YMCA After Hours

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This one is about 95% a true story. It brought back a lot of great memories as I wrote it.


Ali considered herself a pretty normal 18-year-old. She was more than a month into her senior year of high school and was looking forward to heading off to college in a year. She kept her grades up, even though she didn’t work too hard at it, and she worked part-time as a lifeguard at the local YMCA.

She was part of a close family that included two parents who “got it” and four younger siblings, none of whom was a problem. On top of that, she had a steady boyfriend, Jake. Ali wasn’t sure if Jake was The One, but they were happy and had a lot of fun together.

That included sex, something they had each explored for the first time starting that past summer. They were kind of learning as they went, trying different things and finding out the best techniques.

Because of that, sex was still very exciting, although sometimes not as satisfying as Ali hoped. Jake wasn’t selfish, but from what she read about and heard from her friends, it seemed like things could be better than they were.

So Ali tried to think of something that would kick things up a notch. It was harder for Jake and her to find a time and place for sex since school had started again, because he had soccer practice and games, and she worked nights at the Y. Last week, they had pulled it off by sneaking into a neighbor’s yard and putting down a blanket in a stand of trees, but they still had to hurry.

One night when she closed the Y’s indoor pool at 9:00, Ali had a thought. She realized that when she closed the pool, turned off the lights and locked the front doors, the YMCA was shut down until the next day, except for members of the squash club, who had their own entrance on the other side of the building.

Hmm, maybe she could bring Jake here for a late-night sexual rendezvous.

Consulting a calendar, Ali came up with a plan for a Saturday night two weeks away. Jake did not have a soccer game and Jill was the lifeguard that night, and Ali knew that Jill frequently closed the pool early, sometimes by 8, if nobody was there.

When she proposed the plan to Jake, he was, not surprisingly, all for it.

“You’re not worried about us getting caught?” he asked.

“No. As long as we have only the night lights on, we’ll be fine. There isn’t an alarm system and the only people that could get in are other employees or somebody playing squash … and who’s going to be playing squash late on a Saturday night?”

As the days passed, Ali was getting more excited about their “date.” She figured they had at least two – maybe three – hours of time to play until they had to be home and she had some things she wanted to try on Jake.

However, one of the guys in the senior class decided to hold a big party on the same night. His parents would be away and he arranged to have everybody meet on the far side of his family’s land, over a big hill and away from the main road. He was going to have a nice fire going and three kegs of beer. It was one of those events that you really needed to be there, or be square.

So Ali and Jake agreed they’d go to the party, but sneak away the first chance they got. Neither of them thought it was a good idea to tell anybody else why they were leaving.

The party was even bigger and better than expected. By 7:30 on a chilly October evening, one of the kegs was already kicked and somebody had gone to get more. Ali and Jake got around to seeing all their friends, but they kept sneaking glances at each other and winking. Under normal circumstances, leaving a party like this would be a buzz kill, but both had their minds on something else.

By 8:45, Ali gave Jake a nod. They said they had to take a pee and headed toward the woods. But when they were done, they headed the other way and circled back to Jake’s car. It wasn’t easy getting out of the field around all of the haphazardly-parked cars, but Jake managed.

By the time they arrived at the YMCA and parked down the street, they were giggling like a couple of elementary kids, and both were nervous.

Ali got out her key ring and let them in the front door, making sure nobody could see them. They had no trouble negotiating their way to the pool because of the security lights, and Ali used another key to let them in the pool area.

Clearly, Jill had left early, because the pool’s surface was as flat as a pane of glass. Just enough lights were on that they had no trouble seeing.

Ali said, in a low voice, “The one thing we can’t do is talk loud, ’cause it just bounces around in here and makes it louder. You can even hear it from outside sometimes.”

“All right, I’ll keep it down. And Ali, since this is your idea, you let me know how you want to do this.”

It was exactly what she wanted to hear.

She took off her coat and dropped it on the bleachers. She pulled his coat off and threw it with hers. Then she gave Jake a deep kiss and motioned for him to sit on the maltepe escort first row of seats.

