All in Good Time

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I was just out of high school when I met my first serious boyfriend. I was working at Kelly’s hardware store as a clerk in the office.

As most of you know I’ve always been a bit chubby with a well developed set of lungs. I was well on my was to a size forty with a “C” cup even in high school. Since I graduated I’ve put on a few pounds all in my bosom. I’m now a well developed forty double “D”.

I’ve known for a long time boys and men alike enjoy looking at my breasts. So over time I’ve taken to dressing in such a way as to show off my breasts, there size and roundness. Low cut blouses and sweaters seem to do the trick for me.

I also have a nice set of legs well shaped with narrow ankles and shapely caves. My ass is a little plump, more that I would like but you can’t have every thing. So I choose to promote my best and let the rest follow.

One of the salesmen that stops by every two weeks made it very plain he was interested in me.

I also had an eye for him. He was young, broad shoulders and a killer smile. I was a virgin and was just beginning to have those feeling that made me shiver all over and get wet.

I had read books, looked at pictures and had a pretty good idea of how men and women did this things called fucking. A girlfriend of mine had even showed me a book of real pictures with captions telling all. I found I liked looking pictures of men with full erections. I wondered how it would feel to have a hard cock pushed into my pussy. In several pictures the women were shown taking the men’s cocks into their mouths. I kind of liked this also.

Then thee pictures of men with their hard cocks pushed into a woman’s ass. I was not so sure about this but still if some ladies liked it maybe it was not too bad.

I had on more than one occasion pushed a finger into both my pussy and ass and kind of liked the feel of both. I also knew that if a man cum in either my mouth or ass I would not get pregnant. I was pretty sure if and when I had my first fling with a man I would not want him to cum in my pussy.

Andrew Fall came in on a Saturday morning to see Mr. Kelly. Mr. Fall usually did not stop by that late in the week. Mr. Kelly was out at the time so I let Mr. Fall come into the office and wait.

Andy as he wanted me to call him was soon complimenting me on every thing from my eyes to my hair and smile. I knew all the while he was looking at my breasts. I was so glad I had put on a low cut blouse that morning.

Andy stood near my desk as I did my work. I could not help but notice he had a rather well defined point pushing out the front of his pants. I got that giddy feeling and my nipples got hard along with my panties feeling wet.

I moved across the room to file a folder I reached up to pull out the top drawer which caused my blouse to pull tight around my breast. Andy, stood, came up behind me and reached around cupping his hands on each breast. He whispered “I casino oyna love your fucking tits.”

I stood very still, I did not push his hands away I did not say anything I just stood there enjoying the feel of his hand on my breast.

Andy pushed his hips close so I could feel his hard-on. I thought “I would love to see his cock.”

I lowered my head so it rested on the drawer; I shook my shoulders so my breasts moved from side to side in his hands. I had my eyes closed as I pushed back so his cock filled the space between the cheeks of my ass.

I was not sure what I was doing or why I was doing it. But it felt good. Andy wiggled his cock and whispered into my ear. “God; what a beautiful ass. I sure would love to fuck you in the ass. Do you like to get fucked in the ass?”

I shook my head. Then he ask again if I liked to get fucked in the ass. I kind of went all limp and turned slightly to the side pulling away from him.

He said “Well do you?”

I said “I don’t know I’ve never.” Then I moved away to stand behind my desk.

Andy came over and placing both hands on the desk he said. “I’m staying at the Kings hotel. Have dinner with me tonight. Be at the lounge at eight and we can have a drink before dinner.” He did not wait for me to reply. He left before I could even speak.

I told my mother I had a date and she of course asked a few questions. I some how satisfied her curiosity. She did not pry.

Mother was a widow of seven years and dated different men so I guess she felt if I did not ask a lot of questions maybe she should not.

After a shower I sat on the bed thinking and being so young and in experienced I had no answers. But I felt I could handle what ever came up this evening. Oh, I was so dumb.

I put on a blouse a full skirt and low heels. I walked out and took Moms car to the hotel.

Andy was dressed in a jacket and dress shirt without a tie. He looked so handsome I all at once felt the warming sensation develop between my legs. Andy sat me at a table by the window so we could look out over the river.

The waiter did not ask for an ID and served me as well as Andy. We had two cocktails before the band came on. I was not tipsy but my feet did not seem to go where I wanted. Andy held me close as we danced. When ever we turned so my back was toward the window I would slip his hand down to quickly cup the cheek of my ass. I pushed him away and he only laughed. I did too. I guess the drinks were working to his advantage. Or maybe mine.

We danced twice before we made our way from the lounge to the dining room. We ordered and had a third drink before we ate. I think I was really beginning to feel drunk but after eating I was feeling much better and sober. Or so I thought.

Back in the lounge we danced and had another drink. I was feeling no pain. Andy was holding me close feeling my breasts and ass freely. I did not seem to mind. We were hardly moving canlı casino just kind of swaying to the music. Andy kissed me and I kissed him back. He said “Baby you’re the most beautiful, most sexy gal in the place. I think all the men here want to fuck you as bad as I do.”

