Accountant Ch. 03

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Her hand flew to my zipper as I reluctantly brought my hands to my belt. She slipped a hand in and scooped it out, a thrill running through it as her cool fingers encircled it.

“It is soft but hard underneath,” she said squeezing it gently.

I groaned softly as she slid her hand up onto the head.

“This is the sensitive bit,” she said with a slight giggle.

“Mm, yes.” I said, my voice straining.

“Can you take your trousers right off?” she asked releasing me.

I lifted my hips and slid my trousers down to my knees.

“And your shorts.”

I raised my hips again and slid them down a little bit then took my cock to tuck it through the fly. Her eyes were fixed on my cock when it popped free as I pulled the waistband down.

She slipped down onto her knees beside me, her hands pulling my shoes off and then reached to pull my trousers and shorts right off.

“Open your legs a bit,” she asked. “I want to see how your balls hang.”

I opened them and she leant in, hands on my knees, to get a close up look.

“Can you stand up?” she asked looking up to me.

She smiled at me as I looked quizzically at her. “He’s standing in the story.”

I stood and she reached to cup my balls, hefting them to test their weight then giving them a gentle squeeze.

I felt a quick stab of pain, sucking in air through my teeth, as she tested one between her finger and thumb.

“Sorry,” she said releasing me quickly.

“I’m okay” I said faking a grin.

“How do I masturbate you?” she asked, taking hold of my cock again.

“Have you seen it in porn films? The way they do it there?” I asked a shiver streaking down my back from the thrill of her touch and the sight of her pretty face inches from it.

“Yes, but that’s all fake, you don’t know what to trust there.”

“Spit on your hand, smear it over the head and just keep rubbing over and around the sensitive shiny skin.”

She was spitting before I finished telling her. I groaned again with the pleasure of her light touch, putting my hand on her head to steady myself. She took that as a cue to lean in and begin tentatively licking at my helmet as her hand slipped down to hold the shaft.

I watched as she pushed down on it feeling her lips sliding over it as she took it in. I felt the pleasure flow through me as her tongue started to flick across the underside.

She backed off. “It’s too big to get in properly,” she said looking up at me.

It took me a second to focus. “Yes, I’ve got a thick one that I’d trade for length.”

“No, I’ve read that thick ones give more pleasure than a thin long one.”

She leant in to look at it again. “What about your precum? Isn’t it supposed to be leaking out?”

“I was born without it I think, I’ve never noticed any,” I said, eyes closed still drawing pleasure from her holding it.

I felt her lips slid back over, her sucking drawing me back into her mouth, the warm wet pressure sending another light shiver down my back.

“Oh Heather, “I groaned as she began gently bobbing her head.

Her other hand circled around my thigh and gripped my cheek as she started to speed up, amid all the pleasure I could feel myself draw near. My breath was getting shorter and my hips starting to wriggle and jerk.

“I’m cumming,” I said, pushing out the words.

Even as I said it I cried at the thrill of my orgasm. My cock jerking as my seed filled her mouth; she gagged and arched back with the second spurt spraying her lips and nose.

The third splashed down over her t-shirt as she leant back further, spluttering as she quickly brought her hand up to wipe her nose clean.

“Sorry,” I said sitting on the edge of the settee where my wobbly legs had dumped me.

She looked down at the wetness on her t-shirt and wiped her hands in it before pulling it up to wipe her face.

“I didn’t expect so much,” she said letting the t-shirt fall and cut off the sight of her breasts snug inside a lacy bra.

“I think that was me getting super aroused,” I said my breathing getting back to normal.

“It does taste salty,” she said rolling her tongue around in her mouth. “And maybe a little sweet.”

I looked down for my clothes, seeing them just behind her. “If we’re finished pass my trousers over.”

“Well yes and no,” she said. “Wait a minute while I get this thing off.”

She stripped the soiled t-shirt off. “I know a lot more about dicks and men now.”

My eyes flew back to her face as she paused.

“I’ve never had someone play with my pussy, I’ve never had an orgasm…” Her voice trailed off leaving an expectant look on her face.


“Well we’ve gone this far, I want a first hand experience, I’ve never even had someone suck my nipples. I had a couple of drunken fucks and then I was pregnant with him.”

“Oh Heather,” I said, her confession arousing sympathy in me. “Was this why you tried to blackmail me?”