Her plan was to give Jake a strip show. She quickly took off her shoes and socks, then peeled her tight jeans down and over her feet, showing off a skimpy pair of rose-colored panties. By Jake’s smile, she knew he approved.

Then she took her time unbuttoning her flannel shirt, giving Jake a peak at her bra-covered breasts before throwing the shirt down. Ali turned away, reached back and unhooked her bra, letting it fall before spinning around to face her boyfriend.

Ali did not have large breasts, but she was proud of the way they stuck out, and when she got excited – like she certainly was now – her nipples really came to life.

She giggled when she saw that Jake was doing a mock clap, then she bent down and slowly removed her panties. When she was done, she stood there in her naked glory, letting Jake take in the sight. Feeling a little brazen, she turned around again and bent over, giving him a view of her exposed asshole and pussy lips.

By the time she turned around again, she saw Jake trying to make an adjustment in his pants, so she knew what she was doing was working.

Ali then stepped over to Jake and put her chest right into his face, leaving no doubt as to what she wanted. He was quick to catch on, rubbing his face on both tits, and capturing the extended nipples in his mouth. Ali could feel the moisture building in her slit, especially after Jake reached around and grabbed both butt cheeks.

She let him continue for a minute or so, but backed away. Then she pulled him to his feet and pulled off his hoodie and T-shirt. She motioned for him to take off his shoes and socks, and when he was done she waved for him to come closer. She reached out and undid his belt buckle, the top button and the zipper, and her hand couldn’t help but bump into his hard dick.

Jake helped her get his pants off, then she reached up and yanked down his boxers, causing his boner to slap against his stomach, which produced some light laughter from both of them.

But the laughter soon turned to moans from Jake, because Ali pulled him close, grasped him with her right hand and guided his cock to her mouth.

Only one or twice had Ali really been able to take her time and love Jake’s dick orally, and she couldn’t remember a time when it wasn’t in pitch dark. So as she moved her lips over the head, she relished being able to see what she was doing and enjoyed the experience that much more.

Before Jake, Ali had no experience with sex, so other than some chatter among friends, she had no idea how he stacked up size-wise. But she guessed his penis was at least 6 ½ inches, which was plenty for her. Jake was cut, and had a nice, big purple head that was leaking a little precum at the moment.

Ali moved her lips down his shaft, attempting to get it as wet as possible. She kept her tongue moving and dropped her left hand down to cup his testicles. She had never actually tried to take him all into her throat before, but had decided to try tonight.

For a while, she bobbed her head slowly up and down, eliciting more moans from Jake. When she reached near the head she sucked as hard as she could. Ali kept this up for several minutes before she took a break and used her hand to stroke his cock.

When she filled her mouth with dick again, she tried to go all the way down, but the angle just didn’t seem right.

So she pulled off and stood up, looking Jake in the eyes. Ali could see his look of disappointment, so she patted him on the cheek and whispered, “Don’t worry; follow me.”

She walked over to a corner of the pool at the shallow end and walked down the steps into the water, dragging Jake with her. Ali dropped completely under the level of the water, came up and pulled her wet hair back.

“Sit on the side,” she said quietly.

Jake hopped up on the side of the pool and Ali came to him, still standing in the water. She put his cock in her mouth, not loving the chlorine taste, but it still wasn’t the right position. She motioned him to move closer to the steps so she was in shallower water, and tried again and now it felt better when she closed on his shaft.

She sucked him for several minutes, allowing for the pool taste to subside and for her saliva to get worked up again. Then she slowly slid down his cock, made herself open up her throat and relax and took him all the way in. Her lips were butting up against the wispy hair at the top and his balls at the bottom and she was thrilled. Jake clearly was, too, because he said, “Holy shit, Ali!”

Slowly she came back up, pulled off with a plop, put her finger up to her lips to remind him not to talk out loud, then gave him a big smile … and went right back down on him.

Ali was amazed at how much fun this was, and that she could do it. From what her friends had said, none of them had been able to go the whole way down on their guys, so she mamak escort felt pretty special.

She worked back up and down on Jake’s dick, slurping and sucking and tonguing, and loved the feel of it. His cock was rock hard, but still soft to the touch, and she really enjoyed sucking on the head. She could tell Jake liked it when she tongued just under the head because of his sharp intake of breath.

