A Feedee’s Story Ch. 05: Deeper

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“Hey babe? Can you come in here?”

I’m standing in the bedroom, struggling to pull up a pair of jeans. I’d bought them in the spring, and I can vividly recall my shock the moment I realized that my waist size, once a mere 30 inches, had reached 40 inches. I remember being amazed (and more than a little turned on) that I was almost a full foot wider around than before I started gaining.

Right now, though, I’m not thinking about that. I really just want to get my pants on. My summer wardrobe was a bit more forgiving, but with the weather cooling down, the jeans are really all I have.

“What’s up?” she says, standing in the doorway.

“I’m having a little trouble with these,” I reply. “Can you help me get them on?”

She giggles, clearly enjoying the fact that she’s made me too fat for yet another set of clothes. “Aww, looks like someone’s been packing on the pounds.” At first I’m exasperated, but when I look at her, my annoyance instantly fades.

I remember the reason I need help with my jeans: this gorgeous, fat goddess, her round belly peeking out from the bottom of her shirt and hanging over the waistline of her panties. The panties themselves seem insufficient to contain her — her soft, pillowy fat threatens to swallow every visible piece of fabric. When we first met, she had about 50 pounds on me, but comparing us now you’d never know it. Her belly jiggles as she laughs, and soon I’m laughing sheepishly too (albeit with significantly more jiggling).

“I’m sorry, but it’s just so funny watching you struggle to put those on. Here, I’ll help.” She comes over, grabs the waist of my jeans, and pulls. Nothing. “Hmm,” she frowns. “I think the days of size 40s are over. What about the 42s?” Ah, yes — I forgot that I’d bought a second pair a size up just in case.

I lumber over to the bureau, my flab rippling as I move. “I don’t see them,” I say as I rifle through the drawers. Behind me, I hear her start to giggle. I straighten up and look at her quizzically.

“I found the 42s,” she says between giggles. Her arm jiggles as she points a chubby finger in the direction of…the pair of jeans currently stretched to their limit, almost-but-not-quite over my now-sizable ass. I look down at the tag, and she’s right: I’ve already outgrown my “fat pants,” and considering they had spandex in them for additional stretch, I’m not sure a pair of 44s would fit either.

Well then.

A little out of breath from the effort of trying to get my jeans on, I go to sit down on the bed and am immediately greeted with a comically loud tearing sound as my jeans split in the crotch. My belly and moobs spread as I lay back on the bed, defeated. I’m expecting another round of laughter, but it doesn’t come; I look at her, and her grin has been replaced with a look of pure lust. The bed creaks as she strides over and straddles me, then leans forward and kisses me passionately, our soft flesh pressing together.

“You’ve been a very good piggy,” she murmurs in my ear, the praise punctuated by her tongue caressing my earlobe. My hands tighten on her wide ass, and I can feel my dick stirring under the weight of my beautiful feeder. She straightens up and looks down at me, and I grind my hips upward, eager as always to watch her soft, round body sliding up and down on my cock. But then, to my disappointment, she stands up and winks at me.

“Let’s go shopping.”

* * *

I’m standing in line, waiting to pay for my upgraded wardrobe. This time, I’ve decided to plan a little further ahead: I’ve got multiple pairs of jeans, all with lots of stretch in them, and they range from 46 all the way up to 52 inches. Fifty-two inches. I’m momentarily taken aback; I never dreamed I would one day need more than four feet of denim to cover my body. I wonder what the old me would say if he could see me now.

“Everything okay, baby?”

Her voice snaps me out of my reverie.

“Hmm? Oh, yeah — I was just thinking about how much I’ve gained.” I look down and see she’s holding a shopping bag of her own. “What’d you get?” I ask.

“Oh, just some lingerie, a few odds and ends,” she replies airily. Just the thought of her soft, fat body spilling out of some skimpy lingerie is enough to turn me on, and her full lips curl into a playful smirk as she sees my expression. “God, you’re such a perv,” she giggles.

“Can you blame me?” I reply, leering exaggeratedly at her.

She rolls her eyes and playfully swats me on the arm. I crane my neck, trying to get a peek inside the bag, but she quickly pulls it away. “Uh-uh,” she says. “No peeking.” I pay for the new clothes and we head out of the store into the mall; as we walk, she slyly grabs my butt. “I’m surprised how much you’ve filled out back here,” she says as her grip tightens on my ass. “But it can always be a little bigger.”

I take her hand in mine. “In that case,” I say, “let’s head to the food court.”

