A Night at the 2200

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One of the more dramatic encounters I have ever had was at a gay bathhouse. I only went once, but it changed the way I think of myself sexually. It was about 20 years ago, so I was about 40, and in decent shape, and the love of my life had moved away and married someone else, so I was at loose ends, and I did what was easy, instead of what was right. But you can learn things about yourself that way, too.

* * *

It had been a crappy week. I was alone again, and feeling unlovable. That’s not a good feeling for a person to have, and circumstances had made be uncertain of any decision I might make. Everything had made a turn for the worse, and I didn’t trust myself almost as much as I didn’t trust anyone else… at least not emotionally. I was a void.

And as we all know, people in that situation often do stupid things just to fill that void.

About 6 blocks from my place was a building everyone in the neighborhood knew, and almost no one talked about. A pink cinderblock building without windows and only one sheltered door, it has no markings except for the 2200 stenciled over the door — the street number. But those in the know knew it was The Mustang — one of 3 gay bathhouses in town. I had (and have) enough gay friends that I had a bit of information most people didn’t have, and probably didn’t want.

So on Friday night, I came home, had a light dinner, showered and shaved, and changed into cheap jeans and a t-shirt with no underwear, and just after sunset, walked down to the Mustang.

Now, I knew of the building, and what went on there (a little bit), but nothing really about the building. So I just went to the door and when I saw it closed, pushed on the buzzer. I heard the door un-lock and pushed it open, and found myself in a tiny anteroom with a thick glass window. The guy behind the glass looked … average. Nothing special, but not bad.

“Yes?” he asked, barely looking up.

I saw a menu of sorts posted on the wall, with rates for rooms, lockers, and memberships. “Just a locker, I guess” I said.

“Do you have a membership?”

“No — I’ve never done anything like this before.”

He looked up then, and gave me the once-over. I was, at the time, five-ten and about 150 pounds, dark hair, decent build without any obvious working out, not much of a tan. Fairly average looking.

“You have to have a membership to get in. The one night is $15, and the six month is $25.”

I’d brought $30 with me (and left everything I could at home), so I got a locker and a one night, telling him I’d get a regular membership if I liked it, and he took my ID, buzzed me through the inner door and issued me a key and a towel and pointed to where the locker room was.

The locker room was small, with maybe 30 lockers that didn’t look all that secure, but I stripped, put my clothes in there and wrapped the towel around my waist and put the key on its lanyard around my wrist. When I came out of the locker room, the desk guy looked up and saw me looking lost (I guess) and offered me a tour.

Past the locker room was a place where the hall that stretched the length of the building was double wide with couches and pillows, and a TV set mounted on the wall behind the office. There were vending machines there, and some stupid movie was playing on the TV, with a half dozen or so guys sitting in their towels, watching.

“This is the lounge, I guess.” said my host. “Some of the guys like to just hang out here.” Then we walked to the left through a doorway to a hall lined with doors and dimly lit with red bulbs. “These are the rooms — they’re not very large, but you don’t really need that much space.”

Most of the doors were closed, but I could see in some of the ones that were open — a simple 8 x 8 room with a mattress on a pedestal, a cheap table, a light bulb hanging from the ceiling, and in some cases a TV high up on the wall. Some of the rooms were occupied, with guys lying nude on the beds either watching the TV or watching the traffic in the hall, of which there was very little.

We looped around the hallway back toward the desk, but now at the back of the building, and I could now see that behind the lounge was a narrow hall that divided the building in half. To one side was a large room with tall steps built into the wall — about three feet high for each step and three steps total, and all carpeted. A canlı bahis number of guys sat in the semi-dark there, watching two TV screens that were playing gay porn, and seemingly ignoring each other. All of them were wrapped in their towels, and they did not seem to notice us much.

On the other side was a smaller room, with just one padded bench that formed an L on two sides of the room, and a raised bar on the third side. A couple of guys sat in the room watching more porn on yet another TV. “These are the party rooms — they get busier later at night” said my host.

Then we walked past another set of rooms to where a glass wall showed a swimming pool and a jacuzzi. The jacuzzi had two guys just sitting in it. At the far end of the room was a shower area with three heads mounted on the wall, and two doors. “Those are the sauna and the steam room” said my host “but now I need to get back to work.”


“Let me know if there’s anything else you need” he said, and walked back to his desk.

This place has very good service, I thought to myself, and wandered the halls for a while, getting a feel of the place.

By about 9 or a bit after, the place began to fill up. I’d walked the halls enough to get a feel for what was where, and had then just sat and watched TV in the lounge. For a place with such a sordid reputation, it seemed pretty placid and boring to me. But he’d said things got busier later, and they did. I watched as more guys came in through the desk and either got lockers or got rooms, and by 9:30, there was noticeable foot traffic, making endless circuits of the place, so I decided I wanted to see what was really up.

