10 Little Piggies have Fun with Her

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Note: The piggies are her fingers. There are no animals involved with this story.


Once upon a time ten little piggies love to play. Ten little piggies all in a row love to caress her skin. Softly and gently. Ten little piggies caress her upper limbs. Softly and gently. Softly and gently back and forth. Then ten little piggies encounter fabric. Those ten little piggies didn’t like that. They conspired together to get rid of the fabric. They curled together removing the shirt she has on, while taking little liberties of touching her skin along the way. The shirt being removed excited the ten little piggies so. They were energetic to explore more of her silken skin.

Ten little piggies tiptoe over the plane of her stomach. Tiptoe. Tiptoe. Tiptoe, they go over the plane of her stomach.

The ten little piggies glide over the plane of her stomach. Glide. Glide.Glide. Gliding in swirly, zig-zaggy patterns.

The ten little piggies discover another article of clothing. The two fabric cups covering her beautiful breasts. They get a little angry at that. Those ten little piggies made quick ravaging work of dispensing her of the elastic wrap that holds the two fabric cups together. They slingshot the bra across the room. The two fleshy pillows are revealed displaying two beautiful pink areolas with little peaks in the center. The ten little piggies are definitely happy and want to touch the beauties.

Two little piggies touch the tips of the peaks. Contact. Sweet contact. They tuzla ukraynalı escort descend down and the two fat piggies join in and go along the mountain wall peaks. They coordinate with the other two little piggies and they pinch and pull. Pinch and pull. Pinch and pull. Pinch and pull. The four little piggies coordinate with each other and they do the twist of the mountains peaks. Twist. Twist. Twist. They do the twist.

The other piggies are feeling left out, so they slide on down the breasts cupping them. They knead her boobs like a kitten. Kneading. Kneading. Kneading. Kneading. The fat little piggies circle the mountain peaks of her breasts. Circle. Circle. Circle.

The ten little piggies go down the breasts to the sides of her body. Slowly going down, down, down. They memorize the contour of her sides as they tease the skin. They come up short when they meet the fabric that stands in their way of exploring. They work very quickly to remove the criminal item by wriggling them off of her taking her pants and underwear down together. The ten little piggies don’t want to waste anytime. Once the criminal fabric is gone. They rake slowly up from her feet to her ankles to her calves to her knees to her outer thighs and to her hips.

The ten little piggies glide their way to the center of her to the hairy forest. The index piggies twirl in the hair forest enjoying the feel of the soft coarse hair. Twirl. Twirl. Twirl. Happy are the index piggies.

The middle piggie tuzla rus escort definitely is the most adventuress yet. The middle finger discovers a slit of some sort. The middle finger drags along with it the other piggies to investigate the slit. The middle finger delves deep in the slit feeling the warmth of it. Enjoying it. There’s also some moisture down below. Curious. The middle piggie moves down and up the slit. Down and up. Down and up. Down and up. The middle piggie getting awfully dirty in the wetness thoroughly loving this wet warmthness.

The other five piggies decided to dance their way back up to the breasts, because they love those breasts. They use their claws raking over the mountain peaks and pinching them a bit.

This causes the legs of her to part wider allowing the index piggie to join in on the exploration of the slit. The index piggie is getting dirty along with the middle piggie. They discover they can go deeper into the slit. They get coated in her salty waters making it easy for them to slip into the ring of her. They fit into the ever expanding glove. They test it ever which way. Stretching the ring and glove. They wiggle. Wiggle. Wiggle. Wiggle. They move up and down. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. The fat piggie is now playing with the little nub finding it fascinating. The index and middle piggie sends signals to the five little piggies up above playing with her breasts to continue and to the fat piggie, because the salty waters is ever growing. escort bayan They love playing in her salty pool.

The other five piggies at her breasts squeeze the breasts over and over again. Twisting the mounting peaks. Twisting. Raking with their claws. Pinching. Pulling. Twisting. Pinching. Pulling. Squeezing. Raking. Pulling. Circling. Twisting. Circling.

The ring piggie down under wants to join the salty water pool. The ring piggie makes its dive joining the middle and index piggie. Playing all around the expanding water pool. The pool is flooding with her salty waters. The waters are ready to erupt out of her spilling over the dam ring. The piggies are liking it quite a lot. The little piggie not wanting to be left out anymore joins the salty waters bathing in her. Playing. Playing in the salty waters going up and down. Up and down. Wiggle. Wiggle. Up and down.

The fat little piggie keeps up with the fascination of the nub. Rubbing. Rubbing. Rubbing it like a genie’s lamp wanting to make a wish. The genie comes out and the fat little piggie wishes she would cum like a wild animal.

Surely enough, the fat little piggie gets its wish and she floods all around the little piggies playing in her salty pool. The salty pool overflows spurting, spurting, spurting all over the little piggies giving them a nice thorough coating of her saltiness. They rejoice over their success of their adventure and decide to come out of the pool and join their other five little piggies showing them of their fun getting the other five little piggies wet in the process. They then decide it’s time for a proper bath and they get cleaned by a Miss Tongue cleaning them up. After a proper bath, they congratulate themselves and decide it’s time for a nap from all their hard work. The End.

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