A Rich Man’s Play

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He was lying down on a chaise lounge by the ocean, eyes half closed from the sun warm against his skin. It had been the perfect summer vacation so far; a week in Mexico with plentiful distractions for an eligible bachelor such as himself. He had already forgotten the name of the girl that he had margaritas with, but no matter; the margaritas would keep coming, as would the senoritas.

The waves in the ocean rocked the beach back and forth. A vivacious laugh broke the calming ambient noise and caused him to look around. As his eyes adjusted to the brightness, he could see the woman coming out of the ocean with a wakeboard under her arm. Her white bikini, already wet from the waves, left very little to imagination in the parts it did manage to cover.

Sizing her up and down, he could feel a stirring in his crotch. Her toned legs led up to a beautifully curved ass that was barely contained by her bikini bottom. A vivid scene appeared before his eyes, his face buried in that ass as he forced her to bend over. She was dripping wet, smearing it all over him.

In reality, his eyes were daring to rise above her waist, where they saw a voluptuous pair of breasts, pushing the bikini top to its limits of confinement. He sat up a little straighter in the hopes of actually seeing her nipples through the wet fabric. His mind wandered again, visualizing himself over her, his hard dick between those gorgeous naked tits and coming on her face a few seconds later.

He had to have her. He would have his way with her and realize the scenes in his head. It was just a question of how he would choose to approach her. Smoothly, directly or forcefully, were his options and he had played it relatively safe during the past week, hunting the low-hanging fruits. Trusting the discretion of the resort, he decided to take a risk. The resort manager, a close friend of his, knew all guests staying on the grounds. That’s precisely how he had managed to reserve a villa for himself for half the price, although it still cost a pretty penny. Now, it would pay off.

He asked the manager to arrange it, so that when she went back through the lobby, they would tell her that there had been a problem with her current room and she was upgraded to a villa (his villa) for no additional cost, since everything else was already booked.The plan ran smoothly enough. As he sat in the lobby, he saw her coming through from the corner of his eye. A thin pink top dress covered her up. She ran past him without noticing him and headed to the desk, where the clerk informed her of the upgrade. If she was confused, she didn’t show. She took the new keys and started walking towards the villas whilst humming a song to herself, completely oblivious to the guy that was following her.

Inside the villa was dark. All the blinds were closed to maintain a lower temperature throughout both floors. She was not complaining about her new lodgings; the room she stayed in was nice, but definitely not comparable to these suites. Going up the stairs, she found what she was looking for; the bedroom, furnished with dark mahogany features, including a massive bed with satin sheets.

She turned around just in time to catch him at the bedroom door. He had snuck in after her with his own set of keys and followed her upstairs. Without letting her say anything, he moved towards her, his lips locking hers in a passionate kiss. She enjoyed the kiss for a few seconds, before pulling away from him, only to find that he actually had a grip on her.

Not pleased with her trying to pull away, he held her. It took him a second to figure out what kind of dress she was wearing and another few seconds for him to rip it in half. She decided she wasn’t going to cry over it and leaned towards him to make out with him. His casino oyna hands found their way down to her ass and slipped under her bikini to explore her curves more intimately. As his finger threatened to invade her asshole, she moved away.

Her resistance only made it more arousing for him. He spanked her ass hard twice to show her, that he wouldn’t tolerate another display of disobedience. She grimaced after the spanking, it had hurt and she didn’t want to play anymore. Little did she know that the game was just beginning.

She tried to walk away again, only to be thrown onto the bed. She was going to protest, but when he picked up a pair of scissors, she stopped squirming out of fear. He caressed the side of her arm with the blunt end of the scissors, letting her feel the cold metal. As he climbed up her arm, her breathing got heavier from the mixture of excitement and anxiety. He cut the bikini top off of her, pushed it aside, and very slowly rubbed her nipples with the scissors. Both of them knew she was turned on. If her hard nipples didn’t give it away, then her audible breathing definitely did. In fact, she could feel a tingling in her clit as he continued to play with her breasts without actual skin contact.

