A Discovery Ch. 16

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When I had walked away from the suitably suffering would-be biker trio of rapists I had thought that maybe now we could return to a future of doing anything we wanted to do – and that was true enough.

But there was a lurking shadow deep within me.

I suppose it’s not really a surprise to say that the three guys and their despicable act had somehow soured the whole place. The little house and its gently rolling garden, Lynne and Belle next door on one side, the constant sunlight, the blue skies, the view of the distant shore… they were all things that I had craved back in England whether I knew it or not, but now they were somehow sullied.

There was Debbie, though, and my love for her strengthened to a degree I had never imagined possible. The shadow brought a new clarity to my vision – of my surroundings, of my Terror – and I gave up fighting it within a couple of days of my revenge mission. The knock-out blow was, oddly, delivered by a red-faced gendarme whose grasp of English was dealt a serious knock when he was invited into our little house to interview me ‘informally’ by the naked Debbie.

She evidently introduced the also-naked me in French and other than my name I only understood the French for word ‘nudist’ – mainly because that’s ‘nudiste’. The poor young man didn’t know where to look.

“Madame… mademoiselle… er…”

“Just call me Dallas,” I extended my hand to shake his.

He accepted my mitt much as I would expect a guy to grasp a hissing snake and his brief shake was hardly a touch at all, “Er, oui… yes… Dallas… We asking are everyone if… if you see anything abnormal… unusual on Sunday last.”

Debbie sat beside me and answered for me, still mercifully in English, “That’s not likely officer. We were here all day Sunday.”

The young man glanced at Debbie and then turned back to me, “This true is?”

“Oh yes,” I nodded, following lines Debbie and I had rehearsed, “We spent all day here resting and… well, you know?”

Debbie interrupted on cue and I recognised the term ‘faire l’amour’ and maybe ‘baisage’ – but whatever was actually said, the guy’s cheeks flamed.

He quickly interrupted what was evidently a colourful flow of words about our love-making, “That’s sufficient! So madamoiselle… Dallas… that is all I now need and I go will. If anything you memory… remember… then you calling me, yes?”

I took a proffered business card and nodded, “I certainly will, officer. Now can we get you a coffee perhaps before you go?” I stood.

“No! I mean, no thank you. I busy very am.”

Beside me, Debbie rose and offered the now-shaking young man a hand, “I’ll show you out then, shall I?”

She led the quivering gendarme out of the house, gently closed the front door behind our temporary guest and ran back, grinning from ear to ear, “See? I told you nothing would come of it.”

We embraced in the living room, “I have a feeling the distractions helped.”

“He definitely liked your distractions,” Debbie nodded, her hands rising to cup them, “And I can’t say I blame him.”

“Just so long,” I sighed, “As it’s only you who gets to fondle my distractions from now on.”

“And kiss them?” She dipped her head.

“Oh yes, that too. Oh yes… very yes…”

I had always known that my breasts, my nipples especially of course, were sensitive in just the right way, but something about my Terror’s mouth as she began to suck and lick and nip took the experience to new, dizzying, heights. We were still learning what the other loved and enjoyed, but this was one thing she’d got right very quickly – and I wasn’t complaining. Moaning, yes, but that was no complaint.

“I don’t know how you do that,” I managed, “But promise me you won’t stop.”

By way of response, Debbie sucked hard on my right breast, drawing the rigid nipple fully into her mouth, her hands now venturing lower, cupping the naked cheeks of my butt. Her big blue eyes stared up at me as she began to work me into a state of glorious helplessness and when she flicked those eyes towards the back of the house I could only nod.

She released my breast and slid-slipped upright, kissing my lips before grabbing my hand and dragging me, uncomplaining, through the back door and onto our lawn. There she lowered me to the soft grass and dropped between my already spread knees, her mouth now seeking the very wet, hot centre of me. I spread my legs wider, my invitation as open as my now-aching pussy, and I felt her tongue start to glide and explore, even as her fingers exposed and caressed my hard clitoris.