“This is so much better than the other times I gave him a blow job,” Ali thought. She was more in control this time and was able to appreciate the feel and taste of his cock because they weren’t hurrying.

And then she realized, thanks to Jake’s moans and slight shaking, that the end was coming soon. She had tasted his cum before, but only when he had blasted spurts on her chest after fucking her, and that was sort of experimental when it had already cooled off. This time she was determined to taste the real thing, hot and straight from his cock.

After two more moves all the way down his dick, Ali knew he was ready. When she heard him grunt, she got mentally set, and he didn’t disappoint – the first jet of cum fired into her mouth as she was moving back up and the second hit right on top of it, filling her mouth in a flash and forcing her to quickly swallow.

She put her lips over his head and pumped with her hand, bringing forth another four or five smaller bursts, enough to fill her mouth again. When she sensed he was finished, she pulled off, opened her mouth to give him a cream show, then swallowed it all down.

Ali could see more on his still-throbbing dick, so she used her tongue to lap it all up, not giving up until he was semi-soft and clean.

Jake shook his head and leaned forward, looking Ali in the eyes and whispering, “I never came like that before. That was awesome!”

“Hey, I loved it, too. We’ll be doing that again.”

“All right, what’s next? I like where this has gone so far.”

“Let’s switch.”

Jake helped pull Ali up on the deck, then dove into the water. By the time he returned to the side of the pool, Ali was sitting on the edge with her legs spread invitingly apart. He moved her away from the steps so his face was at the same level as her crotch and leaned in.

After a few licks, he looked up and said, “That chlorine makes it taste funny.”

“Well, so did your cock, but it’ll go away. Trust me.”

So Jake went back to work and slowly but surely, Ali got wetter and wetter, displacing the taste of the pool with the taste of her juices. Ali had never been eaten by anybody but her boyfriend, but she could tell he was getting better with experience.

She could feel his tongue gliding through her folds, diving deeper into her hole. One new thing he did was vary the pressure he was using with his tongue, and Ali liked that. When he moved up higher and starting nipping at her clit, the first waves of her orgasm began.

“Oh, yeah,” she sighed. “Put a finger in.”

Jake complied, directing an index finger into her slot while he kept up his attack on her clit. The combination proved too much for Ali, who fell back to the deck as heavy spasms swept through her. It was nearly torture to hold in her voice, but she managed to do it for the most part.

He kept going at full speed, until Ali pushed his head away to give herself a break and get her breathing back to normal.

She sat up and pulled Jake close and said, “You’re getting better at that. You aren’t getting any extra practice, are you?”

“No,” he laughed, “just inspired by what you did to me.”

Ali leaned forward and fell into the water and both swam around a little bit. Jake tried to catch Ali, but she was a good swimmer and stayed away, teasing him, until she “let” him grab her ankle and pull her close.

They started to get into some serious kissing as Ali wound her body around his. Eventually, she reached down and felt for his dick and discovered that he was stiff again. She directed him to the shallow end, until her butt was above the surface, and shifted down so she could let Jake enter her.

He took his cue and began a furious rocking motion. Then Ali said, “Move deeper.” Jake took three steps toward the deeper end and that was enough to put the water level to the small of their backs.

Jake resumed his plunging, but it was much different now that he was bucking against the water, too. Just as he started to get his rhythm again, they heard a noise coming from the men’s locker room, like a door closing.

“Oh, shit,” Ali whispered. “We’ve got to get out.”

She hung onto Jake’s neck as he walked toward the steps and got out of the water. She desperately looked around for where they could hide. They heard a locker door bang shut, which got her adrenalin flowing again. Then she saw something that might save them.

Ali got off of Jake and pulled him to the corner of the deck. Just to the side of the bleachers was a walled-off area about five yards square that housed some ankara escort electrical boxes and pool cleaning equipment. She couldn’t get in the door, but a series of metal steps resembling a ladder enabled the lifeguards to climb about 10 feet up to a flat area on top where they stored flotation devices. So she scrambled up, followed closely by her boyfriend.

