A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words Ch. 03

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We rolled together, embracing, quickly discovering that it was nice to let our thighs overlap. The church bells rang. Vicky chuckled and remarked:

“And if we go to hell, I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday morning.”

“Hmm! ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions.'”

We chuckled, hugging each other. Vicky chuckled again and said:

“Okay, maybe I had one, thinking it was a good idea for us to know to know something about sex.”

“Couldn’t have been a worse one, except that’s being so good.”

“One of those ‘good intentions?” she suggested.

“One probably good enough to get us there without any others.”

She nodded. That was as close as we ever got to referring to the immorality of our incestuous relationship.

“Pillow?” she asked. I nodded, and she reached out and grabbed one, shoving it under our heads, and we dozed off in our so comfortable embrace. When we woke up and started fixing dinner, maybe we were a little subdued by thoughts about our immorality. I had them, and she only smiled mildly at me, neither of us touching each other. I wondered if we were really going to continue the sexual activity the way we had started. It sure didn’t seem that we needed any more experience to know what it was all about.

We had dinner with beers, just toasting each other with smiles. I complimented her cooking. She said that I should try to make the next warm meal, offering to help. I agreed. We finished our meal and cleaned up. When I looked at her, appreciating her nice naked figure, I wondered if I had begun to forget about the immorality, or whether it was because the satisfaction from having had two orgasms was wearing off. When she turned and gave me a smile, her nipples popping out when I looked at them, I decided that I had probably been right both ways.

We finished in the kitchen and returned to the living room, now entirely comfortable with being naked there. I glanced at the towel on the sofa, remembering that she had put it there in case she “leaked” – not on the towel, if I could lick it up. Fuck the immorality, I thought, then recognizing the too appropriate double meaning of the word. I smiled to myself.

Vicky glanced at me, seeing my smile, and nodded with a smile. She didn’t know why I had smiled, and I was surprised when I remarked:

“You’re the sexiest girl I know.”

Then, of course, I knew why I had said that. She grinned with erect nipples and replied:

“I certainly hope so. Better than Playmates?”

“Much! And not just because they are only pictures.”

We grinned. To hell with worrying about immorality!

“Peepee and get our towels again; we can go back in the sun. Hm-hmm! And if you want, you can dream about girls in bikinis.”

“If you look better than naked girls in Playboy?”

“Flattering will get you everywhere!”

“Anywhere I haven’t been?”

“I doubt it; just everywhere you have been.”

We chuckled with grins and went and peed and got our towels. At the door to the patio, we checked that no one was looking and returned to our deckchairs. She shove hers back next to mine, closer than it had been. This time, she immediately spread her thighs and chuckled, remarking softly:

“Tell me if my pussy tans.”

“Hope not; it’s so pretty pink the way it is.”

“Hm-hmm! Just close your eyes.”

“My tongue is color sensitive.”

“Hmmm! Mine isn’t.”

We chuckled. I reached over and fondled her breast. She hummed and said:

“Hope your tongue doesn’t mind if my nipples tan.”

“Have to ask it, when it finds out, if they do.”

“I bet it doesn’t mind.”

“I’m sure it won’t,” I agreed, rubbing her nipple and removing my hand from her breast.

We chuckled again and were silent for a while, the sun warming my cock and balls. I jostled my balls to loosen my sack from the skin of my thighs. Vicky chuckled and asked:

“Feels good?”


We were silent again, and I wondered how it felt on a girl’s pussy, if it somehow responded like my now long cock, then wondering how girls learn what felt good. For boys, that was obvious. I could ask my sister.

“Uh, how do you do it to yourself, like, how did you find out to?”

“Hmm? I guess for guys that’s easy.”


“Don’t have to ask you. … Well, our nipples stick out, too, and that feels good. I guess that’s how I started, tickling them, but then it wasn’t just tickling. Hm-hmm! That’s what I usually do now, well, before yesterday, lie in bed, arousing them, until I know I just have to rub my pussy, there, where I like you to lick it.

“Well, of course, I was thinking about guys. Hadn’t seen a cock, but last year felt a couple, just dancing close, and of course, I knew the facts of life, that my arousing myself was about fucking. Oh, it felt pretty good, at least I thought so, not knowing how much better it could feel. And that if was about that, of course, I tried putting a finger in. Hm-hmm! That was better, when I got it in. Then I started istanbul escort using both hands. Wished I had had a third one to pinch my nipples. Till then, I really didn’t have anything to visualize, just some kind of idea of a guy lying on me with his cock in my pussy, naked of course.

