A Loving Brother Ch. 01

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***This is my first story so please give me some feedback***

Danny sat at his computer watching the screen and waiting for the girl to undress. The girl on the screen was his younger sister Zoe. While Zoe was in the shower Danny had gone into her bed room and put a wireless webcam on top of her wardrobe.

At 20 Danny was 2 years older than his sister and had first started to notice how attractive she was when she was 16. Unlike all her friends she didn’t start to develop breast until she was 14. However when she did they grew faster than normal and within a few months she had larger breasts that most people who where 2 years older than her.

Now she was 18 she filled a DD cup and she was absolutely stunning. She was about 5.9″, had long brown hair, deep green eyes and long slender legs. Her skin was a light golden brown from days spent sunbathing in the garden.

Zoe was stood in brushing her hair in front of a full length mirror dressed only in thin silk robe after getting out of the shower 5 minuets earlier. Danny could see her nipples poking through the thin fabric and felt his cock start to harden.

~ ~ ~ ~

Zoe slipped of her robe and stood completely naked admiring herself in the mirror. She was very proud of her body and went to the gym every day to work out. She ran her hands over her breast feeling their firm but soft weight. She tweaked her nipples and shivered at the touch on her sensitive nipples. Looking into the mirror she guided her hand down to her bald pussy. She had just shaved it and she marvelled at its smoothness as she let her finger skim lightly across her lips causing her to shudder in response . She turned around and pulled on a night shirt before getting into bed and Turning of the light.

~ ~ ~ ~

Danny pumped his cock furiously as he watched his sister take of the robe. She looked beautiful. Her full breast stood high and pert on her chest not sagging with their weight. Her nipples where perfectly proportioned and he felt his orgasm mounting as she briefly pulled and played with them. His followed her hand down her body and was shocked to see she had a bald pussy. His cock exploded with cum as he watched her fingers trace her pussy lips.

The screen went dark as she got into bed and turned if the light. Using a tissue Danny cleaned himself up and put on a new pair of boxers for bed. He padded down the hallway past his sister room on the left and his parent’s room on the right and walked into the bathroom. He flushed the cum laden tissues down the toilet and looked at himself in the mirror.

Like his sister he had green eyes and brown hair but he stood taller at 6.3″. He was natural gifted at sports and played rugby and football for his local team and ran cross country in county races. Because of this he had a muscular chest and strong arms and legs. He had had his fair share of girlfriends and had lost his virginity when he was 19 and had since had sex several times. He didn’t know whether his sister was a virgin but she too had had a few boyfriends and was currently going out with an older boy called Sam, who, Danny thought was a complete idiot.

He walked back to his bed room and led in the dark thinking. He wanted to fuck his sister. He knew it was wrong but he couldn’t help himself. She was all he could think about. Today was the first time he had seen her naked and he wanted to see more. He wanted to kiss her and massage canlı bahis her breasts. He wanted to feel her lips close around his cock and he wanted to feel her pussy grip his cock as he thrust into her.

As he led there his mind swam with ways he could convince his sister to have sex with him.

~ ~ ~ ~

Zoe at the table in some tiny shorts and a low cut strap top. It was at least 600 outside and all the windows and doors where open. As she ate her breakfast Danny came down the stairs in just a pair of cargo shorts. Zoe admired her brothers’ muscular body and tall form. Her eyes dropped to his crotch where she knew his cock would be hanging.

She had fancied her brother since she had first entered puberty and her and Danny where very close. But she doubted he felt the same way about her.

“Morning Zoe” Danny said as he entered the kitchen. “Not going to the gym today?”

“No. It’s too hot” she replied and she snapped out of her thoughts. “Think I’ll just work on my tan”

~ ~ ~ ~

Danny lent against the counter eating a piece of toast and looked at his sister. Eating cereal. Her tight top made her breast seem like they wanted to burst out. He was looked to them. Watching as they rose and fell with his sister breathing. He felt his cock start to harden slightly and he thought about reaching out to grab them and pull his sister into a tight embrace.

