A Family Affair

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Close Up

It was my senior year in high school, and it was coming to an end. I had never spent any time with any girls – I was too damn shy. I knew I had a few things going for me but they weren’t really all that obvious.

The first was my brain – I had been straight A from the minute I started getting grades, and was on the way to graduate with a perfect average. I had knocked the SATs out of the park, missing a perfect score by 5 lousy points! But those were enough that I had a bunch of schools anxious to recruit me. It looked like MIT on a full scholarship was in my pocket. I was smart but, in the realm of the insecurities around talking to girls, it didn’t do shit for me.

I was in pretty good shape, since I had been swimming competitively since junior high. Butterfly, backstroke, and the medley were mine – I was state champion in all three, but again, what good did it do? The cheerleaders don’t go to the pool – bad for their hair or something. There was one other thing, but I had no idea how to make it work for me.

I had a big cock. I didn’t think much of it before I joined the swim teams, but as I found out through simple observation, I was packing some serious dick! I’m nine inches long before I get hard, and two inches across when I do. As long as it didn’t get hard, I could manage to wear a speedo for competitions by keeping seated, or keeping a towel around my waist. I’d wear something until the very last minute, then shrug it off, get on the blocks and go. While on the one hand I was pretty proud of the size difference between me and damn near every other guy, I was a little embarrassed by it as well.

I was, a brilliant nerd with a big dick and a socially inept kid. I’d resolved to go through life like that, and had pretty much talked myself into just being the brainy guy who lives a monastic life until my older sister Sarah saved me. She graduated high school as I was getting started, and left just before my growth spurt – all of them. She had been in France, attending the Sorbonne and graduated just as my senior year ended. We – Mom, Dad and I – flew there for the ceremony and a week’s vacation where she showed us around and we helped her pack to come home.

We stayed at her apartment to save some money. Mom and Dad had her roommate’s room, she had her bedroom, and I got the couch. I didn’t mind at all. After all, I was in Paris and it was so very cool. One morning I slept late, and when I woke up, I didn’t hear anyone in the apartment. Mom and Dad’s door was open. I figured I’d use the time to take a shower. Thinking I was alone, I left the door open. I had cleaned up, and recalling the show we’d been to at the Follies Bergere, I was soon erect and naturally, playing with myself.

“Holy shit, Richard! That is the biggest cock I’ve ever seen!” My sister stood in the doorway to the bathroom, in a robe, and was staring at my cock. I didn’t know what to do, so I kept playing with it – it felt too good. If she was going to have a problem with it, she’d tell me.

“Uh, yeah, it’s bigger than all the guys on my swim team.” I kept stroking it, wondering what would happen next.

“That must look incredible in those speedos. I bet you have to fight off the girls.” Her eyes were still staring at it.

“Actually, no. I kinda keep it hidden. I mean, I don’t want to show it off or anything.”

“How do you hide that monster? WHY would you hide it? Wait – I bet you’re still a virgin.

Am I right?”

I nodded, sheepishly.

“Well, little brother, it’s time to deal with that.” With that she shrugged out of her robe and began to move into the shower with me. It was my turn to stare. When she’d left, I hadn’t been interested in women, so the sight of her was a shock. First of all, she had one of those figures you see in magazines. Her tits were the size of softballs, and her nipples stood out like, well, like nipples. (What can I say – I struggled at the time). Then I noticed there were no tan marks on her boobs. When I looked further, where I expected to see hair there was nothing but flesh, and there too, no tan lines.

Look, I knew what women looked like, From magazines and from websites. This was literally the first time I had a live naked, woman close to me – and it was my older sister! Not only that, she was making the moves on me!

I put my hands on her shoulders and held her at arm’s length. “Wait. We’re brother and sister. We aren’t supposed to do things like this. It’s wrong, isn’t it?”

“Little brother, I’m on the pill. The whole incest thing is to prevent inbreeding and birth defects. You’re now a grown man with an extraordinary advantage over most men, and you haven’t a clue how to make use of it. I haven’t been a virgin since the week after I arrived in France. Here, we glory in love and romance – and we enjoy sex. I am going to do my duty as your sister and teach you how to give your gift to the women back home. And if I have to let you screw my brains out, well, I’ll suffer. I’ll take one for bakırköy escort the team. Use whatever metaphor you want – but the size of your dick has me horny and wet and life is short. Do you really have a problem with any of that?”