“Then I found that book a few weeks ago and peeked at the pictures. I only checked it out last week. Oooh! That was what an aroused cock looked like! And so big! My pussy was real tight on just one finger, but if a cock was ever going to fit in it, two fingers, at least. I probably should have waited until I was really aroused before trying to get a second one in, but then it was. Mmmm! Two fingers can move more than one. Did I have a real orgasm? It was a lot better than what had happened before. Oh, I guess I did, and then had ideas from the few pictures I had seen to give me more to think about. Hm-hm-hmm! Been practicing a lot since then. Yeah, sure I did – have an orgasm – but it wasn’t anything like what we’ve done, both ways!

“God, that was arousing yesterday, even before it was in me!”

“It sure was! I was afraid I would come as soon as it was. Good thing that you had already just made me.”

“I was just afraid that it wouldn’t fit, that I couldn’t get it all the way in; yeah, all the way, so much further in than my fingers.”

“You did; you could,” I replied, aware that my cock was trying to rise off my balls.

I glanced over and saw that she was holding one of her breasts. Nice, that we were both a little aroused from her telling. She nodded and continued:

“God, that was good, and this morning too. I just love to feel your cock in me. It just belongs there, well, I guess not necessarily yours. A pussy just wants to feel a cock in it.”

“Not more that a cock wants to feel that it is.”

“Um-hmm! I really liked that this morning, just knowing it was there, hardly moving for a while. That was so good, just enjoying that it was in me, kind of relaxed, aroused, of course, but we knew we didn’t have to do more …”

“Not yet,” I interjected. She turned her head with a smile, nodding, agreeing:

“Not yet, but we knew we would …”

“When we couldn’t help but.”

“Mmmm! And that it would be as good as we wanted.”

“It sure was, just like that.”

We smiled at each other. Then she glanced down my body and snorted, asking:

“Who told your cock to eavesdrop?”

I didn’t need to raise my head to know why she had asked, but did, seeing it defying gravity, pointing at the top of shrubbery at the edge of our lawn. I chuckled and replied:

“Maybe I shouldn’t have asked.”

“Oh, it surprised me a little, but then I enjoyed telling you, also the last part. I liked that.”

“I did too, especially ’cause I was feeling the same way.”

We smiled at each other again, nodding. Then she said:

“Before they get sunburned, maybe we should turn over, … if you can.”

“I think so.”

We chuckled and lowered the backs of our deckchairs. She watched me hold my cock up against my stomach as I lay down again, chuckling again and murmuring:

“Don’t hurt it; I need it.”

We lay flat on our stomachs, our heads down, facing each other. When her hand touched mine, we held hands, each nodding slightly with a soft “um-hmm,” and were silent again. I thought my cock would relax a little, and it did, until she squeezed my hand and murmured:

“This is just so good.”

“Um-hmm, I think so too,” I agreed, I didn’t have to wonder if my cock was eavesdropping again.

She smiled and murmured:

“Know what I want to do?”

Of course, I didn’t, but my cock seemed to think it involved him. I just responded with a questioning smile. She hummed softly and murmured:

“Sometime, I just want to sit on you, with it in me, like we were this morning on Dad’s chair. Hmm! If he knew?! Just sit on you, still, feeling you in me. Just enjoying that it was there, feeling it twitch, holding it, making it twitch.”

“Mmmm!” I responded.

My cock was already liking her suggestion. I had to roll my hip away from her and let it, had to let go of her hand and help it move to the side, drawing my knee up a little to support that hip. She hummed slightly. When I held her hand again, she murmured:

“I didn’t want him to hear that. I just said ‘sometime’.”

“Too late. He has no conception of time, thinks everything should happen when he hears about it.”

“Hm-hmm!” she chuckled with a grin, squeezing my hand, then replying:

“Maybe my pussy does too.”

“Mmmm! Don’t tell him that!”

“Already have.”

“Out here?” I asked.

“If we don’t disturb the neighbors.”

“Don’t make any noise?”

“Try not to.”

“That’s not good enough, jus trying, if it’s like this morning, and then you can’t sit still?”

“Hmm?! Probably not!” she agreed with a grin, then suggesting:

“On the sofa, so you can sit avcılar escort back and relax.”

“Hmm! I’ll try to, and if you leak, then on the towel.”