I ground my shoulder-blades güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri into the velvety grass, thrusting my hips upward to increase the joyous pressure on my womanhood, and barely flinched when a chuckle sounded from off to our right.

“You go girl,” Belle’s voice drifted down to us.

Between my thighs I heard a snort of laughter, but Debbie never slowed her attentions for a second – and I certainly felt no inclination to stop her, audience or not.

“Oh, she’s going all right,” I managed, “My Terror knows just what I like… love!”

I don’t know if things had really changed – whether some inner exhibitionist had been released – but knowing that our neighbour was watching my Debbie lap at my eager pussy was thrilling at a very deep level. And that Debbie was equally content to continue only served to heighten the thrill.

But Belle hadn’t, it seemed, been watching everything because now a soft thump beside me indicated that she must have gone inside quickly to retrieve something. I glanced to my side and my eyes widened. I tapped Debbie of the back of her head.

“I think our lovely neighbour has a suggestion.”

Debbie paused and raised her head, my juices glistening on her lips. She looked to where my eyes were fixed and then reached out a hand to pick up the object Belle had thrown over to us, “I think,” Debbie grinned, “Our neighbour has a great idea.” She looked up at Belle and waved the double-ended dildo at her. “Thanks, Belle. Any warnings?”

The dark lady laughed deeply, “Just you start slow, honey. And that thing’s for sharing true and proper!”

Debbie’s eyes took on the mischievous glint that I had come to associate with extreme naughtiness, “How about,” she asked, looking at me but speaking to our neighbour, “Me and Dallas try it out here first so you can tell us if we’re doing anything wrong?”

Those eyes widened just a touch when I stuck my tongue between my lips and then nodded. “Good idea.”

Belle’s chuckle echoed my sentiments, “Just fine by me, honey. Say what. I’ll even come help if you’re reckoning you might need a hand.”

Debbie’s lips pursed but before she could ask my permission – which she later said would have been the question which came next – I sat up on my elbows and looked over at our neighbour, “I think that sounds like a great idea.”

My Terror let out a low chuckle, “Sure?” she whispered.

I nodded, “If you like.”

Her answer was obvious, “Sounds great to me too, Belle. All hands on deck, so to speak.”

Neither of us were given spare seconds to change our minds, and the tall woman arrived by our sides before we could even re-organise our positions. She was still chuckling, “Just to let you know, honeys, I am gonna be telling my Lynne all about this later, so don’t you go worrying about what you can say in front of her, you got me?”

We both nodded. Debbie almost raised a hand to speak, “How do we, er, do it?”

Belle laughed louder, “You’re sounding like you are desperate to find out, honey.”

That brought laughs from both of us – as well as eager nods.

“Well, I’ll help you this time,” our neighbour said, “But after this one, you’re all on your own. Now, you’re gonna need lots of hand control here, and a fair bit of pussy clenching too. Ready?”

“Are you sure this will be okay with Lynne?” I managed.

Belle roared a laugh, “She might ask to watch you herself, but she’ll be just fine with it. Now you

just lay back there, Dallas honey, and we’ll get you started first.”

I stared, open-mouthed, at Debbie as the big woman grasped the double-headed toy and placed one end right at the entrance to my soaking pussy. She started to ease it inside me, started to part my very pussy lips, and I could feel her fingers fluttering over my clit. I was whimpering with delight and didn’t even complain when the big woman cupped my bare breasts quickly before turning to Debbie. Her hands now wandered even more freely and I was whimpering more when I first saw those big, dark hands finally cover my Terror’s wide-nippled tits.

She eased Debbie forward then and my whimpers turned to moans when I saw the delight blaze in Debbie’s eyes as Belle put a hand down to my girl’s own pussy and gently parted those sweet lips. I felt Belle’s other hand grasp the dildo already deep inside me, and she guided Debbie gently, seductively, onto the other end of the toy.

The penetrative heads of the dildo were not long, and as Debbie allowed it to slide inside her I could see why. Length was not an issue unless one of you güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri took too much. And Belle was making sure that couldn’t happen by bearing Debbie’s weight over me, one of her hands clutching the small length of toy between our wet, hot pussies. I know that our neighbour was taking every advantage of the situation, her fingers nestling into our soft folds even as we started to move together, our lips almost meeting as we thrust more firmly.

