What Happens TDY Stays TDY

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Here is another story told to me that I thought was worth writing up. Why is it when friends find out you like to write and they read what you’ve written, that they seem obligated to give you things to write about? 

Well on a brighter note. This story was told to me by the same friend who was the inspiration behind ‘Nymphette’, which some of you liked. He’s a retired AF NCO, as you probably know from reading that story. Hopefully this sets the stage for all of you AF personnel who like to sneak a read at Literotica. I hope you’re not doing it from the office, because Literotica can be addictive and while I love a wet pussy, walking around all day in a highly aroused state tends to get me in trouble.

Chapter 1 – Meeting Maggie again

In the vernacular of the USAF, going TDY was the equivalent of a business trip. I was TDY to Kessler AFB in Mississippi well before the last rounds of hurricanes tried to wipe it off the map. Keesler was OK and I have lots of time there. I did my first technical school there and made many trips to upgrade my skills including this trip, a two week course in production management.

I got the ‘privilege’ of spending my two weeks in Muse Manor. This was a large dormitory for Noncommissioned Officers on these types of TDY’s. The rooms were tiny and when you got there you prayed not to have a roommate because the rooms were barely big enough for one and really too small for two. So far I was lucky and didn’t have one!

Buried in the basement of Muse Manor was a laundry room filled with washers and dryers and a few chairs so you didn’t have to leave your laundry unattended. Rarely did anything disappear, but you never knew if someone would empty your washer onto a table without tossing your stuff in a dryer. It sucked, but that was a way of life — as any dorm dweller knows. So I decided to get an early start and do my laundry on Saturday before it got busy and then I could figure out how to spend the rest of my weekend. So I’m sure you can picture this: Laundry in the machines, you try and get comfy on a hard plastic chair and read the paper. Two other guys were down there doing what I was doing. Being early, we tended not to talk to each other more than a grunt. About halfway during my wash cycle a girl came in.

I didn’t see her well, she came in with her laundry and her back was to me. I barely caught a profile and I thought she reminded me of someone. I looked at her rear view and the more I looked, the more I swore I knew her. She was very slim; almost shoulder length dark brown hair. She was in the uniform de-jure — shorts and a tee shirt. There was nothing on the back of the tee to give me any clues. I was just about to put up to my imagination or wishful thinking when she turned around.

Maggie: I was meeting an old friend for lunch and decided to get my laundry done early so I hit the place earlier than I ever had before. There were three guys in there, but that wasn’t a problem, guys generally left you alone, unless it was late and they were drunk. I had a chill up my spine as I realized one of the guys was looking at me as I went between the soap dispenser and the washing machine. I could feel his creepy eyes following me. It was so unnerving. Just as I got fed up with it, I decided to turn around and give the dickhead a piece of my mind.


“Oh my God, Eddy!”

It wasn’t an asshole, it was Eddy! We worked together out west about 6 or 7 years ago. He was my boyfriend’s roommate back then.

Holy shit it was Maggie! She had been James’ girlfriend and also worked on a similar system as my crew. We knew each other fairly well, but it had been more than 5 years ago. I got up and she headed in my direction and we met in-between. She hugged me something fierce, her legs and arms wrapping around me, my hands ended up cupping her ass.

When I hugged him, he lifted me up. I remember how strong he always was. Without thinking my legs went around his hips and then I felt his hands supporting me on my butt. Damn he felt good! Or was it these 6 months of no sex talking?

She slid down me and stood my hands now on the small of her back. She felt so alive under my hands, and her slim body vibrant and my own body reacted in typical male fashion.

Damn he felt even better and then I felt him getting hard. God, Eddy! I remember waking up with James and looking over at his bunk thinking things I shouldn’t shouldn’t have been thinking, but he was feeling so good. I felt my own body respond and then reined in my reaction. Eddy was married last I heard, and now that the brain is signaling more than my underused hormones, so am I.