“Yes in a way,” she said flicking her eyes to meet mine. “I want to find out what I’m missing, casino siteleri even with all my dildos and things masturbation isn’t like the real thing. I know what a throbbing dick feels like, show me what it’s like to have my pussy licked.”

She reached around her back and unhooked her bra, pulling it off and revealing her firm breasts. As I watched she stood and slipped her thumbs into the waistband and begin to peel her leggings down.

I could feel my cock stirring as she bent I looked past her dangling breasts to the thatch between her legs.

“I’m clean and I’ve still got a nice body,” she said standing nude with her leggings pooled around her ankles.

I saw her eyes light on my swelling cock. “You can even fuck me if you’ve got a condom.”

The sight of her young body broke whatever resistance I had left.

“Do you want to use the bed?”

She launched herself forward and pushed me back as she wrapped her arms around me, her mouth seeking out mine as I stretched to meet it. I could feel her pubes pressing against my throbbing cock as we continued the passionate kiss.

She broke the kiss and rolled to the side, lifting her legs in the air and folding her knees to take her shoes and leggings off. I sat up, glancing to the side to see her hairy pussy squeezed between her thighs.

I was tempted to start now by the sight the silky sheen on the dark clump of her inner lips, making it look like a succulent fruit begging to be tasted.

Free of her clothes she got up, standing looking like some naked goddess before me. She held out her hand and I took it, letting her pull me up. I could see her eyes tracking my proudly standing cock.

“Wait,” I said as she turned. “Take the baby, I’ll gather up the clothes.”

The excitement in her face faded as she turned to pick up the baby and the bag for good measure. My eyes feasted on her body, the movement of her shapely limbs, the tantalising glimpse.

I followed her up the stairs, my cock throbbing at the sight of her ass waggling, my desire to ravish her growing.

“Turn left,” I said as she reached the top.

She let herself in and treated me to another glimpse of her pussy as she bent to put the carrier down. I dropped the clothes on a chair and turned to cross as she sat and then laid back.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she said with a giggle.

I stopped and knelt in front of her dangling legs and slid my hands up her thighs and up to her waist. As she looked up I pulled her to the edge of the bed.

As her legs widened I bent in, my tongue curling around the clump as it opened then slipping into the folds and down to her tunnel. She gasped, her hands reaching to take hold of my head.

I licked around taking in the taste and aroma, feeling the silky texture of ridges and bumps with the flat of my tongue. Her hands were massaging my head, her fingers tangling in my hair.

I slid my hands around, the back my thumbs slipping to massage the top of her plump lips, squeezing them in to press on the hidden nub.

She groaned,” Oh yes, yes.”

I stopped tonguing her tunnel and shifted to start on her nub. She squealed on the first brush over, her hips wriggling as I fluttered my tongue over it.

“Oh god, oh yes,” she cried, her words forced from her.

I pressed in and sucked it, my tongue tickling the top.

She squealed again, her hips convulsing, her hands pressing my head in.

“Oh YES!” she shouted, her body trembling as her hips thrust up.

Her back arched, as she pulled her hands back she tugged my hair till it slipped from her grasp. She lay back gasping trying to raise her head to look at me.

I stood and lay down over her, holding my weight off with my elbows. She looped her arms around my neck. Her face alight with delight she pulled me in for a kiss, putting real passion into it as her hands stroked my head and back.

“That was so wonderful,” she gushed as she broke the kiss.

“Your first orgasm,” I said softly.

“God, that was so good, I feel tingly all over,” she said pulling me down to rest her head to the side of mine. “Thank you,” she whispered.

“There’s more to come, the two others you find in stories is squatting and sixty-nining….”

“Sixty-nining,” she said releasing me and stirring.

“Who’s on top?” I asked pushing myself up.

“Me,” she said laughing.

I got up and lay flat in the middle of the bed. She crawled up next to me, her swaying breasts reminding me that they were on the list as well. Then she turned and stretched her leg over me, letting me see her pussy in its full glory again.

Hands on her hips I guided her down on me. I felt her hand take hold of my shaft then the wet warmth of her lips and then the tingle of her tongue playing over my slit.

I started back probing her tunnel, circling as deep as I could get as I stretched her legs open. The taste of her and the feel of her curly pubes brushing my chin heightened my excitement.