I’m glad I wore a pair of my new jeans out of the store. By the time I finish eating, the 46-inch pair I’m wearing feel remarkably snug, and I can only imagine bayraklı escort what my old pair would have felt like had I kept them on. My appetite temporarily sated, I lean back in my chair, my shirt riding up on my firm, full gut and drawing quite a few stares. “Maybe I should have picked up some shirts, too,” I remark as I look around. I look at her, and she’s staring too; unlike the others, however, her stare is one of pure desire. I know how much it turns her on to see me being a greedy pig in public, so I stretch my arms over my head, giving everyone even more belly to gawk at.

“Let’s do that another time,” she says, her voice thick with desire. “Right now, I want to get you home.”

I smile slyly at her, not bothering to pull my shirt down over the vast expanse of fat peeking out from my clothes. “Oh yeah? How come?” I ask innocently while I idly rub my belly. She looks at me, squirming in her chair and biting her lip; I know I’m making her crazy, and I love it.

Then, a mischievous smile creeps across her face. “You’ll see when we get home.”

* * *

We’re barely in the door when she turns, grabs my belly and pulls me into a passionate kiss. “Watching you in the food court was so fucking hot,” she moans breathlessly. “You’re such a greedy pig.” I grip her soft, round ass in response, our bellies pressing together as we make out. She breaks our embrace and stares at me. “You like being my greedy pig, don’t you?” she asks.

“Of course I do.” I try to pull her back towards me, but she places a hand on my chest, the stern look in her eye reminding me that she’s in charge and that she wants to make sure I know it. “I love being your greedy pig,” I say. My cock is straining uncomfortably in my jeans, still snug from my impromptu stuffing session at the mall.

She smirks, clearly enjoying the payback for my earlier teasing. “And would you do anything to please me, like a good pig?” I nod; her arched eyebrow tells me she wants to hear me submit to her.

“Of course I’ll do anything to please you.”

She nods, satisfied, then turns and heads for the bedroom. “Good. Don’t waddle anywhere, piggy.” As I wait for her, I unbutton my pants, partly to give my swollen belly some relief and partly in anticipation of her stuffing it even further. She comes out of the bedroom in her bra and panties; I take in every inch of her gorgeous, fat body, all curves and softness, yet I can’t help but be a little disappointed that she’s not wearing her new lingerie. Wordlessly, she beckons me toward the bedroom, and I follow obediently.

Entering the bedroom, I see the new lingerie laid out neatly on the bed. I’m going to have a hard time deciding which one I want to see her in, because they’re all incredibly revealing in different ways.

“Which one do you want to try first?” she says. I make a big show of pondering it, then point to the middle one: a crotchless teddy with straps designed to sit under the ass rather than cover it. My pulse quickens as I imagine her parading around in something so slutty, giving me unfettered access to her plump pussy and her massive ass…”Good choice,” she says, snapping me out of it. And then she hands it to me.

“Go get dressed, piggy.”

Confused, I look at the teddy, then back at her. “What’s the problem?” she inquires sharply. My brow furrows as I try to find a way to politely ask her what the hell’s going on; the words don’t come. She breaks the silence. “You said you’d do anything to please me, correct?” I look at her, mentally kicking myself for using such an all-encompassing word like “anything.” I want to protest, but I don’t — I’m still so turned on, and I know she’ll reward me for my obedience. “Correct?” she asks again, staring at me with a raised eyebrow. I decide to go for it; what the hell, right?


Instantly, her expression softens and she smiles at me the way only she knows how, the way that makes me go slightly weak. She leans in and kisses me softly. “Good boy,” she says. “I want to see how well you fill that out.” I smile sheepishly at her and head for the bathroom, wondering how the hell I’m going to get this thing on.

* * *

I’m standing in the bathroom, fully naked, the teddy on the counter in front of me. I look down at the teddy, then up at my reflection in the mirror. The tag says 4X, but my brain is struggling to calculate how I’m going to fit all my mass into it, and it seems like an unsolvable equation. But it’s too late now: I already said yes, so there’s no turning back.

I pick up the teddy and slide one leg into it, my gut jiggling as I struggle to keep my balance. To my surprise, the teddy has more give to it than I originally thought, and the material stretches tight around my thigh, lifting and pushing my butt up and out. With the first step out of the way, I repeat the process with my other leg, briefly noting with some surprise that my cock is still rock-hard.

