After School Stud Ch. 08

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Chapter Eight: [G]ood Teacher

Morgan’s first thought every morning when she woke up had become Chris. She imagined Chris in bed with her, fucking her, owning her, seeding her, breeding her, and in the shower, she rubbed herself to a quick climax before starting the day. Her breasts felt tender each time, and her nipples were always hard. She was careful as she fastens her bra and took note of their appearance each time.

Work is slow and passed at a crawl, save for the few heart-pounding times Morgan spied Chris in the halls. Lunch came, and she was bored and listless, attempting to do work while picking at her salad. It didn’t taste right. Nothing tasted right. All she could think about was Chris’ cock and his balls and the delicious flavor of his semen. She was just putting her salad away when Chris knocked at her door.

Wide-eyed, she giggled when she saw him and fixed her gaze on his swollen manhood. Checking the clock, she realized that twelfth grade lunch would be starting soon, and she rose to meet him at the door. “Well, hello there, sir.” She cupped him through his pants. “Mm. What can I do for you today?” Staring up at him, Morgan blushed. She was not used to standing in front of him, and even now he remained a good six inches taller. To kiss him, she realized, she would have to stand on her tiptoes.

Chris cleared his throat. “I, uh, I’m…distracted.”

Morgan gives him a squeeze. “I can tell,” she said, and she smiled. “Every girl within fifteen feet of you can tell.”

Chris’ cheeks went red. “You said y-you would help me.”

“I did, but…” Morgan glanced back at her empty classroom and felt her heart hammer. She checked the clock again. “I’ll have class soon, and you’ll have lunch. Can’t you take care of yourself?”

Chris looked crestfallen. Shoulders sagging, his voice adopted a subtle whine, “But it doesn’t feel as good.” Then, sighing, he straightened up. “Fine,” he said, shuffling away and moving back into the hall. Watching him leave, Morgan was caught by two feelings. She was guilty seeing his pants tented and his vain effort to hide it, and she was indignant after having him come to her like a common whore to satisfy his dick.

Then eryaman escort another thought hit her: what if someone else saw his dick? What if some teen girl took notice of his massive manhood and tried to take Morgan’s place? Why would Chris come to Morgan when there were so many other women and girls more willing to do for him what she wouldn’t? Struck by a sudden fear, she called the office on her intercom and asked them for coverage before sprinting down the halls to meet him and dragging him away before they were noticed.

The lunch bell rang as they enter a bathroom stall. There, Chris finally came out of his surprise long enough to speak. “Mrs. Klein?” As he said this, Morgan kneeled at his feet and undid his belt, which prompted another, dazed, “Mrs. Klein, what are you doing?”

“What you wanted,” she snapped, glaring up at him in her haughty arousal. “You wanted this, so you better make it fast, because I do have work to do, mister!”

Chris went wide-eyed at his fully erect dick sprung from his briefs and fell heavily across her face. He gulped afterward, whispering, “Oh, God.”

Morgan, meanwhile, moaned. “Oh God is right! You think you can come to my room and just do whatever you want to me, whenever you want?” She nuzzled him, caressing him with her soft cheek and burying her face into his crotch. Even without much pubic hair, his scent is powerful and musky. It sticks to her nose and fogs her brain as she showers him with kisses. “Mm. Just because you have such a big, hard dick, you think you can treat me like some sort of slut?” She asked the question as she stroked him.

“N-No,” Chris stammered. “No, Mrs. Klein! I don’t think of you as a slut!”

Holding him, stroking him from crown to root, Morgan smiled. She licked her way up his haft and kissed his cockhead with a wink. “Well, maybe you should,” she purred, and she opened her mouth to suck him. She took him to her throat on the first stroke and then welcomed him into her throat on the second. As she did, she lifted his shirt to enjoy his hard body and ran her hand along the ridges of his abs as they flexed from the pleasure.

Morgan’s husband had never been so muscular, but he had been escort ankara fit. Now, staring up at Chris, who panted like a dog while she slobbered on him, Morgan felt cheated. It was only partially the muscles that left her feeling cheated. The rest was halfway down her throat, and it was that moment that helped her understand how important and special Chris was. So few men were like him, and she was lucky to have him in her life and to enjoy him.

With that thought guiding her, she choked on him, and she gurgled around him, and bubbles of foamy saliva formed a ring around his shaft as her chin was left glossy with spittle. She throated him with graceless want, driven by a reckless, animal abandon to bring him to climax. Lunch had started for seniors and ended for juniors, and she needed to get back to her class. More important, however, was that she wanted to bring Chris to completion as a way of asking for his forgiveness. Morgan had promised to take care of him, and she was lucky to have the chance. She had no right to refuse him. Ever.

With Morgan seated on the closed toilet, and Chris watching from the other side of the stall, he rested breathlessly against the stall door as he stared. “Oh, God, Mrs. Klein!”

Morgan purred as he thickened in her throat. Holding him in place by the hips, she bobbed her head on him, taking him deep on each stroke while staring him in the eyes. Her lips were stretched thin around him, while her jaw was stretched wide. Saliva gathered in a ring around his shaft, falling in thin, clear ribbons as she slobbered on him.

She wanted to take him to his smooth, hairless base but feared it was impossible to achieve. While she could suck her husband to his root, she never did, so not only was she out of practice, but she was throating a much bigger dick that would require much more attention. Never one to give up, however, she resolved to practice with Chris as often as she could until she had his balls at rest against her chin.

Chris’ thickness made it difficult, but his length didn’t help. Smiling around him, she slowed to watch his face as she throated him. Each time he entered her throat, she felt a subtle but powerful stab sincan escort in her loins. It was a psychosomatic displacement of pleasure, where what should have been discomfort was instead transmuted into rapture by her affection for Chris, and it came as no surprise. After all, his orgasms almost always trigger orgasms for her, too.

Chris pulsed suddenly, and his thick semen surged and spilled down her throat. It stuck there as she swallowed and gathered, thick and heavy, in her belly. Morgan moaned around him, holding him in her mouth and stroking him with both hands until his semen came back up through her nostrils. Surprised, she took almost all of him before choking and ended up retreating to take a single thick rope across her face and outstretched tongue. Chris, meanwhile, stood over her gasping as Morgan caught her breath.

When ready, Morgan took him back into her mouth and sucked him clean. She throated him again as an experiment and then held him gleaming in her hands. Smiling up at him, she tongued his urethra and glans while he gasped, “Damn!”

Morgan laughed. “Language,” she said in a merry tone. Gathering a handful of toilet paper, she reluctantly wiped her face and hair before kissing his dick again and tucking the toilet paper into the toilet beneath her. “Next time, we need to wait until after school. Got it?”

Chris nodded silently, his dick still out and hanging in Morgan’s face.

Morgan chewed her bottom lip and ran her hands along his muscular stomach. She traced his abs. “You’ve got such a nice body,” she purred, and holding his dick with her other hand, she stroked him idly. “And a great dick, too!” She smiled up at him and, staring him in the eyes, kissed his dick again. “We should go before anyone catches us,” she whispered, and she tucked him away. Once his pants were done, she said, “You go and check first, and then I will sneak out after you.”

Chris nodded dumbly and opened the stall door. Morgan stopped him.


Chris looked back at her.

“Thank you,” she said suddenly. “For being understanding, and I’m sorry for turning you down. I promised to help you, and I’ll always be willing to help you however you need.”

Chris, blushing and smiling, said, “I know, Mrs. Klein. You’re a good teacher. I trust you.” And that was almost as good as sex for her.

Koto’s Commentary: Thanks to all of my readers and patrons for their support.


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