Writer’s Luck

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It is my experience that good things happen when they are least expected. I don’t know if that’s true for most people but it is for me. But before I get into that, let me tell you a little about myself. By day, I’m a mild-mannered (but talented) reliability consultant – I like to bill myself as an “international” consultant, but that simply means I consult occasionally to Canada! By night, I’m an equally mild-mannered (but talented) college professor. And just like Superman, I have an alter ego that isn’t necessarily mild-mannered. I write steamy erotic stories, just like the one I’m about to relate.

Serendipity played a big part in my getting into the erotic story business (well, it’s really more of a hobby). Although I had been using computers my whole professional life, I only ventured into cyber society a few years ago, one day deciding to dip my toe into a chat room to see what all the hub-bub was about. The first person I met there was a woman named Kat. What makes this so amazing is that if I were to go into a chat room right now, there would be lots of women there but many of them robotic. But here I was in my very first foray into cyber space and I found a real woman!

Now, I have a weakness for smart and funny women, and Kat is both of those. We seemed to connect. I’m not without a certain charm, I’m reasonably intelligent and often funny, and can turn a phrase or two. Kat like me and, in return, she taught me the ropes in cyber space (which came in handy since I was totally clueless.) To make a long story short (since this has little to do with the story I’m actually intending to tell), it came out in our conversations that I like to write, and Kat asked if I had ever written sexy stories.

Well, no, I told her. I had mostly written humorous pieces. With a little cajoling, she talked me into writing my first erotic story, and the rest, so they say, is history. I started posting some of my stories. Tt was fun to get the feedback, some of it good, and I started doing some requests. This was fun because writing about things I’m not personally into helped me stretch as a writer. Many of my stories are imaginary, but some are based on real (albeit enhanced) events. All of my stories, however, do involve real people.

Okay, okay, I’ll get to the point of this narrative. There I was, minding my own business, when one day I get this e-mail:

“Hi there!

I read a few of your stories … I would like to publish them! Let me know if you are interested.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Little did I know that this would be the beginning of an adventure, and a very sexy one at that.

Now, I’m not a trusting sort of person, so I wrote back, thanking her for her interest, voicing my skepticism, and asking her for more details.

What followed was a quick exchange of five or six e-mails in which she explained what began to sound like a legitimate publishing business (which was located in Montreal), and I became interested. During this correspondence, I discovered that Carol was a charming, smart, and funny woman. In other words, I was smitten again! I really began to look forward to her notes, she trying to get me to agree to give her “just one more story” to publish, me hoping to keep her interested in continuing the correspondence.

As I said, I’m a push-over for a smart and witty woman.

Once I had given her some stories, I thought that maybe that was it. But we did stay in touch. Stories seemed to be the focus of our relationship, but there was enough flirting and playfulness that a friendship did emerge. Pictures were exchanged. I believe that sexiness is between the ears, but Carol is sexy all over — she is gorgeous!

Over the next several months we exchanged e-mails. I guess since she sat around reading sexy stories and I sat around writing them, it was natural that our correspondence became rather intimate. No, it wasn’t like having cyber sex, but I began to learn what she liked and didn’t like, what we had in common, and what we didn’t. Our relationship wasn’t really like that between two lovers, but more like one between two kindred spirits.

As I said before, I’m a reliability consultant by day, and most of the time my client companies are in Southeast Michigan where I live. However, occasionally I need to go outside that area, sometimes even to Canada (remember, I’m an “international” consultant!).

This past week, I had the occasion to visit a supplier to one of my client companies, and, yes, you guessed it, the supplier was located just outside of Montreal!

Thinking that it would be nice to finally meet Carol, I wrote her a note, asking kızılay escort if she would like to meet for dinner. I had had my stories bound and told her I was going to give them to her as a gift in thanks for all of her support. Hoping to make it easier for her to accept my invitation, I told her she could bring someone along to chaperone if she liked. She laughed, and said that would be wonderful. We picked a date and time and I told her I’d let her know where.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I had nothing but gentlemanly intentions for a friend, but I did want to impress Carol so I booked at table at Le Castillon, a fancy French restaurant located at the top of the Place Bonaventure, just north of Old Montreal.