“No. Not really. I think I should, but I really don’t.”

“Good, because I definitely don’t. Not when I have the chance to take on a monster like your cock.”

She turned off the shower, then took my hands off my cock, placed them on her boobs and put hers on my now aching member.

“I have to ask – do you have ANY experience with women? Don’t be ashamed – I just need to know.”

“Ah, no. Not unless you count Rosy Palm and the four fingers.”

“Oh my god. An absolute virgin! I thought they were a myth! I’m teasing, bro. Go ahead and use your hands to explore my body. I like my boobs stroked. I like my nipples caressed and then squeezed. Use your imagination. Let it run wild. If I don’t like what you do, I’ll tell you. And while you’re playing with my body, I am going to play with yours. I can’t believe how big your cock is! Every one of my girl friends is going to want some of it before we leave. You might enjoy that, you think?”

I was grinning like an idiot, visions of naked women dancing before my eyes. “I suppose I can take one for the team. If you can.” We both laughed. Then she began to play with my cock and I could barely breathe! Until it happens, you don’t really appreciate the difference between your hand and another’s. As she stroked me, I played with her boobs. Her reaction seemed to say I was doing it right.

“Okay, play with my pussy! I know you want to. I want you to.” And I moved a hand there to the alien world of a woman’s sex. I was watching her face as I explored her cunt, and when I slipped a finger in it, I could see it was good. When I went to add another finger, she adjusted her stance to spread her legs wider, and thrust her pelvis forward. I was about to add a third finger when she shifted her hands and suddenly, I was caught up in some very new sensations!

“I’m going to come.” I said and the I did. Five or six jets of sticky white come shot out of my cock, over hands and she continued to rub it into the skin. Surprisingly, my dick stayed hard – that had never happened before! Usually, I came and that was it. This time, under her influence, I was as hard as ever.

“Oooh, little brother! Look at you! All that come, and your still hard as a rock. I guess that means you can fuck me silly and we won’t have to worry about and premature accidents.”

She continued to make magic movements on my rod and she pulled me out of the bathroom to her bedroom. She closed the door behind us, and then dropped to her knees.

“I think we need to clean you up a little before we go further.” And then, like out of a fucking porn movie, she began to lick my dick like a lollipop! It was like a wet dream come true! I watched her lick the come off her hands and off my dick, smiling and humming throughout.

She stopped and stood up, then moved to her bed. She lay back and spread her legs wide – the gates of heaven were in front of me! I simply stared until she spoke.

“Richard! Wake up. If you want to really get a reputation with the ladies, you want to learn how to eat pussy. Become a cunning linguist. Now’s your chance, get over here and use your mouth on my cunt. It wants you to. I want you to.”

I needed no further urging. I tried to recall all the porn “how to eat pussy” articles I had read. I began by teasing her. I kissed around the lips. I kissed and licked the insides of her thighs. Her mons. Then I began to take her pussy lips between mine and apply tongue. The sounds of encouragement and appreciation let me know I was on the right track. I stopped to inhale the aroma – it was heavenly. As I got more aggressive with my mouth and tongue, I inserted a finger inside her. The response to that led me to add two more, and I remembered an article about the g-spot, so I turned my palm up and worked the upper side of her hole – that was very appreciated!

And finally, I continued to finger her and fastened my mouth on what I had figured out was her clit – mostly by the reaction of her body. At some point she grabbed my head to stop me.

“Are you sure you’ve never been with a woman? I’ve had married men who couldn’t do half of what you’re doing. Don’t stop! You’re going to make me come, and you want to feel it when I do.” She let go of my head and I went back to what I had been doing. I felt her tense up, and then the dam broke. Her cunt was spasming. Her hips were jerking, she began to moan, and then shriek. It was amazing! I just kept doing what I had been doing, until finally she stopped me!

“Oh. I can’t take that any more. Now it’s time for you to lose your virginity. In my pussy! I want that big fat cock of yours to know what heaven feels like! Fuck me, little brother!”

What could I do? I shifted on the beşiktaş escort bed and brought my dick head up to her pussy. I rubbed in up and down between her outer lips, and then pressed it forward and felt it begin to sink into her. She was right – it was heaven! Hot. Wet. Tight. Slippery. Alive. And I just kept going deeper and deeper until I was all the way in, my balls jammed up to her ass. I just wanted to stay there and glory in the feeling. But that wasn’t going to happen.