He was so caught up in his thoughts he didn’t notice his sister look up at him and notice him staring.

~ ~ ~ ~

Zoe noticed her brother staring and decided to put on a show. Pretending not to notice her brother staring she reached up and briefly rubbed her left nipple through her vest. She notices her brother stiffen a little and she saw his cock push slightly against his shorts.

I will make him hard, thought Zoe.

Again she reached up with her hand but this time rolled her nipple between thumb and fore finger for a few seconds causing her nipple to harden slightly. Her brother’s cock mimed the action and pushed out against his shorts a bit harder.

I’m getting there thought Zoe. She could see that her brother was still transfixed. So ones again Zoe reached up to her breast but his time she pulled the front of her top down fully exposing her left breast and hard nipple. She rubbed her left nipple and then rolled it between her fingers making it ever harder. Then as a spur of the moment sort of thing she bent down her head and sucked on her nipple and gently bit it before releasing it and pulling her top back up.

Now Danny was stood with his mouth open not quite sure what to do. Zoe noted with satisfaction that his cock was making his shorts tent. While trying to hid smile Zoe finished her breakfast.

~ ~ ~ ~

Danny was awe struck. He had just watched his own sister suck her own nipple like he wasn’t even there. He jolted out of the thoughts as Zoe got up and brushed past him pushing her breast into his chest. There was plenty of room for his sister to get past so she must of done it on purpose. As she walked back past him again she reached down and stroked his cock. She whispered into his ear,

“Did you enjoy the show?”

And then she walked of and went upstairs.

Danny just stood there while a voice in his head screamed that his sister had just grabbed his cock. And she asked him if he enjoyed the show. Did she mean when she sucked her breast or did she know about the bahis siteleri camera in her room?

She couldn’t have known about the camera so she must have purposely played with herself in front of him. With an idea forming in his mind Danny raced upstairs. He stopped outside his sister’s room and listened at the door. Slowly he pushed the door open just a fraction and peered inside. He couldn’t see her from where he was so she must have been led on her bed. As he pulled the door shut he heard his sister groan softly. He paused. The again he heard his sister groan softly.

Walking into his room he turned on his computer and activated the web came in his sister’s room.

What he saw gave him an instant hard-on. His sister was lead on the bed slowly pushing a red dildo into her pussy. It must have been about 6″ long and Zoe was slowly pushing it all the way in, the slowly pulling it back out again.

A plan formed in Danny’s mind. Shutting down his computer. He went a stood outside his sister door. Taking a deep breath he pushed open the door and walked in.

“Do you want to go swimming down in the river?”

Danny pretended not to notice the fact that his sister was naked and had a dildo in her pussy. Zoe had a look of shock on her face but then decided to carry on pumping the dildo slowly in and out of her like it was the most normal thing in the world.

“Okay, but only if you help me finish” she said with a devilish smile on her face.

~ ~ ~ ~

Zoe led on the bead with her legs apart and the 6″ dildo all the way up her pussy. She looked up at her brother as he nervously walked toward her and knelt down at the end of the bed. Reaching forward he took the bottom of the dildo and slowly pulled it out before slowly pushing it back in again. Letting out a groan she raised her hip slightly.

Danny continued to slowly push the dildo in and out of her pussy.

“It’s so tight” he said softly.

Then, surprising Zoe he rammed it all the way into her pussy with brute force. Zoe screamed out with a mix of pleasure and pain. Danny pulled it almost out and the slammed it back in making Zoe scream. He pumped it in and out of her pussy faster and faster than Zoe screamed out “I’m Cumming”.

Pure ecstasy crashed down on Zoe as he pussy flooded out cum. She led on the bead in a state of bliss. I can’t believe I just let my brother do that. She thought. I just let my brother fuck me with a dildo. Her train of thought was interrupted by Danny pulling out the dildo and saying,

“I’ll meet you at the river in 5 minutes” and with that he stood up and left.

