A Fantasy Come True

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Lacy loved how it felt as she swam; slicing through the water gave her a feeling of freedom. That feeling was one of the few things that gave her an escape from everyday life.

Looking over, she saw Stacy and her brother in law Wes, talking and having some beers. She and Stacy were the last of their family and both women enjoyed it when Lacy visited. Stacy never got in the water anymore; her therapy for cancer just sapped all the energy out of her. Wes sometimes did.

Stacy could tell her husband was watching Lacy but couldn’t really blame him. She hadn’t really been able to take care of her husband’s needs for some time. Plus her sister had a nice body and enjoyed showing off.

Wes had positioned himself so that he could see Lacy swimming. Stacy had her back to the pool. Wes pretended to listen to what his wife was saying but his attention was on his sister in law. Lacy was 5’5″ with jet black hair and large hazel eyes. He figured that she didn’t weigh much, maybe 100 pounds. She liked to wear a really skimpy bikini and her 32c breasts were practically hanging out.

Lacy got a thrill flirting with men. Every girl knows the look of lust men get and she liked giving it to them, but nothing else; to tease but never to please. She swam on her back and casually glanced over at her brother in law. Yeah he was staring at her breasts. Wes was pretty good looking. At 5’9″ about 200 pounds and blond hair, her sister had done all right. She knew that Stacy was on a long road to recovery which left Wes unsatisfied. That didn’t mean Lacy was above trying to give him an erection.

Lacy had a few guys she dated, but wasn’t serious about any of them. She just used them for sex. Her brother in law was trying to hide that he was practically undressing her with his eyes. Lacy hoped that her sister didn’t notice.

Being as he was staring at her chest anyway, she swam on her back to give him a good look. Lacy was an old hand at this game. Glancing over every now and again she would catch him leering and the expression of guilt he got always made her smile. Sometimes she would stop and just stand in the water facing him. She would play with her hair and absently rub her breasts. When he got the look that said he was about to explode, she would turn and swim away.

Wes was in a bad way and there was nothing that was going to help. He had always thought Lacy was hot. Before Stacy had gotten sick if he had been worked up, his wife would be there to take care of it. This wasn’t the case now, he would be doing it himself later.

Finally Lacy got out of the pool and joined them at the table. The wind had come up so she took a seat in the sun to keep from getting a chill. She reached for the beer that Wes handed to her, making sure to push her chest out, “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” His eyes had been drawn to her breasts again and he moaned under his breath.

Stacy was not feeling well and stood to leave, “Thanks for taking me tomorrow for my therapy.”

Even though Lacy liked being a prick teaser, she really did love her sister. “That’s okay sis, I don’t mind.”

“I need to lie down,” and she walked away leaving her husband and sister.

As he watched his wife leave, Wes felt a pang of guilt for having lusted for her sister. “I’m glad you offered to take her, I’m all out of vacation time.”

Lacy placed her hand gently on his, “I’m happy to help.”

Wes felt electricity where she was touching him. Her towel had slipped showing her barely contained 32c’s.

“Lacy stood up, “I guess I should go change and go on home. I’ll be back in the morning to take her to therapy.”

Wes waited for his sister in law to leave, and then headed for the bathroom. He needed relief before he kadıköy escort went to bed. He and Stacy would watch television until they got tired.


The next day Lacey drove her sister to the hospital. Stacy realized that she would be tied up all day. It was silly for her sister to just wait.

Stacy told her she would go home and that Stacy could call her to come back later. As she drove off, Lacy chuckled at her own joke. She hadn’t said she would go to her own home.

She went to Stacy and Wes’s home. She’d had a key made just for this reason and no one knew she had it. Parking in the driveway, she could barely wait until she was inside and took her clothes off. Once inside, she ripped all of her clothes off and headed for the pool. A sunny day, a pool and no one around was something she was going to take advantage of and no one would ever know.


Damn! Wes was pissed off. The city had a power outage and his work was affected. They exec’s at work had determined to just close the plant until tomorrow and send everyone home. The trouble with that decision, Wes was hourly, and if he didn’t work he didn’t get paid. They had said that everyone could put in for vacation time to cover it, but he was all out.