Flying into Trudeau International from Detroit, I got my rental car and made my way into the city. I had a reservation at the Midtown Holiday Inn, getting a room on the 15th floor which gave me a splendid view of the city. The plan was to settle in, get ready for my “date”, and make my way over the Place Bonaventure. My business commitment wasn’t until the next day.

Le Castillon is part of the Hilton Montreal Bonaventure hotel that occupies the top two floors of the Place Bonaventure. The Hilton is way too expensive for me, but from a previous trip I knew that it was the ideal spot to try to impress someone!

After arriving at the Place Bonaventure (yes, I was early, so anxious was I), I took the elevator up to Le Castillon. The restaurant is one of the best (and most expensive, I might add) in Montreal. The atmosphere there is unrivaled. It has large floor-to-ceiling bay windows that overlook a large park that occupies the top of the building. Yes, you heard me. Trees, winding brooks with ducks, pathways, all on top of a 17-story building! Do I know how to impress a woman or what?

Wearing a jacket (but no tie – yuck!), I looked pretty good (well, at least as good as I can look). I managed to get a table with a great view of the gardens.

Then I waited. It was ten minutes after time we set. Yikes! I panicked. She was going to stand me up! Placing my chin on my hand, I looked forlornly out onto the gardens.


I turned at the sound to see Carol. She was wearing a very smart blue dress, rather low cut, the skirt part falling just above the knee. Very classy. And she was lovelier than any picture she had sent me. I stood up and looked around for her friend.

“Are you alone?”

“Yes, I didn’t want to share you.”

That flabbergasted me, and I’m sure my heart skipped a beat. Fumbling for her chair, I pulled it out and offered her a seat.

I knew that Carol was tall (about 5’10”) but I was unprepared for the statuesque woman standing before me. She was athletic and her long blonde hair cascaded down to her shoulders.

I’m sure our dinner was wonderful, but to be honest I don’t remember eating any of it. All I remember is talking and laughing with the most engaging woman I had ever known. Her eyes sparkled as she talked, accentuating her points with her hands, even touching my arm for emphasis from time to time. We talked about our work, sports, movies, books, you name it. It was pretty clear, that we were, indeed, kindred spirits.

After dinner, we strolled through the gardens and began to talk about stories.

“So, where’s this gift you were talking about?”

“Gift? Oh, shit! I left it in my room.”

“I see. This is some ploy you’ve concocted to get me into your clutches?”

I was embarrassed. “Oh, no, Carol. Honestly. I simply forgot it. If we run by my hotel, I’ll run up and get it for you.”

“You’re not staying here?” she asked.

I was again embarrassed. “No, you’ve got me. It’s too expensive for me. I picked the restaurant to impress you. I’m staying at a nearby Holiday Inn.”

Laughing, Carol said. “I like a man willing to try to impress me” and she wrapped her arm around mine as we walked back to Le Castellon and then to the elevator.

As we walked I wondered if she could hear my heart pounding in my chest.

Making our way down to the street, I gave the valet my ticket and we waited for my car. I could feel the valet’s eyes on Carol. Who could blame him, I could hardly keep my eyes off her myself. She was absolutely stunning!

Once inside the car, I turned onto Rue Mansfield and headed toward McGill University. As we approached the college we turned onto Sherbrooke and in a minute we were at the Holiday Inn, a tall high-rise hotel.

Walking into the lobby, I said, “You can wait here. I’ll be back with the book in a flash.”

“You’re not going to leave me alone, are you,” she practically kolej escort cooed. “Come on, I’ll go with you. I’ll bet the view of the city at night is fantastic from your room.”

Tugging nervously at my collar, I pushed the “up” button, and again, Carol wrapped her arm in mine.

