lustful side. Average size, brown hair in a typical bob, she was just the person who advised me on my diet and made sure I worked damn hard on all of the equipment.

However, as the weeks went on, I began to notice the finer qualities of this beautiful woman. Her breast weren’t large, but they were perfectly formed and when straining against her lycra cropped top looked incredibly firm. I always enjoyed joint workouts as the sweat glistened on her perfectly flat abdomen. Some of her cycling shorts would ride up into the cleft of her buttocks and I could see they didn’t need any support. güvenilir bahis I found my attention drifting to her with alarming regularity. Quite often I would have to turn to one side or fake a stitch to hide an erection from view.

This evening I had booked a session from nine ‘til ten and was really looking forward to it. The computer at work had other ideas, just as I had finished the last entry, it decided to trash the whole file! It was needed the next day, so I had to phone to cancel the session. Karen answered the phone and that made me feel worse about having to miss out. Luck was with me though, as she said she would keep the gym open for me because I was a valued customer. As I fixed the file, I was spurred on by thoughts of the gorgeous Karen.

I duly arrived at ten to be greeted by Karen, “for being late and keeping me here, I’m going to make you sweat”. I was a little disappointed with her attire as she was wearing a loose fitting gray flannel tracksuit. True to her word, she made me lift, push, pull & shift more weight than ever before. By the end of the session, sweat was trickling from every pore on my body. I was wet, exhausted and ready to go home, but there was more in store for me.

As I was making my way back to the changing room, Karen asked if I would help her test some modifications to the lateral lift. The normal lateral lift consists of a wide handle bar attached to weights via a pulley system. The weights are lifted by standing up straight and pulling down on the bar. Karen’s modifications consisted of four soft leather straps, two to keep your feet firmly on the floor and two to hold your hand securely to the bar.

“The most I’ve seen you lift is 50kg”, she stated, “let’s see if you can move 65”. With the extra support, I just about managed a full lift. She upped the ante to 80kg, but I stood no chance of lifting it. At this point I realized I was unable to release myself.

Standing in front of me with a crafty smile Karen mocked, “oh dear, we appear to be trapped, don’t we?”.

“What’s going on? Let me loose” I demanded.

“Are you kidding”, she asked, “I’ve spent six months building your body and I plan to enjoy it. I’ve seen you hiding türkçe bahis erections from me, so I know you want me.” She strolled toward me, placed a finger on my lips and warmly whispered “I suggest you keep quiet and enjoy it”. I just stood there dumbstruck (not that I was going anywhere) as she gently traced her lips down my neck. Her hands reached behind me, firmly grasped both sides of my vest and tore it off me. Stepping back, she caressed my chest, her index finger tracing between my pecs down to my abdomen. “You work so hard, the sweat pours from your big, strong chest”. She dropped to her knees, “I like a man who can build up a hard sweat”. She placed her hands on my chest and began to lick the perspiration from my navel. She was driving me wild with desire as she worked her way up to my lips. We kissed passionately, our tongues searching, the salty taste and smell of sweat adding to the moment. My erect penis strained against the inside of her thigh.

“I think something is trying to come between us”, she whispered huskily. With her hot, wet tongue circling my ear, her hand crept into my tracksuit bottoms and slowly closed around my erection. Gently, she wanked from the base of my shaft to the tip of my engorged knob.

“My god”, I gasped, my body rigid and trembling with ecstasy. Kneeling down again, she pulled my tracksuit bottoms down. She slid her tongue along the underside of my, by now, throbbing hardon, flicking at my knob at the end of each stroke. Just as I thought I couldn’t take any more teasing, she enveloped me in her warm mouth. Grasping my buttocks firmly, she began to thrust my knob between her lips and into that lovely moist mouth. I felt the first stirrings of imminent ejaculation, “I’m going to come” I gasped.

She stopped immediately and grasped my penis placing two fingers hard against the underside of my knob and stated, “oh no you’re not”.

As my erection began to fade, she released her grip, stood back and peeled off her cropped top. Her rigid nipples were standing out from perfectly rounded breasts. As she stepped out of her cycling shorts, I noticed she was completely depilated. Her lips slightly parted, glistening with her juices, I’ve never seen güvenilir bahis siteleri anything as beautiful. My erection sprang back to life immediately. “I’m glad to see you appreciate what you’re about to have” she mocked.

She ran a hand tentatively over her breasts her nipples hardening visibly to the touch. Trailing a finger down her navel toward her smooth, wet slit, she let out a small moan. She parted her lips, gently frigging her clitoris, inserted two fingers and gasped “god I’m so wet for you”. She walked over to me and asked, “are you feeling strong big boy? Because I’m going to work your body hard”. She grabbed the top of the apparatus and pulled herself up, her arm muscles bulging, she wrapped her legs around my waist.

Releasing one hand at a time, she grabbed my shoulders. I was glad and surprised that I could support us both, but I suspect all the adrenaline coursing through my veins was the reason. By now my prick was nudging insistently against her moist slit. Her hand dropped down, grasped me and guided me into her warm pussy. She let go and slid down onto me gasping, “it’s so hard and hot!, god you’ve got me turned on.” Her eyelids were fluttering, her eyes rolling and her cunt muscles contracting deliciously on my prick.

She began to rise and fall rhythmically onto me. I thrust back and forth to meet her movements, our sweat mixing on our bodies helping us slide against each other, my legs and arms beginning to ache, but her, wet slippery tunnel felt so good. Not far from orgasm and moaning regularly she was bringing me closer to my climax. I could feel my sperm beginning its delicious journey to freedom. I couldn’t hold back any longer, every muscle in my body was becoming tense. I squeezed my buttocks together and started thrusting hard as the sperm coursed through my penis. At this point Karen began to come, her body convulsing against mine, she dug her fingers hard into my back and shouted, “oh god, yes.”

My release was total, every muscle in my body relaxed leaving me totally drained. Karen’s near lifeless body was draped on me and her head rested on my shoulders. When she reached up and unfastened the cuffs, we fell to the floor in an exhausted embrace and caught up on some much-needed sleep.

Later, over energy bars and drinks, she promised to come up with some more modifications to the equipment, but only if I work hard enough. I’ve been loading up with energy foods ever since.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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