She admitted to herself that she would yield to him; he would reward her for it. So she let him tie her arms to the bedpost with silk ties. Although they were tight around her wrists, they weren’t pulling out her arms. Then came the blindfold. The fur mask sat comfortably on her face and tickled her a little. It also completely blocked her sight, which made her feel vulnerable. He had her exactly where he wanted her now.

He had her on his bed, tied and blindfolded, stark naked but for the flimsy bikini bottoms still hanging on to her. She was biting her lips in anticipation, not knowing what was going to follow, and everything was in his hands. Only one more prop was left before the endgame. He quietly reached into the mini-fridge and took out a box and a spoon. When he then slammed the fridge door shut, she gasped at the unexpected noise.

Knowing there was a pair of scissors around and not being able to see them made her feel very anxious. She wasn’t used to not being in control, but being tossed around helplessly made her feel excited. Briefly after the loud noise, she felt cold metal on her lip, which she thought were the scissors. Her heart raced with fear and she kept her lips closed.

In a calm, but stern voice, he commanded her to open her mouth. When she breathed in exasperation, she smelled something unexpected – coconuts. The cold metal touched her lips again and she slowly opened her mouth. Her tongue explored the intruder, only to find he was feeding her coconut ice cream. She couldn’t help but giggle as the ice cream disappeared in her mouth. It gave her an innocent look for a moment.

There was more ice cream, but it wasn’t intended for her mouth anymore. He scooped up another spoonful and put it on her left nipple. Moving quickly, he got another scoop for her right breast and watched the ice cream melt over her luscious breasts. Her nipples were already hard and ready for him to enjoy them. He leaned in to lick her nipples. His tongue darted out and started lapping at the melting sweetness, while his hands were exploring her body. She liked the attention her boobs were getting; the combination of the cold ice cream and his warm tongue was giving her a delicious sensation that drove her crazy.

When he started moving south, smearing his sticky mouth over her navel, her legs opened up in anticipation. She wanted to guide him, seduce him and take control. With him all over her breasts, which was all too familiar for her, she had forgotten all about his tight grip and stern commands. So she canlı casino tried to arch her back and nudge his head lower. He stopped immediately and moved off the bed. Her smile froze when she heard the sound of the scissors snipping.

Delicately, he cut the strings that held the bikini bottom together. Her pussy was momentarily exposed, before he pushed her legs together. The pair of scissors went on her navel to keep her still, and it actually worked. Naturally, she could only concentrate on was that damn pair of scissors on her belly button. It was infuriating, but she didn’t dare toss around for fear of cutting herself while trying to shake it off. He could see her lips forming a pout and it amused him; at least, she was starting to behave.

To torture her further, he poured some melting ice cream on top of her thighs, which dripped between her legs. All she could do was press her legs together and imagine the glorious moment when he would kiss her lips. His mouth and hands were all over her legs, careful not to push her legs apart, when all she wanted to do was spread them and bury his head in her dripping pussy.

All he wanted to do was eat her out, but he would hear her beg for it first. He kissed his way up her ankles, leaving wet kisses on her knees. As he moved further up, she tried her best to keep her legs closed. He leaned in closer to her crotch and blew in some hot air on her. A whimper escaped her lips. His wet kisses on her thighs were circling around and around, never quite making it to her clit. She moaned quietly, but audibly. It had to have an effect on him and it did. He climbed up to face her, his hard dick pressing against her leg. His hot breath was on her ear, and he simply said “Say it.”

She turned her blindfolded face towards him and complied: “Please make me come.” It was somewhere between a whisper and a whimper. He declined and she was forced to repeat her aching wish, until it was unbearable. For him, this wasn’t just about making her beg; actually hearing the desperation in her voice was making his cock throb with desire for this beautiful woman, who was yielding to his wishes.

He couldn’t resist his urges any longer and moved back down on the bed. He tossed the scissors aside and spread her legs wide in one quick motion. Her smooth pussy was glistening with her own nectar and a few drops of the ice cream. Starting out slowly, he let his tongue explore all of her, separating her lips like flower petals to find the sweet core. His lips closed on her swollen clit and as he hummed, she felt all the right vibrations going through her body and down her spine.