Lacy swam with nothing on. She just did laps and actually enjoyed herself more than when she had trying to show off for Wes. After several of those, she climbed out of the pool. She had brought her own towel, which was one of the reasons Wes and Stacy didn’t know she came in when they were gone.

Stretching out on the towel she just relaxed in the sun, working on her tan. By the time they got home she would be long gone.

Even though he was still mad, Wes had spent the drive home trying to figure out what he could do so he wouldn’t just waste his day. He saw her car long before he got to the driveway. “What the fuck is Lacy doing here?” Then he got worried. Was something wrong with his wife? He parked beside her car and ran into the house.

“Stacy?” He didn’t get an answer. “Where are you?” As he hunted for her, he was getting more and more worried. Wes happened to look out the window of his bedroom and saw his sister in law lying by the pool with nothing on. He ran out to his back deck. “Where’s Stacy? Is she all right?”

The warm sun had felt so good Lacy had fallen asleep, and woke up screaming. She saw her brother in law admiring her and scrambled to cover herself with the towel. “Stacy’s at the hospital getting her therapy.”

“How did you get in here?”

Lacy had to think quickly. “Ah – she gave me her key and told me I could swim until it was time to come and get her.”

Wes knew that was bullshit, “Stacy gave you her key? Let me see them.” His wife had a teddy bear key that Wes had given her as a gift. He knew she would never let it out of her sight.

Lacy knew she was caught. There was nothing to do but just tell the truth. “Oh, all right. I had a key made and sneak in here every now and then to swim, when I know I will be alone.”

Besides being attracted to Lacy, Wes had a fantasy that he would catch his sister in law in a compromising situation and could use it to black mail her and fuck her. He walked over to her. “I think you should fucking leave,” and he jerked the towel off of her.

Lacy screamed again and reacted by trying to cover herself. She grabbed the towel back, “That’s mine.”

Wes nodded and let go of the towel, but not before getting another good look. His sister in law was hot, her breasts were a nice and full, her nipples a dark pink. She kept her pubic hair trimmed, probably because of the bikini she wore. “You know that I have to tell Stacy about this.”

“Yeah, üsküdar escort I know.” Her sister would never understand why she had broken into their house. “I guess she’ll probably be pretty upset with me.”

“Why didn’t you just ask?”

“She would have said no. She hates the idea of anyone being in her home with her not there.”

Wes already knew that about his wife and hadn’t really expected an answer. He put one hand on the towel and gave a gentle tug. “You know,” he paused for affect, “I don’t have to tell her.”

The first thought that ran through her brain was how could she let herself get into this? She got the message loud and clear as she felt him pulling at the towel again.

“You have to be really nice to me though.”

“No, uh-uh.”

Wes simply took out his cell phone. “Then I might as well tell her you broke into our house and the only reason I didn’t call the police was because you are family. Oh yeah, you can’t come back.”

“Wait,” Stacy was her only family. She could tell her sister about what Wes was trying to do and Stacy might believe it or not, but things would never be as they were between her and her sister. She put her arms around Wes and pressed her lips to his. She felt him kissing her back as he took the towel off of her.

He cupped her breasts and they were soft but firm and way better than he had imagined. “You just take care of me once a week and this never happened.”

Lacy knew she had no choice, at least not one she could live with, “Whatever you say.”

Wes slipped his tongue past her pick lips. He had always dreamed of kissing her lips but it was only now that he appreciated they were the same pink as her nipples.

She didn’t want to do this but kissed him back. She remembered something she had heard once; if rape is inevitable you might as well relax and enjoy it.

Being so close to her was making him get an erection, especially after the previous night and her flirting. He bent down and grabbed the towel and picked both it and her up.

Lacy squealed being carried into the house; she hadn’t realized that her brother in law was so strong. He wasn’t straining at all.

Wes made his way through the house and finally put her down in the family room. After he took his clothes off, the two of them just stood there.

Lacy really didn’t know what he wanted. Sex of course, but he hadn’t really said anything specific.

“Don’t just stand there, get into it.”

Lacy dropped to her knees and grabbed his semi hard cock. She licked all over making him wet, he was hard when she stopped.