“Don’t just leave it there, pull it back and push it forwards. It’s called fucking! I can’t believe how stretched out your dick is making me feel. Now you need to pick up the pace and pump me full of you. Go ahead. It won’t break. It’s built to give birth – so it’s way tougher than those big balls of yours! C’mon, Richard, fuck me hard with your big dick, Dick.” We broke up laughing at that. But I took her instruction and began to use my hips. I would pull back and shove forward. At the same time her hips went the other way. I don’t know how long it took, but I know she had multiple orgasms, and then suddenly I couldn’t keep my rhythm – I was losing control.

“That’s it, Richard. Let it go. Come on, fill me with your come. Pump me full, baby brother! Let it go! Yes, Yes, Yes.”

“YES!!” I shouted as I felt my balls let loose. I pushed as deep into her as I could go and felt my come fill her and surround the head of my cock. The sensations were unbelievable! When the last spurt left me, I collapsed on top of her. Sweat was pouring off both of us.

“How was it, Richard?”

“You have to ask? It was amazing. Glorious. Better than I imagined. Beat the crap out of sliced bread!” She punched my arm.

“And how was it for you?” I asked.

“Amazing. Glorious. Beyond imagining. Although, compared to sliced bread, I don’t know…are you fucking kidding me? If you don’t get a girlfriend, I’m probably going to want you to fuck me every day! That big cock is beyond description. Once the word gets out, you are going to have your choice of women. You know how they say “size doesn’t matter?” That’s bullshit! It gets said to appease the majority of men. It’s not just the length – it’s the girth of it! You’ve reached places in me I didn’t know I had! You have something every woman wants – and those who claim they don’t are just plain chicken!”

“Really? You’re not kidding me?”

“Little brother – hmmm, maybe we need to find another term, because you are NOT little – when it comes to my pussy and what I’ve put into it, I don’t kid around. Your cock is a monster and I can’t wait to get more of it! But we better get up and make it orderly. Mom and Dad will be back in an hour or so. Mmmm, does Mom know how big you are?”

“Uh, not that I know of. I’ve kept very private at home.”

“Hmmm. Interesting. Anyway, slowly take it out of me. It still fills me up and you aren’t hard anymore! It’s every girl’s wet dream, I’m telling you!” We pulled apart and she surprised me by once again using her mouth to clean me up. A virgin no longer!

When Mom and Dad came back, I thought we were pretty convincing as brother and sister, teasing one another. We then spent the rest of the day traipsing through the city of light. After one of those incredible French dinners, we all made it home. Mom and Dad headed off to bed and Katy and I sat down to talk. We were reviewing the meal we had consumed, when noise started coming from our parent’s room. We looked at one another and grinned!

“Wow! I don’t recall the last time I heard them fucking!” I said.

“Well that could just be because you were busy playing with yourself, you know.” I shrugged, sheepishly.


“Before I left, I know Mom and Dad were swingers – are they still? Do you know?”

“Them? Swingers? Like screwing other people? Really?”

“Yes, dummy. We talked about it before I went abroad. I mean, they had no choice but to tell me since I came home early one weekend and the house was full of people fucking and sucking. I watched Mom take on two guys at once – and neither of them was Dad. And Dad – well, let’s just say that your big cock wasn’t an accident. He’s pretty well hung too!”

“Are you serious? What did you do? I mean, did you know the other people?”

“Oh, yeah, I knew most of them. Those that noticed me nodded, or waved if they could and then continued with whatever they were doing. It was so close to when I left that I hadn’t encountered any of them socially afterwards. I guess I better be prepared for that when I get back there.”

“I can’t believe it! Mom? A swinger? That’s so amazing. Can I tell you something? It’s kinda private and I’ve never told anyone.”

“Let me guess – you’ve fantasized about screwing Mom. Am I right?” She was grinning from ear to ear.

“Yes, but, I never, I mean…” I stammered.

“EVERY guy I know has fantasies about his mother if she’s at all good looking. In some cases, beylikdüzü escort even if she isn’t. And face it, Mom’s still a babe. Did you notice some of the looks she got as we were out and about? She’s still got it! And I think that’s part of why they ran into the bedroom. I know when I’ve had a day where I know men are thinking of sex with me, I wind up running down the batteries in all my vibrators. There’s something about being desired like that that makes most women wet and weak at the knees.”