His tongue kept busy with her demanding clit, making her moan louder, while his hands were caressing her sculpted ass. As he cupped her cheeks, his thumb curled up and found its way in her pussy. It slid right in and out of her, causing her to squirm. She felt hot all over and it wouldn’t be too long before she would find release. He drew circles on her clit and nibbled, his thumb keeping a slow but steady pace. Her moans were getting louder and higher-pitched, and then she buckled. The warm fuzzy feeling starting from her toes swept across her body and her clit was throbbing with pleasure.

Her eyes closed under the mask, she smiled and closed her legs. She would curl up and doze off, if her hands weren’t tied. But he couldn’t wait for her to nap; he couldn’t wait one more second to be inside her, to fuck her like there’s no tomorrow. Watching her orgasm had made him lose his control over himself. He took off his shorts, spread her legs and guided his dick into her in one thrust. Feeling the wetness engulf him, he moved as deep as he could inside her. Once he knew how deep he could comfortably go, he picked up pace and started pushing deeper kaçak casino each time he rammed into her.

She hadn’t had time to process what was going on. Still half dazed from her orgasm, she had enjoyed his invasion, but he was now going too deep too fast for her liking. She tried to sit up a little, hand ties allowing, and say something. Her attempts didn’t go unnoticed and he stopped, only to gag her with a mouth plug. He wanted to see her eyes as he fucked her hard, so he removed the mask.

She was still in protest mode, which was luckily muffled by the gag. He moved inside her again, a little more gently this time, and lied on top of her, feeling her breasts rub against him as his dick stroked her soaking wet pussy. He liked being this close to her and feeling every small movement ripple across both of their bodies. When his hips closed the distance between them, he would slowly grind on her and tease her aching clit. If she could, she would reach down and grab his ass to pull him closer to herself.

Despite how nice and comfortable this was, he wanted more. He stopped again and withdrew slowly, watching his hard cock come out of her dripping pussy. She gasped, as well as she could with the gag in her mouth. He stood up by the foot of the bed and pulled her by her legs. Her arms, still tied to the bedpost, stretched out to a point of actual tension. Then her nice round ass was propped up by pillows and lifted off the bed. She eyed him with anxiety as he put her legs on his shoulders. Based on her previous experiments, this angle would either make her pass out from the pleasure or wreck her for a couple of days.

His head pushed her lips apart forcefully and once it hit her hard, she knew this ride would be a wildly pleasurable one. His cock was stretching her walls, rubbing every crevice within her. Every couple of strokes, he rotated his hips, making contact with something deep inside her that made her moan louder each time. Alternating his movement, he first fucked her slowly and deeply, then switched to a fast pace, making her breasts bounce.

One of the ties finally came off during this heated scene and she managed to untie the other quickly. If he wasn’t enjoying himself so much, he could have stopped her before taking the gag off, too, but it was too late for that. He couldn’t believe she was disobeying him like this, it just wouldn’t do. Pushing the pillows off the bed, he flipped her onto her face and spanked her so hard that he left a clear handprint. She enjoyed that too, and let him know with a very seductive look over her right shoulder.

He stared at her red ass for a second, before his hands took over. He rubbed her clit and fingered her to make sure she was still wet enough for him to slide in. His throbbing head rested against her glistening lips and he pulled her hips onto him. Her back arched, he reached out to grab her hair and pull on it as he started fucking her fast. This was it. She could feel his boner getting harder inside her. So she pushed her hips and ground onto him, which she knew would push him over the edge. He slowed down to control himself and to watch that ass in action. It worked like magic. In a matter of seconds, he whipped out his hard dick and came on her back.

Before recovering, he flipped her onto her back again with one last show of force and dove into her pussy. His middle finger curled up inside her to find her g-spot, which was swollen. As he licked her clit and drew circles on her g-spot, her back arched. Eyes closed, she was playing with her nipples and immensely enjoying what he was doing to her. The orgasm started building up from her toes, went past her spine and the tingling suddenly dispersed into all her nerve endings as she came. She could see the colors change behind her eyes and her heart beat like it was out of control. He was kissing the inside of her thighs, but his face felt wet all over. She had squirted onto his face, which he hadn’t seen coming. Now he wanted her even more…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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