The door opened and we stepped into the empty elevator. I had just pushed the button for “15” when we heard a shout in French. Carol hit the “open door” button, and said, “They said to hold the door.”

About ten people poured into the elevator. It must have been some group staying on the same floor. Cramming myself into the corner and out of the way, I pulled Carol by the shoulders so that she was standing in front of me.

One of the men pushed the button for “5”, the doors closed and we were on our way up, like 12 sardines in a can.

In an effort to avoid the others, Carol pressed back against me, her butt touching my crotch. Oh, god, I sighed to myself as I realized what was happening. I couldn’t help it. The smell of her perfume, the pressure of her body against mine, it was too much. I got an erection!

I felt Carol’s body start away from me. Shit! She felt it! She’s going to think I’m a pervert or something!

Then her body settled back against me and she wiggled her ass into me a little harder, as her hand reached back to touch my hip. I let out a soft moan and the woman standing closest to me kind of gave me a weird look.

We arrived at the fifth floor and the crowd of people got off. But Carol stayed pressed against me. When the doors closed again, she turned, put her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply on the lips. My hands naturally moved to cup her butt and I pulled her tightly to me.

When the elevator started upward again, Carol pushed away from me and smiled. “I bet you’ve wanted to do that all evening, huh?” she laughed.

“I didn’t dare dream it,” I stammered back to her.

Again she laughed. “Well, here’s what I’ve wanted to do.” Reaching her hands beneath her dress, she wiggled a bit before me until I saw that Carol was pulling off her thong panties. As the fabric reached her knees, she lifted one leg and then the other until she could dangle them before me. “What do you think of that?” she laughed. The elevator stopped at the 10th floor and Carol quickly pushed her thong into my jacket pocket, and as the door opened, she pressed back against me.

A man and a woman stood there. “No, Frank, we want to go down, this is going up,” said the woman, frowning at us as if it was our mistake.

The doors closed and, again, Carol turned toward me, her chest heaving, her mouth again closing on mine.

My hands slipped beneath her dress and I felt the silky smoothness of her skin beneath my fingers. That kiss lasted until the doors opened on my floor.

We stepped out and Carol asked, “Which way?”

“Room 1514,” I gasped, hoping a could walk to the room without staggering.

“Oh, these shoes are a little tight,” she said, bending over to loosen the straps on them, giving me a glimpse of the tight ass I had just fondled.

Shoes in hand, Carol padded down the hall to 1514, looking coyly back at me, laughing. She knew I liked a barefoot woman. I smiled back at her.

Arriving at the door, she stopped and waited for me to open it. Once inside, I pulled her close to me once again and we kissed passionately.

I broke off the kiss. A millions thoughts were going through my head. Had I fallen asleep earlier and this was just part of a dream? Did I really appeal to this fantastic woman?

“Here let me get you that book,” I finally said as I turned to walk to the desk in the corner, afraid of what I thought was happening. Grabbing the book and turning, I saw that Carol had let her dress fall to the floor. She stood before more naked, the most beautiful and sexy woman I had ever seen.

Carol stepped across the room to me, pushed my jacket off my shoulders, and began to unbutton my shirt.

“Are you sure?” I asked, still disbelieving.

“Yes, I want to be in one of your stories.”

Pushing Carol back onto the bed, I nearly ripped my shirt and pants off. Seeing her lying before more, her large breasts heaving in anticipation was more than I could bear.

Taking her bare feet in my hands I gazed down at her, her gorgeous face, her full breasts, her athletic body, her smoothly shaven pussy. Never had I had such desire. Nor had I ever been with such a woman.

Placing the sole of her foot against my chest, I’m sure she could feel my heart pounding. I began kissing her other foot, the sole, the toes, the ankle. Then placing ankara escort that one on my chest, I did the same for the one it replaced.

My kisses moved downward along her calves, first one, then the other, in turn, bending her legs at the knee ever so slightly so that her thighs spread a little, and such that I could see the moisture beginning to glisten between her pussy lips.