We were both whimpering and moaning now, and it was no surprise to me when Belle’s own moans reached my ears. I had been staring into Debbie’s wide eyes, almost lost in ecstasy, but now I looked at our neighbour. She had one hand behind my Debbie, presumably the one I could feel between our pussies, and with the other she was delving deeply into her own womanhood, rubbing spasmodically but quickly. Her heavy breasts were heaving up and down as she played, their nipples rigid.

Above me, Debbie was bearing much of her weight on her hands and knees as she rode my fake cock, as she drove it as far as she dared into my welcoming depths. I could see her joy and it made my heart soar, made my mind go blank except for thoughts of our pleasure. All of our pleasure.

“I love your tits, Debbie,” I gasped, “And so does Belle, I think.”

“Oh yeah, honey.”

“I wish I could reach to suck on them.”

Debbie nodded, “Me too. Shall I move up?”

I shook my head, “I reckon Belle could reach them.”

Debbie’s big eyes widened, but she didn’t shake her head in denial. Instead she said, softly, “True.”

Our neighbour needed no other hint or word, and she ducked her head down between our bodies and as her hair ground gently into my own breasts I saw Debbie’s eyes widen even further and she moaned loudly. I could hear the eager lapping of Belle’s mouth and I managed a soft laugh as Debbie’s hips began to move faster on the dildo. “Does my Terror like that? Does she like having her tit sucked by lovely Belle?”

In response, Debbie’s pace increased even more, “Fuck yes! Show her Belle!”

I may not have been fast on the uptake but our neighbour was. Her head swivelled beneath me and her mouth closed over my left breast, already sucking and licking. My mouth dropped open and I stared up at my sweet Terror, already bucking harder. If I really had thought Debbie was learning to pleasure me there already, now I knew there was still a lot to be learned. It was like Belle could read my mind – or at least my tit – and her mouth exerted just the right pulls and pushes as she licked and nipped, sucked and suckled. Our neighbour’s hand on the toy had loosened and now there was no pretence or accident as she stroked us both. The mouth left my breast and the head turned. Any dismay I might have felt at the cessation of such intense pleasure was wiped away as my Debbie’s eyes almost rolled up in their sockets as she cried out, loud, her joy.

My Terror’s hips were now jerking rather than thrusting and her bright blue pupils hove back into view as she started to make a constant mewling sound. We all knew – me, Belle, Debbie herself, maybe the whole neighbourhood – when Debbie’s climax arrived. My Terror, my baby, my love, howled louder than I had ever heard her before, her back arching, her hands leaving the ground, one to pull Belle’s head tighter, the other seeking and finding my right breast.

That noise, that feel, those fingers – they brought my own climax soaring through me and I cried out in joy. I yelled that I was ‘cumming’ and howled that I was ‘cumming so fucking hard’ – I was told later – and it was true. Sometimes a climax will build and peak, sometimes it just appears almost by surprise, at best it will be intense and focused. This one tore through me in a fury of delight. My muscles locked and I let wolf-girl free as I reached the zenith.

But then above me Debbie cried out again in joy and her own howl was matched by a guttural cry of delight from the mouth at her breast and I felt our neighbour twitch and jerk as her rasping note pitched higher.

My zenith might as well have been the nadir as more delight coursed through me. I tore at the grass then grabbed again at Belle and my Terror, uniting us in passions beyond imagining. I cried out and howled, wanting the world to know my joy. Once more my brain faded to darkness.

I awoke entangled with the sweating, panting bodies of the two women, my throat raw, my nerves shredded. But from somewhere I found a laugh. “Wow,” I added.

Debbie was the first to comment, her eyes almost glazed over now, “Very fucking wow.”

Belle güvenilir bahis şirketleri managed to sit up, “Much more wow than I’d ever hoped for, honeys.”

I laughed, “Well I know you’ve always liked the looks of my Terror, but I guess that means she feels as good as she looks?”