She got her laundry going and then sat with me as we caught up. Let’s see, the last time I saw Maggie was when she headed out for her reassignment. I think she was heading to North Dakota while I was staying put. She might have been going to northern Nevada or Colorado, but I couldn’t remember. We were sincan escort part of a unit that shut down operations and went contract. I transferred to a new job on base and she went to a different radar site. She and James were pretty tight, sleeping together in the dorm. I made sure I stayed away until I knew they were asleep since there was no such thing as a private room back then. James and I were sergeants and she was an airman first class. I remember what a sweet person she was!

I also remembered one day when she was having a really bad day. She came to the dorm room forgetting James was up on the range. She ended up crying a little on my shoulder. I fed her lunch and we spent the hour just talking. After lunch she was still feeling out of sorts and I hugged her again. She straddled my lap and wrapped her legs around me while she hugged me. Since we were on the floor it was really the only place to sit together short of the bed. She felt me, I know she felt me because she ground a little against me then she said “What would James think of this?”

“I think he’d only get pissed off if we were naked!” She laughed and stopped grinding. To this day I remember that hour and knew if my hands went to her ass and encouraged her, I probably could have made love with her that day. Some nasty honest streak kept me from acting. Part of me felt more brotherly toward her and the other part of me was afraid of taking advantage of a younger airman. In any event she left with a smile on her face and feeling much better. I did what most horny guys did when they were all alone and no immediate relief in sight. But that was years ago!

We talked through my clothes and her clothes and then even longer. I escorted her back to her room, still getting caught up. She was married and two kids. She knew I was also married and now with two kids of my own. She had been here for almost 6 months, her family was in Europe. I was halfway through my two weeks and would see my family the next weekend.

She put her stuff away and went back with me to my room. Still no roommate! She lay back on the extra bed while I put my small pile of stuff away.

“Eddy, come to lunch with me. I’m meeting an old friend, Julie, you might remember her. She was on my system when we worked together.”

I did remember her, so I joined her for lunch. Julie had changed more than Maggie, that’s for sure. She was no longer on active duty still married but from the sounds of things it was a little shaky. As I remembered she talked a mile a minute and by the end of lunch I was exhausted.

“My god she hasn’t changed!” Maggie said as she drove us back to base.

“No, she’s still as talkative as ever!”

“I know, you should see her emails! Miles long with such little details.”

When we got back to base it was a nice day, so rather than get cooped up, we went for a walk. Somewhere on the walk we started walking arm in arm and then arms around each other. To a small degree it reminded me of my first trip to Keesler as a new airman myself — walking with a girlfriend to find some privacy to just be with them. The age-old problem with dorms is roommates and a severe lack of privacy.

I’m not sure when, but we did stop talking and just walked. The base had changed a bit, many buildings we remembered were gone, and a lot of new ones in their place. We saw groups of trainees marching together, both of us thankful we were well past that sort of thing.

As the walk grew longer I started remembering Maggie hugging me in the laundromat and once again remembering her on the floor of my dorm all those years ago. I was afraid to mention it in case she didn’t remember it, or a small part of me was afraid she might remember it, but not in the same way I did.

We walked what felt like miles. Around the old ‘Triangle’, the dorm area for the new airmen, along part of the flight line, even along the Back Bay and marina for a bit. I couldn’t believe it, but I felt like I was 18 again on my first date with someone. I was sorta nervous, which is strange because I knew him so well. My favorite memory was a really crummy day. I was in garrison and taking some training and everything seemed to go fucking wrong that day. The training sucked, one of my friends dumped on me, I was feeling bad and even skipped breakfast and lunch. I went to see James, and to top it all, he was uprange! Eddie was there and he made me feel so much better. He almost made me feel too good! A few more minutes and I might have shocked the shit out of him!

Why am I remembering this now! I am married, he is married, and it’s not to each other! Calm down, you bitch! This guy would make a lousy one night stand! OK, let me get over this and I promise plenty of masturbation as soon as my roommate leaves for church tomorrow! I just wish my body please calm the hell down.