Kissing along the inside of her thighs, the pressure of my fingers spread her wider and she accommodated me by placing her feet on my shoulders, pressing them against my shoulders for leverage.

I could feel her thighs tremble as my kisses approached her pussy. I could smell a faint wisp of her musk as my mouth moved closer. Nothing excites me more than the sight of a smoothly shaven pussy and I couldn’t resist Carol’s any longer. Holding her thighs apart, my tongue slid between her lips as I tasted her savory juices for the first time.

There is nothing quite like pleasing a woman orally. All the senses come into play: the sheer pleasure of seeing her pussy open for me, the taste of it, its sweet fragrance, feeling the undulation of her body as I lick and suckle her, and the sounds of her moans as the pleasure builds.

As my tongue darted into her pussy, and my lips and teeth tugged at her folds, Carol began squirming beneath me. Her hands moved to my head to help guide me to the proper pressures and angles she wanted. My tongue traversed through her, from base to top, until my mouth engulfed her swollen clit.

I reached upward to her breasts and felt their fullness. I rolled her taut nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, as I continued to concentrate my mouth between her legs.

Carol let her legs move from my shoulders to my back and the feeling of her feet there was so pleasurable. Her body began to quiver as the pleasure grew inside her and it became my sole purpose to please her.

Finally, she cried out and her body convulsed with pleasure. Her ass rose off the surface of the bed as my tongue pushed deeper into her. Her hands pressed my head more tightly against her. As Carol came, I felt a rush of wetness in my mouth, yet I still kept licking.

Feeling her grip on my head loosen, and the pressure of her feet on my back diminish, I knew that the first wave was over. But I wasn’t through. Keeping my tongue lightly licking her clit, I brought my hand back from her breasts. Taking two fingers, I felt how wet her pussy was and slipped my fingers inside her, curving them upward to caress her g-spot.

Carol didn’t disappoint me because her body began to writhe again. The second orgasm came fast and furious, the combination of my tongue and fingers quickly making her cum again.

I looked up at Carol, my mouth soaked with her juices. “Hehe, how was that?”

“Oh, my god!” was all that she could say.

Moving up beside her, I let her lay her head on my arm and we lay there for a time, me caressing her breasts and face, she laying her leg across mine.

As her hand slid across my stomach, it finally settled on my cock, which became hard again at her touch.

Leaning up on one elbow, she looked at it in her hand, and then looked at me. Then she smiled. Leaning forward Carol took my cock into her mouth and began moving up and down on it. The pleasure of it made me grab the bedspread tightly in my hands, until I didn’t think I could stand it any longer.

Suddenly stopping, Carol gave me an evil look, and squeezed my cock so that a dollop of precum oozed onto her thumb. Smiling, her tongue darted out to lick the cream from her thumb.

Pushing me back flat on the bed, Carol climbed on top of me and pushed herself down onto my hard cock. She began rocking back and forth on me, slowly at first, but then faster and harder and deeper. I was rapt with pleasure as I looked up at her. Sweat was glistening on her brow. Beads of perspiration dotted her body and, as she rode me, every now and then a droplet of sweat would fall from her tits or brow and splash onto my chest.

Grabbing her hips, I thrust up into her as she pushed down on me. Holding her hips to give myself more leverage we both erupted at the same time. Then Carol collapsed on top of me, her mouth devouring mine once again.

Rolling off of me, Carol lay in my arms again for a time. After a while we made love again before I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke to a low murmuring. Carol was dressed and whispering into her cell phone.

I pushed myself up onto my elbows and said, “What’s going on? You’re leaving?”

Carol came over to me and kissed me on the forehead. “I can’t stay. I’ve got a ride coming to get me.”



“Will I see you again?”

“We’ll see. Just keep these stories coming. You’re my favorite author,” she said, patting my gift. Then she got up, went to the door, and was gone.

So, there you have it. Writing does have its lucky rewards, don’t you think?

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