First I walked to the pool room, hung up my towel, rinsed myself down in one of the showers and took a few laps in the pool. Then I retrieved my towel and glanced in the door of the steam room, but it was way too hot for me, and I couldn’t see more than a foot, so I backed away and looked into the sauna. It was also hot, but not as hot, and I could see clearly, as the pool area was very well lit, and the light came in through the glass door.

There were two guys sitting in the sauna, both just sitting on their towels, not saying or doing anything — just sitting there, cocks out. One of them was a fairly average looking middle-aged guy, but the other was a black guy with a decent build and a fairly nice cock — about 5 or 6 inches and thick, even if not erect. I smiled a little but and pulled off my towel and set it on the bench and sat down on it, being careful to not touch the hot wood with my bare skin. It was a bit too hot for that there. I leaned against the wall gradually, letting myself take the heat slowly, and slowly relaxed into a lean against the wall.

Within a minute or two, the older guy stood, picked up his towel and left the room, leaving just me and the black guy.

I wasn’t certain just what the etiquette was, but I knew there was a certain process that had to be done, so I just sat and said nothing until the black guy said “Nice cock”.

“You too.” I said.

“Do you mind?”

“Not at all.”

And with that, he leaned forward and took my cock into his mouth. Very gently, somewhat slowly, but very well. I reveled in the sensation for a while and just leaned back and let him work on me, but I knew that with his skills I would not last very long, and didn’t want to finish my evening too fast. So I put my hand on his shoulder and scooted back a bit to pull my cock out of his mouth.

“I don’t want to cum yet” I told him, and when he looked disappointed and stood to leave, I leaned over and took him into my mouth, using my tongue on the underside of the head of his cock to bring him fully erect.

“Oh, man” he moaned, and I kept it up until the door opened and the middle aged man came back in. He said nothing, but just sat back to watch as I sucked and licked my way around the black guy’s eight inches until he came all over my face.

The black guy patted me on the shoulder and left the room, and I leaned back to relax, and when the middle aged guy moved towards me, his five incher now fully erect, I waved him off saying “I need a rest after that!”

Couple of minutes later I gathered up my towel, showered again, and set out to walk the halls. But this time, I just slung the towel over my shoulder. I knew what I was there for, and was damned if I was going bahis siteleri to be shy about it. And I did get some good attention, and a few offers.

I walked the halls around the back of the building, seeing more rooms occupied, and some of the occupied by guys who were decent looking, but I just took note of where they were at. The lounge was full by the time I reached it, and it felt like the crowd gathered there were regulars — they were all conversing like old friends. But that wasn’t what I was after, either.

So I moved into the crossways hall and looked into the media rooms.

The large room now had about a dozen guys in it, most sitting with their towels wrapped around themselves, but a couple witting and stroking themselves while they watched the movies and the guys around them. But so far, just watching.

So I looked into the smaller room. It was more crowded, and I hadn’t actually set foot in it before, so I walked in and stood against a wall and made a discovery — the ‘bar’ there stood about four feet high, and a couple of guys leaned against it, watching the TV, but the back of the bar was hollow, and a guy sat underneath the bar, alternately sucking the cocks of the guys leaning on the bar.


This was what I was after.

I watched for a while, my cock rising to its full 8 inches, and a couple of guys reached over to stroke it, but I let nothing more than that happen — that wasn’t what I was there for. I could get a blow job any time I needed one, so I didn’t put that much priority into that. And once I cum, I’m done for the night (usually), and I was there for something more.

Now that I knew the whats and wherefores, I took another walk around the place to get a feel for it, and to get my gumption up. I’d never done this before, and was still pretty emotionally and mentally shaken, but I knew my desires.

Then I sat in the big media room for a while, picking my spot very carefully next to, and one step down from, one of the guys who was stroking himself — the better looking one with the bigger cock. I made it clear that I was interested, and looked at his cock as often as I looked at the TV screen, and after a few minutes, he gave me the nod and pointed it at my face, about a foot away.

I wrapped my towel around myself and turned and chowed down on his cock. It wasn’t as thick as the guy in the sauna, but it was as long, and I made certain to make just enough noise to attract the attention of the others in the room as I sucked and licked and slurped my way up and down it for a good ten minutes, until he shuddered and came in my mouth and on my face. Not a large load — he’d been there a while already – but big enough, and I figured it was good word of mouth (as it were). During all of that, one of the others in the room tried to lift up my towel, but I told him I was not interested, and he backed away.