At the point of the walking trail around the flight line we were standing tandoğan escort there looking over the bay. The sun was lower in the sky and reflecting off the water beautifully. A seagull banked and drove right over us; I guess we were near a nest. Eddy ducked and turned toward me, I swear I didn’t plan it, I’m not fucking sure who initiated it, but we kissed!

It was a good kiss, not perfect, but when our lips touched; neither of us seemed to be able to move. I think it caught him as much by surprise as it did me.

His arms went around me and the kiss went on. When I felt myself pushing against his thigh, my mouth opened in a small moan and I felt his tongue tentatively touch my lips and in a moment the kiss went from good to great! I was so turned on I practically orgasmed on the spot!

She kissed me; at least I think she kissed me. Our faces were close and the next second we touched. It felt, well there is no describing it. It was sweet and hot and tender and firm. When her mouth opened I felt the kiss go beyond anything that could be explained by a casual touching of the lips. Her arms went around my neck and mine went around her waist, pulling her against me. Memories of that hug on the floor faded as new ones of an amazing girl pressed against me took their place. When the kiss broke we were both breathless and speechless.

We walked back to Muse Manor not exactly in silence, but each of us thinking hard about what just happened. Without a word we went back to my room where we could talk without her roommate getting involved.

The only place in the room for us to actually sit was the beds. I thought about lying on the other bed, but she pulled me down and we lay there, face to face, looking at each other and not saying anything. I studied her face. She wasn’t beautiful in a classic way, but there was life in her face that shone brightly. She had a few crinkles around her eyes that hadn’t been there years ago, but they added to her face in good ways! She had a terrific smile, but it was missing right at the moment. After a few minutes I tried to talk, but she held her finger to my lips and stopped me. I was going to probably say something that would have ruined the moment, but she didn’t want to hear it. She was plenty smart enough to realize anything I would say and probably had many of those identical thoughts on the way back after that kiss!

I probably shouldn’t have gone back to his room, but I really did want to talk. The twin bed was really too tiny to lay on with him, but it was that or the floor. Actually there wasn’t really enough room on the floor. The other bed beckoned, but I didn’t want to lose the physical connection, and I got the feeling he didn’t either. I wanted to talk, but words didn’t really want to come.

After a while we kissed again! Once again I’m not sure who kissed whom, but without realizing it our lips touched again only this time we went from touching lips to exploring each other’s mouth with our tongues. Our bodies intertwined as his arms held me and one of my legs went around his. We twisted until his face was above mine, his thigh again between my legs, and the pressure from the center seam of my jeans was hitting me in just the worst spot, or best spot depending on your point of view. I was instantly wet and could feel him growing hard again against my hip.

We twisted back and somehow without rolling on the floor I ended up on top of him, his hands at my waist as I pressed myself down on him. That little seam was really pushing me along. I sat up, didn’t realize how that would change to pressure until a wave nearing an orgasm caught me. I pulled his hands up my chest until he was cupping my small breasts and pushed down hard on him, rocking my hips against him. I think at this point we knew we were both in trouble because he pushed up and then made this deep guttural groan that told me where his head was.

She turned us and then sat up her crotch right across my now hard cock. She closed her eyes for a moment and leaned her head back and then pressed down on me with a little wriggle of her hips. When she looked back I saw the fire burning in her eyes. She leaned her head down and pushed down again, this time I felt her move and pushed my hips up at the same time. It was my turn to close my eyes and groan as the sweet pressure increased. She pulled my hands to her breasts and leaned down putting her hands on my shoulders. I looked into those eyes again and knew we were well beyond the point of no return. I wanted this girl so much and she made it clear without a sound that she wanted me.

I pulled her tee up and ran my hands under it back to her breasts; she shucked the shirt before my hands got there and the bra shortly thereafter. My hands kneaded her beautiful little breasts, less than a handful and mostly all aureole and nipple. Her nipples were hard and pushing them flat against her chest made her roll ankara escort her hips again.

She got up and tugged at my shirt. While she undid her jeans, I stripped off mine as well. I think we were both in a hurry because we each left our socks on. She got back on top of me and pressed my cock along her belly; her pussy was flowing freely with warm liquid that I felt on my balls and running down my ass. She rubbed me and paused for a second. Afterwards I thought about birth control, but I will admit as unsafe as it was, I wasn’t thinking about it at the time. She lifted up and with one move I was deep within her. The heat was tremendous as was the slick, lubricated feeling.