I laughed and said “I’ve never been fucked. I’m a fuck-less virgin.”

Andy stopped cold, looked at me and said “You’re fucking kidding me.” But I could tell from this voice and eyes he knew I was not joking.

The next thing I knew he was pushing toward the front where he put me in a cab and sent me home.

I went straight to bed and slept like a baby. Which I was I was just a baby in the woods.

Mom came in about eight in the morning and ask was her car. I sat up and said it had left it in the hotel parking lot. She said that was the right thing to do if I had been drinking. Not a word about me being under age. Mom did ask if I had been with a man. I said no but it was a close call. I think Mom thought I was already having sex. I did said nothing to change her mind. We had never talked about sex, I kind of knew she was getting fucked but I never thought she felt the same way. How could I tell her now I was still a virgin?

It was Sunday afternoon before Mom told me to get her car. I walked all the way down town and felt better for it. I entered the hotel and waked straight to the lounge. It was dark but I made my way to the bar and took a seat at the far end where it was even darker. I ordered a cocktail and was again not asked for an ID. I sipped it slowly and thought about last night. I was ready to fuck Andy. But for some reason he did not want to be the guy to pop my cherry.

One drink and I was all of a sudden feeling woozy, I guess for those of us who don’t drink this drinking comes back to bit us in the ass.

The next thing I knew I was being pressed to the bar by some guy putting his arm around me.

I thought for a minute is was Andy but this guy was taller and older. He said “What a nice girl like you doing here on a Sunday afternoon all by her self?”

I pushed back and shook his arm off me. Turning I said “I’m waiting for my boyfriend.”

He said “If you’re talking about the guy you were dancing with last night you’ll have a long wait. He checked out early this morning.”

I was surprised and said “How do you know?”

“I’m the night manager. ” Carl is my name. I also know you’re under age. So if you don’t what to go to jail come with me and I’ll let you out the back door.”

I was swaying as I moved off the bar stool and thru a side door. I was not out side but in a small office. Carl sat me down on a long leather sofa and handed me another drink. I took it like the stupid kid I was. Carl came and sat next to me. We did not talk but after the drink Carl took me in his arms and kissed me. His hands were all over my breasts and I was kissing him back with fire and passion burning up kaçak casino my insides.

Carl pulled my hand to his crotch. I felt the hardness of his cock through his pants.

I felt the hotness and how very hard it was. I was feeling the heat within me and I did not want to let go of his cock.

Carl stood pulling to my feet. He was good at lifting my sweater over my head and unhooking my bra.

I was still grabbing for his hard cock. I found the zipper and pulled it down. Then I had his cock in my hand. It was so big around and so very long. I looked down I was holding my very first cock. I was so beautiful and so hard. I started jerking it. I had no idea why I did not remember reading about that.

Carl had a hand between my legs pressing on me.

Then he started to pull my skirt down and my panties along with it. I was fumbling with his belt.

I was naked as he pulled back and just looked at me. “What a great body. What a great pair of tits. You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

His pants dropped to the floor and all I could see was this thick, long cock with a large round tip that was kind of red. Carl put his hands on my shoulders and lowered me to my knees. He was taking off his shirt while I reached for his cock.

“Baby; suck my cock. Swallow all you can. I want dump a load in your mouth before I fuck you.”

It was as if I had been sucking cock all my life I grabbed his cock and pulled it into my mouth. I took as much as I could and started moving my mouth back and forth. I was sucking cock and I loved the feel of it, the taste and the feel of it rubbing the inside of my mouth. I wanted him to cum; I wanted to taste man semen for the first time.

Carl moaned and started jerking back and forth ramming his cock into my mouth. He said he was going to fuck my mouth until his cum. “Fuck my mouth sounded so wild I liked the words and the idea of getting fuck in the mouth.”

He grabbed me by the head and pulled me to him, his cock went way back in my mouth and I could not breathe. I had heard of deep throat and I guess this was it. I was now a real cock sucker and a deep throat cock sucker as well.

Carl pulled back and grabbed his cock. He jerked it and pointed at me telling me to open my mouth. I did just as he shot a load of cum all over my face getting a lot in my mouth.

I swallowed and sucked licking the tip of his cock. He shot a couple of more time most of it going in my mouth. He sat down on the sofa. I got up next to him. He put an arm around me and kissed me. He was licking his own cum off my lips.

“Baby that was the best fucking blowjob I’ve ever had. How long have you been sucking cock any way?”

I did not answer I just smiled and let him kiss me.

He said “I need another drink; I’ll fix you one too.”

Carl stood up then kind of looked surprised and sat back down. He looked at me kind of funny and fell over.

I’m young and stupid I know but I knew what happened. He was having a heart attack. I grabbed my clothes and then dialed 911 before I ran out the back door found Mom’s car and got the hell out of there.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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