“So, tell me, did you ever think about doing it with Dad?”

She blushed.

“You did! That makes me feel a bit better. Tell me, who is bigger – me or him?”

“Hey, it was four years ago and I didn’t get my hands on him, but I do think you’re bigger than he is. Given that, I don’t need to indulge my Daddy fantasy. I have the prodigal son!”

At that moment a particularly loud moaning came from their bedroom. We broke up laughing, and called it a night. We turned out the lights, and I got comfortable on the couch for the night. I started dreaming, and it was particularly vivid. I dreamed I had a mouth fastened to my cock – and woke up to find that I did! In the dark, my sister had come out and slid under the sheet. She was slobbering all over my cock.

“What are you doing” I whispered. She stopped and giggled.

“What do you think I was doing? Idiot!” We both laughed.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about how it felt to have you in me and I decided I didn’t have to think about it.” With that she moved up from my dick to face me, and then lowered herself onto me. Again, I was enveloped with those incredible sensations of wet, warm, sticky, slippery – all the things that pussy is. I put my arms behind my head and just lay back.

“What are you doing?”

“I was trying to sleep. You are the one who wants my cock, so I’m just going to lie back and enjoy it. Go ahead and fuck yourself with it. It’s amazing to watch!”

And she went to town, like a woman possessed. She was lifting herself up and then slamming down on my dick, impaling herself on it, And watching her as she did it was amazing. It’s what I loved to watch when I jerked off – the faces of women experiencing sexual pleasure. I loved to watch them lose control. To see them get taken over by their body’s sensations. And when I saw my sister begin to orgasm, it was incredible! She just kept riding her orgasm to the next one and the next one. I just tensed my dick and let her fill herself with it.

Eventually, she stopped. My dick was still as hard as it was, and it was deeply embedded in her. Her cunt was pulsating. I felt it squeezing and twitching. I didn’t need to do anything – I didn’t need to come. I was just amazed at how it had affected her. As she lay there, I heard a noise and turned towards the hallway. One of my parents was there – I couldn’t make out who at first, but then I realized it was Mom. She was naked and her hands were busy on her body, at her boobs and her pussy. Mom was playing with herself, watching us. This was unbelievable.

“Look” I whispered to my sister.

She gasped as she caught sight of our audience. But that was all, because in a moment Mom was gone.

“I wonder how much she saw.” I said.

“Enough to know we weren’t playing Monopoly, I know that. I told her I got a glimpse of your cock and that it was really big. But I hadn’t said we were fucking. Oh well, the cat’s out of the bag – we’ll have to see what happens in the morning. I have never come so much or so hard. I don’t have the strength to go back to bed. Move over. I’m staying here and we’ll just have to deal with this in the morning.”

Morning came. And when my sister sucked my morning wood, I came too. Of course, she demanded equal time so I went down on her and managed to bring her to a rather robust climax. At that point we got up. I went to the bathroom to shower, and she slipped back into her room to keep up the innocent impression she was hoping to show.

After the shower I was in the bathroom, a towel around my waist as I brushed my teeth and shaved. The normal morning stuff, but I was also revisiting all that had happened last night, and I was once again erect. At least I knew how I could resolve that, and I dropped the towel and turned around as the door opened. To my surprise, however, it wasn’t her – it was my mother. And what really took me by surprise was her staring at my cock. Which of course wouldn’t go down. But maybe that wasn’t a bad thing…

“Richard, you are a well-hung young man!”

“Um, thanks, Mom. I guess you fed me right or something.” I tried for the joke, but her she didn’t seem to hear it as she moved closer. Her eyes were still rooted to my pole. I noticed that her nipples were attempting to poke holes in her blouse; she was absent-mindedly caressing one of them. Then her other hand reached out and lightly touched my cock. I almost came right then and there!

“Oh, yes, that is one of the biggest cocks I’ve seen. It feels so strong and masculine. I guess my boy has grown – your cock certainly has! It’s bigger than your father’s. And I know how his aches when it gets hard – is yours aching right now? Does it need some attention and affection?” Maybe what Sarah had said about them being swingers was real. Time to find out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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