I moved to licking on her engorged lips, rolling my tongue canlı casino over the slick surface and pulling on it as I sucked it and let it squeeze out. I felt the little moan in my cock as she paused for a second, the low rumble in the throat delivering its own kind of pleasure.

I felt ecstatic, bursting with joy as she licked and sucked at my head and tasted the juices flowing from her. Not since the early days with my wife had I had such liberating sex, such abandonment to lust like this.

As I moved to her nub her moaning increased, I was sucking and teasing it, holding onto her hips as she began to wriggle and tremble and the scream as she jerked and thrust her pussy up.

Her legs closed, her thighs squeezing my head as she threshed around and collapsed on top of me, one hand still fiercely gripping my cock. I could feel her hot breath and her pounding heart as she gasped for air.

I lay there, pleased, even though my cock was still throbbing, I was pleased she had a second orgasm, pleased by the intimacy I felt between us as she lazily started to play with my cock.

She stirred, rolling to the side.

“Oh god,” she said dreamily. “I just feel filled to the brim with happiness. Do you feel that way too?”

“Sex always makes me feel good, for someone my age sex with a nubile young girl like you is the best there is,” I said sitting up.

She sat up and grabbed me, pulling me into a passionate kiss, her nails digging into my back as she screwed her mouth on mine.

“Oh, I so want you to fuck me, are you sure you haven’t got a condom around?”

“No, I’ve never really used them, I have to get them extra large and they still split sometimes. You’ll have to go on the pill.”

“That gave me flushes.”

I laid back down hugging her to me as she swung her legs around to snuggle up, head on my shoulder.

“Before or after the baby?”

“Before, why?”

“If it’s been that long you should have another try.”

“Mm, even the flushes might be worth it.”

She shifted her hand down to hold my cock again, it had subsided to semi erect but stiffed rapidly as she fondled it.

“Are you ready to try the third way?”

She giggled. “Another orgasm.”

She pushed herself up on her elbow to look at me, the smile on her face turning a little serious. “I love you,” she said softly then pushed herself on top of me to kiss me passionately again.

My heart fluttered, my conscience screamed ‘NO!’ even as my arms wrapped around her under the command of my emotions. When she broke the kiss the look of joy on her face stilled any protest in me.

“What do we do?” she asked pushing herself back up.

“Squat over my face and I lick you from there,” I answered, looking at her breasts and wanting to suck her nipples.

She giggled again as she pushed herself up onto her knees. Then she stood and my eyes followed the line of her legs up to the triangle with the swollen lips shining wetly, and up to her perfectly sized breasts with their fat nipples and her smiling face above them.

“What’s next?”

“Stand with your feet either side of my head,” I said raising my hands up to direct her.

My cock twitched as I looked up at her pussy, the glistening ball of her inner lips dangling tantalizingly above me, making my mouth water.

“Now just squat down and I’ll do the rest,” I said my anticipation building.

My hand ran up her thighs and she lowered herself, pulling her into position as I sucked in her lips and tasted her nectar again. As she wriggled in delight I brought my hands under her thighs to support her, feeling her soft yielding flesh under my fingers.

She spread her legs further and leaned forward, her hands flat to the headboard. Her move opened up her lips and I pushed my tongue through to find her tunnel.

A little ‘Ah’ escaped her lips as the tip penetrated her, I held tight and started to waggle it around as she put more weight in my hands. Her body trembled with a shiver as she cried out ‘Oh god’ and pushed her feet under my back as she transferred to her knees.

Her shift raised her and I leant up to bury my nose in her pubes as my tongue slipped through to tickle her hard little pearl.

“Oh,” she gasped. “Oh Jesus that’s so intense.”

As she spoke the last word a shudder ran through her.

“Oh Yes! Yes,” she screeched, her hips rolling as she ground her pussy against my lips.

I rolled my head with her and sucked her nub in, squeezing it with my lips as I fluttered my tongue over its tip. She jerked and I moved with her, releasing my hold and massaging it with the tip of my tongue.

“Whaa,” she cried as she came for a third time.

I could feel her warm sticky juices on my chin as she slipped back to sit on my chest, her head thrown back as she straightened up. I could feel the shudders still wracking her body and her nipples standing proud and erect on her taut breasts.