“I hope I do!”

We chuckled warmly, squeezing each other’s hand. We got up and snuck back in the house. She glanced at my wagging cock with a grin. I was kind of proud that it was so aroused, but wondering if her pussy was too, aroused enough that we could get it in her without doing anything first. She gave me another grin as she folded the towel back on itself and then gestured for me to sit down.

This was taking too long for my cock. She reached down and felt her pussy, scowling. Then she grinned and said:

“I know, we can do it to each other for a while and then do that.”

I understood her suggestion, but was surprised when she immediately dropped down on the rug, lying on her side, her upper thigh raised. I had been thinking about our doing that, but in bed, not on the living room floor, and not as just a preliminary for what she wanted to do. It was not, however, the moment to question anything she wanted to do, especially not with her pussy smiling at me.

Licking her pussy and feeling her sucking my cock, I could have forgotten that wasn’t all we wanted to do, but she remembered. My cock popped out of her mouth and she demanded: “Sofa.”

Obedient little brother, I immediately responded, getting off the floor and sitting on the sofa before she had to wait for me. There was no question now that my cock was ready to slip in her wet, tight pussy. I knew how wet and aroused it was. She hardly smiled as she drew her knees passed my thighs, straddling me, moaning, as her hand drew my cock back and guided it to the mouth of her vagina. Slippery, wet, it was still very tight, and she groaned as she lowered her hip, forcing my cock up in it. I had to groan too, afraid that if she rose up just once, I would come, but she didn’t, of course, her hips settling down on mine. My cock throbbed, and her pussy squeezed it. I grasped her hips to keep her from moving.

She nodded, as we looked at each other with aroused expression. I was thinking that if I smiled, it would encourage her to move. We both held very still, except for in her, but after a couple of more throbs and squeezes, we could relax, exchanging mild smiles. She murmured:

“Almost felt like we couldn’t.”

“Um-hmm! Afraid I would.”

“That aroused?”

“Your pussy that tight. … Don’t do that!”

She had grinned and squeezed my cock again. She nodded with an understanding smile and murmured:

“I’ll try not to.”

“Hm-hmm! Like you said you’d try not to make any noise?”

“Um-hmm! Can’t do more than just try.”

She grinned. I nodded, returning her grin, but said:

“Just don’t talk about it; he’s listening.”

“Deep in my pussy? I’ll try not to,” she replied with a mild smile, nodding and humming.

I hummed in response. She had been so right about how good it felt to just know my cock was in her pussy, and it felt just as good for my cock there. Did her pussy clutch again, or had my cock throbbed first? We both moaned softly, barely smiling and nodding. That happened a couple of times more, and then we nodded with better, more relaxed smiles. This was as good as we had hoped, able to enjoy how good it was feeling, without having it become more arousing.

Would it be, if I held her breasts, or if we kissed? Both so very tempting, but when I slid my hands up from her hips, she shook her head. Her pussy squeezed my cock, and it throbbed. This time I was sure she had squeezed first. Intentionally, or just in response to my having moved my hands up to her waist? I made my cock twitch, and her pussy responded, but she murmured:

“Don’t do that.”

I nodded, hoping that that I could. Then her pussy tightened, making my cock surge. I murmured:

“Don’t you either.”

“Couldn’t help it.”

We chuckled very softly with mild smiles. This was just too good! How long could we keep from doing more? Just think about that made my cock twitch. She murmured:

“I said don’t do that.”

“I was just think about what’s going to happen, when we can’t stand this any longer.”

“You don’t want to wait?”

“In principle, but I’m not very principled. Do you? Are you?”

“Hm-hmm! Don’t know any more. What will happen if we just twitch and squeeze on purpose?”

I made my cock twitch, and her pussy squeezed.

“Yeah, like that,” she murmured.

That was easy, since we took turns. When she squeezed, my cock twitched in response, without my having to make it, and vice versa. After that pattern developed, she smiled and said:

“I think they like that.”

“You fucking know they do.”

“Oooh! You shouldn’t talk like that, give them any ideas.”

“Have you got a better one?” I asked.

“Hmmm? Hm-hmm! You could rub me, like in the shower.”

“You liked that?”

“Sort of like my tickling my nipples, and then it wasn’t şirinevler escort tickling.”

“And made your pussy tighten on my finger.”

“Um-hmmm! Why I suggested it.”

