A Seduction

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“How did you bump your head?” That was the question I got asked a lot that week. And the answer I would give was never that truthful, for reasons that will become clear, my reader.

But to you I tell the hot unvarnished truth. And it was surprising, at least to me.


The guy I was travelling to meet lived in a block of new-builds, pretty nice as these things go. We’d been mailing back and forth for a couple of months. It takes a little time for me to be persuaded, sometimes, but this guy had offered me a discreet scenario. A dark hallway. A blowjob. Cum and go, nothing more.

Not how it was to work out of course, though I didn’t realise that at the time.

So, late one Thursday night (actually, early Friday morning) I head out into a cool March night. I say cool, but it was just on the side of cold. I love the tension of a walk to a meet though. There’s kind of a punch drunk feeling of exhilaration and anticipation, and you feel it less in your cock than in your shoulders casino şirketleri and stomach. So that was how I was feeling as I reached that block of apartments. I rang the buzzer at the address he gave me and waited for him to buzz me in. I knew that it would be 5 flights of stairs, and the layout was pretty complicated. And the stairs were really brightly lit, which made me feel paranoid though no-one really cares what you do.

I reach the door number on the fifth, and as he promised it’s left slightly ajar. I open it and step into a pitch black hallway. My breathing’s slow and heavy in the way that it can get with sexual anticipation. I can’t see him but from his breathing I can feel he’s close to me. I close the door behind, and he says ‘hi’ in a deep voice.

‘Hi’, I croak back.

‘I’ve been looking forward to this for ages. Your body pics are really hot’, he says as we find each other in the dark. He strokes my arm, and then my inner thigh, and then he begins to casino firmalari feel my already hardening cock in my jeans. My breath quickens a little as he undoes the top button. There’s something about that top button being undone that is so thrilling. Then, pop, pop, pop the rest of them go and my jeans are slowly, lingeringly taken over my ass and down my legs. And then I feel his mouth nuzzle up to my underwear. We’re both gently moaning as I feel his lips trace out the shape of my hard cock. He teases it like that for a couple of minutes (it soon becomes clear he’s a master tease), then I gasp as my underwear comes round my hips and his hot inviting mouth takes me in. He’s a wonderful cocksucker – slow, attentive, authentically sensual, making use of a variety of small flicks and tricks with his amazingly labile tongue. It’s wonderful, blissful, relief.

Then he does something I wasn’t expecting. I feel him withdraw. He pauses. He stands up and his arms go round my shoulders. And before güvenilir casino I know it, that amazing hot tongue is feeling around in my mouth.

I’ve never kissed a guy before. Panic threatens to rise up in my breastbone. But then I start to think: this is really nice. In fact, it’s more than nice. I feel his tongue explore my mouth and before I know it I’m responding. He’s as sensual a kisser as he is a cocksucker, and I’m in a new realm of hypnotic bliss. I’m loving kissing him. I make no resistance as my sweater goes over my head. Then almost automatically I’m taking off my socks, shoes and jeans, and place them by his door. I hear him do the same. Our hard naked bodies meet in the darkened hall. I’m taken in by his hard dark embrace. Our hot bodies hold each other tightly together and my hand reaches down for my first feel of his long, thin cock. He pats my buttocks and then his tongue moves back into my mouth. His lips part from mine with a delicious, delirious lingering soft touch.

And by now I know I haven’t been invited here to be sucked. I’ve been invited here to be seduced. He whispers in my ear, “shall we go through to the bedroom?” I whisper back my assent. He takes me by the hand and leads me to the door…

To be continued.

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