The shuddering stopped and she leant forward, her head resting on the headboard as she panted. She bent her head and looked kaçak casino at me, her hair falling like a curtain behind her as her face glowed with her joy.

She flicked her feet from under my shoulders and stretched her legs down , sliding her body down mine until she felt my still semi rigid cock touch her pussy.

“Oh,” she said pushing herself up to look at me.

My cock was twitching with the desire to enter her; I could feel the warm wetness pressed against it as my cock started growing, slowly pressing against her.

“Mm,” she sighed and gave a little wiggle.

My head pushed in.

“Ah,” she cried her face contorting and her eyes screwing closed.

She jerked pushing against it as her legs splayed and slipped down over my hips.

She opened her eyes and looked down at me, hesitation showing for a second or two before she smiled softly at me and began to push firmly, letting her tunnel stretch to take me.

My heart was beating faster as I felt the pleasure spread out from my tingling cock. The smile of satisfaction split her face as she brought her knees around and sat up.

“You feel so big,” she said softly.

I ran my hands up her arms to grasp her elbows and pull her slightly forward then cupped both breasts, gently rubbing my thumb over her nipples.

They firmed up in seconds and I brought my forefingers around to start tweaking and pulling on them. She groaned and leant further in, her hand shifting to my ribs.

As she moved forward I felt my cock twitch inside her, her hips jerked in response and she began to roll them, sending ripples of pleasure down it. My hips thrust instinctively and the little push started her bouncing, forcing a groan from me as the pleasure flooded through me.

She started slow but as her pleasure grew she went faster, her hands slipping down to my stomach as she straightened up and pulled her breasts from my grasp.

As she raced on I could see a sheen of perspiration build on her, her mouth hanging open and her eyes tightly shut. In less than a minute she was moaning and twisting as she stretched up.

“Yes…” she screamed as she slammed down on me, the waves of contractions sending surges of pleasure deep into my groin. She was still trembling as she slumped down on me, the rapid beating of her heart thumping against my chest almost alarming me.

She slowly brought her hands up and circled them around my neck, her head turning to rest on my chest as she made herself comfortable. I wrapped my arms around her and just held her as she lay recovering.

My softened cock plopped out as she lifted slightly to straighten her legs.

“Oh,” she exclaimed and turned her head up to look at me.

I gave her a wry smile, she smiled back and pulled herself up till her head was level with mine.

“You’re the most wonderful lover, your characters are you, they all care about the girl sharing the pleasure of sex,” she said softly, her eyes wide as she looked into mine.

“That’s what love making is about, two people enjoying each other’s body, sharing the pleasures each can give.”

“Just like your heroes,” she said with a little laugh.

“They have to, for them sex is integral to the romance, good sex makes love more likely.”

“Mm, it also makes you want more,” she said seductively.

Before I could reply she dipped down to press her lips to mine, pushing her tongue through to connect with mine. Her hands came to the side of my head, cupping my ears as her lips twisted on mine.

I moved my hands to her head, feeling her damp hair as my fingers snaked up her neck and gently massaged her head. I could feel her nipples hardening as they pressed against my chest.

My cock twitched with the sexual excitement flowering between us, her urgent lips on mine and the soft press of her hands holding me to her. I’d haven’t wanted a woman like this in a long time, a slave to my lust.

She broke the kiss and propped her chin on my shoulder to lean her head against mine. We lay quietly for a while, my hands stretching down to lay along her back while she moved to lay her head alongside mine.

After a few minutes she stirred. “Time to get up, young George will be wanting his bottle soon and probably his nappy changed as well.”

“I can do the bottle,” I said, moving my hands to her waist. “I’m surprised we didn’t wake him.”

“I know,” she said with a giggle as she shifted her hands to push herself up. “Especially the last one, feeling you inside me made it feel even better than the first.”

She shuffled off me and rose to her knees. I felt the coolness of where she’d been as I sat up, my eyes taking in her body as she turned and slipped off the bed.

As she went to the carrier I went for the bag, rummaging through for the formula and bottle, I grabbed my shorts on the way past and headed down to the kitchen.

I set the kettle boiling and slipped my shorts on, I switched the kettle off and went to wash my hands before starting and heard the door spring open. Heather stood there nude with the carrier and bag hooked on her arms.

My eyes flicked over her as she walked across and put them on the counter next to me. I picked up the towel as she turned and hugged me, her head curled under my chin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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