Wes looked into her eyes as she encircled his cock with her lips. His hard cock disappearing into her mouth and throat felt amazing. He knew she could make him get off without much effort.

Lacy liked sucking cock. Feeling the head hit the back of her throat was a real turn on for her. She prided herself in her oral sex skills.

Wes had gotten himself off many times as he had fantasized about having sex with Lacy, and hopefully last night was the end of that. Now he would have her do everything for real. She was sucking his cock until her nose was embedded in his pubic hair. She then let it almost all of the way out, but the head stayed in her mouth so she could lick it all around. If he didn’t stop her he would cum too soon.

He took his cock out of her mouth and pushed her to the floor, “Lay down on the towel.” Wes waited for her to do as he asked then bent over and kissed her some more.

She figured that it could be worse. Her brother in law was a good kisser and he had enough down there to satisfy her, if he knew how to use it.

Wes licked his way down tuzla escort to her breasts. Just thinking of sucking her nipples was making his mouth water. He trapped one of her nipples between his lips and gently sucked. He teased a little, licked all over her breasts only to come back to her nipples again and again.

Lacy relaxed and enjoyed the moment. Her nipples were sensitive and some pleasant sensations were coming from them.

Wes kissed her some more and headed between her legs. Spreading her pussy lips to expose her clit, he gave her a long slow lick.

“Mm,” Lacy rolled her eyes and moaned. If this was how it was being with him, she should have done more than tease him a long time ago.

Her thighs were toned and tanned. He kissed her smooth skin and used the same in and out method on her clit that he had used on her nipples.

She couldn’t seem to stop moaning. His tongue on her clit was giving her shivers. She was already hotter and wetter than the last time she’d had sex and that had been less than satisfying.

Wes positioned himself so that his cock head was just at her pussy. He could see light reflecting off of the drops of moisture. In one fluid motion his hard cock slid in her body.

“Ahhh,” this wasn’t turning out like she thought it was going to.

Wes couldn’t help but compare Lacy to his wife. They were both similar in many ways, but the differences were wonderful. He bent down to kiss her, “This is better than I imagined.”

She put her arms around him and returned his kisses, “Um hum.”

Wes started sliding in and out of her really slow. He concentrated feeling everything her body was giving him.

Everything that she was feeling was magnified as the heat started building. Each inch of his hard cock seemed to take forever to make it all of the way in and then back out. Each thrust sent out a deliciously full sensation through her.

Wes started going a little harder and a little deeper. He kept his pace steady, slowly increasing his speed. He tried to prolong what was happening, but he did slam his hips forward to make his cock go deep at the end of each stroke. This made her breasts bounce in a delightful way, so He started sucking on her nipples again while continuing to fuck her.

Lacy was constantly moaning as each thing he did felt better than the last. A tingling sensation started at her clit and spread through her chest.

Wes had tried to make what was happening last, but he was near the end. He had held back as long as he could and started to slam into her.

Lacy reacted instinctively and wrapped her thighs around him. The heat inside of her had gotten to the point where it wanted to explode and she helped him get her there. She flexed her legs pushing him into her deeper on every thrust.

Her body seemed to suck him back inside as he tried to pull his cock out for another thrust. He used different angles trying to help his cock reach all of the places in her.

His balls were slapping against her ass. “Yes, fuck me!” A feeling of tightness started at the base of her stomach and the sensation spread through her entire body.

Wes needed a release. He his control was gone and he was fucking at a frantic pace.

Lacy screamed as her body was shattered by a powerful orgasm. Waves of sensations caused intense muscle tightening in her pussy, followed by a fiery release shooting through all parts of her body.

Wes rammed as hard as he could, “I’M CUMMING!” His cock erupted as shot after shot of hot cum exploded out of him.

The room was filled with both of them trying to breathe. Her orgasm left her drained. She realized that he was still lying on top of her but didn’t have the energy to do anything about it. Finally, she managed to speak again, “Are you all right?”

Wes rolled off of her but not before kissing her again. “That was fantastic.”

Her thoughts about being blackmailed were changing; she was not pissed off anymore. The sex was better with him than she’d had in a long time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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