Debbie slapped my arm playfully, “Don’t try to embarrass Belle – or me.”

Beside us Belle laughed her deep chuckle, “I ain’t embarrassed to admit it. Debbie here is one hot chick and yeah, her titties are as divine on the tongue as they are on the eyes.”

“Oh, please!” Debbie shook her head, “So maybe it’s just me who’s embarrassed.”

“No you’re not,” I grinned.

Her own smile threatened to appear, “Whatever. Now who wants coffee?”

“We need to get off this thing first,” I pointed out.

“You do,” Belle agreed, “But you gotta be careful now. Let me show you how it’s best done.”

I lay back and tried not to giggle too much as Belle made a very bad show of ‘accidentally’ touching Debbie everywhere as she helped her off one end of the toy. My own giggles were repaid almost immediately as our neighbour took a whole heap of time more than she needed repeating the manoeuvre on me.

Soon, though, it was all done, and Belle surprised both of us when she said that although coffee would be nice, and more time with us two would be even nicer – especially Debbie – she had to leave us and go do some shopping before Lynne got home. She also told us that we could borrow the toy indefinitely, as well as informing Debbie that she and her had used the same end…

And then we were alone once more.

“That,” I told Debbie’s bare back – and bare butt – when we went through to the kitchen, “Was a lot more than I had expected.”

“Tell me about it!” She was heaping coffee into the machine’s filter, “But not too much?”

“Not at all. That’s a great new toy.”

“I meant with Belle there, and doing what she did.”

I joined Debbie at the coffee machine, switching it on for her, “Maybe not something I’d make a habit of, but no, it was not too much at all. And I did say she’d been lusting after you right from day one.”

She snorted a giggle, “Yeah well. Just because you lust after someone doesn’t mean to say you get your mouth on their tits. Or cocks as it used to be.”

“No regrets on that score?”

“You mean about no more cocks?” Debbie was no dumb blonde.

“That’s what I’m talking about now.” I agreed.

“Yeah I have no regrets then. I have you and that’s all I want. What about you?”

“The same,” I told her. “Maybe even more so after those three guys…”

Debbie turned and pulled me into a tight embrace, “It’s over, Dallas. And I swear I will never leave you again.”

Something told me that it was not a time for bemoaning her near-apology. “I know, Terror. And I don’t think I will ever let you anyway. And you’re right. It is over now and before you ask I have no regrets about my revenge – thank you again for helping so much – and maybe that’s a new thing in me too.”

“What is?”

“A new level of honesty, I guess,” I wasn’t totally sure where this was going but I let my mouth have free rein. “I mean, the situation, the freedom here, is over for me in many ways. Perhaps there are too many reminders or something.”

Debbie released me and poured two steaming mugs before handing me one, “You seemed like your old self this morning out there with Belle and me.”

I laughed, “I have a feeling nothing is going to quieten the new sex-mad Dallas. But it’s… I don’t know… left a sort of taint in the air here.”

I was relieved when she nodded – more relieved than I had realised I was going to be, wanted to be. She took a sip of coffee then looked me squarely in the eye. “So that’s the end of the dream in the South of France, then. Where do we take it next? If you still want to…”

“Oh, I want to,” I assured her. I looked at the new toy Belle had loaned us, where it was sitting happily on the kitchen table. “Are there many nudist resorts in Malta, maybe?”

Debbie smiled, “A couple. When do you want to leave?”

“You don’t mind?”

“I don’t speak Malteser or whatever they call it, but no, I just want to be somewhere happy with you.”

“Then how about we have another week here first?”

“Why wait? I don’t mind shifting as soon as you want to.”

I picked up the toy in my free hand, “Perhaps there’s some unfinished business here?”

Debbie’s eyes widened before she let loose a very girly giggle, “Dallas! And you call me the terror?”

I shrugged as innocently as I could – or not very innocently in other words – and set down both the coffee and the toy. I held my arms open for my Terror, “Well we did agree that there were all sorts of new adventures ahead of us.”

She stepped into my embrace and kissed the tip of my nose. “I have a feeling they’ve already started.”

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