I did, and her pussy did, and my cock throbbed. We chuckled the first couple of times, but then we were moaning, and my finger was responding to to the contractions of her asshole, more probing than rubbing, when it drew in a little. I didn’t realize that, however, too aware of the arousing sensations in her pussy, until she gave a surprised “oooh!” Then I recognized that the tip of my finger wasn’t just probing on the surface of her asshole; it had been drawn a little into it. When it tightened again, pulling on my finger tip, and it probed a little deeper, she just gave a better moan. Her pussy had clutched my cock when that happened, and my cock had surged.

That happened again, my finger tip now being squeezed when her pussy squeezed my cock, but she only responded with a chuckling moan. It was feeling too arousing in her pussy for us to remark about why, and I certainly wasn’t going say anything about where my finger was, if she didn’t. It had been her idea. We hadn’t known it was going to be like this, but we had wanted it to be more arousing, and it was being.

My finger probed, and her asshole and pussy tightened, making my cock surge, as we both moaned. Was this in the book, I wondered for second, before my finger probed again, even a little deeper. It seemed like when her asshole relaxed, it wanted to get a new grip further back on my finger. She grunted slightly, when it tightened again, but we both then moaned; it felt like her pussy was also trying to drawn my cock deeper. Her hips twitched on mine, moving my cock slightly in her and making it surge again. We both moaned louder, and her hips twitched again. Then she muttered:

“Oh, fuck it!” and rocked her hips.

I heard the resignation in her remark, that she just could stand holding them still any longer. She didn’t, churning my cock in her pussy. We moaned, even more aroused. When her asshole invited my finger to probe, it occurred to me that I could have understood her words as a command to do just that with my finger in her asshole. I opened my eyes and saw that her were closed and that she had an intense expression, as though she were concentrating on some problem. If she had one, if we had one, it was whether to try to extend our so aroused anticipation, or to give up and let ourselves have our orgasms. She gave up.

“Fuck!” she demanded softly, and put her arms on my shoulders and started to ride up and down on my cock. My other hand slid down under her ass and helped her. Fuck! We fucked, with wet noises and gasps and groans.

I came, but she was still riding up and down on him, with now desperate whimpers, and then her pussy flooded my cock and pubic hair, as she cried out: Oh God! Yes! Finally!”

She sat heavy on me, leaning on my chest, our stomachs heaving. I suddenly recognized that my finger was a knuckle deeper in her. Had she noticed? I hadn’t. I didn’t want to move it, while she was recovering, but I was going to eventually. What was she going to think, say?

Before she raised her head, her asshole twitched. She snorted. I felt her stomach jerk in. Then she murmured:

“I guess so. Hm-hmm! Didn’t know that would happen.”

“I didn’t either; it just wanted my finger to. I guess, just kept wanting me to.”

“Hmm? If it did, … “

I pulled my finger out, and she sat up again, shrugging with with a wry smile, remarking:

“Learn something new every day.”

“Like your wanting to just sit on me.”

“God, that was good, like I hoped, but even better.”

“It sure was, still is, a little.”

I tried to make my cock twitch. She squeezed it, and it began to slip out. I chuckled and added:

“When you were doing that before, it felt like it wanted me even deeper in you.”

“It did. No, that sounds like it isn’t long enough. It is; it just wanted squeeze and pull on it.”

She squeezed my cock again, and it slipped out, flopping down. She chuckled and remarked:

“Good thing that I thought of the towel; I’m leaking.”

“Dripping on me.”

We chuckled with smirks. As she got off me, she reached down and grasped the part of the towel hanging between my legs and wiped her pussy. We both chuckled at the mixture of our liquids on my cock and balls, and she wiped them up too, then drying my matted hair. She gave me a smile, and I stood up. Since she hadn’t stepped back, we embraced and kissed. It did occur to me that one shouldn’t kiss one’s sister that way, especially not with her naked in one’s arms, but we were long past worrying about that, if we ever had.

We agreed that we deserved a beer and went to the kitchen and decided to return to the patio, then feeling that we should go to the bathroom first. With a glance to see that the neighbors wouldn’t see us, we returned to our deckchairs, raising the backs and turning them to the sun. With smiles, we raised our beers and drank, and enjoyed the sun again, neither of us apparently feeling that we had to say anything.

I began to wonder how many times a day we would do it together, not as often week days, of course. Then I was a little chagrined that I had been thinking about how much sex I could have with my sister, relieved to be distracted when Vicky then spoke:

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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