A Christmas Story

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Adriana Chechik

Placing the last present under the Christmas tree decorated with lights and ornaments, Curtis backed away to admire the glorious beauty before him. He did not hear his lover sneak up behind him; all he felt were delicate hands, slowly tracing down his strong back.

Her hands gradually slid around to encompass his body, holding him. Slowly turning, he gazed into her dark eyes that sparkled like the flashing lights on the tree. “Where’s the rest of the Santa’s suit?” she inquired as she traced her fingertips along his muscular chest.

“I laid it on the sofa when I got too hot,” he replied as he looked deeply into her eyes.

Sliding her hands down to the front of his pants, she spoke. “You’re hot, are you?” she whispered, slowly stroking him. “How hot?”

With burning desire, he leaned in and kissed her passionately, tasting her delicate painted lips. Pressing the tip of his tongue between her lips, she playfully, teasingly, separated hers.

Breaking the kiss, she looked deep into his eyes. Not a word was said as she kneeled before him. She trailed her hands and lips down his strong stomach, reaching the top of his pants. With her thumbs, she slowly pulled them down, uncovering his bursa escort hardening cock.

Leaning forward, with the tip of her tongue she playfully flicked his cock. Holding his cock with both hands, she slowly licked down it, and then licked just as slowly up to the tip. Taking just the tip into her mouth, she sucked hard, making him moan with pleasure.

Looking up into his eyes, she spoke. “Does Santa like his candy cane sucked?”

Curtis wrapped his hands in her hair and he gently pushed her head down, her mouth opening eagerly. “Be a good little elf and make Santa happy,” he said with a grin.

Her magical mouth gingerly sucked as her talented tongue danced around his head. Deeper she slid him in, until his cock head touched the back of her throat. With a single swallow, she took him in as deep as she could. Moans of pleasure filled the air, his knees weakening.

“My lovely, little elf,” Curtis groaned. “Let us pleasure each other.”

He pulled free from her mouth. Kneeling, he pulled the sheer little nightgown over her head, exposing her beautiful body. He lay next to her, kissing her passionately, deeply, trailing kisses across her cheek to her ear lobe, and sucking lightly.

Kissing bursa escort bayan down along her chin to the other ear, he whispered his seasonal greetings and gently sucked her other ear lobe into his mouth. Trailing down her neck, gently kissing, sucking and licking, he reached the valley between her breasts. Teasingly, with the tip of his tongue, he traced each breast. He captured each nipple in his mouth and sucked, licking until each had become erect. As he let her nipple slide from his mouth with a pop, he gently repositioned her body over his.

With her smooth shaven pussy just inches from his mouth, he could see her swollen lips glistening with moisture. Her tongue danced across the tip of his cock, teasing him and eagerly they both began to devour each other, licking and sucking, moans of sexual bliss echoing off the walls. The throes of passion cascaded over their bodies as they lavished each other with their tongues, the sexual tension building. Each wanted to make the other climax first but almost simultaneously; they exploded into each other’s mouths.

Curtis, knowing his lover was capable of multiple climaxes, smiled. He quickly helped her to her knees. With her escort bursa arms and head resting on the couch, he entered her from behind. With strong thrusts, he pushed into her over and over, his throbbing cock sliding deeper as uncontrollable moans escaped her mouth. Her velvety wall suddenly clamped down on him and she screamed, another orgasm racking her body.

Not letting her come down from her orgasm, he sped up the onslaught of his thrusts. Deeper and faster he pushed into her. Reaching around, he cupped each breast and playfully rolled each of her nipples between his fingers.

His nut sack tightened and he knew he couldn’t hold out much longer. Sweat beads formed on his brow and dripped onto her back. Still he thrust harder, deeper. As his orgasm started, he pinched her nipples hard, sending waves of pleasure through her body, bringing her to yet another orgasm. With one last hard thrust, they came together.

Holding her in his arms, she leaned her head back and they kissed. He gently turned her around and helped her to a seated position on the couch just as the tall grandfather clock down the hall began to chime. As the last of the twelve chimes echoed, Curtis looked deeply into his lover’s eyes and said, “Merry Christmas, my love”.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, may yours holidays be filled with joyous moments! My Christmas wish to you is this! May you never need to want and your needs be few!

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