A Christmas Carol

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“Oh come all ye faithful.” Well there was certainly plenty of coming.

I was at your house for Christmas. Debbie was there with her new au pair. She was called Carole. She turned out to be French this time instead of German, which was good for me as the designated French speaker. She was very cute. About eighteen or nineteen. Small and slim with short black hair. She was nearly flat-chested. She wore loose jeans and baggy shirts most of the time, so she looked like a boy at first glance. Because her English wasn’t very good she was quite shy, but speaking French she was more relaxed. I thought she was very fanciable and I have to confess that I had imagined what she might look like naked, her femininity revealed as her shapeless clothes fell to the floor.

Anyway, it was on Christmas Eve. I came into the kitchen and you and Debbie stopped talking and looked a bit guilty, like children caught red-handed. So I asked you what was up. Debbie said that she had not got me a Christmas present and she had had an idea what to give me but she had needed to discuss it with you.

“Don’t you think Carole is sexy?” Debbie asked.

“Definitely. Just tie a bow round her and put her under the tree for me!” I replied.

“I’m afraid she’s Debbie’s au pair, not yours,” you said.

“Well, then I’ll tie a bow round her and put her under the tree for Debbie,” I teased.

“That might be a nice present,” said Debbie. “I think she is pretty sexy too. I’m not into women much but she is the sort I go for. A tom-boy toy-boy, I suppose. But anyway, what Karen and I were discussing is that we would let you fuck Carole as a Christmas present. And I’ll do whatever I can to make it happen. Short of holding her down, of course. But there is a condition. Karen thinks it would be a big turnon to watch.”

So then the three of us conspired about how we would make this happen. First we thought of crackers into which we could put forfeits, but that seemed too obvious and besides, we couldn’t think of the other forfeits to put in other than Carole having to fuck me. So we decided that we would all play a game of strip-poker-dice later on, casually as if this was the sort of thing every family did on Christmas eve. Between us we could manipulate the dice so that we all ended up naked and Carole lost at the critical point.

Once the children were all upstairs in bed, we went through into your living room with a bottle of wine. Debby produced her dice.

“Let’s play poker dice,” she proposed.

“What will we use for stakes,” I asked.

“Let’s play strip-poker-dice,” Debbie replied, “We can be adults tonight since the next few days will be dominated by all the children. Each time you lose you have to take off an article of clothing.”

Carole seemed a little surprised, but she seemed intrigued. “D’accord. If I’d canlı bahis known this morning I’d have worn more clothes!”

We sat in a circle on the floor and the dice went round, different people winning but fairly evenly. Carole was down to a white T-shirt and white knickers, and from the points of her nipples visible through the white material she had no bra on. You and Debbie were down to bra and knickers. I was in a T-shirt and a thong. The game was starting to get interesting.

Debbie deliberately lost the next two rounds, so that Carole would not feel she was being set up if she were the first to be naked. I could feel your disapproval as I inspected your sister’s naked body, a very different shape from yours. You knew I would be fascinated to see her cunt, but her legs were together so all that was visible was the triangle of dark red pubic hair.

Then you lost your bra and I lost my T-shirt. Finally Carole lost again and took off her T-shirt. She had tiny breasts but very large dark nipples. I felt my erection growing at the thought of kissing and stroking them. Carole lost the next round too and stood up to slip off her knickers. She was completely shaved, the deep furrow of her sex clearly revealed. Naked she was much less boyish, her femininess no longer hidden under her baggy clothes.

“What if one of you naked people loses now?” you asked innocently.

“How about that they have to masturbate for the rest of us,” Debbie proposed.

You and I lost the next rounds so now all of us were completely naked. My erection was evident to everyone, you womens’ level of excitement better hidden. There was a lot of sexual tension in the air.

The plan was for Carole to lose the next round but she managed to throw an improbable number of aces and so you unexpectedly lost.

You moved so you were leaning against the sofa and parted your legs. You reached down with your left hand and opened up the lips of your sex and started to stroke your clit with your right. I could tell that you were already pretty excited. I reached over and stroked your thigh lightly as you strummed on your clit. In no time you were coming.

Back on plan, Carole lost the next round. She spread her legs. She had a pretty cunt, small purple inner lips peeking out between the pale cushions of her outer lips. She reached down and pulled herself open, her prominent clit sticking out visibly. She started to stroke herself. As she got more excited she took longer strokes, her fingers sliding into her cunt, clearly soaking-wet, on each stroke. She reached up with her other hand and twisted her nipples hard. Her breathing got heavier and louder, and she was almost panting as she came.

“C’était très excitant,” she said once she had her breath back. “I’ve never masturbated in front of an audience. Not even in front of my bahis siteleri boyfriend.”

The next round Carole lost again.

“Et maintenant?” she asked.

“You can have sex with whoever you choose,” said Debbie, making up the rules as she went along. Finally I would get to fuck Carole and you would get to find out if it really was exciting to watch.

