A Holiday Tale Ch. 02

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I have a better idea. Let’s go to the living room. I will light the fireplace and we talk about what ever pops up,” Gill suggested.

“Oh my. You a romantic SOB aren’t you?” Helen exclaimed.

“I try. I kind of hoped the bath was not going to finish the evening,” Gil replied.

“Definitely not! You still have a boner and I plan to make good use of it. I will grab a blanket and why don’t you will grab the wine from the bathroom. Meet me in front of the fire,” Helen instructed. “And try not to lose that boner. Although I think I can fix it if I have to.”

Gil retrieved the wine and the glass from the bathroom. He also gathered a couple of candles and headed downstairs. He stopped by the kitchen for another glass. Placing his arm full on the coffee table he made sure sure all the blinds were shut, he turned up the heat and started the fireplace. Gil distributed the candles around the room and lit each. Since Helen had not joined him he sat on the couch and worked on his boner, as instructed.

Finally Helen arrived. “Look at all these candles,” she exclaimed. She handed Gil the blanket and set a towel on the couch. “

He set Gil spread the blanket and laid down. “What’s all that?” he asked.

“Never you mind,” Helen replied as worked her way between Gil’s legs and rested on her belly. “I see you did not lose you erection. That was nice of you,” she said.

She knew Gil liked to watch her suck him. They even have a special video from a couple of anniversaries ago. This time she really played kadıköy escort it up, ever so slowly swallowing him then pulling out all the way to the tip. She licked the soft underside of his shaft, slowly from balls to tip. She made sure that there was lots of slurping sounds.

Helen took Gil’s cock in her hand and stroked it. “Don’t you want some wine first?” He asked,”

“NNNNope,” she responsed and kissed the tip gently as she continued to stroke it. With her other hand, she fondled his balls. “My! Aren’t they a happy pair,” Helen commented in a sexy whisper. Helen progressed from stroking back to licking. She ran the tip of her tongue the length of Gil’s shaft and back up. Swirling it around the tip, she again slowly licked the sensitive underside of his cock. When she reached his balls, she gently kissed each, and then returned to the tip. Taking another couple of trips around the head, she slowly ran the tip of her tongue down his shaft again. This time she placed each ball in her mouth, tickling them with her tongue. Returning to the tip, via the shaft, she gently kissed the head a few times.

Helen again delicately ran the tip of her tongue slowly down the soft underside of Gil’s manhood. And again, she ran her tongue back up where she gave the tip a sweet, loving kiss. Pulling back for a moment, she stroked her lover. Moving close again, she slipped Gil’s cock between her lips and very slowly and lightly pushed the sensitive head into her mouth. She stopped when only üsküdar escort the head was in her mouth. Resting for a second, she reversed her actions. She repeating her motion and again only engulfing then releasing the head of Gil’s cock. She duplicated her actions several time more before removing the head and running her tongue down the underside of Gil shaft.

Suddenly Helen stopped. “Be right back … Don’t go anywhere,” she said and went to the couch and retrieved the towel. From it she, pulled her favorite dildo, a bottle of lube, and a box of condoms. “I know how much you like to fuck me in the ass. I am so hot and wet that I would love a good ass fucking. I also want my pussy fucked, if you get my drift,” she hinted with a sparkle in her eyes.

Gil took the lube and dildo from Helen as she got on her hands and knees, doggie style. Gil lubricated Helen ass and inserted a finger. Moving it slowly in and out to make sure, she was well relaxed and lubricated. He inserted two fingers of his other hand into her pussy. Yes, she was definitely hot and wet. He soon inserted a second finger into her ass, then a third and a fourth. Helen was moan loudly. “Yes … fuck my ass. I want your cock in my ass … Please stick your cock in my ass.”

Gil gently inserted her dildo into Helen’s pussy. “Oh yesssssss. Oh yessssss.” Helen gasped. Gil fucked her with the toy. The faster and harder he rammed the dildo, the louder and nastier Helen spoke. Helen moved her hand to her pussy and started tuzla escort to masturbate.

“Please … I need that beautiful cock in my ass … Please … Oh! Please …I am close to coming!”

Gil reached forward and guided Helen’s hand to the dildo. Then he hooded up, positioned himself behind her, and slowly inserted his cock into her ass. “SHIT!!!!!!!!” was all that Helen said.

Slowly, he watched his manhood enter her. First, the head disappeared. He paused to allow Helen to become accustomed. Then he gently pushed the rest of his cock in her ass and watch as the shaft slowly vanished. Gill could feel the bumps of the dildo as his cock slid over the thin membrane between the ass and pussy. Pushing his cock completely in, he paused then started to slide it out. “aahHHHH,” Helen grunted. “Fuck my ass. I need it hard Gil, FUCK ME HARD!!!,” Helen cursed. Gil increased his pace and force with each thrust. Helen was in wild delight. She matched his thrust with a thrust of her own. His skin slapped against her ass and he pushed deep and hard into his wife’s ass. Finally, Helen started to shake and yelled “OH MY I’M COMING, OH MY … OH MY YES!!!!!!!!” Gil continued to thrust into his wife’s ass, intensifying her orgasm until he felt his own climax approaching. Pushing one last time, he released a large load of cum deep in his wife’s ass.

Pulling gently out, Gil slowly removed the dildo from Helen’s pussy. It was soaking. He sat back onto the floor. Helen simply fell forward and gasped for air. Eventually, she rolled over. “Wow!” she gasped.

“When are the kids coming home?” Helen asked.

“Whenever we want to go and get them,” Gil replied.

“Good, because I am still in the mood for a movie. It may be late night and I would hate to have to wake up early,” was Helen’s saucy reply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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