~ ~ ~ ~

As he walked down the stairs a thousand voice choir sung out in his head. I just made my sister cum! He couldn’t quite believe it. Instinct had taken over and he had just gone with it. As he walked out the door he became content that only something more would come with it.

About 10 minutes after he had arrived at the secluded river his sister arrived.

“What took you so long” Danny asked innocently.

“Well after what you did it took 5 minutes just to stand up”

She pulled her top over her head and let her breasts bounce freely. She stepped out of her shorts and jumped into the river completely naked.

“What if someone sees’s you.” Danny said.

“Nobody comes down here and so what if they do? What’s the matter? Don’t you think I’m pretty?” she said with pouted lips.

“Of bahis şirketleri course think you’re pretty. I think you’re the most beautiful person in the world.”

“Prove it.” His sister replied as she swam close to him her nipples pushing softly against his chest and his completely hard cock pushing into her stomach.

“Kiss me” she said.

Danny gently leaned in a kissed his sister on the lips.

“I want a proper kiss” she said and lent forward and grabbed Danny round the waist crushing her breast against his chest she kissed him fully on the lips. Danny’s tongue darted into Zoe’s moth and she responded. They remained like this for 5 full minutes before Danny lifted her up onto the dry bank and led beside his wet, naked sister to dry.

~ ~ ~ ~

Zoe led in silence next to her brother drying quickly in the warm sun. She sat up and said to her brother

“I think it’s time I returned the favour”

Sensing what was about to happen Danny was sat up and pulled his sister in front on him. Then his sister lent down and took his 8″ inch cock out from his shorts. Hers eyes widened as she saw the biggest cock she had ever seen stand up rigidly in front of her. She circled the head with her tongue and then took the head in her mouth. Slowly she took the cock into her mouth inch by inch until it touched the back of her throat. She had taken in six inches but couldn’t take all eight.

She pulled back until just the head was in her mouth and then went forward till his cock hit the back of her throat. She gained speed as she bobbed up and down on his cock. Licking round his shaft as she went and gently massaging his balls with her hand.

Danny moaned softly as he felt his sisters mouth and tongue work his cock while his balls where being massaged by her slender fingers. He reached down with his hand and curled it into his sister’s long hair. Gently pushing he urged her t go faster and deeper. He felt his cock hit the back of her through and his sister trying to hold back her gag reflex.

As his sister sucked his member he felt his balls start to contract and he warned his sister he was about o cum. She ignored him and continued to suck on his cock making him shudder as his orgasm climaxed and he shot load after load of cum into his sisters eagerly awaiting mouth. Try as she did she couldn’t swallow all of the cum and some dripped out the sides of her mouth. Letting his now flaccid cock fall from her mouth she used her fingers to wipe it from around her mouth and sucked them clean.

“How did it taste?” Danny asked.

“Salty” she replied “but nice”.

She gathered up her clothes got dressed and kissed her bother on the mouth so he could taste himself. Danny stood up letting the kiss linger and pulled on his shorts. They walked home in silence and noticed their mother car on the driveway.

Walking in the back door and through the kitchen they meet their mother in the kitchen serving dinner. Becky was 37 and showed where her daughter got her looks from. At the same height as her daughter she had shorter brown hair and green eyes. Her breasts where a cup size smaller but still more than a handful and stood out on her chest not yet lowered with age.

“Oh, good your back. Sit down and eat your tea” Becky said softly.

“No thanks mom, I’m a bit full so I think I’ll just go to my room and watch TV” replied Zoe. She gave her mum a quick kiss and walked upstairs. As Danny sat down and started to eat Becky wondered at the salty taste on Zoe’s lips.

***look out for part two when Danny and Zoe go all the way and Becky see’s something strange on Danny’s computer***

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