But Carole chose Debbie to everyone’s surprise.

Carole kissed Debbie, who didn’t show any reluctance at all, and clearly enjoyed it as Carole’s tongue licked lower until Debbie’s now-hard nipples were in her mouth. Carole went lower, as Debbie spread her legs. I felt your hand come back and stroke my cock as finally I got to see Debbie’s cunt, spread by Carole’s fingers to open her up for her tongue. I slid my hand over your bottom and between your legs, my fingers probing into your wetness, sliding forward searching out your rock-hard clit. I moved round a bit so my cock nestled in your opening, as we watched. You pushed your arse back against me, starting to take me inside you.

Carole looked over at us. She lifted up her head.

“Vous ne sont pas permis de baiser jusqu’à vous perdez!” she said.

“We have to wait our turn,” I said as I pulled out of you. “Make sure to choose me if you lose.”

Carole looked like she was going to make love to Debbie all night, so I threw the dice again. I had thrown three aces.

“A pair,” I said misleadingly as I passed them to Debbie.

Debbie looked under her hand as Carole continued to lick her, threw a couple of dice and passed them on to Carole.

“Four aces,” she said.

“I don’t believe you,” said Carole. Going from a pair to four aces in one throw was too incredible.

Debbie lifted up her hand. Carole had lost again.

“You have to fuck someone else now,” said Debbie.

“Finalement tu gagnes ton désir,” said Carole to me.

She came over and lay beside me and kissed me passionately. I slid down her body and finally got to taste those large nipples, feeling them harden against my teeth. I slid lower as she parted her legs welcomingly. I could feel her tongue on my cock as my tongue reached her cunt. It was like eating a peach, she was juicy and sweet. Her clit was hard, like a tiny peach-stone I thought. We moved around so that she was lying on her back with her legs spread open for me. I leant over her. I could feel your eyes watching, I wondered if you were stroking yourself, as I pushed my hard cock into the tightness of her teenage cunt. It felt good to fuck someone so attractive with your permission. Even better since you were joining in by watching. I kissed Carole and held her in my arms as I fucked her, her boyish figure so different from yours. I pulled out of her and rolled her onto her front. She pushed her arse in the air like an animal on heat presenting bahis şirketleri her eager cunt to me. I re-entered her from behind, feeling her arse-cheeks against my belly. She was panting again, clearly close to coming, so I started to thrust faster. You reached over and held your hand. She came slightly before I did, my hips thrusting hard against her arse, feeling you gripping my hand, sharing in my pleasure.

“Merci,” she said, “c’était fantastique. But it wasn’t necessary to go to all this just to fuck me. You just had to ask.”

The four of us lay on the carpet, at ease with each other in our nakedness. Carole sat with her legs absent-mindedly apart, a position that in everyday life would be suggestive even if she were wearing trousers. I refilled everyone’s wineglasses but also went and got a jug of water.

“I’m ready for bed,” you said looking at the clock and realizing it was 2am. The children would all expect Christmas to arrive on-time in the morning and the presents were still all hidden away. Finally we went to bed.

“Did you enjoy fucking Carole?” you asked as we cuddled, my cock hardening between your legs. You rubbed your clit up and down my cock, nearly ready for me to enter you.

“Mmm,” I replied. “It was very exciting, especially since I knew you were beside me watching.” You rolled me onto my back and straddled me taking hold of my hands and holding them above my head so that you could take control and fuck me. My cock slipped into your wet opening as I bit lightly on one of your rock-hard nipples.

“It was very exciting watching, just like in my fantasies.”

You started to rock your hips, sliding the length of my cock in and out of your cunt. You were extremely wet, obviously very excited. Suddenly the door to your bedroom opened. You rolled off me worried that it was one of your children, but instead a naked Carole slipped in.

“Debbie m’a commandée de rester la nuit chez vous comme cadeau de Noël.”

“But it’s traditional for a Christmas present to be in wrapping paper!” I teased.

“I can go and look for a box or I can fuck you.”

“I’m persuaded. Come on.”

She slipped into the other side of the bed so that I was between the two of you. I cuddled her as I felt your arm stroking my side, sort of giving me permission. As her legs wrapped around me and my cock entered her, I could feel your hand moving against my back. I knew that you were pressing against me and masturbating as I fucked Carole beside you. I rolled onto my back so that Carole was on top of me. She sat up, pressing my cock into her.

“Let me lick you,” I said to you quietly.

You moved so that your body straddled my face, rolling your hips so that your clit was in my mouth. As Carole fucked me my tongue swirled on your clit. As you got close to coming I took your clit between my teeth lightly. I felt you come quietly in my mouth as Carole came noisily as my hips thrust my cock deep into her cunt.

It could be quite an interesting Christmas I thought. “Ding dong merrily on high.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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