After some coaxing, I manage to pull the teddy up and over my shoulders, take a moment to adjust, and then escort bayraklı look at myself in the mirror again. I’m shocked by what I see: the thigh straps make my already-sizable ass look enormous, and the underbust has pushed and molded my moobs into…well, boobs. From the neck down, I look like a large, sexy woman.

With some trepidation, I open the bathroom door, a little surprised that she’s not standing right outside it as I expected. A faint humming sound catches my attention, and I turn to see her perfect, naked body splayed on the bed. All her glorious fat spreads across the mattress: her thick thighs, soft belly, massive tits, all weighed down by gravity and waiting for me. Her fat arms move rhythmically, and in one of her chubby hands I see a new vibrator gently roaming around her clit. The bag from the store is on the bed next to her, and my cock throbs again thinking of what else she has in store. Her eyes open, and that knee-quivering smile meets me again. “Let me take a look at you,” she half-whispers, half-moans.

I back up a little so she can see me. I’m not sure where to put my hands; down my sides seems too formal, so I clasp them behind my back where they rest atop my, ahem, enhanced derriere. She looks me up and down, her breath shallow and the vibrator still buzzing against her clit. I await her opinion, and I realize that, oddly enough, I’m…nervous. Not only am I packed into slutty lingerie, but now I’m worried about how it looks? I wave the thought away almost immediately; if I’m going to wear it, I might as well look good in it.

“What do you think?” I ask; in response, she lazily waves the index finger of her free hand in a circle, a “turn-around” motion. I slowly rotate, letting her take everything in. When I finish my turn, she smiles again, then beckons me toward her.

“Your ass might be bigger than mine, piggy. Come here.” I hop (figuratively speaking) onto the bed and start to kiss my way upwards from her thighs to her belly to her tits to her lips. Our tongues meet and we kiss passionately, my molded man-tits brushing against her enormous breasts. She stops me with a finger on my lips. “Not yet,” she moans. She reaches her free hand into the bag; after a little rummaging, she produces a butt plug and starts lubing it up. I look at her quizzically, even though I already know what’s coming. “I want you to put this in that big ass of yours,” she moans. I look at the plug, concerned — despite its admittedly reasonable size, it still seems enormous to me, and I’m not sure how I’m going to make it fit.

She knows what I’m about to say, and as I start to voice my concerns, she puts the vibrator aside. Lazily sliding her hand along her soaked pussy, she turns onto her side to look at me. “Remember, piggy: anything to please me, right?” My entire body tenses with pleasure as her hand, slick with her juices, wraps around my cock. She slowly, casually slides her chubby hand along my hard shaft, applying the lightest of touches to the engorged head.

“Anything,” I pant in response.

I lean forward on all fours and she sits up, one hand still caressing my cock as the other gently, softly applies lube to my puckered hole. The sensation feels strange and alien, but any reservations I might have are quelled by the feeling of my cock in her hand. Satisfied that my asshole is properly prepared, she leans in and kisses me deeply. The softness of her tongue and hand are juxtaposed by the firm, unyielding pressure on my hole as she slowly, painstakingly works the plug in.

My ass feels full and tight, too tight to take any more of the plug, and I breathe deeply, trying not to betray my discomfort. And then, with a *pop* sensation, it’s in. My hole closes around the plug now firmly nestled inside me, and the pain is gone almost as quickly as it arrived, leaving me only with a feeling of fullness. She lays back down and wordlessly points between her legs, commanding me to taste her. I willingly oblige.

My tongue dances across her clit, teasing her as only I know how. My cock is rock-hard, pressed between my lard and the mattress and further stimulated by the plug buried inside me as I greedily lap at her pussy. Her breathing gets more ragged and her hands grip the sheets as she grinds her pussy against my mouth. “Oh my god,” she moans, “you’re gonna make me cum, piggy.” I maintain the pace I’ve set with my tongue, wanting more than anything to send her over the edge. The muscles in her inner thighs clench, and her huge legs wrap around my head as she reaches the point of no return. For my diligence in pleasuring this goddess, I’m rewarded with the sensation of her pussy tensing, then releasing; I feel the warmth from her squirting. I move to my knees and lean back, feeling the plug pushing up into me as she squirts again, this time all over my massive belly.

I look down at my body, my fat barely contained by the slutty, newly-soaked lingerie. Her juices cover me: my chin, my moobs, my enormous belly; the plug shifts inside me again as I take in the scene of pure sexual bayraklı escort bayan ecstasy. She lays before me, panting with exhaustion, but the look in her eye tells me she’s not done yet. My cock twitches in anticipation, awaiting the moment I plunge it deep inside her, our fat molding together, jiggling and quaking as I thrust in and out. I want it so badly I can hardly think. But as I move towards her, her legs close; biting her lower lip, she shakes her head coyly as her hand reaches inside the bag again.