She leaned back down and started riding me slowly, very slowly. We were both so turned on it was like an exquisite torture. Her facial expressions brought a new level of loveliness to her face. She didn’t look pained like many do during sex, she looked happy, her smile was wide, then her mouth would open wide as she caught her breath, then the smile would return as she exhaled. My hands found her breasts again; those lovely hard nipples made her breath catch in her throat as I flicked them with the edge of my thumb. A small orgasm went through her and she stopped moving.

I came once; it was a warm feeling, like the breeze just before a storm, the warm tropical breeze that heralded the hurricane. He stopped me from moving again and lifted me off him and pulled my waist toward his face, I wasn’t sure what he wanted until he touched my pussy with his fingers and then licked them. He wanted to eat me! God, my husband hadn’t gone ‘downtown’ since our honeymoon. I spun on my knees and straddled his face. In my face was his cock! It was a beautiful cock, completely glistening with my juices. I licked it like a rare treat, tasting myself on him. My scent mixed with his muskiness and then his hands pulled my ass down and I felt his tongue touch me. Like my slow movement he explored more than eating me. I felt him being so gently, opening me up and slowing using the tip and flat of his tongue. I was getting more excited by the second and I knew he must have sensed it because when I lost myself to the feeling and stopped touching and tasting his cock, he would slow down and stop tasting me. The pressure being built was incredible!

I felt another orgasm coming, this one more powerful than before. I clamped my thighs on the side of his head and he did something no one ever did. He touched his thumb to my asshole just as the orgasm wracked my body. I couldn’t have stopped him if I wanted to, the orgasm made every muscle in my body tighten and I felt my asshole clamp his thumb just as he penetrated. When I realized what had happened and started to object, after recovering, his tongue hit my clit and all cares of his thumb were gone! I sucked his cock all the way down my throat, something I have always been able to do and thought for a moment how nice it would have been to have done this to him years ago! Maybe life would have been . . . OMG, he thumb, his fingers in my pussy, and his lips sucking on my clit sent me over once again! I couldn’t help myself. I arched up and then . . .

She came back to reality half on my bed but half across the one nightstand wide gap and on the other bed. Her scream caused someone from the next room to pound on the wall. I held her, but couldn’t move her because she would have fallen on the floor. When I saw her head lift she started laughing.

“To bad we aren’t back in the old dorm on the floor. We had lots of space then.”

“You do remember, I wasn’t sure.”

“Of course I remember, it was a terrific moment!”

She got back on this bed and laid next to me. Her hand wrapped my cock as she looked at me.

“I seem to have been really selfish!”

“No, Maggie, I just can’t quite ‘lock and load’ as fast or as often as you can. Let yourself launch as often as you want!”

She smiled, adding to the beauty in her face. “I can’t believe you ate me.”


“Guys always hated doing that.”

“I never had a problem doing it. You taste terrific and get really, really wet.”

“My hus . . .”

“Shhhhh! No comparisons to husbands or wives right now. We are in deep enough as it is.”

She frowned for a second, and then tightened her grip. “Do you want to stop?”

In answer I kissed her and rolled her onto her back, a second’s adjustment to the center of the bed and we were in the classic missionary position. I straightened up and my knees sank deep in the thin mattress. I pulled her against me by her hips and the rubbed the head of my cock across her sweet and juicy pussy.

“Pregnancy?” My brain was partially there for just a moment.

“Tubal after my second!”

I smiled and as I leaned down to kiss her, I sank my cock in her all the way! Her thin legs clamped around me, I think she locked ankles behind me because when I lifted up, she came with me. She hugged me tight and stayed glued to my body as I lifted her completely up and off the bed. I wasn’t balanced right so we came back down hard and I went into her deeper than I thought humanly possible. Her legs tightened again and we laid there catching our breaths for a second.

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