There were two long flotation ropes that they piled up on the far side so they couldn’t be seen and they lay down on a pile of foam boards that beginners used to stay afloat.

“We should be OK here,” Ali said lowly, “except for the waves in the pool. And – oh, fuck – we left our clothes down there!”

Ali didn’t hear anything for a while, but eventually she could hear the sounds of somebody hitting a squash ball.

“Well, as long as they play and don’t look in here, we’ll be OK. We should probably stay up here until they leave, though.”

Then she looked into Jake’s eyes, and realized that the desire they had a few minutes ago was still there. So she slid down her board, grabbed Jake’s semi-erect cock and sucked it into her mouth. And, despite having had a scare, his dick responded, quickly regaining the stiffness it had a couple of minutes ago.

Ali was in a frenzy to fuck again, but knew she had to be patient. She whispered for Jake to get on his knees, and she placed towels at both ends of the board they were on so it wouldn’t bang against the floor. Then she stretched out on her back, spread her legs and beckoned Jake to get on top.

Jake had no trouble finding Ali’s slippery slit and drove his cock home. Both were now focused completely on the sex and, despite the awkward circumstances, did not take long to come. Ali was first. She couldn’t believe how fast her orgasm hit, and it came all of a sudden, causing her to rock into Jake even harder while stifling her moans.

Less than a minute later, Jake’s grunt let Ali know he was there, and she felt his spurts hit the back of her cunt, making it even more warm and gushy than it had been on her own. He gradually stopped his thrusts and both gripped each other while waiting for their breathing to return to normal.

As Jake moved to get off Ali, his left foot connected with a noodle float and knocked it off the edge and onto the plastic bleachers, making a dull thud that reverberated inside the pool.

They both scrunched down behind the ropes and looked down to the other end of the pool area to the men’s locker room entrance. Sure enough, a man’s head emerged, and he was clearly checking to see what made the noise.

Ali realized that enough time had passed so that the water in the pool was almost flat again, but she just hoped the man didn’t see their clothes on the bleachers.

Suddenly, the man said, “If anybody is in here, you’d better get out. If I hear anything else, I’m calling the police.”

Ali and Jake looked at each other with wide eyes, but then saw the man retreat and the door close.

Putting a finger to her lips to make sure Jake wouldn’t say anything, Ali thought about what they could do. And then she came up with a plan.

“Follow me,” she whispered.

Ali got up and scooted down the ladder, even as Jake’s cum dribbled down her one leg. He followed quickly and helped her scoop up their clothes. They left the pool area and Ali locked it up. Then she headed away from the squash courts to a door on the other side of the building that led down to the basement, went down the steps and pulled open the first door on the right.

There were no lights in this room and the two windows let in only a small amount of light from a parking lot at a factory next door. But there was enough light to let Ali know she had picked the right room – all that was there was a wrestling mat that covered three fourths on the floor and a utility weight machine at the one end that had a bench press and several other stations.

“We should be able to talk in here,” she said, “but probably not loudly. I think if we stay in here a while, we can leave by the exit door at the end of the hall and nobody will see us.”

Ali dropped her clothes on the mat, but checked her phone.

“We’ve got about 45 minutes to kill. So, what would you like to do, Jake?”

She watched as Jake’s face changed from bewildered to normal, to what she thought could be probably be described as leering.

“Christ, Ali, I think you can figure out what I want. You’ve got me so turned on I can’t think straight.”

“I was hoping you’d say that. I never knew sex could be this much fun … even if we almost got caught. I’ve got an idea. Why don’t we wrestle since we’re on a mat here? Winner gets to choose what we do next.”

“You’re on.”

Ali had never wrestled anybody for real, and Jake had about 5 inches and 50 pounds on her, but she did roll around her living room floor with her younger brothers, who were on a youth wrestling team, and had learned a few tricks. Plus, she knew Jake didn’t know anything about the sport.

The two started circling on the mat, neither quite sure exactly how to attack the other. Then Jake reached out for Ali’s left leg and she skipped away and lunged for his right leg. She got both hands wrapped around his thigh, but he was too strong and she couldn’t pull the leg in.

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