“I’m not done using you, my piggy slut.”

I was hesitant about the plug, but as she draws her hand out of the bag, I find myself wishing the plug was all she had in mind. From the bag, she slowly — almost tauntingly — produces a feeldoe that I know is meant for me. The dildo is a deep purple, streaked with veiny ridges on one end and smooth on the other; the part that’s meant for me is only about six inches long and not particularly wide, but to me it may as well be the size of an aircraft carrier. I move to the foot of the bed and sit, speechless. A silence hangs over us for a moment as I try — and fail — to process everything. I feel her chubby hand on mine, and I look over at her face, full of tenderness and concern.

“We don’t have to do this if you’re not comfortable with it,” she says softly. A part of me wants to seize this opportunity to back out, but how can I? She’s so beautiful, so kind, so loving; she makes me happier than I’ve ever been. I’m hers, totally and completely. How could I not do everything in my power to satisfy her? I take a deep breath.

“Anything to please you,” I say.

The smile returns, and she kisses me deeply. The kissing quickly turns to groping; one hand grips as much of my wide ass as it can handle while the other hefts my tits and tweaks my nipples. I moan, enjoying the new sensations; then, the edge in her voice returns. “Get on your hands and knees, slut. Present yourself to me,” she says as she slides off the bed, dildo in hand. I dutifully obey; behind me, I hear her giggle wickedly. “That’s a start, but I think something’s missing. Wait here piggy, and no peeking.”

I hear her footsteps recede, but I dare not peek. Bad hogs get punished.

Then, almost as quickly as she’s gone, she returns; all of a sudden, a cake appears in front of my face. “That’s better,” she says. It’s my favorite: chocolate mousse with ladyfinger cookies, although I’m surprised by the quantity. It’s technically “a” cake, but it’s easily two cakes’ worth of mousse, cookies and whipped cream. Behind me, I feel her hands caressing my ass, protruding obscenely from the teddy. She slowly makes her way toward my rear entrance and deftly removes the plug; as difficult as it was to get in, I feel an emptiness as she pulls it out. I barely have time to ponder the feeling before I hear a sharp intake of breath as she inserts one end into her soaked pussy. And then, a much greater pressure begins as she places the other end of the dildo, slick with lube, against my hole. I tense, awaiting the initial thrust, but it doesn’t come right away.

I look over my shoulder. Aside from the very welcome sight of my ass blocking most of my vision, I can see her standing behind me, her soft curves in stark contrast to the firm dildo pressing against my asshole.

“You’re being a very good slut,” she says. The pressure intensifies as she puts more of her weight into the dildo. “But I don’t want you to just be a slut. I want you to be my fat piggy slut.” More pressure. “You can barely fit in that teddy as it is, and I want you to get so fat that it’s bursting at the seams when you wear it for me.” Pressure. “And you will wear it for me whenever I want, won’t you?”

“Yes,” I breathe through gritted teeth — the pressure is almost too much to bear. Suddenly, it subsides a bit; the head of the dildo is inside me. I await the first thrust, but she seems content to take her time.

“Good boy,” she purrs. I feel a tightness in my stomach as she slowly, slowly begins to move her hips forward, sliding the dildo deeper inside me. “Now, I know this isn’t the most comfortable experience for you, but there’s good news.”

“Wh—what’s that?” I gasp as she moves another inch deeper.

“Well, my slut, you get to decide how long this lasts,” she gasps. Suddenly, I feel the warmth and softness of her thighs resting against my ass. She’s buried all the way inside me. She places one hand on my hips as the other reaches around to knead the soft belly fat hanging from my midsection. “Finish every bite of that cake and prove to me that you’re my fat piggy slut. Once you do that, if you want me to stop, I’ll stop.”

I look at the cake, a little concerned. I’ve been trained to associate food with sex, but this is new territory for me, and considering the amount I ate at the mall not too long ago, I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish. Just then, she slides her hips back, then forward — not hard, but with purpose — and my doubts are crowded out by the sensation of getting fucked by this beautiful, fat goddess. The pain subsides bit by bit with each thrust, and in its place is a feeling of…something. It’s not exactly pleasure; at least, not in the way that I’m used to experiencing it. It’s a feeling of helplessness, of allowing my fat body to be used by her however she wants, which is pleasurable in a different way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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