Then I unwrapped my towel, stood (in more ways than one), and made my way cross the hall to the smaller media room. There, I stood by the wall again for a while, and then when I was sure everyone was watching, moved over to the bar and ducked down underneath it and waited.

But not long.

Within a minute, there were three guys leaning on the bar, their cocks in my ace at mouth level. One of them was pathetically small, and I ignored him, going down on the other two, alternately licking and sucking one while I jerked he other off, and within a few minutes, one of them came very loudly and largely, and I took it all in my mouth and on my face and chest, except for a little bit that was on my hand, which I used to jerk the second guy off until he also came on me.

This had attracted a bit of attention, and got a line of guys mostly sitting and watching, but also got me more volunteers who had apparently been waiting too long, because few of them lasted more than a minute before they also exploded on my face. Another guy moved over to kneel under the bar, and the guys I did not blow he did, so I gave him the fat ones and the small-cocked ones, and he seemed happy enough with that, and often reached over and stroked me while he was not otherwise busy. He tried to blow me a couple of times, but I let him know I wasn’t ready for that yet.

I stayed under the bar for at least a half hour, and blew at least a half-dozen guys — I lost track.

But after them the room got … quiet. As bahis şirketleri though that was all that was going to happen. And who knows, maybe that’s all that usually went on there.

But I wasn’t done.

The room was full of hard cocks, and I wanted more. So I crawled out from under the bar, right up to the biggest cock I could see in the room, and took it all in one gulp. I was warmed up and hungry and desperate, and my exhibitionist side was wanting attention and approval. I sucked him right there in front of everyone in the room, moaning and humming around his cock until he also came for me.

Then I stood and leaned against the wall for a time, catching my breath, and when I saw no one else rising to the occasion, I walked back to the pool area and showered again, getting the cum out of my hair.

I looked into the sauna again, and it was empty, so I walked the circuit again, and when I got back to the large media room this time, there were no fewer than four pairs of guys sucking and banging away at each other. Maybe I’d started something, maybe this was normal for the place at that time of night. I stood by the wall and watched, slowly stroking myself, but distracted no one from their already settled pairings, which was fine with me. Sometimes I just like to watch.

But not for long.

I went up to the front desk and asked for an other towel. “Mine got used” I told the desk guy, and he said “Yes, I heard.” But he handed me another towel and put my used one into a laundry hamper while giving me a good once-over, and after a few minutes watching TV and just breathing, I went back to the small media room and just sat on one of the benches and stroked my hard cock while watching the movie on the TV (it was not very good, but it didn’t have to be) until a number of guys drifted into the room ‘by chance’.

One of those leaned on the wall near me, and let his towel part, revealing a nice sized cock, and after a look at it and around the room to see who was watching, I turned and took it into my mouth. I spent a little bit of the first minute adjusting our positions to where everyone could clearly see what was happening, and in no time at all I had two cocks in hand and mouth, and a third guy with his hand on my cocks, stroking it slowly but firmly.

One of my guys was, as happens too often, a ‘minute man’ and didn’t last long, though he shot a decent sized load, and I was almost disappointed, except that a guy had walked into the room that I hadn’t seen before.

He was older than average for the room — maybe late 40’s, and stockier — like a construction worker or something, but with the thickest, fattest cock I’ve ever seen. It had to be nine inches long and seven or more in circumference, and was standing level with the floor. He saw what was happening immediately, and walked over to where he was in front of me, and just stood and watched, about a foot and a half away, until I coaxed a big load out of the guy who’d been leaning on the wall.

Apparently he liked what he’d seen, because he nodded in approval, and stepped forward until his monster cock was in range, and I took it.

It took some effort and some time, but I took it all, and by the time he came copiously all over my face and chest, the room was almost crowded with guys just watching and jerking off, and a few sucking each other.

And the desk clerk standing in the door, just watching.

“I heard there was a party going on” he said.

“There is” I said back with a grin “and you’re invited!”

He was, unlike the rest of us, dressed, but that didn’t hold him back. He moved to stand by me and unzipped his fly and released a nice, if average cock, which I absolutely devoured. And while he was standing there, I finally relented and let one of the others who’d been trying to all night to suck on me.

It’s still one of my favorite things where there are just guys around to have a cock in my mouth and a mouth on my cock, and it took all of my self control not to cum until I’d taken the desk clerk’s load, which was followed very quickly by the loads of a couple of the guys who’d just been watching and beating off, who did me the favor of cumming all over me just after I came.

After that, I went and showered again, and then dressed and went home.

I never went back. That one evening was enough to still my demons for a while, and I was relieved to not have caught anything, but not fool enough to think I could always beat the odds. But it was a fun evening. The place doesn’t even exist any more but… some evenings I think about it, even now.

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